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                                                            The Indiana Psychologist
                    2011                        A NEWSLETTER OF THE INDIANA PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION

                                     Resilience: An Indicator of IPA Vitality
                                     Throughout	the	past	year,	IPA	has	faced	       with	the	State	Board	of	Psychology.	IPA	has	 the	course	of	the	past	year	in	the	face	of	
                                     several	challenges,	including	attempts	to	     launched	a	new	and	improved	member	web- multiple	challenges	underscores	its	vitality.	
                                     increase	membership	during	a	national	         site,	offering	members	up-to-date	informa-        This	paradigm	provides	assurance	that	IPA	is	
                                     economic	recession	and	actively	lobbying	      tion	and	practice	                                                              prepared	to	weather	any	
                                     for	the	rights	of	psychologists	during	a	state	related	resources.	                        David R. Bucur,                      storm	in	order	to	honor	
         Supporting Psychologists.

                                     legislative	hiatus.	Perhaps	the	most	daunting	 IPA	has	enlisted	                          PhD                                  the	commitment	to	its	
                                     of	the	challenges	faced	this	year	centers	on	  the	help	of	Dr.	                           IPA Interim                          members.	
                                     IPA’s	unexpected	change	in	leadership.	As	     Christy	to	steer	a	                        President
                                     previously	addressed	in	an	e-mail	letter	sent	 leadership	devel-                          Merrillville                         As	always,	we	thank	you	
                                     to	all	IPA	members	following	Dr.	Rebesco’s	    opment	taskforce	                                                               for	your	membership	and	
                                     resignation,	IPA	found	itself	without	a	Presi- charged	with	expanding	the	pipeline	of	           encourage	you	to	get	involved	in	IPA!
                                     dent	or	President-Elect.		                     future	IPA	leaders.	Finally,	IPA	has	prepared	
                                                                                    a	CE	event	in	Merrillville	on	September	9	         Inside this issue:
                                     In	the	midst	of	these	challenges,	IPA	never	   and	its	annual	Fall	Conference	on	November	 Coming Soon: 2011 Fall Conference  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2
Promoting Psychology…

                                     faltered	to	provide	its	members	with	the	ben- 11	and	12	in	Indianapolis.	Both	events	offer	       Mind-Body Health Workshops for the Public .  .  .  . 2
                                                                                                                                       IPA Leadership  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2
                                     efits	they	deserve.	IPA	coordinated	lobbying	 exciting	opportunities	for	psychologists	to	
                                                                                                                                       An Interview with Dr . Scott Edwards – Serving
                                     efforts	to	successfully	pass	SB262,	which	     connect,	learn,	and	reenergize.		                      Our Indiana Military  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3
                                     eliminates	the	requirement	that	at	least	one	 Strength	is	often	misconceived	as	represent-        Featured Member Pamela Christy, PsyD, HSPP  . 4
                                     of	the	evaluators	in	a	competency	evalua-      ing	an	entity	that	does	not	experience	distress	 A Focus on Early Career Psychologists  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
                                     tion	be	a	psychiatrist.	IPA	has	worked	on	     or	uncertainty.	To	the	contrary,	it	is	the	per-    Options for HSPP and Licensure in Retirement  . 5
                                     establishing	a	presence	on	state-level	mental	 severance	of	an	entity	during	times	of	distress	 Attitudes on Obesity  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 5
                                     health	and	Medicaid	advisory	boards,	as	well	 or	uncertainty	that	exemplify	its	strength.	        APA Council Update  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7
                                                                                                                                       Looking Ahead  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 8
                                     as	maintaining	a	collaborative	relationship	   The	resiliency	that	IPA	has	displayed	over	

                                     Hot Legislative Topics for 2012
                                     The 2011 Legislative session may have                               	 d.	 Responsibilities	of	state	agencies	in		
                                     adjourned April 29 but IPA keeps a                                    	 coordination	of	activities	with	an		                                                      Christopher Sullivan,
                                     close watch on the legislative work that                              	 exchange.                                                                                 PhD
                                     continues year-round. Interim committees                                                                                                                          Government
                                                                                                         THE INTERIM STUDY                                                                             Advocacy Chair
                                     continue meeting to study the following
                                                                                                         COMMITTEE ON INSURANCE:                                                                       Indianapolis
                                     important issues affecting legislation for
                                     2012.                                          •	 Issues	regulated	under	IC	27	                                                                                   Patricia McGuffey, JD
                                                                                       (insurance	statutes);                                                                                           IPA Lobbyist
                                     THE HEALTH FINANCE                             •	 Worker's	compensation	insurance;                                                                                Indianapolis
                                     COMMISSION:                                    •	 Health	plan	access	to	health	care	
                                     •	 Possible	prohibitions	on	certain	insurer	
                                                                                    •	 Health	care	service	prices	and	
                                        and	health	maintenance	organization	                                                                                                  working	hard	for	you	throughout	the	fall.		
                                                                                       information	and	provider	office	billing	
                                        activities	related	to	outpatient	benefits;	                                                                                           If	you	want	more	details	about	a	particular	
                                                                                       in	connection	with	hospital	charges;	
                                     •	 Legislation	regarding	health	insurance	                                                                                               committee’s	work,	or	dates	of	upcoming	
                                        exchanges,	including	the	following:                                                                                                   meetings,	email	us	at	Advocacy.IPA@
                                                                                    •	 Appropriate	statute	of	limitations	for	
                                     	 a.	 Whether	an	exchange	should	be		                                                                                          
                                                                                       making	a	claim	for	occupational	disease	
                                        	 administered	by	an	agency	of	the		
                                        	 state	or	a	nonprofit	organization;                                                                                                  In	the	meantime,	contact	your	local	
                                     	 b.	 Any	necessary	governing	structure		      THE SELECT JOINT COMMISSION                                                               legislators	to	introduce	yourself	and	
                                        	 for	an	exchange;                          ON MEDICAID OVERSIGHT:                                                                    explain	the	importance	of	your	profession	
                                     	 c.	 Authority	and	responsibilities	of	an		                                                                                             to	the	patients	you	serve.	When	we	have	
                                                                                    •	 Provider	reimbursement	rates	and	cost	
                                        	 exchange,	including	procedures		                                                                                                    a	crucial	issue	this	next	legislative	session,	
                                        	 for	staff	hiring	and	procurement		                                                                                                  you	will	be	able	to	have	a	greater	impact	
                                        	 of	resources;	and	                        The	Government	Advocacy	committee	                                                        if	you	have	established	a	relationship	with	
                                                                                    and	lobbyist	Pat	McGuffey	will	be	                                                        your	legislators!
                                                                        SEPTEMBER    2011

                                                                         Coming Soon: 2011 Fall Conference                                                                                 IPA Leadership
                                                                                                                                                                                           2011 IPA Board Members
                                                                         The	Indiana	Psychological	                                                            the	Indiana	Psychiatric	
                                                                         Association	is	proud	                            Polly Hughes Shepard,                Society,	and	current	       David R . Bucur, PhD
                                                                         to	announce	the	2011	                            PsyD                                 president	of	Indiana	       Interim President
                                                                         Fall	Conference!	                                2011 Fall Conference Program         Health	Group.	Dr.	
                                                                         “Practical	Innovations	                          Chair; Psychology in the             Bojrab	has	repeatedly	
                                                                                                                                                                                           Ann M . Lagges, PhD
                                                                         in	Psychology”	will	be	                          Workplace Network (PWN)
                                                                                                                                                               been	named	in	the	
Building a strong foundation for psychologists… one member at a time.

                                                                         held	Friday,	November	                                                                Indianapolis	Monthly	       Christopher Sullivan, PhD
                                                                         11th	and	Saturday,	                                                                   Magazine	as	one	of	the	     Government Advocacy Chair
                                                                         November	12th	at	the	Marten	House	Hotel	and	               “Top	Doctors”	in	Indianapolis.		He	will	impart	
                                                                         Lilly	Conference	Center	in	Indianapolis,	Indiana.	 his	expertise	on	transcranial	magnetic	stimulation	            Scott Hamilton, PsyD
                                                                         Attendees	can	earn	9.0	hours	of	continuing	                (TMS)	and	improving	treatment	outcomes	                Treasurer
                                                                         education	credit.		Continental	breakfast,	lunch,	          through	collaboration	between	psychologists,	          Interim Secretary
                                                                         and	cash	bar	provide	opportunity	to	network,	              psychiatrists,	and	psychopharmacology.		
                                                                         market,	and	catch	up	with	familiar	faces.		Other	
                                                                                                                                                                                           John Heroldt, EdD
                                                                         conference	components	include	research	poster	             Other	seminars	will	provide	a	breadth	of	
                                                                         presentations	from	local	graduate	students	                relevant	innovations	in	psychology.		Topics	           Kathleen Vogler, PhD
                                                                         and	recognition	of	outstanding	contributions	              will	cover	both	adult	and	child	interventions,	        Practice
                                                                         by	psychologists,	students,	and	community	                 assessment	and	treatment	modalities,	and	
                                                                         professionals.	                                            relevant	psychodynamic,	spiritual,	and	cognitive-      Theresa Kruczek, PhD
                                                                                                                                    behavioral	approaches.		Specifically,	best	practice	   Science and Education
                                                                         Two	headlining	speakers,	John	Banja,	PhD	and	              in	treatment	of	OCD	in	children,	spirituality	
                                                                         Chris	Bojrab,	MD,	will	be	presenting	this	year.	           and	psychotherapy,	psychodynamic	approaches	
                                                                                                                                                                                           Thomas Barbera, PhD
                                                                         Dr.	Banja	is	a	Professor	in	the	Department	of	             with	children,	biofeedback,	malingering	
                                                                                                                                                                                           APA Council Representative
                                                                         Rehabilitation	Medicine	at	the	Center	for	Ethics	          assessment,	pediatric	neuropsychological	case	         Amber Landers, MS
                                                                         at	Emory	University.		He	is	an	internationally	            conceptualization,	and	clinical	approaches	            Student Representative
                                                                         renowned	speaker	and	researcher	in	the	field	of	           to	worker’s	compensation	will	be	showcased.			
                                                                         medical	ethics.		He	will	be	sharing	his	expertise	         The	conference	will	be	wrapped	up	by	a	                Frederick W . Unverzagt, PhD
                                                                         on	how	to	handle	difficult	patients,	conflicts	of	         multidisciplinary	panel	that	will	offer	education	     Communications Director
                                                                         interest,	and	expert	testimony.		Dr.	Bojrab	is	a	          on	legal	updates,	clinical	management,	and	
                                                                         board	certified	psychiatrist,	past	president	of	           therapy	in	custody	and	divorce	cases.		
                                                                                                                                                                                           2011 IPA Liaisons
                                                                                                                                                                                           Sharon Bowman, PhD
                                                                                                                                                                                           Disaster Response Network
                                                                                                                                                                                           Julie T . Steck, PhD
                                                                         Mind-Body Health Workshops for the Public                                                                         Public Education Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                                                           Polly Shepard, PsyD
                                                                          In	conjunction	with	                                                          Suggested	topics	include:          PWN Representative
                                                                          our	annual	meeting	in	                                                        •	 Establishing	healthy	eat-	
                                                                                                                              Julie Steck, PhD
                                                                          November,	the	Indiana	                                                        	 ing	habits	in	your	family        Tasha Williams, PhD
                                                                                                                              Public Education
                                                                          Psychological	Association	                                                    •	 Tips	to	building	healthy		      Diversity Representative
                                                                          will	be	offering	a	series	of	                       Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                        	 relationships	with	your		
                                                                          workshops	designed	to	                              Indianapolis                                                 2011 Newsletter Editors
                                                                          serve	the	public.		As	a	part	                                                                                    Sarah Landsberger, PhD, Editor
                                                                                                                                                        •	 How	to	deal	with	ADHD		
                                                                          of	our	Public	Education	                                                                                         Frederick W . Unverzagt, PhD, Co-editor
                                                                                                                                                        	 in	adult	relationships
                                                                          Campaign	designed	to	increase	public	awareness	                                                                  Valerie J . Weesner, PhD, Co-editor
                                                                                                                                   •	 Identifying	and	dealing	with	dementia	in	your	
                                                                          of	the	mind-body	relationship	and	psychology’s	                                                                  Lyndsi Moser, CCRP, Managing Editor
                                                                                                                                      aging	parent
                                                                          role	in	addressing	health	issues,	IPA	will	be	offering	 •	 What	do	children	have	to	worry	about?			              Lobbyist
                                                                          four	workshops	open	to	the	public	during	the	2011	          Addressing	anxiety	in	children	and	adolescents       Patricia McGuffey, JD
                                                                          Fall	Conference.		These	workshops	will	be	offered	 •	 What	to	do	when	you	worry	about	your	child
                                                                          on	Saturday	morning,	November	12.		If	you	are	                                                                   Listserv Moderator
                                                                          interested	in	presenting	on	an	area	of	your	expertise	 We	hope	that	this	will	be	the	first	of	a	series	of	       Rodney Timbrook
                                                                          and	a	topic	of	interest	to	the	public,	please	contact	 workshops	open	to	the	public	which	will	highlight	
                                                                          Julie	Steck,	Ph.D.,	at	jsteck@childrensresource-         psychology’s	unique	role	in	providing	research-         Central Office
                                                                		                                             based	information	and	services	which	bridge	mind	       Susan McMahon
                                                                                                                                   and	body	health.		                                      IPA Executive Director

                                                                                                                             The Indiana Psychologist

An Interview with Dr. Scott Edwards – Serving Our
Indiana Military
Landsberger:	Scott,	can	you	tell	us	a	little	about	your	background	and	           Edwards: Civilian	psychologists	are	pivotal	in	our	efforts	to	provide	mental	
what	type	of	clinical	work	you	do?                                                health	services	to	this	population.	There	are	nearly	500,000	veterans	in	
                                                                                  Indiana.	There	are	25,000	service	members	between	all	the	service	branches	
Edwards: I've	been	practicing	for	the	last	                                                                 in	Indiana.		The	VA	system	is	overwhelmed	
10+	years.	In	November	2009,	I	swore	in	as	a	                            Sarah Landsberger, PhD             with	requests	for	behavioral	health	services.		We	
behavioral	health	officer	with	the	Indiana	Army	                         IPA Newsletter Editor              need	Indiana's	civilian	psychologists	to	become	
National	Guard.	I	was	named	Officer	in	Charge	                           Indianapolis                       competent	in	military	culture	and	issues	and	
of	Behavioral	Health	for	Indiana's	nearly	15,000	                                                           to	learn	to	treat	the	kinds	of	problems	service	
Guard	members.	Presently,	I	devote	my	time	to	                                                              members	experience.	
building	the	Guard's	behavioral	health	structure	                        Scott Edwards, PhD
and	providing	clinical	services	to	soldiers.	I	still	                    Officer in Charge of               Landsberger:	How	does	your	program	interface	
work	with	kids	and	families	in	my	private	practice	                      Behavioral Health                  with	the	services	military	receive	through	the	more	
part-time.	                                                              Indiana National Guard             traditional	routes	(VA	clinics,	etc)?

Landsberger:	What	are	some	of	the	unique	                                                                   Edwards: Behavioral	health	strategies	in	the	
challenges	service	personnel	have	post-deployment?                                National	Guard	are	limited	to	assessment	and	referral.		The	VA	remains	our	
                                                                                  primary	source	of	aid	for	service	members.	Numbers	of	service	members	
Edwards: The	post-deployment	phase	is	an	exciting	time	for	service	               in	need	of	behavioral	healthcare	are	growing	at	an	exponential	rate	in	the	
members	and	families.	It	takes	work	to	move	from	the	battle	front	to	the	         context	of	limited	available	services.		That	is	why	civilian	providers	must	
home	front.	Service	members	must	tackle	feelings	of	estrangement.	There	is	       figure	in	so	prominently	in	the	future	mental	health	of	our	war	heroes.	
a	great	deal	of	existential	work	for	people	who	spend	a	year	fighting	a	war	in	
a	foreign	culture.	Of	course,	many	service	members	must	deal	with	physical	       Landsberger:	Can	you	tell	us	about	your	training	program	-	how	did	it	
injuries	and	psychological	conditions	like	PTSD	and	depression.		                 start,	by	who,	when	-	where	can	we	get	it?

Landsberger:	What	types	of	changes	do	family	members	of	military	                 Edwards: The	Indiana	National	Guard,	Military	Family	Research	Institute	
personnel	experience	-	before,	during,	and	after	deployment?                      at	Purdue,	and	the	Indiana	Family	and	Social	Services	Administration	have	
                                                                                  partnered	to	create	the	Star	Behavioral	Health	Providers	(SBHP)	registry.	
Edwards: We	look	at	the	deployment	cycle	in	phases--pre-deployment,	              The	registry	is	designed	to	help	service	members	and	those	who	care	about	
deployment,	and	return	from	deployment.	Each	phase	brings	unique	                 them	locate	civilian	behavioral	health	professionals	with	training	specific	
challenges	for	the	families	of	service	members	to	be	sure.	Denial	and	            to	the	needs	of	military	personnel	and	families.	The	SBHP	project	affords	
anticipation	of	loss	are	hallmarks	of	the	pre-deployment	phase.	The	couple	       psychologists	opportunities	to	receive	advanced	training	in	behavioral	
has	to	deal	with	practical	matters	and	has	to	get	prepared	emotionally	to	        health	issues	related	to	the	military,	be	listed	on	the	SBHP	website,	and	earn	
be	apart.	Younger	kids	are	often	not	too	aware,	but	older	kids	and	teens	         CEUs	at	minimal	or	no	cost.	
experience	a	range	of	emotions	when	adjusting	to	an	anticipated	stressor.	
Deployment	brings	a	lot	of	changes	on	the	home	front.	The	spouse	and	             SBHP	is	a	three-tiered	training	program.	Tier One	provides	awareness	about	
children	have	to	adjust	to	new	roles	and	responsibilities.	After	the	initial	     topics	specific	to	the	military	and	an	introduction	to	military	culture	and	
adjustment	period,	spouses	demonstrate	increased	efficacy	in	their	new	           deployments.		Tier Two	provides	education	about	difficulties	that	are	often	
role,	new	routines	are	established,	new	sources	of	support	are	found,	            associated	with	military	service	(insomnia	and	drug/alcohol	problems).	Tier
and	new	independence	develops.	The	return	from	deployment	phase	is	               Three	focuses	on	empirically-supported	treatments	to	address	behavioral	
commonly	described	as	the	most	difficult	part.	Many	service	members	              health	issues	facing	service	members.	Trainings	are	provided	for	free	or	at	a	
and	spouses	report	a	"post-homecoming	letdown."	Roles	have	to	be	                 nominal	cost	with	CEUs	provided	by	FSSA.	
renegotiated.	Relationships	between	children	and	service	members	have	to	
be	reestablished.	                                                                Our	website	(	is	under	construction,	but	there		
                                                                                  will	be	a	lot	of	information	there	when	it	is	complete.	They	can	also		
Landsberger:	What	is	the	role	for	civilian	psychologists	in	helping	service	      call	317-964-7131	or	email	for	training	
personnel	and	their	families?                                                     registration	information	or	for	information	about	joining	the	SBHP	

         Please	check	out	the	website	at,	or	visit	IPA’s	website	for	more	information.	
                   You	can	find	Dr.	Edward’s	complete	interview	at

                                                                        SEPTEMBER   2011

                                                                           FEATURED MEMBER :
                                                                           Pamela Christy, PsyD, HSPP
                                                                           BIOGRAPHY                                                                  EXPERIENCES AND INTERESTS
                                                                           Name and degree: 	Pamela	Christy,	PsyD,	HSPP                               What has been the most rewarding aspect of
                                                                                                                                                      your work?
Building a strong foundation for psychologists… one member at a time.

                                                                           Current work location:		Woodview	Psychology	Group,	                        Being	a	clinical	psychologist	has	been	nothing	short	of	a	
                                                                           LLC	in	Indianapolis	                                                       privilege.	I’ve	been	intellectually	stimulated	and	challenged	
                                                                                                                                                      by	other	psychologists	that	I	have	met	throughout	the	course	
                                                                           Graduate school: 	University	of	Indianapolis                               of	my	career.	Their	knowledge	and	support	has	been	
                                                                                                                                                      invaluable	when	managing	complex	cases	that	keep	me	awake	
                                                                           Internship: 	Pleasant	Run	Children’s	Home,	Alliance	with	                  at	night.	The	families,	particularly	the	children,	I’ve	worked	
                                                                           Hamilton	Center	in	Indianapolis	                                           with	over	the	years	remind	me	of	the	strength	and	resiliency	
                                                                                                                                                      of	the	human	spirit,	despite	the	challenges	we	face	during	
                                                                           Postdoctoral program: 	Children’s	Resource	Group	in	                       uncertain	times.	Their	courage	and	perseverance	has	taught	
                                                                           Indianapolis                                                               me	to	be	a	better	person.			
                                                                           Current clinical service location: 	Woodview	Psychology	                   What (non-psychology) book have you read recently?
                                                                           Group	is	a	private	practice	comprised	exclusively	of	licensed	             On	a	lighter	note,	I	recently	read	Still	Alice	by	Lisa	Genova,	a	
                                                                           psychologists	specializing	in	the	healthcare	treatment	of	                 book	that	I	would	not	recommend	to	any	50-year-old	woman	
                                                                           children,	adolescents	and	adults.		Assessment,	education	and	              who	can’t	find	her	car	keys	or	walks	into	a	room	and	forgets	
                                                                           psychotherapy	are	provided	to	ensure	that	patients	are	                    why	she’s	there.	I	was	absolutely	convinced	that	I	needed	a	
                                                                           accurately	diagnosed	and	treated	using	a	medical,	cognitive,	              prescription	for	Aricept,	and	fast!	I	must	have	asked	my	
                                                                           emotional/social	model.	Our	psychologists	work	                            husband	50	times	whether	he	thought	that	I	have	early	onset	
                                                                           collaboratively	with	physicians,	schools	and	agencies	to	                  Alzheimer’s.	How	telling	is that?	I’ve	settled	down	since	then	
                                                                           address	the	specific	needs	of	patients	in	the	community	and	               and	found	that	most	of	my	contemporaries	had	the	same	
                                                                           home.	Together	we	partner	with	patients	and	their	families	to	             reaction	to	this	book.	Lisa	Genova’s	book	is	a	compelling	
                                                                           provide	a	full	spectrum	of	psychological	care,	so	patients	                novel	written	by	a	PhD	in	neuroscience	from	Harvard	
                                                                           reach	their	full	potential.	                                               University.	I	highly	recommend	this	book	for	anyone	under	
                                                                                                                                                      50	or	over	55.	

                                                                         A Focus on Early Career Psychologists
                                                                         For	the	last	two	years,	the	Practice	Committee	 of	the	panel	will	emphasize	the	importance	           Career	Psychologist,	we	believe	this	panel	
                                                                         has	been	focused	on	providing	services	to	          of	recognizing	and	responding	to	ethical	         will	be	relevant	to	many	of	our	members	since	
                                                                         target	the	needs	of	Early	Career	Psychologists	 issues	that	arise	in	daily	practice.		The	panel	      the	content	will	help	to	satisfy	the	licensing	
                                                                         and	students.		At	the	                                                       members	include	         requirements	for	ethics	CE.		
                                                                         IPA	Fall	Conference	                                                         John	Banja,	PhD,	a	
                                                                         last	November,	we	                             Kathleen Vogler, PhD          nationally	renowned	     The	Practice	Committee	is	continuing	efforts	
                                                                         sponsored	a	panel	                             IPA Practice Chair            medical	ethicist	and	    to	help	Indiana	psychologists	with	the	ever	
                                                                         presentation	focused	on	                       Greenwood                     conference	keynote	      changing	demands	of	practice.		An	emerging	
                                                                         issues	related	to	starting	                                                  speaker,	and	three	of	   trend	we	plan	to	address	in	the	near	future	–	
                                                                         in	practice	(“Everything	                                                    our	esteemed	peers:	     Psychology	Practice	and	Telehealth	Services.		
                                                                         You	Didn’t	Learn	                                                            Tom	Holsworth,	PhD	      Please	let	me	if	you	are	interested	in	working	
                                                                         in	Graduate	School”).		The	event	was	well	          and	Pat	Murphy,	PhD,	past	members	of	the	         with	IPA	on	this	new	area	of	practice.		You	can	
                                                                         attended	and	received	very	good	evaluations.		      Indiana	State	Psychology	Board,	and	Rodney	       contact	me	at
                                                                                                                             Timbrook,	IPA’s	listserv	moderator.		This	
                                                                         This	fall	we	are	shifting	the	theme	of	the	panel	 year	we	intend	to	get	the	panel	approved	for	
                                                                         to	ethical	issues.		The	content	and	structure	      CEUs.		Although	we	are	targeting	the	Early	

                                                                                                                                The Indiana Psychologist

Options for HSPP and Licensure in Retirement
 While	serving	as	Chair	on	the	State	Psychology	          surrender	the	license,	or	perhaps	just	the	HSPP?	
 Board,	I	received	a	call	from	a	licensee	seeking	        You	have	three	options	when	stepping	away	                             Sharon Bowman, PhD
 options	to	manage	her	license	and	HSPP	(Health	          from	active	practice.	1)	Continue	to	renew	the	                        Disaster Response
 Service	Provider	in	Psychology	certificate)	in	          license	and	HSPP;	this	will,	of	course,	require	                       Network
 semi-retirement.	I	suspect	others	in	the	IPA	            earning	the	40	CE	credits	per	each	renewal	                            Muncie
 membership	have	had	or	will	have	this	question,	         period.	This	option	allows	you	to	step	back	into	
 so	it	seemed	prudent	to	provide	the	answer	in	this	      practice	if	you	wish,	or	to	see	a	client	or	two,	or	    the	HSPP	is	not	needed	because	you	don’t	plan	
 forum.                                                   do	some	volunteer	work	as	a	psychologist	(e.g.,	        to	practice	independently.	This	option	requires	
                                                          at	a	not-for-profit,	or	with	a	disaster	agency	like	    that	you	actively	contact	the	Board	in	writing	
 The	psychologist	license	and	the	HSPP	are	               the	American	Red	Cross).		2)	Relinquish	the	            to	relinquish	the	HSPP	and	surrender	the	wall	
 separate,	but	related	entities.	One	can	be	licensed	     license	and	HSPP.	You	would	do	this	by	allowing	        certificate.		
 but	not	have	the	HSPP,	but	one	cannot	have	the	          the	license	to	lapse	at	the	end	of	the	next	renewal	
 HSPP	without	the	license.	Most	of	us	applied	for	        period.	The	advantage	with	this	option	is	no	           If	and	when	you	decide	to	step	away	from	active	
 the	license	first,	later	followed	up	with	the	HSPP.	     longer	having	to	earn	the	CE	credits,	but	the	          practice,	please	do	pay	attention	to	how	you	
 And	as	we	all	know,	it	is	for	the	sake	of	the	HSPP	      disadvantage	is	the	inability	to	practice	(e.g.,	any	   handle	your	psychologist	license	and	HSPP.	
 that	we	earn	continuing	education	credits	each	          psychology-related	volunteer	activity	is	out).	3)	      I	hope	these	remarks	help	clarify	a	sometimes	
 renewal	period.	At	some	point,	though,	a	HSPP	           Relinquish	only	the	HSPP,	but	keep	the	license	         confusing	situation.
 psychologist	might	close	a	practice,	or	retire	          active.	Many	of	us	cherish	the	privilege	to	call	
 from	an	agency.	The	psychologist	may	not	wish	           ourselves	psychologists,	and	can’t	bear	to	let	go	of	
 to	attend	more	CE	workshops.	So,	is	it	best	to	          the	work	we	put	in	to	earn	that	license.	However,	

Attitudes on Obesity
In	keeping	with	our	trend	of	highlighting	research	with	practical	implications	here	in	Indiana,	we’ve	chosen	
to	highlight	the	dissertation	research	of	one	of	our	student	members.	Tricia	Groff	is	a	fourth	year	doctoral	                           Theresa Kruczek, PhD
student	at	Ball	State	University	who	is	currently	on	internship	at	Wasatch	Mental	Health	in	Utah.	                                      Science and Education
Most	of	us	are	aware	of	the	health	risks	for	obese	children	including	diabetes,	sleeping	disorders,	
asthma,	fatty	liver	disease,	menstrual	issues,	and	cardiovascular	problems.	We’re	probably	even	aware	
of	some	of	the	psychosocial	difficulties	associated	with	childhood	obesity	including	low	self-esteem,	                                  Tricia Groff
social	isolation,	and	depression.		Anti-fat	person	attitudes	likely	contribute	to	obese	children’s	                                     Ball State University
psychosocial	stress	because	they	are	identified	by	their	peers	as	the	“least	preferred	friend”	and	as	least	                            Muncie
likely	to	be	included	in	play	activities.

Unfortunately,	only	a	few	studies	have	attempted	to	change	anti-fat	person	attitudes.	The	Yale	Rudd	
Center	for	Food	Policy	and	Obesity	(	addresses	issues	of	food	policy,	
sustainability,	and	nutrition.	They	simultaneously	work	to	prevent	obesity	and	reduce	the	weight	                     Anti-fat person attitudes
stigma	that	harms	obese	individuals.	They	have	produced	a	series	of	educational	videos	to	educate	                    likely contribute to obese
children	about	the	complex	etiology	of	obesity	and	the	harmfulness	of	weight-based	prejudice.	One	of	                 children’s psychosocial stress
these	videos,	“Weight	Prejudice:	Myths	and	Facts”	provided	the	foundation	for	my	treatment	outcome	
                                                                                                                      because they are identified
study	targeting	the	anti-fat	person	attitudes	of	middle-school	adolescents.	
                                                                                                                      by their peers as the “least
The	video	was	shown	to	middle	school	students	in	health	and	physical	education	classes.		Prior	to	                    preferred friend” and as
watching	the	video,	all	students	completed	surveys	about	their	attitudes	toward	obese	people	as	                      least likely to be included in
well	as	their	beliefs	about	the	causes	of	obesity.		After	viewing	the	video,	some	students	were	asked	
                                                                                                                      play activities.
to	actively	elaborate	on	the	information	presented	while	others	simply	reviewed	the	facts	presented.	
Anti-fat	person	attitudes	decreased	in	both	groups,	and	they	endorsed	statements	that	showed	a	
higher	awareness	about	the	complex	etiology	of	obesity.	Two-months	later,	their	attitudes	and	beliefs	                Unfortunately, only a few
remained	significantly	changed.	                                                                                      studies have attempted
                                                                                                                      to change anti-fat person
The	results	of	this	research	suggest	that	attitudes	about	obese	individuals	are	malleable	and	that	
attitude	change	can	be	maintained.		This	intervention	aligns	with	existing	curricular	standards	                      attitudes.
and	initiatives,	so	schools	could	help	ameliorate	anti-fat	person	attitudes	in	the	context	of	regular	
classroom	instruction.	

                                                 SEPTEMBER   2011

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                                                                                                                  The Indiana Psychologist

APA Council Update
Thank	you	for	your	rapid	response	to	our	survey	
regarding	the	Resolution	on	Marriage	Equality	                         Thomas Barbera, PhD
for	Same-Sex	Couples.	This	was	a	trial	run	of	the	                     APA Council Representative
process	I’d	like	to	use	to	improve	communication	                      Indianapolis
regarding	Council	activities	and	ensure	my	
votes	are	informed	by	IPA	members.	Of	the	
139	IPA/APA	members	who	participated	in	              a	rapidly	changing	and	increasingly	complex	
the	survey,	82%	were	in	favor	of	the	motion	and	      environment”.	Cygnet	Strategy	consultants	led	
15%	against.	The	motion	passed	the	Council	of	        us	through	small	group	discussions	as	part	of	
Representatives	(COR)	on	August	3	as	part	of	         their	data	gathering	efforts.	This	initiative	is	
the	consent	agenda.	The	consent	agenda	is	a	list	     viewed	skeptically	by	some,	since	past	efforts	to	
of	items	deemed	so	uncontroversial	that	they	are	     reform	APA	governance	have	been	ineffective.	
voted	on	as	a	group,	without	debate	or	discussion	    I’m	by	nature	an	optimist	and	was	encouraged	
on	the	council	floor.	The	consent	agenda	had	         by	the	honesty	of	council	members	who	openly	
approximately	11	other	items	on	it	and	I	voted	for	   expressed	their	dissatisfaction	with	how	the	COR	
the	consent	agenda.	                                  functions.	I	will	provide	a	summary	of	actions	the	
                                                      Council	took	in	our	August	meeting	in	the	next	
During	the	August	COR	meeting	we	continued	           newsletter	and	on	the	website.		A	more	extensive	
to	work	on	the	Good	Governance	Project,	an	           survey	will	be	distributed	prior	to	the	February	
APA	initiative	to	“Maximize	organizational	           2012	COR	meeting.		I	look	forward	to	your	
effectiveness	by	assuring	APA’s	governance	           comments.
practices,	processes	and	structures	are	optimized	    	
and	aligned	with	what	is	needed	to	thrive	in	

  The	Indiana	Psychological	Association	is	proud	
  to	announce	the	2011	Fall	Conference!	“Practical	                              Indiana	Psychological	Association
  Innovations	in	Psychology”	will	be	held	Friday,	
  November	11th	and	Saturday,	November	12th	at	
                                                                                 1075	Broad	Ripple	Ave.,	Suite	208
  the	Marten	House	Hotel	and	Lilly	Conference	                                   Indianapolis,	IN	46220
  Center	in	Indianapolis,	Indiana.	Attendees	can	
  earn	9.0	hours	of	continuing	education	credit.		                               Return Service Requested
  Go to for event
  details and registration.

1075	Broad	Ripple	Ave.,	Suite	208
Indianapolis,	IN		46220
Phone:		317-257-7449

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Indiana	Psychological	Association.	The	IPA	accepts	classified	or	display	
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