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					                                                                     Getting social with your
Hi, we are 85FOUR and we are a branding and design
                                                                     corporate communication
communications consultancy that specialise in corporate and
marketing materials.

We deliver media neutral communication solutions for listed
and unlisted businesses of all sizes, locally and internationally.

Our belief that messages should not be dictated by the
medium in which they are communicated, led us to create
a business that works across all media: print, online, digital
and video. This approach ensures that we communicate our
clients’ messages effectively and consistently to all audiences,
according to their preferences.

We have a team with over 25 years’ industry experience
including in-house and consulting, that has advised on,

created and produced, award winning corporate and marketing
communications.                                                       Bebo   Twitter   Blogs
We have a cross-sector approach and are experienced in
the relevant regulatory and consumer requirements from                    Flickr Tagging Rating
financial reporting to customer marketing. This covers
everything from research, customer insight and corporate
strategy through all channels of corporate and marketing
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materials to measurement and monitoring.

Get in contact and see how we can help.                     Digg                                            Delicious Podcasts Second life
                                                                        User generated content

FD is one of the world’s most sought-after business and
                                                                      Bookmarking       Wiki’s   Viogs
financial communications consultancies.
                                                                       FriendFeed Web 2.0
Over the past 20 years, we have helped many of the world’s
leading organisations harness the power of communications
to solve critical business problems. We pride ourselves on the
intellectual capital of our people, the depth of our industry
                                                                      myspace Facebook
expertise and our focus on seamless results-driven execution.
                                                                     Netvibes   Crowdsourcing
Our clients range from the world’s largest multi-national
corporations to emerging leaders in high-growth sectors to
leading government organisations. On a daily basis our teams
around the world work with our clients to solve problems,
to seize opportunities, to manage perceptions, and to ease
the manner in which they control the complexities of their
business and environment.

Our ability to solve clients’ critical business problems is
further strengthened by being part of FTI Consulting Inc.
(NYSE: FCN), a billion-dollar business advisory firm dedicated
to helping organisations protect and enhance enterprise
value in an increasingly volatile legal, regulatory and economic
environment. Founded in 1982, the 3,500 professionals of
FTI work closely with clients every day in the areas of
restructuring, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory
investigations, and reputation management, among many
others. The people of FTI are recognised worldwide for
combining highly specialised problem-solving expertise
with the industry’s most diverse array of corporate
advisory services.
Agenda                                                                                   Panellists
08:30    Start time and coffee                                                           nick reynolds
                                                                                         Social Media Executive BBC
09:15    Seminar introduction by John Waples
                                                                                         Nick Reynolds is Social Media Executive,
09:30    Definition                                                                      BBC Online. Previously he was editor of
         Stuart Anderson, 85FOUR                                                         the BBC Internet blog, the main social
                                                                                         media communication channel for the BBC’s
09:45    Q&A                                                                             Future Media and Technology Division.
                                                                                         He retains executive responsibility for the
10:00    Discovery                                                                       blog. He has worked in the BBC for 20 years,
         Andrew Orchard, Windfall Media                                                  including periods at BBC World Service
                                                                                         and Editorial Policy.
10:20    Panel discussion                                                      
10:35    Q&A
10:45    Break
11:05    engagement
         Lucy Nixon, Corporate Eye                                                       michael mitchell
                                                                                         General Manager
11:25    Panel discussion                                                                The Investor Relations Society
11:40    Q&A                                                                             Michael qualified as a Chartered Accountant
                                                                                         in 1974 and worked in the retail and transport
11:55    Further questions                                                               sectors. After various line positions in finance
                                                                                         he moved into investor relations in 1986.
12:10    Summary of the day                                                              From 1998 until 2004 he was Director of
                                                                                         Corporate Communications with FirstGroup
Join our group “Getting social with your corporate                                       plc, before working on the renewal of the
communications” on Linkedin                                                              Group’s railway franchises. Michael has been
                                                                                         a Board member of The Investor Relations
Join the debate with #GettingSocial on Twitter                                           Society since early 2005 and became
                                                                                         General Manager in January 2007.
                                    John Waples
                                    Managing Director FD – Chair
                                    John Waples joined FD as a Managing Director         mani Pillai
                                    in February 2010. Prior to that he had been at       Head of Group Media Relations, UK
                                    The Sunday Times for 16 years, of which the last     Corporate Communications,
                                    four and a half years were as Business Editor
                                                                                         Zurich Financial Services
                                    and the previous four years as Deputy Business
                                    Editor. He has spent a total of 25 years in          Mani Pillai is currently the Head of Group Media
                                    journalism starting on the Harlow Gazette, a local   Relations, UK for Zurich Financial Services.
                                    newspaper in Essex and then moving to Estates        Prior to this she spent eight years in PR agencies
                                    Times, a commercial property newspaper. During       advising clients in the financial sector, ranging
                                    his extensive career he has won a number of          from asset managers, investments banks to
                                    awards and was twice shortlisted for the UK Press    private equity firms and hedge funds. Mani has
                                    Gazette Business journalist of the year award.       been with Zurich for over two years and works on
                                                                                         a number of issues ranging from climate change,
                                                                                         microinsurance, regulation as well as risk issues

Speakers                                                                                 that are relevant in today’s corporate world.

                                    stuart anderson                                      robert Baillache
                                    Joint-Head 85FOUR                                    Managing Director, Financial Services FD
                                    A part of the management team that                   Rob joined FD in March 2003 and is a
                                    started 85FOUR, Stuart has over 12 years’            Managing Director in the Financial Services
                                    experience working on brand, corporate and           practice. Financial services sector experience
                                    marketing projects. As an industry expert on         includes directing communications counsel,
                                    the development of corporate websites, first         transactional as well as retained some of FD’s
                                    working during the dot com boom, he provides         biggest clients such as HSBC. Rob joined FD
                                    consultancy on maximising social media channels      as a Partner from The Business, where he was
                                    for corporate and marketing communication.           City Editor. He received an unrivalled three
                                    He has advised on and managed a wide range           nominations at the World Leadership Forum’s
                                    of projects for clients such as Coca-Cola,           2003 Business Journalist of the Year Awards
                                    Dubai Health Authority, GE, Gulf Air, HSBC,          and was short listed as Financial Journalist of
                                    Smith & Nephew, TATA and Tesco.                      the Year at the 2001 British Press Awards.

                                    andrew orchard                                       ashley Hurst
                                    Managing Director Windfall Media                     Senior Associate Olswang LLP
                                    Andrew heads Windfall Media, a social media          Ashley is a solicitor-advocate at Olswang LLP,
                                    analytics company that specialises in online         specialising in dispute resolution in the media
                                    reputation management and IR. Prior to this,         sector. He has a particular specialism in internet-
                                    Andrew was a founder-investor in Netemic,            related disputes and was described as “an
                                    a pioneer in social media monitoring technology      internet defamation expert” in the 2009 edition
                                    that deployed one of the first web surveillance      of Legal 500. He has been involved in a number
                                    platforms for corporate comms and IROs, iFeed.       of the leading cases in this area, including acting
                                    An institutional investor by profession, Andrew      for Applause Store Productions and Mathew
                                    spent 15 years in the City before going Digital,     Firsht in the first libel and privacy case to reach
                                    where he managed global equity portfolios for        trial concerning Facebook and acting for Gentoo
                                    JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Grenfell.         Group and Peter Walls in obtaining the highest
                                                                                         ever damages payout for an internet libel.

                                    Lucy nixon                                           Peter Parkes
                                    Editor Corporate Eye                                 Global Social Media Communications Lead
                                    Lucy Nixon is the editor at Corporate Eye,           Skype
                                    which helps clients to amplify their core messages   Peter Parkes leads Skype’s social media
                                    and brand through the corporate website.             programme, developing strategy and
                                    Lucy is responsible for developing and managing      co-ordinating execution. He’s responsible
                                    the Corporate Eye blog and for producing             for ensuring that Skype’s social media
                                    reports on website best practice by industry and     communication and engagement are impactful
                                    stakeholder. She also developed the Corporate        and cost-effective. He manages Skype’s team
                                    Eye approach to benchmarking corporate               of international bloggers, and co-ordinates staff
                                    websites, so she’s reviewed more corporate           blogging as well as managing its participation
                                    websites than she cares to think about. Follow       and engagement across the social web. Prior
                                    Lucy on Twitter:    to his current role, he led the Skype account at
                                                                                         specialist social media agency We Are Social.

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