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              SIRI S.r.l.
       Viale delle Nazioni 77
      41100 Modena - ITALIA
          Tel. 059. 313191
          Fax. 059. 311362 -        BRICCOLINA

                                          WET-DISC TILE CUTTER WITH
                                            DIAMOND BLADE (Ø150)

             41100 MODENA
                                   CONTENTS                                                               GUARANTEE CONDITIONS
                                                                                         S.I.R.I. S.r.l. guarantees all machine parts, and will replace any of the
Introduction                                                       1                    same which prove defective due to faults in manufacturing methods or
                                                                                        materials, for 12 months from the date of purchase.
                                                                                         During said period of time, all transport costs will be at the purchaser's
Chapter 1       DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE                                              expense. S.I.R.I. will accept goods with pre-paid carriage only.
        1.1     Manufacturing and identification data              2                     Services covered by the guarantee will only be possible if the machine is
        1.2     Standard use                                       2                    accompanied by the guarantee certificate, if the machine has not been
        1.3     Detailed description of the machine                3                    tampered with, repaired by unauthorised persons or damaged due to
        1.3.1   Main parts of the machine                          3                    improper use.
        1.3.2   List of controls                                   3                     This guarantee does not cover parts subject to wear during routine
        1.3.3   Description of the controls                        3                    applications.
        1.3.4   Exploded view                                      4
        1.4     Safety devices and protections                     5                    This guarantee is valid provided that:
        1.5     Technical data                                     5                    The purchase date is confirmed by the stamp and signature of an
        1.5.1   Noise emission                                     6                    authorised agent.
        1.5.2   Electrical sistem diagram                          6                    The guarantee card has been filled in and sent within 10 days from the date
        1.5.3   Overall dimensions                                 6                    of purchase (freight bill date) to "SIRI S.r.l.".

                                                                                                IMPROPER OR UNAUTHORISED APPLICATIONS OF
        2.1     Warning                                            7
                                                                                                  THE MACHINE WILL RENDER THE PRESENT
        2.2     Correct use of protective guards                   7
                                                                                                        GUARANTEE NULL AND VOID
        2.3     Correct use of personal safety equipment           7
        2.4     Counterindications of use                          8
        2.5     Residual risks                                     8

Chapter 3       INSTALLATION
        3.1     Transport                                          8
        3.2     Installation                                       9       COMPLETE THE GUARANTEE IN ALL PARTS AND SEND IT WITHIN
        3.3     Regulating the machine                             9
        3.4     Operation procedure                                9       10 DAYS OF PURCHASE TO:
        3.4.1   Linear and 45°angle ("Jolly") cutting operations   9       S.I.R.I. S.r.l. Viale delle Nazioni 77, 41100 MODENA
        3.4.2   Dressing blade                                     10
                                                                           COMPLETE AND SEND TO S.I.R.I. S.r.l.
Chapter 4       MAINTENANCE
        4.1     Routine maintenance                                11
                                                                           CUSTOMER NAME
        4.2     Special maintenance                                11
        4.3     Replacing the diamond blade                        11
        4.4     Cleaning                                           12
                Conformity declaration                             13

                GUARANTEE CONDITIONS                               13

                                                                        "Briccolina "    Art. 39B                       Serial no.:                   Date of purchase:
                                                                        "Briccolina "    Art. 39INGL
                                                                        "Briccolina "    Art. 39USA

                                                                        "Briccolina "    Art. 39AUST

                                                                        Stamp and signature

                                                                        of dealer:
                                                    BRICCOLINA                                                                                             BRICCOLINA

        4.4 CLEANING                                                                                                                            INTRODUCTION
                               Always ensure that the machine is disconnected from                          Congratulations on your excellent choice: the electric tile-cutter "BRICCOLINA " Art. 39B,
                                       the power supply prior to cleaning.                                  designed to satisfy the demands of professional and amateur craftsmen who desire a
                                                                                                            portable, compact and high-performance cutter which guarantees maximum reliablility and
        To keep the machine in perfect condition and to lengthen its life, follow the simple instructions   precision over the long term.
        given below.                                                                                        The operator is advised to read this manual carefully, observing all prescriptions regarding
                                                                                                            cutting as well as routine and special maintenance.
        DAILY CLEANING:                                                                                     For this reason, the use and maintenance handbook must always accompany the machine
        To be performed at the end of the working session.                                                  to facilitate reference.
         Empty the water tray (13).
         Rinse the tray out thoroughly with water to remove ceramic residues.                               Special attention must be paid when the operator encounters one of the following sign
         Wash the machine with water.
         Dry all machine parts thoroughly.                                                                                                            CAUTION
         Check that machine wires, in particular earth wires, have not been cut or damaged
        in any way.                                                                                         Indicates operations which are potentially hazardous to the proper functioning/life of the
             Never immerse the machine in water.                                                            machine and its parts.
              Be careful not to direct water jets on to the motor.
        WEEKLY CLEANING:                                                                                    Indicates operations or areas of the machine which are potentially hazardous to the
        Clean thoroughly with water, then with a non-flammable grease removing product.
        Dry thoroughly.                                                                                                                                  IMPORTANT
                                                                                                                       BEFORE CARRYING OUT ANY OPERATIONS ON THE MACHINES, THE
                                                                                                                       TRAINED OPERATORS AND TECHNICIANS MUST CAREFULLY READ THE
                                    DECLARATION OF CE CONFORMITY                                                       INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINED IN THIS MANUAL (AND ATTACHED DOCU-
                                                                                                                       MENTS) AND FOLLOW THEM WHILE CARRYING OUT THE VARIOUS
                                                                                                                       IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS CONCERNING THE INTERPRETATION OF
                                                                                                                       THESE INSTRUCTIONS, CALL OUR AFTER-SALES ASSISTANCE SERV-
                                                                                                                       ICE FOR THE NECESSARY EXPLANATIONS.
                Electrical wet saw for floor-layer with diamond blade for the cut
                                                                                                            This manual contains information concerning storage, transport, installation, use, supervision
        of ceramic tiles in different materials equipped with inclinable table for
                                                                                                            and maintenance of the machine described.
        bevelling .
                                                                                                            This manual is an integral part of the machine and must be kept throughout the entire service
                                                                                                            life of the same for future consultation. If your copy of the manual becomes unreadable, ask the
        Model : BRICCOLINA
                                                                                                            maker for a new copy at the following address:
        Type:     Art. 39B , Art. 39BINGL, Art. 39BUSA, Art. 39AUST                                         SIRI
                                                                                                            Viale delle Nazioni, 77
        SERIAL NUMBER: ...........................                                                          41100 MODENA (ITALY)
                                                                                                            Tel. 059/313191 - Fax 059/311362
                                  CONFORMITY DECLARATION.                                                   E-mail: - http//
        We, signers of this letter, declare upon our exclusive responsibility, that                         MEMBER OF EXPO – MODENA CONSORTIUM
        this machine is in conformity with Directives 89/392/CEE, 91/368/CEE,                               specifying the machine type and the serial or order number printed on the machine’s nameplate.
        93/44CEE , 93/68/CEE and also with what is written in harmonized                                    THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF THE MAKER IS ITALIAN.
        technical norms.                                                                                    No responsibility is assumed for translations in other languages, which do not correspond to the
                                                                                                            original meaning.
                                                                                                            This manual reflects the state-of-the-art the moment the machine was supplied and cannot be
        EN 292-1-2;                                                                                         considered inadequate if there have been subsequent modifications according to further
                                                                                                            experience. SIRI reserves the right to update its products and manuals without being obliged to
        EN 60204.                                                                                           inform the users of machinery previously supplied of these modifications. The provision of
                                                                              Legal representative          information concerning updates of the machine and manual is to be considered as a form of
        Modena, li...............................                                     Franco Trevisi        courtesy.

12/13   Page:                                                                               Release:               Release:                                                                          Page:     1/13
Chapter:   1                                BRICCOLINA                                                                                                     BRICCOLINA                                4     Chapter:
                                     DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE                                                                                            MAINTENANCE

           Chapter 1       DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE                                                         Chapter 4               MAINTENANCE
           1.1     MANUFACTURING AND IDENTIFICATION DATA                                                          All routine and special maintenance operations must be performed with the unit
                                                                                                              disconnected from the power supply.
           The machine is supplied with two data plates
           It carries serial number, year of manufacture and motor information supplied by the                4.1 ROUTINE MAINTENANCE
           Manufacturer. Modification of data is strictly prohibited.                                         Routine maintenance tasks (including thorough cleaning and lubrification) and machine
                                                                                                              component checks, must be performed at least once a week.
                                                        Fig.1                                                 The operator may only perform the following routine maintenance:

                                                                                                              1 Blade replacement.
                                                                            Machine: BRICCOLINA Art.39B
                                                                                                              2 Cleaning of all machine parts.
                                                                            Year of production:...........
                                                                                                              3 Replenishment of water tray.
                                                                                                              4 Machine wiring checks.
                                                                                                              All advice given in this manual must be observed when carrying out the above tasks.
                                                                                                              The only other real maintenance operations consist in the replacement of parts which can be
                                                                                                              damaged in the course of machine use. All such operations must be performed exclusively by
                                                                                                              expert persons authorised by S.I.R.I..

                                                                                                              4.2 SPECIAL MAINTENANCE
                                                                                                              Besides rotuine weekly maintenance, the "BRICCOLINA" unit also requires a series of special
                                                       Fig.2                                                  operations which are particularly recommended following a long period of disuse:
                                                                                                              1 Cleaning of all machine parts.
                                                                                                              2 Thorough cleaning of the water tray (13) of all cutting residues.
                                                                                                              4.3 REPLACING THE DIAMOND BLADE
           1.2     STANDARD USE
                                                                                                                   Before replacing the blade, make sure that the unit is disconnected from the
           The "BRICCOLINA" is a wet-disc cutting unit, complete with diamond blade and tilting table for
           45° angle cuts.                                                                                    power supply.
           The machine is equipped with a motor unit beneath the work table; a diamond blade secured by       Follow the simple instructions given below for blade replacement:
           two flanges protrudes from the table surface. The material to be cut is positioned on the table    1- Remove the water tray (22), then overturn the machine.
           and pushed against the blade until the cut has been completed. The blade is wet-cooled to          2- Unscrew the knob (23).
           eliminate dust and increase cutting precision.                                                     3- Remove the flange (13) and the blade (14) to be replaced.
           The "BRICCOLINA" unit will satisfy the professional tile-layer or handyman's every need in the     4- Clean the flange and counterflange (13) thoroughly.
           cutting of all types of ceramics, marble, klinker, stoneware, etc. up to a thickness of 1.8 cm.    5- Position the new blade, making sure that the rotation direction (indicated on blade) is
           The machine is designed for use by the handyman, though a minimum degree of competence             correct.
           in the sector is required for operation.                                                                 Use exclusively continuous perimeter laser-welded blades in compliance with
                                                                                                              safety standards.
                                                PROTECTIONS                                                         Use Ø150 blades with 25.4 mm centre hole only.
           The machine is furnished with a continuous perimeter, safety cutting blade. The blade is partly    6- Tighten flange screw firmly.
           covered by the machine frame (which also houses the motor) and partly by the water guard, which    7- Re-assemble blade protective guard.
           also acts as an adjustable general purpose guard. The latter must not be removed from the unit,          Water is indispensable to cooling and                               4
           as it also protects the operator from water sprayed by the rotating blade. When correctly          lubricating the diamond blade during cutting.
           adjusted, the guard leaves only the cutting edge of the blade exposed.                             Use of the machine without water will damage               2
           The diamond blade is thus almost completely covered by protective guards, which protect the        and shorten blade life.
           operator from accidental contact with the blade.                                                                                                 1
                                                                                                                    Never subject the diamond blade to
                                       ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS                                                  excess stress e.g. bending following rotation
                                                                                                              of the tile during cutting.
            The "BRICCOLINA" is equipped with a double-pole switch.                                                The use of unauthorised blades will
               The switch is not equipped with an automatic cut-out mechanism. In the event of                automatically render the guarantee null
           power failure, return the switch lever to "0" immediately.                                         and void.

 2/13      Page:                                                                             Release:   1.0    1.0   Release:                                                                      Page:    11/13
Chapter:   3                                   BRICCOLINA                                                                                                    BRICCOLINA                                       1      Chapter:
                                               INSTALLATION                                                                                            DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE

                All persons (besides the operator) must stay clear of the machine during cutting.
              Water is indispensible for cooling and lubricating the diamond blade. Use of the
                                                                                                           1.3        DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE
           machine without water will damage and shorten blade life.
              Make sure that the machine is off before carrying out any adjustments.                       The "BRICCOLINA" tile-cutting unit is designed for meeting the needs of the tile-layer or
                 Never subject the diamond blade to excessive stress, e.g. bending due to rotation of      handyman in cutting most materials used in floor laying operations.
                                                                                                           The machine comprises the following parts:
           the tile during cutting.                                                                        1 Machine body.
                To prevent material from overheating, do not apply excessive pressure when cutting.        2 Adjustable protective guard.
                                                                                                           3 Fixed work table.
                                              LINEAR CUTTING DIAGRAM                                       4 Tilting table for 45° angle cuts.
                    Slowly of reclining job                                                                5 Fence for linear cuts.
                                                                                     Tilting table         6 Electric motor.
           Fixed work table
                                   Position tile to cut                                                    7 Diamond blade (Ø150)

                                                                                                           1.3.1 MAIN PARTS OF THE MACHINE
                                                                                                                                                                     Pos. Denomination                 N°
                                                                                                                                                                     1   Body Machine                    1
                                                                                                                                                                     2    Basin                          1
                                                                                                                                                                     3   Squaring                        1
                                               Fig.14               Fig.13                                                                                           4    Motor                          1
                                                                                                                                                                     5   Knob for squaring      1
                                                                                                                                                                     6   Flange blocking blade           1
           3.4.2 DRESSING THE BLADE                                                                                                                                  7   Knob stopping blade             1
           Even relatively new blades may lose their cutting efficiency.                                                                            Fig.3            8 Interrupteur             1
           In these cases, the blade requires dressing.                                                                                                              9   Diamond blade                   1
           To dress the cutting edge of a diamond blade, simply cut
           one of the following materials several times:                                                   1.3.2 LIST OF CONTROLS
            Pietra Serena
            Firestone                                                                                      The "BRICCOLINA" is extremely easy to command and use. The unit is equipped with an
            Pomice stone                                                                                   ON/OFF switch for supplying power to the motor and the diamond blade.
            or dress with abrasive discs.                                                                  Always avoid improper use of the controls.
           Blade dressing is performed in the same fashion as a tile-                                           Always turn the machine off or disconnect it from the power supply before
           cutting operation. Follow the instructions given in the
                                                                                                           performing any maintenance tasks.
           paragraphs regarding:
                                                                                                           Access to operating controls is restricted to authorised persons only.
                                                                                                           The operator is responsible for ensuring that all protections are in place and that all safety devices
            Linear cutting
                                                                                                           are present.
                Check that the water tray is full to ensure blade
                                                                                                           1.3.3 DESCRIPTION OF THE CONTROLS
           lubrication during dressing operations.
                                                                                                           The double-pole main switch is easy to use: turn the switch to position "1" to start blade rotation,
                                               WARNING                                                     to "0" to stop (the blade will not stop rotating immediately due to inertia).
                                                                                                                In the event of power failure during cutting operations, turn the switch lever to
           As already mentioned, the motor is equipped with an automatic cut-out mechanism to
           prevent it from overheating.                                                                    "0" to avoid accidental start-ups.
           Set the main switch to "0" to turn the machine off, remove work piece and unplug unit.
           Wait for the motor to cool before resuming operation (approx. 15 minutes) e switch ON,                                                           Fig. 6
           again reading "Operating procedure chapter 2.4".

10/13      Page:                                                                          Release:   1.0    1.0    Release:                                                                                  Page:     3/13
Chapter:   1                                       BRICCOLINA                                                                                                           BRICCOLINA                                    3       Chapter:
                                              DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE                                                                                                 INSTALLATION

           1.3.4 EXPLODED VIEW                                                                                         3.2 INSTALLATION
                                                               7                                                                                                  WARNING
                                                                                   9                                    THE USER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT CURRENT INSTALLATION STANDARDS ARE OBSERVED.
                        6             5                                                     10                          INSTALLATION OF THE MACHINE MUST BE PERFORMED BY QUALIFIED PERSONNEL WHO HAVE READ AND
                                                                                                                       FULLY UNDERSTOOD THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN IN THIS MANUAL.
                                                                                                                        ALL INSTRUCTIONS RELATING TO INSTALLATION PROCEDURE MUST BE OBSERVED.
                                                       8                                                                IN CASE OF DOUBT, CONSULT THE MANUFACTURER IMMEDIATELY.
                                                                    11                                                 "BRICCOLINA" is delivered to the customer ready for use, requiring no adjustment or assembly.
                                                                                                 12                    Always ensure that there is sufficient space around the machine to guarantee optimum operating
                                          4                                                                            conditions and freedom of movement.
                                                           2                                                                 Always check that the electric switchboard supplies the voltage indicated on the motor
                                                                                       24                              data plate.
                   3                                                                             25                          Never connect the machine to an unearthed electric switchboard.
                                                                                                                             Never position the machine on an uneven surface.
                             1                                           22
                                                                                                                       3.3 REGULATING THE MACHINE
                                                                                                          13           Before leaving the factory, "BRICCOLINA" is subject to thorough regulating procedures and
                                    18                                                                                 testing.
                                              19 20                            21                                      The machine is supplied ready for use to the customer.
                                      17                                                                               3.4       OPERATION PROCEDURE
                                                                                                                       Start-up procedure will be fully explained in the chapter below. In any case, simply insert the plug
                                                                                                                       into the socket on the switchboard (see previous description), then press the switch to "1" to start
               14                                                              32                                      diamond blade rotation.
                                                                   30                                                  After installing the machine, fill the water tray.
                                                                              31                                       Always keep the water level high, especially during cutting operations.
                       15                 26                             29                                              3.4.1 LINEAR and 45° ANGLE ("JOLLY") CUTTING OPERATIONS
                                 16                 27
           POSIZ.      N°        DENOMINATION                ART. POSIZ. N° DENOMINATION ART.                          Once the "BRICCOLINA" unit has been installed, in accordance with the instructions given in this
             1         1    Machine body                     951    19   1 Bearing              270                    manual, proceed as follows:
                                                                                                                       1- Insert the plug in the power socket.
             2         1    Magnet                           952    20   1 Woundstator        962-20                   2- Position the tile on the work table.
             3         1    Fixedplane                       967    21   1 Motor 110/50       960IN1                   3- Adjust cutting measurement using the fence (Fig. 1, pos.10).
             4         1    Whole support andgamp           39-06   21   1 Motor 120/60       960USA                   4- Adjust blade protection height in relation to cutting thickness.
             5         1    Carter gamp                      963    21   1 Motor 220/60       960-60                   5- Turn the switch to "1".
                                                                                                                       6- Move the tile forward with both hands (Fig. 10) to bring it into contact with the diamond blade.
             6         1    Support andprotectione blade     969    21   1 Motor 230/50         960                    Continue until cut has been completed.
             7         1    Mobil plane                      968    22   1 Vring              966-11                   7- Turn the ON/OFF switch to "0" to stop diamond blade rotation.
             8         2    Corners of support               976    23   1 Blade flange       956A01                   8- Remove cut pieces from table.
             9         1    Handwheel Ø20 M6x20            645POM 24     1 Diamondblade Ø150 950                       The unit is now ready to perform another cut.
                                                                                                                        See Fig. 9 for 45°angle cuts. Procedure is more or less the same as in the previous example,
             10        1    Squaring                        958-01  25   1 Stopblade flange    956B
                                                                                                                       the only difference being that the mobile table must be tilted. Proceed as follows:
             11        1    Fence holder                    958-02  26   1 Clamp              954-02                   1- Raise the tilting table (19).
             12        1    KnobØ32 M8x30                    974    27   1 Interrupteur       505-19                   2- Remove the table supports (Fig. 9) from the support notches and replace in fittings.
             13        1    Basin                            970    28   1 Ringfor wire clamp 966-05                   3- Position the tile on the table with the enamelled surface facing downwards.
             14        1    2 mt cable withshuko plug        953    29   1 Motor cup          966-01                   4- To cut, follow the procedure given in the case of linear cutting operations.
                                                                                                                       5- Move the tile forward slowly during cutting to avoid chipping the enamel.
             15        1    Endcup                          966-10  30   1 Motor's cupo'ring   39-03
                                                                                                                             Always replace supports inside support compartment to avoid misplacement.
             16        1    Endcupo'ring                   966-OR 31     1 Condenser          728-03
             17        1    Bearing                        962NS7 32     1 Capenpvc           728-04                         Always turn the machine off in the event of power failure.
             18        1    Motor three                      920                                                             Only one operator must use the machine at a time.

 4/13      Page:                                                                                      Release:   1.0    1.0    Release:                                                                             Page:      9/13
Chapter:   2                                  BRICCOLINA                                                                                                               BRICCOLINA                                       1      Chapter:
                                    GENERAL SAFETY PRESCRIPTIONS                                                                                             DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE

                                                                                                                  1.4 SAFETY DEVICES AND PROTECTIONS
                                                                                                                  The "BRICCOLINA" is a wet-disc tile cutting
                                                                                                                  unit, complete with diamond blade and tilting
                                                                                                                  table for 45° cuts.
           2.4 COUNTERINDICATIONS OF USE                                                                          The machine is equipped with a series of safety
                      The "BRICCOLINA" unit must be used exclusively for cutting the materials listed in          devices: a thermal cut-out switch to prevent the
           paragraph 1.1. Improper use of the machine, e.g. for cutting wood, glass, ferrous materials, etc.      motor from overheating; the water guard, which
           will undermine operator safety and shorten machine life, especially that of the diamond blade.         also acts as an adjustable guard, and the unit
                                                                                                                  frame itself, which almost comletely covers the
                 Use only continuous-perimeter, D.150 type safety blades on the
                                                                                                                  diamond blade (Fig.4).                                   Fig.5         BRICCOLINA
           "BRICCOLINA" unit.
                 Never use the machine when the water level is low; the diamond blade could be damaged,           A - Adjustable guard:       Always adjust the guard to leave only the cutting edge
           while large quantities of noxious dust could be generated due to the lack of water.                        (Water guard)          of the blade exposed. To adjust, simply lower or raise
           ç Never make alterations to the machine or its main parts. Alterations are permitted in the S.I.R.I.                              it manually.
           workshop only.
           This rule does not apply to adjustments which prove necessary during the operative life of the
           machine. Such operations must, however, be performed by specialised persons only.                      B - Fixed guards :         This guard is made up by the frame body and the tray,
                 Make sure that the machine has been disconnected from the power supply prior to                  (Machine body and          which almost completely conceal the blade. None of
           carrying out adjustments or replacing worn mechanical parts.                                           water tray)                the protective parts may be removed, as they are
                                                                                                                                             essential to correct machine operation.
                 The use of toothed blades designed for cutting wood, iron or similar materials is prohibited.
           2.5 RESIDUAL RISKS                                                                                     Only carry out height adjustment of the guard when the machine is OFF. Adjust the guard so
           Noise emission is an operator risk which cannot be eliminated.                                         that only the cutting edge of the blade is exposed.
           The only residual risk element impossible to eliminate from the machine design regards the rear        If the mobile part of the guard is too high in relation to the cutting thickness, the operator will be
           of the blade, which remains slightly exposed to allow the passage of the tile during cutting           exposed to cutting chips, water and accidental contact with the blade. If the guard is too low,
           operations.                                                                                            cutting operations will be hampered.
                 Pay maximum attention to keeping objects or parts of the body from coming into                   Unauthorised removal or modifications which neutralise safety device efficiency are
           contact with the exposed blade.                                                                        strictly prohibited.
           Signs applied to the machine, including warnings, hazards and use of personal safety equipment
           are those previously illustrated, i.e. regarding the use of goggles and continuous-perimeter safety    1.5     TECHNICAL DATA
                                                                                                                                           ART. 39INGL             ART. 39USA           ART. 39B       ART. 39AUST
           Chapter 3 INSTALLATION
                                                                                                                  Power supply             110 V - 50 Hz        120 - 60 HZ             230 - 50 HZ        240-50 HZ
           3.1 TRANSPORT                                                                                          Power draw               2.5 A                2.6 A                   0.8 A              0.8 A
           Given its compactness and light weight, "BRICCOLINA" is packed in a cardboard box (of the
           size shown in Fig. 8) with polystyrene packing material to protect the plastic parts of the machine    RPM                      2800                 3350                    2800               2800
           from damage.                                                                                           Capacitor                16 Uf                16 Uf                   6.3 Uf             6.3Uf

                                    Total weight including                                                        IP protection rating     55                  55                  55                      55
                                    packaging: 8 kg                                                               Insulation class         B                   B                   B                       B
                                                                                                                  Linear cut               no limits               no limits            no limits          no limits
                                                                                                                  Jolly cut                no limits               no limits            no limits          no limits
                                                                                                                  Cutting height           18 mm                   18 mm                18 mm              18mm
                                     N.B. dimensions are in mm.
                                                                                                                  Diamond-tipped disc     Ø150                 Ø150                Ø150                    Ø150
                                                                                                                                           diamond blade            diamond blade          diamond blade   diamond blade
           To move the unit, simply lift and carry it by the handle (joined to the water tray) on the side.
                                                       WARNING                                                    Weight                   8 kg                 8 kg                8 kg                   8 kg

                 Do not move the machine before disconnecting it from the power supply.                           Overall dimensions       150x360x270 cm          150x360x270 cm          150x360x270 cm 150x360x270

8/13       Page:                                                                               Release:   1.0      1.0    Release:                                                                                     Page:    5/13
Chapter:   1                                       BRICCOLINA                                                                                                           BRICCOLINA                                          2     Chapter:
                                             DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE                                                                                   GENERAL SAFETY PRESCRIPTIONS

           1.5.1 NOISE EMISSION                                                                                 Chapter 2           GENERAL SAFETY PRESCRIPTIONS
           A noise test was conducted on a standard machine performing a linear cut of a ceramic tile with
           a continuous-perimeter diamond blade, diameter 150.                                                  2.1     WARNING
           Two cutting operations were performed for each noise sample.                                         For Yor Own Safety Read Instruction Manual Before Operating Saw
           Tests were conducted in compliance with the following standards:
                                                                                                                    Follow instruction manual procedure when units shuts down.
             -French NF S 31-069;
             -UNI 7712;                                                                                               Keep unauthorised persons clear of the machine.
             -ISO 3746;                                                                                             Do not wear rings, watches, jewellery, loose or torn clothing that could get caught in
             -ISO 11201.
                                                                                                                moving parts. Always keep long hair gathered when operating the machine.
           All equipment used was in compliance with current CEI standards.
                                                                                                                 Keep clear of the machine operating area.
                                                                                                                 Never start up the machine prior to correcting any technical faults.
           Continuous acoustic pressure level measured in operator position: LpA = 78 dBA.
                                                                                                                 Always check that all potential safety hazards have been eliminated prior to using the machine.
           Level of acoustic power: LwA = 77.8 dBA
                                                                                                                Advise technical personnel of any operational fault.
                In compliance with current safety standards, the operator is not obliged to wear
                                                                                                                    Check that all protective guards are in position and all safety devices function properly.
           personal protective equipment.
                                                                                                                      In the event of power failure, turn the machine off.
                     DESCRIPTION                        TWICE-FIRED          SINGLE-FIRED   STONEWARE
                                                                                                                     Always check that the machine has stopped and is disconnected from power
                ACOUSTIC PRESSURE LPA (dBA)
                                                                                                                supply prior to performing repairs.
                                                            73.1                   77.8          78.1
               (Median measuring points from 1 to                                                                Observe all procedures and indications for maintenance and technical assistance given in
               9)                                                                                               this manual.
                ACOUSTIC POWER LWA (dBA)                    73.1                 77.8             78.1
                              (mW)                                                                                   Do not use petrol, thinners or other inflammable liquids to clean machine.
                 (Median measuring points from1 to 9)        0.34                 1.00           1.07                 Use commercially approved, non-flammable liquids to clean machine.
                                                                                                                     To prevent blade from overheating, do not exert excess pressure against the tile during
               SOUND PRESSURE    (dBA)                      77.4                 85.4           83.7
                 OPERATOR POSITION
                                                                                                                     Use only continuous-perimeter, D.150 type safety blades
                                                                                                                    Replace the blade on regular basis, if craks, chipping, jagged edges or other
                                                                                                                damage is noted, in order to reduce the risk of infury.
                                                                                                                    The motor of this tool is provided with an automatic resetable thermal
           The machine is supplied with an electrical
                                                                                                                protector.Follow instruction manual procedure chapter 3.4.2 when unit shuts down.
           system diagram (Fig. 7). Apply to S.I.R.I.
                                                                                                                    All persons (besides the operator) must stay clear of the machine during cutting.

           for replacement copies.
                                     Fig.7                                                                            Only one operator must use the machine at a time.

                                                                                                                      Observe all instructions relating to machine installation.

                                                                                                                2.2 CORRECT USE OF PROTECTIVE GUARDS
           1.5.3 OVERALL DIMENSIONS                                                                             The specially designed protective guards must always be used correctly to guarantee
                                                                                                                operator safety during cutting.
                                                                                                                Always adjust height of protective guards at each change of cutting material so that only
                                                                                                                the cutting edge of the blade is exposed.
                                                                                                                To position the guard, raise or lower it in accordance with the thickness of the material to be cut; the guard
                                                                                                                is in fact centrered on a bracket on the rear of the machine body.
                                                                                                                2.3 CORRECT USE OF PERSONAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                                Personal protective equipment is indicated in a panel (Fig. 1) on the blade guard. This equipment
                      Machine weight: 8 kg                                                                      comprises goggles for protecting the eyes against flying chips and debris generated during
                                                                                                                cutting and not deflected by the guards.

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