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           Foreign Rights Guide

                        Fall 2011

  Running Press Kids offers a diverse list of trade books including
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                     non-fiction for young adults.
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                            YOUNG ADULT
Jenny Torres Sanchez
The Downside of Being Charlie
Charlie Grisner is looking forward to a great senior year. Over the summer, he has lost 25
pounds; a girl he has had an ongoing crush on just moved into a house close to him; and
his friend, Ahmed, just bought a Smart Car for two (which is tiny, but it means that he
never has to ride the bus again). But when he returns home at the end of summer, he finds
that his mother—who has a habit of running away unexpectedly and, after several days,
weeks, or months, coming back unexpectedly, has disappeared again—and that the school
year will hold many other unexpected challenges. This is a raw coming-of-age story that
addresses teen issues like eating disorders and weight-loss, dysfunctional parents, fitting
in, and coming to terms with the fact that you'll never be as perfect as you want to be. At
times dark and at other times very funny, this stand-alone title speaks to the complex
emotions of a teenager finding his way through confusing times. • Jenny Torres Sanchez is
a former English teacher in the Orange County Public School system in Florida. This is her
debut novel.

Spring 2012 • Juvenile Fiction • 312 pages
World Rights: Running Press

                                        Edited by Rhoda Belleza
                                        Cornered: 14 Stories about Bullying
                                        Guy, girl, straight, gay, outsider, insider, nerd,
                                        beauty, jock, or brain—none of these labels matter
                                        when it comes to feeling harassed, intimidated, or
                                        less than one’s true self. Bullying has no bounds,
                                        and the manifestation of if it occurs not only in
                                        person, but via text, phone, and online, as well as
                                        at school, in the home, and on the street. This
                                        fictional YA anthology includes stories from some
                                        of today’s hottest teen authors and addresses this
                                        extremely important issue that affects almost every
                                        teen in some way, shape, or form. Cornered follows
                                        the outstanding success of RP Teens fiction
                                        anthologies, Truth & Dare, The Eternal Kiss, and
                                        Kiss Me Deadly, with authors that teens know,
                                        love, and trust, as well as newer voices which are
                                        all the buzz. Contributors include Kirsten Miller
                                        (New York Times bestseller The Eternal Ones),
                                        Jennifer Brown (Hate List), James Lecesne
                                        (Absolute Brightness, founder of the The Trevor
                                        Project), and Lish McBride (Morris Award finalist
                                        Hold Me Closer, Necromancer). No other recent
                                        fiction anthology on the market addresses bullying
                                        with this caliber of authors. • Rhoda Belleza is a
freelance writer and editor who has worked with Paper Lantern Lit. She has also been
involved with the Franklin Park Reading Series and

June 2012 • Juvenile Fiction • 384 pages
World Rights: Running Press
Edgar Allan Poe, Zdenko Basic and Manuel Sumberac, illustrators
Steampunk: Frankenstein
Steampunk is the trendiest new subject in YA! Although Mary Shelley came much before
Steampunk’s time, her pre-science fiction writing opens doors to numerous gothic artistic
interpretations. No tale lends itself better to haunting Steampunk illustrations than Mary
Shelley’s story of science gone awry. Shelley’s grotesque imagery and descriptions just beg
for the Steampunk genre to provide just the right spook factor to give life to the classic
work. Fans old and new will be delighted by Basic and Sumberac’s four-color illustrations
spiked with Steampunk gadgets and fashion. • Zdenko Basic is an award-winning
illustrator from Croatia. He has worked as a costume, graphic and scenic designer, and has
illustrated many children’s books including a reimagining of Alice’s Adventures in
Wonderland. • Manuel Sumberac is a Croatian short film director and producer, and has
co-illustrated several children’s books, including Hidden Kingdom and 13 Curses.
Sumberac and Basic have worked together on animating, writing, and directing short films,
most notably Guliver, which received critical acclaim.

Spring 2012 • Juvenile Fiction • 304 pages ● Illustrations throughout
World Rights: Running Press

                                                       Edgar Allan Poe, Zdenko Basic and
                                                       Manuel Sumberac, illustrators
                                                       Steampunk: Poe
                                                       Edgar Allan Poe is a prefect
                                                       complement to Steampunk: a sci-fi
                                                       subgenre that takes the Victorian era
                                                       and mixes its fashion, culture, art,
                                                       and sensibility with futuristic and
                                                       fictional technology. The genre has
                                                       grown immensely popular over the
                                                       past few years, and its aesthetic has
                                                       been utilized in a wide variety of
                                                       media, including art, jewelry, and
                                                       novels. This book includes fourteen of
                                                       Edgar Allan Poe’s best known poems
                                                       and stories including “The Raven” and
                                                       combines them with exciting
                                                       Steampunk-inspired illustrations,
                                                       giving these old classics a modern,
                                                       quirky flair. • Zdenko Basic is an
                                                       award-winning illustrator from
                                                       Croatia. He has worked as a costume,
                                                       graphic and scenic designer, and has
                                                       illustrated many children’s books
                                                       including a reimagining of Alice’s
Adventures in Wonderland. • Manuel Sumberac is a Croatian short film director and
producer, and has co-illustrated several children’s books, including Hidden Kingdom and
13 Curses. Sumberac and Basic have worked together on animating, writing, and directing
short films, most notably Guliver, which received critical acclaim.

October 2011 • Juvenile Fiction • 304 pages ● Illustrations throughout
World Rights: Running Press
                                           Jennifer Knight
                                           Blood on the Moon
                                           In her page-turning debut novel, Blood on the
                                           Moon, Jennifer Knight introduces us to California-
                                           born Faith Reynolds, a troubled college freshman
                                           determined to escape the demons of her
                                           childhood. As she nervously tries to transition into
                                           college life and cold weather at Colorado State
                                           University with best friend Derek, Faith is
                                           introduced to a mysterious boy, Lucas Whelan,
                                           who later plays a much larger role in her life than
                                           she could have ever imagined.

                                           On a night that takes a horrible turn, Faith
                                           discovers her date, Victor, is in fact an evil
                                           vampire trying to kill her, and her savior of the
                                           night is none other than Lucas, who is actually a
                                           werewolf. Things go from bad to worse when Lucas
                                           reveals to Faith that Victor has every intention of
                                           killing her to get back at him.

                                            Lucas feels it his obligation to protect Faith from
                                            Victor. The more time they spend together, the
                                            stronger their feelings grow for each other. As
                                            Lucas tells Faith that she is the only person who
has ever made him feel, Faith slowly begins to understand that she is capable of something
she thought she could never to do, to love. In a period where vampires are center stage in
YA fiction, Blood on the Moon brings us a refreshing new creature of the night, and joins the
ranks of other popular werewolf YA fiction titles such as Blood and Chocolate, Wolfpack,
The Wereling Series, The Wolving Time, and most recently, Shiver. Jennifer Knight brings us
a witty voice, an action packed narrative, and three complex and engaging main characters
for readers to fall in love with. With a truly modern twist on the classic concept of the
beauty and the beast, Knight provides a strong-willed and empowering protagonist who
learns the value of trusting her own heart. Blood on the Moon is perfect for today’s YA
audience, offering forbidden romance but teaching good values while still providing a new
fantastical cult creature to love.

Fall 2011 • Ages 12 and up • 300 pages
World Rights: Running Press

Jennifer Knight
Blood on the Moon: Book 2
In this sequel to Blood on the Moon, our heroine Faith returns with a whole new set of
problems. Learning of the vampire clan’s plot to build an “army of the undead,” the
werewolf pack gives Faith no time to adjust to her newly discovered love for her werewolf
boyfriend, or the guilt of turning her best friend into a mutant hybrid. While in an epic
battle to save the human population from vampirical destruction, Faith also has to battle
the idea that she and Lucas will not last forever. When Lucas offers to make her immortal
by biting her, Faith has to decide: will she forgo her mortality for love, or will she lose the
one person who taught her to open up her heart?

Spring 2012 • Ages 12 and up • 300 pages
World Rights: Running Press
Ann Shoket and the Editor’s of Seventeen
Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty
Following the success of the first Seventeen book, the Ultimate Guide to Style—which has
sold over 57,000 copies since June —Ultimate Guide to Beauty is all about achieving the
best possible makeup, hair, and skin. With tips for fun, fabulous looks on all occasions,
this beauty book is an indispensable resource for young women everywhere. Special
sections are devoted to Glam, Girly, Boho, Natural, and Fun looks, as well as to skincare,
nails, and fragrances, creating an all-encompassing beauty toolbox. Inspired by beauty
experts, celebrities, and the editors of Seventeen, this fully illustrated manual will help
every girl embrace and enhance her own sense of style. • Seventeen magazine has been an
iconic fashion and beauty magazine for young women for the past 65 years. Ann Shoket
has been the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief since January 2007, and helped compile the
extremely successful Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style.

July 2012 • Teen Nonfiction/Beauty • 192 pages • 4-color photography throughout
World Rights: Running Press

                                                          Ann Shoket and the Editors of
                                                          The Seventeen Ultimate Guide to
                                                          From the magazine that has been
                                                          giving teens fashion and beauty
                                                          advice for the past sixty-five years
                                                          comes an indispensable fashion
                                                          guide for today’s young woman.
                                                          Seventeen Magazine has a U.S.
                                                          circulation of 2.3 million readers,
                                                          and spans internationally with
                                                          publications in South Africa, the
                                                          Philippines, Latin America, Brazil
                                                          and Singapore. Unlike other fashion
                                                          books and magazines, The
                                                          Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style
                                                          steers clear of passing trends,
                                                          focusing on helping girls maximize
                                                          their own personal style through
                                                          seven timeless fashion vibes. Each
                                                          fashion category, Boho, Sporty,
                                                          Edgy, Glam, Classic, Artsy, and
                                                          Girly, has a chapter devoted to it.
                                                          The book also includes quotes from
fashion icons, interviews with celeb stylists, and contains sidebars for quick fashion tricks
and tidbits. Providing style rules to live by and teaching girls how to maximize their
wardrobe, stretch their dollar, and make everyday basics work in hundreds of different
ways, it’s the book readers will return to again and again.• Ann Shoket is the current
Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine. Out selling most fashion/beauty magazines
including Lucky, Allure, Elle, Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Marie Claire, Seventeen has also
partnered up with the hit television show America’s Next Top Model which is shown on TV
internationally in 170 countries and regions. Ann Shoket is featured on at least three
episodes during each season.

Published • Fashion/Teen Nonfiction • 192 pages • 4-color photography throughout
World Rights: Running Press; Chinese simplified: CITIC; Russian: Eksmo
                                               Teresa Bonaddio
                                               Rebel in a Dress
                                               Young readers of this new series will learn
                                               that going after your dreams has less to do
                                               with gender and more to do with your spirit
                                               and determination. This series gives women
                                               their rightful place in history, showing kids
                                               the accomplishments of bold, courageous
                                               females. Each title in this nonfiction series
                                               features twelve remarkable women and their
                                               stories. The series premiers with two books:
                                               Adventurers features trailblazing women
                                               such as professional balloonist Sophie
                                               Blanchard, intrepid explorer Gudridur
                                               Thorbjarnarsdottir, pilot Amelia Earhart,
                                               champion skier Kit DesLauriers, and
                                               Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to go
                                               into outer space. Young readers will be
                                               captivated by these women’s daring tales and
                                               their determination not to be defined by their
                                               gender, but rather by their achievements.

                                               Fall 2011 • Ages 8-12 • 96 pages
                                               World Rights: Running Press

Karen Berman, illustrated by Doreen Mulryan Marts
Easy-Peasy Recipes: Snacks and Treats to Make and Eat
Get your kids to eat healthy and delicious snacks while encouraging them to practice their
culinary skills! Each recipe’s illustrated ingredient list and step-by-step instructions are
designed for little hands and are 100 percent kid-friendly—no ovens, knives, or stoves
needed. All parents need to do is prepare the ingredients, and then their kids can have fun
making their own treats without needing supervision. Best of all, these recipes aren’t just
yummy snacks: they’re all for nutritious foods that are great for growing bodies, including
ingredients like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and more. Moreover, kids will develop great
eating habits, because having control over preparing their own snacks will get them
thinking about where their food comes. With other successful kids’ cookbooks in the
market, including Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert, Betty Crocker’s Kids Cook! by Betty
Crocker, and Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Easy-Peasy Recipes is sure to be popular
for both parents and kids. • Karen Berman is a prolific cookbook writer and author. Her
previous titles include Friday Night Bites: Kick off the Weekend with Recipes and Crafts for
the Whole Family. She has also contributed to the New York Times, is a contributing editor
at Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and writes for online parenting magazines. • Doreen
Mulryan Marts is a freelance illustrator and designer who has worked at such places as
Marvel Comics and Russ Berrie.

Spring 2012 • Juvenile Nonfiction/Cooking & Food • 32 pages • 4-color
World Rights: Running Press Kids
From award-winning Dutch photographer Frans Lanting come two brilliantly colorful and
educational pop up board books that teach children about animals. Coupling Lanting’s
photography with interesting animal fun facts, each of these books appeal to young readers
of varied reading skill levels. The beautiful photographs appeal to everyone, while the fun
pop-up structure keeps young children engaged. The detailed facts make the book equally
appropriate for readers who are slightly more advanced. The photographs in both books are
evidence of Lanting’s world travels: animals from South America, Africa, and Antarctica are
prominently featured

Feathers to Fur: Up Close with Animal Friends
Feathers to Fur uses an interactive guessing game style to teach young children about
different species of animals. By using a closely zoomed picture of each individual animal’s
skin—whether it be fur, scales or feathers—and providing a set of clues, this book
encourages children to make a guess as to which animal will be revealed on the following
page, along with more detailed information such as habitat, diet and fun facts relating to
that animal. An extremely innovative way to teach children about exotic animals, Feathers
to Fur is interesting, informative, and interactive and promises to make kids excited to learn
about animals.

Fall 2011 • 22 pages • 4-color photography throughout
World Rights: Running Press

Eye to Eye: Up Close with Animal Friends
Eye to Eye follows in a similar vein with Feathers to Fur. Each animal’s eye is shown
instead of a section of their skin, continuing to encourage readers to guess which animal
will be on the following page. More clues and facts about animals and their habitats
encourage young readers to keep learning about different creatures.

Fall 2011 • 22 pages • 4-color photography throughout
World Rights: Running Press

Frans Lanting is an award winning photographer whose pictures of nature have been
featured prominently in publications like National Geographic, Audubon, and Life. His work
has been exhibited at the Dutch natural history museum and has traveled through Europe
and the US. He has won the Ansel Adams award and was named Photographer of the Year
by the Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association. • Jennifer Barry is an
award-winning graphic designer and founded Jennifer Barry Design. She has designed and
directed hundreds of illustrated books, and has co-authored over a dozen.
                                           Megan E. Bryant, illustrated by Jannie Ho
                                           It’s Easter Time!
                                           Let your kids celebrate Easter with the ultimate
                                           activity book! Kids will be occupied for hours with
                                           this interactive story, in which they collect eggs
                                           on the farm, dye and decorate the eggs, help the
                                           characters make the crafts, and at the very end,
                                           join everyone on an Easter egg hunt. The
                                           interactive design, which includes black and
                                           white pages for kids to color and two sticker
                                           sheets, encourages boys and girls to use their
                                           creativity to complete their own stories. Also, on
                                           the last page, readers will see that there are eggs
                                           hidden throughout the book that they must go
                                           back and find. With so many things to do and a
                                           durable, kid-friendly format, this book will let
                                           kids play for as long as they want. • Megan E.
                                           Bryant has written more than one hundred
                                           licensed storybooks, chapter books, Easy
                                           Readers, and board books. Her book Strawberry
                                           Shortcake: Be My Valentine spent four weeks on
                                           the New York Times best-seller list. She has also
                                           created novelty books for RP Kids and is a
                                              former children’s book editor.

Spring 2012 • Juvenile Fiction/Holidays and Celebration/Easter and Lent • 32 pages • 16
full-color and 16 b/w pages with 2 peek inside sheets & 2 sticker sheets
World Rights: Running Press Kids
                                              Megan E. Bryant, illustrated by Claudine
                                              The Royal Treasure Hunt
                                              The beautiful bunny princesses are back!
                                              Join them as they discover a map that will
                                              take them on a magical treasure hunt. Full of
                                              interactive pull-out tabs, this book allows
                                              children to reveal each sparkly, masquerade-
                                              themed present for themselves. Additionally,
                                              adorable full-color illustrations throughout
                                              the book will engage young readers from
                                              beginning to end. Parents will also love this
                                              book as it is durable enough to allow
                                              children to play with it to their hearts’
                                              content. • Megan E. Bryant has written
                                              more than one hundred licensed storybooks,
                                              chapter books, Easy readers, and board
                                              books. Her book Strawberry Shortcake: Be
                                              My Valentine spent four weeks on the New
                                              York Times best-seller list. She has also
created numerous novelty books for RP Kids and is a former children’s book editor.
Claudine Gevry has illustrated numerous children’s books, including Little Cricket’s Song,
Mama Loves Me, and more.

Spring 2012 • Juvenile Fiction • 10 pages • Interactive pull-tabs and full-color illustrations
World Rights: Running Press Kids
                       PICTURE BOOKS
                                                  Pat Croce
                                                  History’s most notorious nautical rogue
                                                  comes to life in this full-color illustrated
                                                  book by New York Times best selling author
                                                  Pat Croce. Follow the tale of a young boy
                                                  named Edward Teach who grew up to rule
                                                  the seas with brash cunning and sly
                                                  intimidation. From his outsmarting the
                                                  Queen’s Royal Navy to his relentless quest
                                                  for riches and infamy Blackbeard’s life is a
                                                  salty story filled with action, adventure, and
                                                  ambushes. Croce, one of the world’s biggest
                                                  pirate fanatics and collectors, shows how
                                                  the Golden Age of Piracy came to a
                                                  swashbuckling conclusion with
                                                  Blackbeard’s death. Pirate fever will be in
                                                  full swing in the wake of the release of
                                                  Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,
                                                  slated for opening May 20, 2011. • Pat
                                                  Croce has been obsessed with pirates from
                                                  a young age. After amassing one of the most
                                                  impressive collections of piratical artifacts
                                                  in the world, he opened the St. Augustine
                                                  Pirate and Treasure Museum in St.
Augustine, Florida in 2005. Author of the New York Times best seller I Feel Great and You
Will Too!, and the interactive children’s book Pirate Soul, which has sold over 45,000 copies
in the US, Pat Croce is a motivational speaker and is a contributing writer to Fortune Small
Business magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Published • Ages 8-12 • 56 pages • full-color illustrations throughout
World Rights: Running Press

Mark Bailey and Michael Oatman, with a recipe by Alice Waters
Tiny Pie
In this interactive picture book, a hungry little boy looks into a mouse hole and sees a
mouse making a tiny pie. The boy uses all five senses—sight, hearing, smell, touch, and
taste—as he watches the mouse chopping pears, and putting mozzarella and vanilla into its
mixing bowl. Colorful illustrations will engage children, and as a bonus, this book includes
an original recipe for a pie by the renowned chef Alice Walters. • Mark Bailey has written
several illustrated books for adults including Hemingway & Bailey’s Guide to Great
American Writers, American Hollow, and The Tibetans. He is also a professional screenwriter
who has worked with numerous studios and indie houses. • Eddie Hemingway is the
illustrator of the kids’ books Bump in the Night and Bad Apple.

Fall 2012 • Ages 3 and up • 25 pages • full-color illustrations throughout
World Rights: Running Press
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