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Unclaimed Property 2011


									                                                            CITY OF COLUMBUS
                                                                    605 Spring Street
                                                                      P.O. Box 87
                                                                 Columbus, Texas 78934

 This notice is provided in accordance with Section 76.201 of the Texas Property Code regarding unclaimed funds. Unclaimed funds,
 referenced by the names on the following list, are in the custody of Donald Warschak, City of Columbus Treasurer. Only those names with
  a total of $100.00 or less are included on this list.

 Any person possessing a legal or beneficial interest in the reported funds may contact the City of Columbus Office at 979-732-2366 to obtain
 information about the funds and the procedure to make a claim to receive the funds. The unclaimed property is presumed abandoned and
 subject to Chapter 76 of the Texas Property Code.

                     All other claims for property valued over $100.00 should be made to the Texas Unclaimed Property Department
                                                              in the State Comptrollers Office.
                                                                       800-321-2274 or
                                                            online at

 A                                     G                                      N                                     T

 Ashton, Joyce                        Galvan, Angie                          Neuendorff, Randy                     T & C Texaco (Roy Christen)
 Axel, Celestine                      Garcia, Jane                           Norman Orin Cleve                     Taylor, Dorothy
                                      Garnetts                                                                     Toliver, Lillie
 B                                    Garza, Virginia                        0                                     Tumlinson, L. L.
                                      Glover, James
Bailey, Evelyn Jackson                Gonzales, Rose                         Odom, Jeffery                         V
Baldwin, Mark                         Gonzales, Samuel                       Orange, Ruth
Barten, Shane                         Gorman, Scott                          Ortiz, Miguel A.                      Vacek Anderson
Behne Sr, Richard G.                  Griffin, Dr. Harold                    Osorio, Jorge                         Veale II, Robert B.
Beltran, Aljandro                     Grimaldo, Marcos                                                             Venitez, Maximo
Benitez, Maximo                                                              P
Blaha, Lennie                          H                                                                           W
Booker, Leslie                                                               Pierson, Margaret
Briscoe, Lee                          Hawk, John                             Piland, Randall                       Walker, Mike
Burford, Sam                          Hayek, Harvey                          Pratt, Steven                         Walker, Sharon G.
Burnett, Cecil G.                     Hoeinghaus, Larry                                                            Webb, Lee
Butler, Susie                         Holcomb, P. E.                         Q                                     Wegenhoft, J. R.
                                                                                                                   Williams, Dessie Mae
C                                     J                                      Quintana, Gavino                      Wilson, Keith
                                                                                                                   Wood, Bruce
Cabrera, Carmen                       Johannes, Caroline                     R
Camacho, Charles                      John, Edward                                                                 Y
Casares Sales Co.                     Johnson, Samuel Jr.                    Reimers, H. G.
Chapman, Ashton R.                                                           Renfroe, Larry                        Ybarbo, Yvette
Chemical Weed Control                 K                                      Rester, Richard
Church of God                                                                Roche, Smith Jr.
Clayborne, Henry                      Key, W. E.                             Rodriquez, Jennifer
Cleveland, Jerry                      King, Delores                          Rodriquez, George
Columbus Mobile H                     Klein, Scott
Columbus Welding                      Kneblik, Bradley                       S
Cooper, Barbara
Correa, Robert                        M                                     Sanchez, Andres
Correa, Robert Jr.                                                          Sanchez, Maria A.
Cummings, Ruth                        Martin, Katrina                       Saner, Jim
                                      Medina, Jesus                         Sanford, A. C.
D                                     Medina, Valentine                     Scott, Meddle Mae
                                      Meyer, Anton                          Sheppard, Richard
Denley, Roncia                        Meyer, Ewald                          Smith, James E.
                                      Miller, Achey                         Spaeth, Thomas
F                                     Miller, Jimmy                         Stancik, Eddie
                                      Moffett, Danielle                     Stricklin, Mrs. A. M.
Feaster, Evelyn P.                    Mooneyham, Frank                      Stubbs, Emaola
Forteson, J. B.                       Mosby, Charles
Frels Oak Theatre                     Murillo, Eda

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