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                               GUESS WHO!
                                                                             FROM COLONIES
                                                                              TO COUNTRY
These two portraits show someone who played an important role in the French
and Indian War. Your first mission is to unscramble their names. Then answer the
questions that follow.


1. This great Mohawk sachem had both Indian and English
names. Unscramble one of them, or both for extra credit.

(extra credit: _________________ _________________ )

2. Who did he visit in England in 1710? _________________

3. Where did he die in battle? _________________


4. This famous Irishman had both English and Indian
names. Unscramble one of them, or both for extra credit.
_________________ _________________

(extra credit: ______________________ )

5. What League did he convince to side with the British during the
French and Indian War? ______________________

                     Thinking Cap Question! Find a photograph of one of our
                     political leaders. Using pencils, paints, or markers, create a
                     portrait of him or her.

A HISTORY OF US                                                        WORKSHEET 3
                                                                        (Chapters 4-5)
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                         Settling and Squabbling
                                                                                FROM COLONIES
                                                                                 TO COUNTRY
Who? What? and Why? Circle the right answer.
1. Peter Zenger was put on trial for
          a) libel                   b) theft               c) plagiarism
2. The French had strong alliances with many Indian groups. However, the British
managed to win the support of the
          a) Cherokee                b) Aztecs              c) Iroquois
3. The Huguenots weren’t allowed to settle in New France because they were
         a) Jews                   b) Protestants          c) Catholics

Where was that? Choose the best place name to fill in the blanks.

                  Louisiana   Philadelphia    Quebec      Duquesne

4. Because of Andrew Hamilton’s expertise in defending Peter Zenger, a very skilled
attorney is known as a _________________ lawyer.

5. Although they outnumbered the enemy by 2 to 1, General Braddock and his British
troops suffered a humiliating defeat at Fort ________________.

6. After the French and Indian War, France gave ___________________ to Spain.

7. General Wolfe took General Montcalm by surprise at the battle of _______________
when his troops climbed up the cliffs and attacked the city from behind.

Write the answers to the questions in the spaces provided.

8. What did George Washington learn at his first battle at Fort Necessity? ___________

9. What was it about the Iroquois that impressed Benjamin Franklin at the Albany
Conference? __________________________________________________________________

10. Why did colonists grow resentful of the British after the war? ___________________

                       Thinking Cap Question! Imagine you were a New Yorker dur-
                       ing the trial of Peter Zenger. Write a letter to the newspaper
                       expressing your views.

A HISTORY OF US                                                                  TEST 1
                                                                           (Chapters 1-5)

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