What events took place in the story, The Treasure of Lemon Brown(1)

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8 grade Humanities

JR - "Just Right"- Book Project #2:                                100 points
(Check the option # that corresponds with your choice)- Due __________

__Option 1- Create a newspaper. Everything included in the newspaper is to be related to
the book: View the front page of a newspaper to get formatting ideas and what type of
information to include.
          All seven items below are required. Check each when it is done:
             1. ____Write at least one three paragraph article about an important event that
                  occurred in the book.
             2. ____Write an advertisement with an illustration that is related to the book.
             3. ____Create a comic that is related to the book.
             4. ____Write a letter to the editor that is related to something that happened in the
             5. ____Write an advice column or obituaries that are related to the book.
             6. ____Pictures/graphics that you create related to the book
             7. ____Make a creative Newspaper title.
             8. ____Write an informative article about the author (extra credit)
__Option 2- Write a Book Review. Each of the following criteria must be at least one
paragraph (five + total). Minimum length is two pages:
               1. Write a summary of the book.
               2. How is the author effective in developing the plot, characters, and setting?
                   Give examples!
               3. Write about the positive attributes and negative attributes of the book.
               4. Who would the book appeal to? Explain your comments.
               5. Why is the book worth reading?
___Option 3- Pop-up page:
               1. Design a cover related to the meaning of the book, include the title and
                  author's name. Do not copy the original cover!
               2. Design a pop-up page with a scene from the book that is significant to the story
                  it needs to be creative and eye-catching!
               3. Write at least one paragraph that retells the scene and at least one paragraph
                   that explains the importance of the scene to the outcome of the story. Place
                   this facing the pop-up page (or below it).
               4. What is the theme of the book (the author's message to the reader) ?
                   Place the theme on the backside of the pop-up page.
___Option 4- Three elements (Setting, character, and plot):
               1. Create a diorama to represent the setting of your book. Imagine that the book
                   you read is being made into a play or a movie, and you have been hired as the
                   main set designer.
               2. Write a one paragraph description of the main character (their personality,
                   appearance and how he/she handles conflict).
               3. One paragraph that describes the conflicts that occur to make up the plot.

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