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The Master's Mehserle Can Never Dismantle the Master's House by ProQuest


To be specific, white people seized control of national, political, and economic power; informed black people that both God and nature had divided human populations into the white race and the black race and made the white race better; imposed a system of free-market capitalism; segregated housing, jobs, health care, and education along the color line so that the white race gets the best of everything; attributed the differences in life opportunities to individual merit or fortune- not race; and prohibited public expressions of race hatred or favoritism while privately nursing race pathologies that influence every sphere of public action and public policy in America and around the world. [...] as we build the relational capital and also bring in healing services like massage, yoga, and support groups, we begin to form coalitions to make structural changes such as the creation of meaningful work that pays a living wage, community safety patrols to replace police presence, and restorative justice processes.

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