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    Labor Union
                                                                    4 80
    For the
    New Mexico
    Film Worker                                            ORU  V     o l        u m           e         2     0     0     4 .       0     3

                                                                                          Legislative Wrap up:
              480                                                   A Swing and A Miss
                                                                                             by Laurie L. Hudson

                                          he 2004 state legislative session closed on          But, there is also a possibility that the funds may
                                 T        Thursday, February 19. Unfortunately, due
                                          to the extended debates surrounding the
                                 bills to abolishment state tax on groceries and to
                                 strengthen DWI laws, two important film incentive
                                                                                          be rolled into a proposed NM production facility
                                                                                          being considered by one of the major LA studios.
                                                                                               In either event, this money could go a long way
                                                                                          toward building an indigenous base for production,
    FROM THE             2       bills never reached the senate floor for a vote.
                                      House Bill 7 would have appropriated 1/2 of
                                                                                          while training the next generation of technicians for
                                                                                          our state.
    FRAMELINE                    the allotted in-plant training funds to classroom             I'd like to thank all of our members, who paid
                                 training. House Bill 469 proposed extending the          attention during this legislative session and who got
    FROM                 3       15% tax rebate to post production whether or not a       on the phone or computer and contacted the
    THE OFFICE                   project had been shot in New Mexico.                     appropriate lawmakers to express their support for
                                      The latter had been dubbed, by our business         the various film incentive bills.
                                 agent, as "The Secret Agent Mom Bill”, as it also             The staff of Roman Maes' office was, in fact, so
    BA                   4       included a means to hold 20% of all production cost      overwhelmed with messages from our members,
    BEAT                         rebates in escrow for a period of 30 days, after the     that they pleaded with Vice President Bob House
                                 completion of a project, to be used against claims       during his call to halt the barrage. (The bill in ques-

    SNAP                 4       of unpaid wages or outstanding charges from
                                                                                          tion, HB 469, had by then moved out of Maes’
    SHOTS                             Both bills had been approved by the House                We may not have won this round but we
                                 and, thanks to some dedicated hounding on the part       certainly didn't lose. And we made them all very
    A FEW                5       of our members, had made it out of the various
                                 Senate recommendation committees.
                                                                                          aware that we are deeply concerned about the well
                                                                                          being of our industry.
    WORDS                             But in the end the clock ran out on us.                  Regardless of our gains or losses during this
                                      Still, these measures were not rejected and         recent legislative session, we should not lose sight
    BOARD &              6       certainly will be revisited at the next legislative      of the fact that the partnership that we, as members
    MTG NOTICE                   session.                                                 of the film industry, are enjoying with the state of
                                      The good news is that the capital outlay            New Mexico is unprecedented in this country.
                                 budget, which will be approved by Governor                    While you've got the time, seek out the
   Local 480                     Richardson, included a whopping $10 million              legislators who have been particularly helpful in
                                 allotment for a film production training and             promoting film production here and send them a
   Open:      12:00-6:00 M-F
                                 education center. (See Jon’s related article, page 4.)
                                      A number of schools, including the College of
                                                                                          note of thanks.
                                                                                               And, while you're at it, you might want to take a
                                 Santa Fe and Santa Fe Community College, are             moment to thank Jon Hendry for his tireless and, for
   Contact:   Laurie L. Hudson   expected to lobby for those funds to institute or        the most part, incredibly successful multi-year
   Phone:     (505) 986-9512     expand a curriculum in film.                             venture in promoting our industry to our lawmakers. q
   Fax:       (505) 986-9513
   Email:           Words To Live By         Don't worry about what people think… they don't do it very often.
   Mail:      PO Box 5351
              Santa Fe, NM

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                                             From the                This Local is Dedicated…
   Contacts                                  Frameline
   President                                                                       to the principles of trades unionism.
   Matthew Halbert                                                                       Its objectives are to unite all workers within its jurisdiction
   (505) 986-0637                                                                  for the following purposes:
   (505)670-1335                                                            (a)    To improve their wages and hours of work, to increase their job
                                                                                   security and to better their working conditions.
   Secretary-Treasurer                                                      (b)    To advance their economic, social and cultural interests.
   Laurie L. Hudson                                                         (c)    To establish peaceful and harmonious relations between its
   (505) 986-0637                                                                  members and their employers, and to increase the stability of the
   (505) 690-6084 (cell)                                                           industry.                                                     (d)    To assure full employment.
                                                                            (e)    To promote democracy and free trades unionism.
   Business Representative                  Matthew Halbert                 (f)    To engage in such other activities as may be necessary or proper
   Jon Hendry                                                                      to strengthen the labor movement and extend the process of
   (505) 670-7381                           Local 480 President                    collective bargaining throughout all trades and industries.                     Section 2. Organization
                                             This Local shall endeavor to accomplish the foregoing purposes by organizing the unorganized, by
   Vice President Art Department
   Bob House                           educating its membership, by negotiating collective bargaining agreements with employers, by securing
   (505) 281-2885                      progressive legislation, and by all other appropriate means within the limits allowed this Local by the
   (505) 980-8600 (cell)               International.                    (from the 480 Constitution Article II, Objectives)
                                                  Why do we need to support training? Short answer; We don't. If you are a member of this local
   Vice President Grip Light Sound     you are by definition a film worker, not a film "trainee". The motion picture industry has a 100 year
   Brad Kellar                         tradition of hiring and promoting individuals based on practical application and experience, not diplomas
   (505) 983-5690                      or certificates or training.
                                                  In the ten years I have been a member I have watched half of our best technicians walk onto a
   Vice President Personal Services    set for the first time and, over the years, grow to become the seasoned veterans that deserve a "first-call".
   Barbara Lee Brice
                                       These people have succeded by using every little opportunity to advance and learn their craft.
   (505) 281-9237
   (505) 280-9177 (cell)                          Nobody sat me down in a classroom and taught me how to be a boom operator. If 'trained'
                                       means that I possess certain unique skills, then I have succesfully been hired, worked, and learned my
   E-Board Member at Large             craft all on-the-job with the help of all the experienced people working around me. Someone took a risk
   Lisa van Allen                      on me the first time I worked as a grip, and again the first time I was a cableman, and again the first time
   (505) 660-9330 (cell)               I was boom operator. The first time each of us was hired, someone took a chance. That chance was our                   opportunity.
                                                  Why should your union support teaching someone to compete for your job? Better yet why
   Sergeant at Arms                    should you give away your hard earned experience so that some other person can compete for your job?
   Sky King                            Because we were all that "other person" at one time. To support training is to recognize the nature of
   (505) 873-8682                      getting hired in this business, and to control it by owning it.                             If we decide that objective (d) is the only goal worth pursuing then we might as well throw
   Trustees                            away our contracts and take up baseball bats. Really, the only way to "assure full employment" is to
   Jack Sinclair                       deny opportunity to everyone else. We should have shut the doors to our local years ago. Most of us
   (505) 982-4846                      should not be in the union at all…..Go home. But we shouldn't be the kind of local that increases member                 opportunities by decreasing everyone elses. If we were, then our union would consist of 25 hard-core old
                                       timers, and the rest of us non-union workers. We have to define ourselves as ALL NM
   Lois King
                                       filmworkers…present and future, not just those who hold membership now.
   (505) 873-8682                             Yes there are ways for training programs by the state and others to work against our goals, but
                                       there are more ways that can help us. I propose that we follow some simple rules to help guide us in
   Rob Seymour                         deciding if some particular training deserves our support:
   (505) 984-2781                                 •     Members dues should not be spent to train non-members. (applicants, OK)
                                                  •     Training first offers advancement opportunities for current members, then entry
   International & State Delegate                       opportunities for others.
   Bradley Barnes                                 •     All training of IATSE covered crafts must be done with our authority/supervision.
   (505) 982-5858                                 •     Training of non-IATSE covered crafts (PA's, Drivers, etc) should not be paid for by or run
                                                        by our local.
   Safety Training Coordinator                    •     The experience of our members should only be used to train people who are going to
   Jamie Garcia                                         become loyal Brothers/Sisters and contribute to all our welfare.
   (970) 379-1796 (cell)
                                                  •     That any hiring based on training status be closely watched to observe protection of
                                                        "members first preference" in contracts.
   Deadline for newsletter submissions            Circling our wagons around the illusion that we somehow control hiring on
   First Tuesday of every month        productions, by establishing ourselves as opposed to all training will make us obsolete.
                                                  This local is dedicated to the promotion of opportunities, not their limitation.
                                                          Zen-Type Thoughts To Start Your Day
                                                           Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
   2            .          .           .       Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.                March 2004

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   Notes From                                                                                                Spring Cleaning
   The Office

                                           s noted elsewhere in this news-            through their program, I'm afraid that we're going to have to spend a few
                                           letter, despite the lack of pro-           days in LA sitting through the same classes that many of us have already
                                           ductions, it's been pretty action-         taken. We may have garnered respect with the International of late for
                                           packed down on Luisa Street.               our safety program, but I don't think we want to test our improved stand-
                                   Rate sheets and resume books have been             ing with New York by demanding that they go to bat for us against LA.
                                   flying out of our office.                          However, for any of our dual-carded members, who have not yet taken our
                                        In fact, a file we keep called                general safety class, we will waive the requirement of being certified in
                                   "projects in birth" is jammed with over            our program. When you have your LA Passport, please call the office and
                                   20 folders, each for a different film in           give us your date of certification, so that we can enter it into our records.
                                   some stage of pre-production.
                                        Meanwhile, Kara and I are
   Laurie L. Hudson diligently working to get your 2004                               National Benefit Funds Statements
                                   membership cards and credited stamps                     Most of you should have recently received a CAPP account statement
   Secretary-Treasurer out to you.                                                    from the National Benefit Funds. Even if you worked a substantial num-
                                        We have also managed to assemble              ber of days over the last year, you may notice that your account does not
                                   and mail out the long-awaited new mem-             have enough money in it to cover the next quarter. And if you have suffic-
   ber information packets to most of our recent inductees.                           ient funds to pay for the second quarter, very few of us will skate through
                                                                                      the third quarter without having to pay some portion of the premium.
        Here are a few other quick notes and reminders:                                     Please pay attention to these figures. If you do not pay the additional
                                                                                      required amount in time, you will be dropped from the plan. Those who
   Safety Training Classes                                                            have lost coverage will not be allowed to rejoin the plan until an employer
         Our second Aerial Lift and Fall Protection Class was held in Albu-            has contributed 2 quarters worth of premiums to their CAPP account. At
   querque on February 29. Twenty-five more of our members were certified             the moment, that is a hefty $1170, even for the lowest coverage option.
   in this advanced safety training. We will probably repeat this instruction               Most contacts do not allot over $25 a day to the health fund, mean-
   in 6 to 8 weeks. If you need this class for your craft and have not yet been       ing that you will have to work over 46 days to get back onto the plan.
   certified, please call the office to schedule yourself into the next session.      Also, please bear in mind, that the process of getting benefits into your
         The next round of General Safety Training Classes will resume                account from a production is unbelievably slow. Even if you go back to
   on Sunday, March 14 at Santa Fe Digital Post. The remaining 3                      work in the next few weeks, don't count on the fact that your account will
   classes in this series will be given on May 2 at the Workforce                     immediately have funds available to pay for premiums.
   Training Center in Albuquerque, June 6 in Santa Fe, and July 18 in                       If you are not getting statements from the National Benefit Funds,
   Albuquerque.                                                                       it's very possible that they do not have your correct address. It would be
         The classes are all on Sundays (hedging against 6-day workweeks)             wise to call the benefits office at 800-456-FUND to check on your status.
   and run from 11:30 AM to 6 PM.                                                     And don't give up if you do not get through to a representative the first
         After these 4 classes, we will most likely begin to divide the craft         time you call. They are seriously understaffed and notorious for not
   rosters in our resume books into 2 sections, listing those who are safety          returning calls. Be persistent. Get the answers that you need.
   certified first. If you have not yet taken this class, please call the office to
   sign up for one of these sessions, immediately. This class is free to all
   members who joined our local before February of 2004. New members                  Resumes
   will be charged $50 to attend the class.                                                 When the resume books were revamped before their most recent
                                                                                      printings, I was pleased to find that many of you, particularly our newer
                                                                                      members, are getting the hang of this updating thing. It’s encouraging to
   LA Safety Passport Training and Our Dual-Carded Members                            see “Mojave” and “Around the Bend” actually listed with member’s credits
        After months of trying to secure reciprocity between our safety train-        just weeks after these productions have disappeared into the sunset.
   ing program and the program required of LA union members administered                    Having 60 –70% of our members represented by current, legible
   through Contract Services, it appears that we have run up against a brick          resumes is certainly a step in the right direction. But for the rest of you,
   wall. There was a brief possibility that, at the very least, Contract Services     come on… I know you worked on projects after “Earth 2”. Remember,
   would send one or more of their instructors to New Mexico to certify our           your resume not only promotes you, it also promotes the Local. If you
   members who also hold cards in California. But, now it seems that idea             don’t even know what you have in the books, please come in and check.
   has also been squelched. We even tried an end run by appealing to one of           Or call us and we’ll be happy to send you a copy.
   the individual locals to accept our safety certification as equivalent train-
   ing for our common members. But they simply referred the matter back
   to Contract Services.                                                              Notice of Balloting on By-laws Revision
        The bottom line is that the unions in California and their administrative          At our February meeting, an addition to the by-laws of our constitu-
   arm under Contract Services don't want outsiders to be safety certified.           tion was presented. The proposed section defines the procedure for con-
   To some extent, that includes their own members who happen to be resi-             ducting a secret election by mail. Changes to the by-laws, rather than to
   dents of New Mexico. They built their safety program to be their hiring            the body of the constitution, do not require three readings before they can
   edge and they are not about to help us take away their calculated advantage.       be voted on. The addition will be read and voted on by the members in
        So, for those of us that hold California cards and have not yet gone          attendance at the March meeting.                                         q

                                                    Things You'd Love To Say Out Loud At Work
     March 2004
                                          I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce.                             .         . 3
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   BA                                                                        Definitely No Free Lunch!

                                          had lunch today, and it cost state are viable and certifiable.
                                          Owen Lopez from the Mc-           We need to establish benchmarks, curriculums and
                                                                       qualifications for both students and instructors.
                                          Cune Foundation $20,000.          However, this is a monumental task, and it is not fair for the
                                          For those of you not familiar               state and the educational institutes that plan to offer classes to expect
                                     with the organization, they are the              us to bear the entire burden of putting their programs together.
                                     premiere New Mexican funder for                       The McCune Foundation realizes the long-term benefits of well-
                                     quality of life projects here.                   trained technicians and has generously funded our program to a point
                                          Believe it or not, having better            where we should at least be able to begin to address the situation.
   Jon Hendry                        film technicians is important to the                  On the Legislative front, we won two and lost two.
                                     quality of life of all New Mexicans. I                The expansion of the rebates to post production and the
   Business Agent                    think that’s an important lesson for             expansion of the job-training program ran out of time (along with
                                     us, as we grapple with a very                    a whole host of other legislation, including my ATV legislation,
                                     temporary lull in production.                    some water bills and other initiatives).
                    What we do here is not only make movies, but raise                     You take your chance in a 30-day session that that’s going to
        the living standards of our members. And we raise the general                 happen.
   expectation of wage rates for the state.                                                However, we won two.
        We do not work in a low paying industry, and if New Mexico                         The governor has committed $10 million for a film institute
   is to continue to rise out of last place in so many economic                       to be located somewhere in the state (more to follow on location)
   indicators, we have an important role to play in this endeavor.                    and $500,000 for a facility in Taos.
        What does that mean to those of us who are currently on                            All in all, a session where there was a $10,500,000 injection
   unemployment?                                                                      of capital into film cannot be considered to be a loss, in any sense
        There is a perception out there that we simply don’t have                     of the word.
   enough crews to do two or more movies. We know that’s wrong,                            One last thing, we have got to get everybody through the safety
   but for some reason this has grown from myth to legend. And                        training program. And if you’re not working now you have no excuse.
   when we have two movies as we briefly did with the two                                  I’ve had conversations with a West Coast rep, and a number
   “Winter” projects, we scare away other pictures.                                   of discussions with Contract Services.
        The irony is that neither of these two projects has                                They both made no attempt to hide the fact that their training
   materialized, and we are all unemployed.                                           program, while worthy in itself, will also expand the
        What’s the solution?                                                          opportunities for their members to work in areas that do not have
        Number one, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.                   an established safety program, and preclude the hiring of those
        I heard a number of people tell me that “Winter Angels” was a                 that have not been safety trained.
   “definite,” and even that they were hired, but frankly I was a little skeptical.        We’re giving you a year and we’re picking up the costs. But,
        However, “Winter Roses” walked like a duck and quacked                        eventually, there will have to be a differentiation on the roster of
   like a duck. Although it had 48 hires, it turned out to be a cooked                those that have been through the program and those that haven’t.
   goose. (I’m talking to you as the location manager on “Dragon                           When you don’t get hired because you’re not safety trained, I will
   Riders of Pern”. That project folded 24 hours before the first day                 refer you to these numerous newsletter articles, urging you to do so.
   of shooting. So, I’ve had my own experience with this.)                                 Come on people, this is not hard, it isn’t too unpleasant, and
        The second lesson is, we have to deal with the perception that                it gives us a great tool to sell ourselves as a state with safe and
   there is not enough crew members in the state. And that’s where                    well trained technicians.
   Owen Lopez and my $20,000 lunch come in.                                                Your Local is going to help in spreading the word at
        We, as a Local, have to step up to the plate to make sure that                Locations Expo and the South by Southwest Film Expo.
   the various training options that people are looking at around the                      Give us another reason for them to come here and shoot. q

                               Michael Manzanares Off the “Availability” List
        On Valentines Day, February 14, member Michael Jon Manzanares married his girlfriend Sarah at a ceremony at Ghost Ranch
   in Abiquiu. Sarah has 3 children from a previous time in her life. Christopher is 10, Darren, 8, Savannah, 5, and Michael… is going
   to be very busy. Congratulations from all of us at Local 480 to Michael and Sarah on their new family venture.

   4 .               .                                        Non-Biblical Proverbs
                                            Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.                                    March 2004

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       And, Now…
       A Few Words About
                                                                                                    The Waiting Game
                                                  ot so very long ago, there was     tandem. There’s no sense in swelling our ranks to 1000 members

                                      N           the disturbing possibility that
                                                  we would have 8 shows trying
                                                  to shoot here in March.
                                        Obviously, that didn’t happen.
                                                                                     and then having most of us worrying for 4 months out of the year
                                                                                     if we're going to have to re-enter the wonderful world of fast food
                                                                                          It's unfortunate for all of us that "Winter Roses" and "Winter
                                             To some extent, we were shot            Angels" both ran aground. But the good news is that it's looking
                                        in the foot by our current high profile in   like their fate was more of a fluke than a trend.
    Laurie L. Hudson the business.           The industry perception is that
                                                                                          Before you fill out that application at Lotta Burger, you
                                                                                     should know that both the Film Office and our office have been
    Secretary-Treasurer                 we only have enough technicians to fill      swamped with inquiries over the last few weeks.
                                        out 2 crews. Once word got around that            We've sent out five sets of resume books to potential projects
                                        “Winter Roses” and “Winter Angels”           and at least four productions are scheduled to go before the NM
   were about to shoot here, all the other shows that were considering an            Investment Council within the next week.
   early spring start date backed off.                                                    We could very well end up with the same logjam of shoot
        This is a difficult situation, a point at which perception and practical-    dates in May that we once predicted for March.
   ity butt heads.                                                                        And, just to complicate things further "Winter Roses" might
        We have 300 members out of work right now. And yet, ironically, if           yet rise from the ashes.
   we had more members, a third production might have decided to                          Still, until someone opens an office or signs a contract, it's
   shoot here and at least a few of us would be working.                             probably wise to keep our optimism a little in check.
        But when the work dries up, it’s hard to cling to the belief                      Let's face it; it's the nature of the business.
   that “If you build it (the roster), they will come”.                                   Even those of us who've worked in the production meccas of
        The delicate balance between available crew and available                    New York or LA know that you can never count on this being a
   jobs is probably not something that we are going to achieve at any                steady gig.
   time in the immediate future.                                                          For right now, just tighten your belts and hang on.
        The regeneration of the New Mexico film industry has only                         We may not snag all of the productions that are considering
   been going on for a little over 18 months. It will take some time                 New Mexico, but there are more than a few that are looking very
   before this evens out into anything like a steady flow of work.                   positive. It's pretty safe to say that a number of you will be
        It’s also going to take time to figure out if there is a cap on              working soon.
   the amount of production and crew base that this state can handle.                     I'm sorry that we can't give you anything more concrete than
   Maybe there is no upper limit, but more than likely, as the unions                that, but I can give you one hint. In the upcoming months many
   in Wilmington and Vancouver discovered, there is.                                 of you may be spending more time in the southern part of the
        Crews and the number of productions have to increase in                      state than you ever expected. Stay tuned.            q

    A Whole Lotta Swearin’, Goin’ On… In Both Scenes

        2/15 meeting swearing in at Serious Grippage                                        2/29 Lift & Fall Training at Acme Environmental
      l-r: El Presidente, Carl Goodwin, Bobbi Valentine-Heller,                               l-r: Joanna Kennedy, Mike Daigle, Dante Cardone,
               James Foley, Brian DeNike, Michael Becker.                                                  Rob Mueller, Jeff Stampfer.
                                                                                          [Reportedly, the condor for the class had all the lightning-quick response
                                                                                              and silky smooth handling reminiscent of a RussianT-38 tank,
                                              [Photos courtesy Bob House.]                             quietly oxidizing in the Caucasus Mountains.]

                                                                   Things To Ponder
      March 2004
                                                         How important does a person have to be
                                            before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?                                   .          . 5
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                                                                                                                                                 March 2004
                                                                  Bulletin Board
                                                                                        Local Boy Wows 'Em in La-La Land
                                                                                    Bill Tondreau, owner of Kuper Controls in Albuquerque, was
                                                                               presented with a technical Oscar February 14 for his advances in robotic
                                                                               camera motion control.
                                                                                    Richard Edlund, chairman of the Academy's Science Technology
                                                                               Awards Committee, said Tondreau's refinements made his know-how
                                                                               hard to beat.
                                                                                    "Ninety-five percent of the industry is using his software," Edlund said.
                                                                                    "The reaction to this thing is just amazing -- they just go gaga."
                                                                               said Tondreau.
                                                                                    One surprise is the quick availability of composited playbacks --
                                                                               "right away, within 10 or 15 minutes," said Harold Ramis, director of
                                                                               1996's 'Multiplicity'.
                                                                                    Since moving to Albuquerque in 1988, each refinement has become
                                                                               part of a cumulative effect.
                                                                                    "It became, over the years, an unbelievably fantastic system...
                                                                               pretty much the ubiquitous system," Edlund said.
                                                                                    The first Oscar honors of the year lack the glitz and glamour of the
                                                                               acting awards that were presented Feb. 29. So do the winners.
                                                                                    "The sci-tech guys have a lot of nerd heritage," Tondreau said.
                                                                               "A lot of us have worn a suit maybe four or five times in our whole lives."
                                                                                    Before the ceremony, Tondreau said he wouldn't forget the little
                                                                               people. "I am the little people," he said.                         [AP composite]
                                                                  [AP Photo]

                                                    The next round of safety classes:
     March 14, Santa Fe Digital Post / May 2, Alb. Workforce Training Center / June 6, SFDP / July 18, AWTC
              All classes are on Sundays, 11:30am to 6:00pm, with a half-hour break for the lunch you brought with you, capice?

                                                  As I've Matured...
                              I've learned that one good turn gets most of the blankets.

      Meeting Notice
     Our next General Membership Meeting will be held on
      Sunday, March 21, 2004 at 11AM
        Monarch Broadcast Services
              1324 1st Street
            Albuquerque, NM
         The membership committee will meet at 10AM
        The E-Board will meet after the general membership
    The ballots from the interim election for Vice President of
        Grip, Light, Sound will be tallied at this meeting.
        Get your ballot to Skip Whitson before this date.
    Remember, your vote cannot be counted unless you are in
                          good standing.

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