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					                                   REQUEST FOR INFORMATION


                                 Response Due date Extended to
                                       January 20, 2012:
                                        January 6, 2012
                                          5:00 pm PST

                                           LANE COUNTY

                             DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SERVICES

                                        125 East 8th Avenue

                                      Eugene, Oregon 97401

                            RFI Contact: Kelly Barlow, IS Administration

                             Central Source of Information for this RFI:

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Purpose & Goal of the RFI

Lane County seeks to gather information from qualified Contractors for the ultimate purpose of
replacing or upgrading our existing Server and Workstation Management systems in an effort to
increase efficiencies and reduce costs. This RFI may subsequently result in the issuance of an RFP/ RFQ
to offer a final award. Qualified responders to this RFI will automatically be invited to respond, but not

Because we currently have three administrative environments, the design may be hierarchical or
separated, but a single vendor solution is the ultimate goal. We do not seek a designed solution at this
time. We are providing environment details in order to obtain an estimate of licensing and support

The RFI contains information which gives insight into the business and technical requirements, such as
licensing, technical support, deployment and more. Structured responses to this RFI will help us to
understand the viability of the different systems and to select a solution that meets our requirements.

The current system is operated by the Information Services department and located at:

125 E. 8th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401

County reserves the right to retain all responses submitted and to use any ideas in a subsequent

RFI Source of Information and Registering for Updates

Information of Record - The official source of information for this RFI (until the RFI closes) is the RFI
project page posted on the Lane County website, which can be found using the following link:

Interested Parties List – As a courtesy, the County will provide copies of Addenda items (official
changes/revisions/updates to the process or documentation) via e-mail to responders who register on
the Interested Parties List. Please submit the following contact information to the RFI Contact to be
added to the Interested Parties List:

Name of Company:
Company Contact for RFI Purposes:

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RFI Contact

From the issue date of this RFI until the response deadline date, the sole point of contact will be
Kelly Barlow, unless stated otherwise. Queries addressed to other employees of Lane County
will be referred to Ms. Barlow.

Kelly Barlow, Administration
Department of Information Services

125 E. 8th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401

RFI Formatting Instruction

a) Type directly into the “RFI Response Section” electronically using Calibri or Arial 11 font in
your response. (Using another colored font is helpful.)

b) RFI response should be brief, concise, and focused on the question asked. Response may include
pictures, charts, graphs, tables, and text but should clearly be relevant to the questions asked. DO NOT

c) Do not skip questions. If a question is not applicable, please state reason.

d) When finished, save the electronic file, entitled as: “LC Workstation/Server Mgt. RFI”. Please
print out this entire document, including your response information, as your printed version and
make 5 additional copies for a total of 6 printed copies.

RFI Submission

DUE DATE:                January 20, 2012; 5:00 pm PST
                         (extended from January 6th)

e) Return the SIX printed (hard) copies in a sealed envelope, clearly marked on the outside with
your firm’s name, address, opening date and the title “LC Workstation/Server Mgt. RFI”.

f) Please email the electronic MS Word copy by the due date via email to:, or you may include a CD of the file with printed copies of response.
A pdf file is acceptable.

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g) Mail the six hard copies to Kelly Barlow listed under RFI Contact by the Due Date.

Workstation & Server Management Project

Our Environment
         Three Windows Domains (same forest) with different administrators, users, methods and
    1. First – 1550 XP and Win7 workstations both local and remote, remote sites have low link speed.
         All the workstations are in two windows AD domains.

                          RIS1.NET Domain

                                                                                    Remote Site
                                                LC100.NET Domain                    Bandwidth

                                                                                Remote Site

                                                                           Remote Site

    2. Second – 300 XP and Win7 workstations in the same forest as the first group but a separate
       domain and administrators.

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                    Remote Site
                                             LCOG1.NET Domain

                            Remote Site
                                           Remote Site

    3. Third – 500 windows 2003 and 2008 servers across multiple forest, domain, and network

                  LC100.NET Domain    Server                  Domain 4
                                                              Domain 4

                                                                         Domain 5
                                                                         Domain 5

                                      RIS1.NET Domain

                                                                         Domain 6
                                                                         Domain 6

                                                    LCOG1.NET Domain
                                                    LCOG1.NET Domain

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    1. Cost (TCO)
           Define Licensing model & costs as well as technical support options with maintenance
               costs per year.
           Quote 3 management server licenses and 1,850 workstation client licenses and 500
               server client licenses. Workstations are XP and Win7 and servers include Windows 2003
               and 2008. Please include costs for extra modules or features to meet the “Required”
               section in this RFI.

Vendor Response:

    2. Remote Desktop (Collaborative)
           Please confirm you have collaborative remote access to user desktops for
             troubleshooting and repair. User approval for remote access is required.

Vendor Response:

    3. Windows OS Deployment
           Describe Windows workstation and server OS deployment features.
           Support for PXE boot
           Describe profile management and migration with Workstation OS deployments.
           Describe any reporting for OS deployment.

Vendor Response:

    4. Software Deployment
            Describe the ability to deploy applications to workstations (scheduled, push & pull)
            Describe bandwidth aware or other tuning/infrastructure features for remote sites with
              poor network link speed
            Describe tools or features used for targeted deployments to systems.
            Describe reporting on the success or failure of deployments.

Vendor Response:

    5. Security Updates
           Describe how you support Microsoft and 3rd party security updates. Please list any
               vendors with special patching infrastructure or support built into your product.
           Describe automatic download of definitions and patches to a central local repository for
               quick deployment.
           Describe bandwidth aware or other tuning for remote sites with poor network link

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                 Server/Workstation grouping, scheduling, reporting

Vendor Response:

    6. Software & Hardware Inventory
            Describe auditing and reporting software and hardware on servers and workstations.

Vendor Response:

    7. Agent installation and troubleshooting
           Management for agent deployment and troubleshooting across domains, forest and
               firewall boundaries.
           Describe device discovery based on OS, IP and subnet etc.
           Client/Server authentication and encryption

Vendor Response:

    8. Role Based Administration
            Describe granular role based administration, “full Admin”, “Helpdesk” and “Power

Vendor Response:

    9. Windows AD integration (LDAP and OUs)
           Describe Active Directory integration for workstation and server management.

Vendor Response:

    10. Distributed Device Management
             Describe how you provide clear boundaries between server and workstation
                management. Individuals should not be able to administer or access workstations or
                servers not assigned to them (administrative islands).

Vendor Response:

    11. Remote Diagnostics & Repair
            Describe how your product provides quick links or quick access to troubleshooting and
              diagnostics tools for Windows client systems.

Vendor Response:

    12. Remote Desktop
            Do you have an option for view only remote access?
            Please confirm Dual-screen multi-screen support during remote desktop.

Vendor Response:

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    1. Power Management
           Describe how you reduce Energy Costs by setting power policies on select groups of PCs.

Vendor Response:

    2. Web Console
          Do you have a web console alternative to the full client install for access to the system in
             the field?

Vendor Response:

    3. Manage mobile devices
           Describe management of Smart Phones, PDAs and IPads/Tablets.

Vendor Response:

    4. Integrated Helpdesk
            Is there a ticketing system integrated into the product?

Vendor Response:

    5. BIOS, drivers, firmware and management packs
           Describe any special features for BIOS, Driver and Firmware management on
               workstations and servers.

Vendor Response:

    6. Software License Tracking
            Describe auditing and reporting on licensed versus installed applications.

Vendor Response:

    7. Agentless Client management
           Can you manage servers without requiring full client installation? Please describe
              feature differences between the full client install and the no client option if applicable.

Vendor Response:

    8. Windows OS Deployment
           Describe your ability to image with non-proprietary imaging tools – ImageX (Microsoft)

Vendor Response:

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