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					       Under 16 Fixtures September 2011
       Kick-off 2.00pm

       League Cup Rd 1                                                 Referee
524    Brownhills Community Colts    v. Norton Canes                   Stephanie Bennett
525    Burntwood Dragons             v. Beacon Colts Blues             Liam Brindley
526    Penkridge Jnrs                v. Lichfield City Tigers          Callum Smallman

       Division 1
 527   PRD                           v.   Four Oaks Athletic           Andrew Stoddart
528A   Stafford Rangers JFC          v.   Colron Boys                  Lee Haywood
528B   Starland St. Annes            v.   Chasetown Scholars           Alan Nicholas
 529   Sutton Coldfield Blues        v.   Holly Lane Utd               Perry Fletcher

       Division 2a
530    Hawkins Sports Jnrs           v.   Berkswich FC                 Sam Clark
531    Hednesford Town               v.   Lea Hall                     Stephanie Bennett
532    Shire Oak Saints Hawks        v.   Shire Oak Saints Aces        Mark Felton
533    Wyrley Jnrs Cougars           v.   Rugeley Rangers

       Division 2b
534    Beacon Colts                  v. Sutton Town Reds
535    Four Oaks Falcons             v. Bush Ravens                    Peter Dobson
       Free Week : Four Oaks Hawks
       Free Week : FC Premier

       Division 3
536    Brownhills Community Colts    v. Castle Vale JKS                Linda Cusack
537    Gt. Barr Harriers             v. AFC Cannock Town Boys
       Free Week : Castle Vale JKS

       September 18th

       Division 1
 538   Chasetown Scholars            v.   Stafford Rangers JFC         Linda Cusack
539A   Colron Boys                   v.   PRD                          Peter Dobson
539B   Holly Lane Utd                v.   Starland St. Annes           Alan Nicholas
 540   Four Oaks Athletic            v.   Sutton Coldfield Blues       Adam Watson

       Division 2a
541    Berkswich FC                  v.   Shire Oak Saints Hawks       Callum Smallman
542    Lea Hall                      v.   Hawkins Sports Jnrs          Mark Felton
543    Rugeley Rangers               v.   Hednesford Town              Liam Brindley
544    Shire Oak Saints Aces         v.   Wyrley Jnrs Cougars          Stuart Goodfellow

       Division 2b
545    Bush Ravens                   v.   Beacon Colts
546    Four Oaks Hawks               v.   Holy Name                    Liam Rivers
547    Sutton Town Reds              v.   Four Oaks Falcons            Barry Lee
548    Sutton Utd Hornets            v.   FC Premier

       Division 3
549    AFC Cannock Town Boys         v.   Brownhills Community Colts
550    Beacon Colts Blues            v.   Penkridge Jnrs
551    Castle Vale JKS               v.   Burntwood Dragons
552    Lichfield City Tigers         v.   Gt. Barr Harriers
      September 25th

      Division 1
553   Chasetown Scholars                      v. Four Oaks Athletic               Stuart Goodfellow
554   Stafford Rangers JFC                    v. PRD Utd                          Stephanie Bennett
555   Sutton Coldfield Blues                  v. Colron Boys                      Barry Lee
      Free Week : Holly Lane Utd
      Free Week : Starlands St. Annes

      Division 2a
556   Hednesford Town                         v.   Berkswich FC                   Callum Smallman
557   Lea Hall                                v.   Shire Oak Saints Aces
558   Shire Oak Saints hawks                  v.   Rugeley Rangers
559   Wyrley Cougars                          v.   Hawkins Sports Jnrs            Mark Felton

      Division 2b
560   Beacon Colts                            v.   Sutton Utd Hornets             Mark Roberts
561   FC Premier                              v.   Bush Ravens
562   Four Oaks Falcons                       v.   Four Oaks Hawks                Andrew Stoddart
563   Holy Name                               v.   Sutton Town Reds               Terry Lawson

      Division 3
564   AFC Cannock Town Boys                   v.   Lichfield City Tigers
565   Brownhills Community Colts              v.   Beacon Colts Blues             Tom Churchill
566   Burntwood Dragons                       v.   Penkridge Jnrs
567   Gt. Barr Harriers                       v.   Castle Vale JKS                Adam Watson

      League Rule 10D
      The Secretary of the home Club must give notice ….to the match officials
      and the Secretary of the opposing Club at least 5 clear days prior to the
      playing of the match. The away Club shall seek and acknowledge receipt
      of such particulars.


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