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									                      The Davis       Historical        Cemetery
                                      Est.. 1832
                  EmaH Address~      annsimpsondavis@'sbcglobaLnet

John and Ann Simpson         Davis   lie   under   a double monument          in the Davis
cemetery,  John died Jan. 25, 1832. Age 71 yrs. 4 mo and 18 days. Ann died
June 6, 1851. Age 88 yrs, 5 mos, and 8 days. Their war records are inscribed
on either side of the monument.     Both had served for General Washington.
They came to Ohio in 1816 but did not settle on the Scioto River until 1818.
Four sons and a daughter     came with them. Son William was married       and
brought his family with him. Other friends and relatives     came with them
and others followed later on.

The brick house still standing       in 1972 was built from 1837 to 1842 when
they moved into it. Most of the furniture          was made on the farm from the
walnut trees growing there.       Traveling   craftsmen   made a business of going
from place to place making furniture        for families.  We still have a number
of pieces made then or later.       John died before ,the house was started but
Ann spent the last 9 years of her life there.             A bedromm     (sic) with a
fireplace    was built especially for her. Off the east side of the Kitchen.      She
had a cord bed with a straw tick and also a goose feather tick. I (Ruth D.
Hanover) slept in this bed for years in the little square room over the front
hall.    I also have the chest that held my clothes then.          It was made by
someone in the family for Edith DeFord Davis, a daughter           in law. I have a
beautiful    picture  of Edith done sometime during the 1870s. This I prize
very much. We have no pictures of either John or Ann Simpson Davis.

When a new D.A.R. society was organ;ized            in Dec. 11, 1926. Eva Jaeger
suggested  it be named after Ann Simpson              Davis.     Some time later a
dedication  was held at the cemetery with approperate             (sic) ceremony.       In
the Columbus Citizen Monday July 5, 1926 was an article and pictures                    of
the monument    and my two younger sisters.        It states that the new chapter
of D A R being      formed    is maned    (sic) for Ann Simpson           Davis.     The
organizing   regent     being Mrs. C.B. Galbreath.           Mrs Christian       Jaeger
historian  for the Columbus       Chapter      was compiling        a history     of the
Davis Family.     We hope to transfer       the Cemetery       to the Chapter        and
make a DAR shrine of for future generations            (sic).

Thank   you to Ruth   Hanover    & David    Hartmann   for   the   information.
                        Graves of people buried in Davis Cemetery (1927)
1 - Daniel Brunk diedAug. 25, 1863- 61 yrs. They lived in loghouse south ofthe Cemetery
2 - Peggy Brunk wife of Daniel- no marker
3 - George McCombs. No stone. Some connection of Brunks. Buried about 1900.
4,5,6 - Three unmarked graves between Brunks and Brelsfords.
5 - Abner Brelsford died Dec. 29, 1864. 75 years.
6 . Nancy Brelsford wife of Abner Brelsford died Sept. 6, 1825 - Age 40 yrs.
7. Joseph Brelsford son of A & C Brelsford died Apr. 25, 1863.21 yrs.
8 - Unmarked grave ofBrelsfordchild - footstone has A. B. on it.
9 - Jacob M. Brelsford son of A & C Brelsford died Apr. 21, 183141 yrs.

10 - Caroline Brelsford dau of A & S. Brelsford died Aug 24, 1831 41 yrs.
11 - Eliza Brelsford wife of A Brelsfored died     18, 184_ 37 yrs.
12 - M.H.B. no headstone but initials on footstone in Brelsford lot (note: Nancy must be old Abner's wife
and mother of the above Abner.)
13 - Catherine Brobeck wife of Jacob died Nov. 30, 1857.69 years.
14 - Mary Ann Kilpatrick Davis wife ofBeriah died Oct. 31, 1847.32 yrs. (Note: 1979 she was the mother of
6 or 7 children. Joe who mar Amanda Sells, Alexander mar Lavonia Thomas Stacey and Harry, two other
15 - Viany Urton dau of William & Jane Urton died Aug. 16, 1835, 15 yrs.
16 - Francis H. Brelsford son of William H. & Betsy died May 27, 1845. 11 yrs.
17 - George Sp_ Stone so decayed inscription could not be read
18 - Sarah Van Schoyck wife of John. Grandmother of Mary Jane Butt Davis
19 - Jacob Wright died Sept. 6, 1877 79 yrs
20 - Mary Wright died Sept. 20, 1886.82 yrs (note: Parents of Mary Hard. Her children Herbert and Esther.
Esther married Albert Sharp. They had two sons.)
21- Francis Wright son of J & M Wright died July 13, 1851. 3 yrs.
22 - Rachael Mathews dau of J & J Mathews died July 13, 1846. 4 yrs. Sister of Geo Mathews.
23 - Rachael Roney wife of James died Dec. 14, 1839 41 yrs.
24 - James Roney died Nov. 26, 1840. 43 yrs. (note: Decendants of Roney live near Marysfille, Ohio.)
25 - Isaac Roney son of R & J Roney died Mch. 12, 1843. 17 yrs.
26 - Zephniah Mickey died Apr. 30, 1847.20 yrs. (note: Bro. Of Daniel Mickey. Related to Griffith Thomas
who married Sarah or Sally Mickey.)
27 -Aaron Everit died Apr. 21, 1847.47 yrs.
28 - Unmarked Grave next to Aarons supposed to be Mrs. Everit. (Grand) parents of Sally Tuller.
29 - David Martin died Sept. 29, 1849 47 yrs. His wife was Leah Brelsford. Sister of Amos and Abner
30 - Matilda Martin dau. OfD & Leah Martin died Feby. 8 (Oct 15),183711 yrs.
31- Caroline Dau ofD & L Martin died Oct. 15 (Feby 6),18515 yrs. (note: Leah married a KILE (?)A son
David survived his Dau Bulah Martin Thomas lives in Dublin (1927).
32 - Mary Ann Davis dau of J. Simpson & Sarah Davis died Apr. 19, 1847. 9 yrs.
33 - Sammy son of J.S. & S Davis died Feb. 6, 1846. 6 yrs. (Stacey, Zan. Joe & Harry)
33 - Sarah Brown Dau of J & S Brown died feb. 5, 1847 17 days
34 - Unmarked grave north of Sarah's Supposedly another brown child.
35 - Mary Coleman dau of J & Eliza Davis Coleman died Sept. 15, 1834. 1 year
36 - James Coleman died May 3, 1838 38 yrs. (note: Eliza Coleman married a Downs and lived in
Shelbyville, Ill, Dau of John and Ann S Davis.)
37 - Joshua Davis son of John & Ann Simpson Davis died July 24, 1823. 23 yrs
38 - William Davis son of Joshua & Edith DeFord Davis died June 25, 1841. 19 yrs
39 - Lucinda Davis Swain Dau of Joseph & Edith Davis died Jan. 8, 1855. 21 yrs (note: Eliza Swain a
granddaughter lives at 235 Fairwood Ave.)
40 - Byron Davis son of Samuel & Matilda died Apr. 10, 1840. 4 yrs.
41-Ann] died Jan 25,1839
        Twins . 4 yrs. (Note: Daus of Samuel and Matilda Sells Davis Sisters of Charles Davis, Matilda Artz
                          and Marilla Davis)
42 - Elizabeth] died Jan 24,1839
43 - Margaret Bowerdau of Peter & Mary E. Davis Bower.DiedDec. 10, 18493yrs
44 - OliverShipman died Apr. 7 1847.33yrs.
45 - Andromeda Shipman dau of Oliver & Ann died Aug. 15, 1840. 4 mo.
46 - Charles Shipman son of 0 & A Shipman died Oct 4, 18411 mo (note: Ann Married a Burlitt. Oliver a
Bro of Gideon of Dublin)
47 - Unmarked grave
48 - Benjamin Woolley died Apr. 17, 185858 years.
49 - Sarah Woolley died Aug. 25, 1847. 44 yrs. These were husband and wife
50 - Jacob Davis son of Joe & Edith Davis Died Mch. 21, 1886. 50 yrs
51- Edith Davis dau of Jacob & Cornelia Davis died May 4,1883.11 yrs.
52 - Erskin Davis son of J & C davis died no monument only footstone with E.D. born 1878
53 - H. Will Davis son of JW H & Mary B Davis died in California died 1937. 74 yrs.
54 - Fred Davis son of JWH & Mary B Davis died Oct. 14, 18878 yrs.
55 - Unmarked grave at foot of Fred Davis Christina Sells died Feb 1, 1912
56 - Joseph Watts Henry Davis died Jan. 25 1892. 54 years His wife has same stone - Mary Jane Butt Davis
died Oct. 14, 1891. 51 yrs.
57 - Joseph W. Davis son of John & Ann Simpson Davis died June 29, 1892. 90 yrs.
(Note: same stone as husband above: Edith DeFord Davis wife of J. W. Davis died June 6, 1874.72 yrs.)
58 - Florence Mary (Pollie) Davis Sells dau of JWH & Mary B. Davis and wife of Amaziah H. Sells died June
6, 1832. She was the mother of 15 children. 59 yrs.
59 - Unmarked grave of infant son of Kenneth and Frances Miller Le Master. 1941
60 - Unmarked grave of infant dau of Benton & Hattie Sells

In the north west comer of the cemetery there are a numberof (sic) colored (sic) people buried. Most of the
families along the Scioto River took in a family or two of escaping slaves. My great grand father had two
families living on the place. One of the houses still (1927) stands east of the brick house. There are 14
graves of colored (sic) folk Shelton Oglesby; Shelton a brother of Jerry Shelton; Jennie, Ellen, Hattie Fulton;
Infant childe of Albert Berry; Several Porter children. Sorry I cannot give other names (sic).

Mary Ann Kilpatrick was the wife of Berlah Davis. She had 6 or 7 children Joe who married Amanda Sells;
Alexander who married Lavona Thomas. Stacey, Harry and others. Lillian Skeels is a great grand daughter.
Adelaid Davis and her sister Mrs. Jess Miller were granddaughters as was Nell Davis Tuller and Edna
Davis Cooper. Neither had children.

(After David Martin died 1979), Leah Brelsford Martin married Enoch Kile. Her daughter Mary Martin
married Enoch Kiles(sic) son James. They had four sons. Reason, Sherman, Clark, and Fred. Reason and
Sherman are dead 1927. (sic) Clark and Fred live at Kileville, Ohio. (Fred mar. Edith Worthington. Her
sister Sylvia mar Roy Sells son of Richard and Amanda Sells. Their dau Elizabeth Poulson lives in West
Jefferson, Ohio 1979)

Hannah Martin Johnson (Mrs. Will Johnson) is a dau. Of Leah and David Martin. Frank Martin a son is
dead. His widow Belle lives at 313 West 7th.Ave Cols. Tildah Martin McKitrick lives on Rt. 42 west of
Delaware, O. Belle Martin promised to send history of the Brelsfords but never did.
Amos, Abner, and Leah Brelsford came from Maryland to Putnam, near Zanesville in 1812. Later coming to
this vicinity. Just where I do not know but probably at or near the Holmes Wilson Place on Middle Pike or
now Sawmill Road. Holmes first wife was viola Brelsford. Children were Bertha Delashment, Frank in
Calif. Margurite and Howard who farmed the home place selling it in the late 1960s.

Ella Corgin (Mrs John) and Laura Sells (Mrs. Ott) were daughters ofWm.
                                           :       ;;;

                                     Township to keep up historical cemetery
                                                           Source: The Columbus Dispatch
                                                                         By: Charlie Boss

  A neglected cemetery in Perry Township will get a new caretaker.
  Township trustees have agreed to take over and maintain the property in an arrangement
with the owners of the Davis Historical Cemetery on Riverside Drive.
   Jim Roper, Perry Township trustee chairman, said the township has been working with
Danny Sells, the family contact for the cemetery owners, who are turning over the property
at no charge.
   Trustees will vote on the resolution about the historical site at Wednesday's meeting,
officials said.
   Restoration efforts will begin immediately, Roper said.
   "We want to give this cemetery the respect it deserves," he said.
   They might not have to do much.
   Shortly after a story in The Dispatch described the cemetery's unkempt condition in July,
volunteers shaved the 4-foot-high walls of weeds and grass, picked up nearby trash and
planted flowers by the flagpole.
   Still, crumbling steps and loose tombstones remain as signs of neglect at the centuries.old
cemetery named after a Revolutionary War couple, John and Ann Simpson Davis.
   Beyond the grooming of the property, Roper said other work will have to wait to see
whether the cemetery is deemed a historic site.
   Also, members of a local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution are trying
to identify those buried in some of the 50 graves.
  Ann Simpson Davis served as a messenger to Gen. George Washington during the
Revolutionary War. Davis Middle School in Dublin and a chapter of the Daughters of the
American Revolution were named for her.
  Her husband, John, fought in the war from 1777 to '81 and was with Washington when he
crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Eve 1776, according to officials at the Dublin
  Three other veterans -- two from the Civil War and one from the Spanish-American War--
also are buried at the cemetery.

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