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Chhattisgarh.............................      5
                                                           Even the wise call him a sage, whose undertakings are all free from
  Assembly election report                                 desire and thoughts of the world, and whose actions are burnt up by
BJP emphatically returns........... 6                      the fire of wisdom.
         Special Reports                                                                       Bhagavadgita, Ch. 4, Text 19
   Mumbai terrorist attack
UPA falters and flaunders....... 12
Audacious challenge to nation.14
Rajnath condemns.................... 15                      Mandate Re-affirmed :
                                                            Consolidate with Caution
Advani demands CMs conference. 16
          Special Articles
For an eye, both eyes
    By Arun Shourie............. 20

                                                                     fter Gujarat, Bharatiya        Except for small States like Mizoram
No Time to Waste                                                     Janata Party has once          and Delhi, it has received a drubbing
    By Prakash Singh............ 26                                  again established the fact     at the hands of the electorate in
            State Reports                                  that it not only knows how to            bigger States like Madhya Pradesh
Himachal.................................. 27              govern a State the best, but also        and Chhattisgarh. In Rajasthan, the
                                                           how to regain people's mandate           people have not given Congress a
Orissa....................................... 29
                                                           being in government withstanding         clear mandate. It will have to sew
Kerala......................................  29           any kind of incumbency. The results      the fractured mandate to form a
Karnataka................................     29           of assembly elections in Madhya          government. And, as BJP National
Cover photo : Swearing-in                                  Pradesh and Chhattisgarh stand           General Secretary Shri Arun Jaitley
ceremony in MP and Chhattisgarh                            testimony to this reality. The Party     told the media, its success in
                                                           would have repeated its government       Rajasthan is more because of some
                Editor                                     in Rajasthan too, but because of         factors within the BJP in the State
     Prabhat Jha, MP (Rajya Sabha)                         some lack of understanding and           than because of Congress's own
                                                           coordination        between       the    merit.
              Editorial Team                               government and the party                       It is also a time for review and
           Amba Charan Vashishth
                                                           organisation, it lost the chance by a    introspection for BJP. It must ponder
             Amarendra Tiwari
                                                           whisker. As far as Delhi is              over the factors that led to the Party
             Design & Layout
            Dharmendra Kaushal                             concerned, BJP National President        gain power once again in MP and
                                                           Shri Rajnath Singh has himself           Chhattisgarh and those that led to
                                                           minced no words in admitting that        its failure in Rajasthan and why was
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           Fax: +91(11) 23387887                           the results are shocking. Political      it not able to oust Congress from
     For Subscription : +91(11) 23073858                   analysts, including those in BJP, will   power in Delhi. Why could the party
                 e-mail address
                                                           certainly go deep into the causes        succeed in expanding its base and                              that caused this upset.                  ideology by remaining in power in
                                                                The recent assembly election        the two States, why did it fail in the
Annual Rs. 100/- || 3 years Rs. 250/-                      results leave hardly anything for the    other although the BJP government
  Publisher and Printer : Printed by Dr Nandkishore Garg
                                                           Congress to rejoice or feel proud of.    there had not performed badly?
    for Dr. Mookerjee Smruti Nyas, at Excelprints, C-36,
 F.F. Complex, Jhandewalan, New Delhi-55 and Published     A politician looks forward only to the next election.
   by Dr. Mookerjee Smruti Nyas, PP-66, Subramanya
      Bharati Marg, New Delhi-03. Editor : Prabhat Jha.
                                                           A statesman looks forward to the next generation.
                                                                                               -Thomas Jefferson
December 16-31,              2008           3
When we fail to merge our ideology        their leaders to be gentle, humble       important than that is the person who
with the stream of thought of the         and cordial. They wish to see their      is fielded in the election. If political
people, problems do arise. We need        representatives and leaders mingle       parties do not care to ensure honesty
always to keep our finger on the          with them as affectionately and          and probity in public life, the people
pulse of the people. While exercising     intimately as they did in the past.      themselves will come forward to
political vigilance and discharging       They are always on the look out for      ensure that these ideals are achieved
our social responsibilities, we must      honest leaders. When people find         through the power of ballot.
prepare for the next year's Lok Sabha     that the person they elected has               BJP has to understand that
elections right now. There is no time     failed to come up to their               people's political acumen has
left in between.                          expectations, has now changed and        increased dramatically during all
      Congress knows that tomorrow        is not the one they found him earlier,   these years. People do not wish to
is not its and it is going to be a very   they lose no time to disown him if       see BJP in the mould of other
difficult time for it. BJP has to         not immediately, at least at the time    political parties; they want to see it
persevere hard and leave nothing          of next election.                        quite different from others.
to chance to ensure that the                   In the days to come, politics       Therefore, the rank and file of the
tomorrow belongs to it alone. We          will not remain a child's play. Those    Party has to take care to see that its
have to work very hard to win the         who wish to contest an election will     image in the people's mind does not
people's confidence and support in        have to be on their toes to be with      get blurred in any manner. People
the months to come.                       the people, always willing and eager     with commitment and sense of
      The positive aspect of the style    to serve them, understand their          morality have to be given
of working and functioning of both        people and ever ready to solve their     weightage. BJP has its own distinct
the Chief Ministers of Madhya             problems and ensure development          ideology, programmes and policies
Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Shri            of the area.                             and these have to be maintained at
Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Dr.                  The State assemblies in five        all costs. People's love is the only
Raman Singh, has been that while in       States, where elections were held        wealth the party has so far earned
power they were never got cut off         recently, formed 73 Lok Sabha            and it has to be preserved at all
from the organisation. Power never        constituencies, out of which 59 are      costs. For us, BJP is not a political
overwhelmed their personality and         presently with the BJP. A review of      party, but a family. This sense of
behaviour. For them power was the         the election results shows that BJP      the family has to be maintained.
means to serve the people and to          is still ahead of others in 52 Lok       Mutual faith, confidence and love
achieve this objective they remained      Sabha seats.                             are the very strength of a family, an
available to the common people in              In spite of all this, BJP has to    institution. If we have to devote
the normal course. Power did not          gird up its loins for the Lok Sabha      ourselves to the service of Bharat
create a disconnect between them          elections right now. Publicity and       Mata, we have to work with a sense
and the common man. While                 propaganda plays an important role       of unity of thought and action, as
extending full respect and honour         in elections these days. But more        we did in the past.
to the elder leaders, these young                                   ~~~~~~☯☯☯ ~~~~~~
Chief Ministers always took care to
promote and project younger people          Readers to
with zeal, determination and
commitment. As chief ministers both
                                            please note
                                              They can visit
of them remained humble and
                                          the popular website
modest in their dealings with all -
                                          of our great leader
the workers, the leaders and the          and NDA’s Prime
general public.                           Ministerial candidate
      The people of India are now an      at
enlightened lot. They wish to see
December 16-31,      2008      4
Swearing-in ceremony : MP and Chhattisgarh
Shivraj Singh Chouhan Sworn-in                               Raman Singh starts second
  as MP CM for Second Time                                    term as Chhattisgarh CM
        hri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who led BJP

        back to power in Madhya Pradesh, the heart               he leader of the masses Dr. Raman Singh, who steered
        of India, staving off speculations about anti-           BJP to a second consecutive term in power with his
incumbency factors and banking on the politics of                clean image and people friendly governance in
development, was sworn in as the Chief Minister          Chhattisgarh was administered the oath of office and secrecy
for the second successive term in a grand function       by Chhattisgarh Governor Shri E S L Narasimhan at a simple
at the Jamboori maidan in                                                      function at the Police Parade Ground in
Bhopal on December 12. In                                                      Raipur on December 12, in the midst of
the massive gathering lakhs                                                    thousands of supporters armed with flags
of BJP Karyakartas and                                                         and banners shouting slogans hailing him
masses from different parts                                                    and the party. This is the second
of the State witnessed the                                                     consecutive term for the BJP in power
function.                                                                      since Chhattisgarh State was formed
     In an atmosphere                                                          nearly eight years ago.
charged with celebrations,                                                         The function saw presence of the
Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan,                                                    top BJP leadership, including the Leader
was administered the oath                                                      of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and Prime
of office and secrecy by                                                       Ministerial candidate Shri L K Advani,
Governor Shri Balram                                                           BJP National President Shri Rajnath
Jakhar, marking a high-point                                                   Singh, former BJP National President Shri
in the three-decade-old dedicated political activism                           M Venkaiah Naidu the Leader of
of the mass leader, who had taken over the reins         Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Shri Jaswant Singh and BJP
of the State only around three years back. Shri          National Spokesperson and in charge of Chhattisgarh Shri
Chouhan who is known for his humbleness and              Ravi Shankar Prasad.
simplicity proceeded to take oath after taking the             Among other dignitaries, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Shri
blessings of top party leaders including the Leader      B C Khanduri, Punjab Chief Minister Shri Prakash Singh Badal,
of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Shri L K Advani,          Bihar Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar, Madhya Pradesh Chief
BJP National President Shri Rajnath Singh, former        Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BJP National Vice President
BJP National President and election In-Charge,           Smt Karuna Shukla, BJP National General Secretary Shri Ananth
Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, Dr Murali Manohar Joshi           Kumar, BJP National Secretary and Chhattisgarh Prabhari Shri
and the Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha          Dharmendra Pradhan, BJP National Spokesperson Shri Prakash
Shri Jaswant Singh.                                      Javadekar, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Shri Sushil Modi,
     Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the only             Chhattisgarh BJP State President Shri Vishnu Deo Sai, Shri
person to take oath and he is expected to expand         Nandkumar Sai, National Secretary Smt Smriti Irani, Smt Hema
his ministry later. As per the convention                Malini, Shri Chandan Mitra, Shri Kalraj Mishra, Shri Navjot
established on December 10 Shri Shivraj Singh            Singh Sidhu, National headquarters In-Charge Shri Sham Jaju
Chouhan was elected as the BJP Legislature Party         and Congress leader Shri Ajit Jogi attended the ceremony.
leader. A day before the swearing in ceremony the              A day before the swearing in ceremony, Dr Raman Singh
Hon'ble Governor of Madhya Pradesh also sent a           was elected as the BJP Legislature Party leader on December
formal invitation to the leader of the majority party    11 and later a BJP delegation led by him met the Governor to
Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan to form the government        form the government. On the same day the Raj Bhawan also
in the State.                                            sent a formal invitation to Dr Singh to form the government.
     The Chief Ministers of NDA ruled States viz.        It is worth mentioning that the BJP took over the reins of the
Chhattisgarh CM Shri Raman Singh, Uttarakhand            State after Congress was defeated in 2003 assembly polls. Dr
CM Shri B C Khanduri, Bihar CM Shri Nitish Kumar         Raman Singh became the Chief Minister of the tribal dominated
and Punjab CM Shri Parkash Singh Badal were              State for the first time on December 7, 2003, after resigning
also present on the occasion.                            as Union Minister of State for Commerce in the Atal Bihari
                            ...Continued on page 8       Vajpayee led NDA government. (FOC)
December 16-31,     2008       5
Assembly election report

      BJP emphatically returns to power in
        Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh
                                           From Our Correspondent

    n the recently held elections to the five State        credible alternative. The infighting in Congress was
    assemblies BJP registered emphatic victory in two      another major hurdle in the path of the Congress, which
    states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The         could not project a Chief Ministerial candidate till the
victory is remarkable given the fact that defying all      last.
speculations about anti-incumbency factor BJP returned           The people of Madhya Pradesh have also taught
to power both in MP and Chhattisgarh with handsome         a lesson to Sushri Uma Bharati who thought that the
margins. Only last year it had done it in Gujarat.         State was her personal pocket borough and it was not
MADHYA PRADESH                                             her party BJP, to which she belonged and owed
     In Madhya Pradesh, incumbent Chief Minister Shri everything in politics. In arrogance she thought without
Shivraj Singh Chouhan staged a prestigious comeback her the party could not sustain even for a moment.
to power by winning 144 seats                                 They gave her a humiliating defeat in her own home
     The credit for this remarkable re-win                           constituency of Tikamgarh. Known for her
goes to Shri Chouhan who worked day                                        eccentric histrionics, unpredictable
in and day out to usher in all-round                                           nature and arrogance, she was
development in the State - a                                                       humbled on her turf. The
                                               TOTAL SEATS 230                     electoral drubbing she received
phenomenon not heard of earlier.
He brought the State out of                         BJP    144                     at the hands of hands of the
the ignominy of BIMARU                              INC     70                     people is in effect a political
states to make it a vibrant one,                    BSP     06                   obituary for her.
which had achieved many                             Others 10                      Sushri Uma Bharati had first
firsts. He had worked for each                                              declared that she will not fight the
and every section of the people                                          assembly election. But, as per her nature,
irrespective of caste, creed and sex. No                      she made a U-turn and filed her nomination papers.
section remained out of the reach of welfare schemes She had boasted that she will not allow the BJP to
initiated by the Chouhan government. The State under return to power again. She even went to the extent of
his stewardship had become a great attraction for declaring that "she will retire from active politics and go
entrepreneurs from all over the country to invest and to Kedarnath if the BJP comes to power". It remains to
set up their units there.                                  be seen whether the 'saintly' politician will live up to her
     The electorates have given a fitting rebuff to those words or find an excuse to eat her own words.
who had started writing off BJP in Madhya Pradesh and            Sushri Uma Bharati's Janashakti Party did win five
were busy writing an obituary for the party in the State. seats. Samajwadi Party's score went down to just one
     The Congress trio of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, her heir from its 2003 score of 8 (one added in a bye-election).
apparent Shri Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Despite best efforts to harness her UP 'social
Manmohan Singh failed to impress the Madhya Pradesh engineering' Sushri Mayawati could just increase her
electorate. They returned with an empty hand for their tally to seven seats against 3 in 2003.
party.The Congress stalwarts, like HRD Minister Shri             Former BJP President and election in charge in the
Arjun Singh, former CM Shri Digvijay Singh, Union State, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, lent his experience,
Ministers Shri Kamal Nath, Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia, expertise and acumen in guiding the party. National
State Congress President Shri Suresh Pachauri also General Secretary in charge of Madhya Pradesh Shri
failed to score on their own home turf. The Congress Ananth Kumar was also instrumental in promoting this
was deprived of any election issue in the face of all victory.
round intensive work done by BJP government for the              BJP National Secretary, Shri Prabhat Jha MP, who
welfare of the people. In the absence of any issue had been specially assigned the job to gear up the party
Congress could not approach the voters with any organisation to face the Congress challenge, left no
December 16-31,     2008      6
stone unturned to earn this victory.                                    the confidence of the electorate.
     The credit for this remarkable win also                                 The people's verdict has once again
goes to the unity and sense of purpose                                  shown that there is now no place for the
displayed by the workers and the                                        kind of politics that is indulged by persons
leaders, led by State BJP President                                     like Shri Ajit Jogi and his family in
Shri Narinder Singh Tomar.                                              Chhattisgarh. This is the second successive
CHHATTISGARH                             TOTAL SEATS       90          defeat for him and he has now lost all
     In Chhattisgarh BJP romped                                       relevance in the State's politics.
                                             BJP     50
home repeating its electoral                                              The results also mark the elimination of
                                             INC     38
performance          with     the                                   political clout of the Congress stalwarts like
                                             BSP      2
overwhelming support of the                                        former Governor Shri Moti Lal Vora, Shuklas and
people. BJP has won 50 seats                                     the likes. Shri Vora's son, Shri Arun Vora, had met
with a vote percentage of 40.46.                                his third successive defeat in Durg constituency.
     It was Chief Minister Dr.                                      State election In-Charge Shri Ravi Shankar
Raman Singh's hard work,                                      Prasad, State BJP In-Charge Shri Dharmendra Pradhan
devotion, love and zeal for                                  State BJP President Shri Nand Kumar Sai, BJP National
development of this backward                                Secretary Shri Prabhat Jha MP and National Joint
State from the moment he                                   Organising Secretary, Shri Saudan Singh played a vital
became the chief minister that                             role in mobilising the workers for         making this
has done the trick for BJP. He brought laurels to the      victory possible.
State in various spheres of development and was            RAJASTHAN
declared the Chief Minister No. 1 by India Today and           A l t h o u g h
other institutions.                                        Rajasthan has
     The people of Chhattisgarh have voted for progress,   come as a           TOTAL SEATS 200
honesty and probity in public life, and sincerity of       disappointment
                                                                                   INC    96
purpose. They have once again rejected the politics of     for BJP, yet it
                                                                                   BJP    78
former CM Shri Ajit Jogi who wanted to overawe the         can draw solace
                                                                                   BSP     6
people with his arrogance, muscle and money power.         from the fact that
                                                                                   Others 20
The Chhattisgarh election results have once again          despite so many
proved that it is with the love of the people and the      odds and, as
Party and Government's performance that one can win        the party put it,    ...Continued on page 30

                          BJP thanks voters
 Press statement issued by BJP General Secretary Shri Arun Jaitley
            after a meeting of the Parliamentary Board:
      The Result of the Elections of the State Assemblies were discussed in the meeting of the BJP Parliamentary
 Board. The party thanks the people of the States which went for the poll for supporting the party.
      The Party has done exceptionally well in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Our Governments had
 performed well in the two states. The Parliamentary Board congratulates Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Dr.
 Raman Singh and the party leaders and workers for providing leadership to the Government and party for
 getting an endorsement of their performance from the people.
      The BJP Government under Smt. Vasundhara Raje had performed extremely well in Rajasthan. The State
 progressed under the BJP Government. The party could have done better in Rajasthan had we been able to
 put our house in order and avoid large number of rebels.
      The results in Delhi are much below the expectations of the party.
      The party President will set up a Group to analyze the results of the Elections and recommend suggestions
 for further strengthening the party.

December 16-31,    2008     7
BJP President in J&K

      BJP will end decades of discrimination
             against Jammu : Rajnath
                                           From Our Correspondent

         ddressing three big election                                             world powers into confidence before
         rallies in three different                                               moving against Pakistan. "It is time
         constituencies in Basholi,                                               for some action," Shri Singh said.
Kathua and Ghagwal in Kathua                                                           He cited BJP's stand during the
district of Jammu & Kashmir on                                                    Kargil War when the NDA gave
December 11, BJP National                                                         resounding answer to Pakistan's
President Shri Rajnath Singh                                                      audacity and compelled it to flee.
promised Delimitation of Assembly                                                 Dressing down the government, he
constituencies to end decades of                                                  charged it for lacking in requisite
discrimination with Jammu region, if                                              courage and political will to combat
voted to power.                                                                   terrorism in the country.
     In his speeches, Shri Singh                                                       Drawing comparison with
raised question marks over                                                        Japan, he said, "If a small country
continuation of Article 370 in Jammu                                              like Japan can emerge as a
& Kashmir. The Article grants                                                     superpower then why can't we in
special status to the State. He said                                              India do so despite having a large
the special status to J&K has                                                     population. The Congress, which
compounded miseries of the people                                                 ruled for the maximum number of
of the State and it should go. "The      passing through the after effects of     years, is responsible for pushing the
State is still very poor and             the Mumbai terror attacks, he            country in backwardness with its
underdeveloped in comparison to          categorically remarked that if           wrong policies."
other states in India". What purpose     needed, the country should not                Shri Singh also praised the
Article 370 has served? He said the      hesitate in mounting a military attack   people of Jammu for fighting against
people of Jammu are victims of           on Pakistan as the entire                injustice during the Amarnath land
discrimination. He said the BJP          international community was              agitation and paid rich tributes to
would do justice with Jammu and          standing by India in this hour of        martyrs who sacrificed their lives
fight for the rights of the people of    urgency. He further said the UPA         during the agitation and urged voters
Jammu if voted to power. "BJP aap        Government in the Centre must take       to give a decisive mandate.
ke saath nyay karegi, insaaf                                        ~~~~~~☯☯☯~~~~~~
karegi," Shri Singh said amid
thunderous applause.                     ...continued from page 5
     Lashing out at political parties
                                                Among the other dignitaries, BJP National General Secretary
spearheading separatist agenda in
                                           (Organisation) Shri Ram Lal, BJP National Vice President Smt Karuna
Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Rajnath
                                           Shukla, BJP National General Secretary and BJP Sate In-Charge Shri
Singh said, on one hand it is
                                           Ananth Kumar, BJP National Secretary Shri Prabhat Jha, BJP National
Pakistan and on the other hand
                                           Spokesperson Shri Prakash Javadekar, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister
several political parties in the State
                                           Shri Sushil Modi, MP BJP State President Shri Narendra Singh Tomar,
are working against integrity of the
                                           National Secretary Smt Smriti Irani, Smt Hema Malini, Shri Chandan
nation. "These parties are
                                           Mitra, Shri Kalraj Mishra, Shri Navjot Singh Sidhu, National
demanding autonomous status and
                                           headquarters In-Charge Shri Sham Jaju and Shri Anil Dave attended
misleading people of the State by
                                           the ceremony. Eminent music director Shri Ravindra Jain sang Bhajans
raising hollow slogans."
                                           before the swearing in ceremony and an all-religion prayer meeting
     Coming back to the current
                                           was also held.    (FOC)
scenario, where the country was
December 16-31,     2008       8
 Looking ahead : My vision for india
           Speech by Shri L.K. Advani, Leader of the Opposition (Lok Sabha)
                    at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in
                          New Delhi on November 21, 2008.

    t gives me great pleasure to          international economy that we see        the economy. It is most evident in
    participate in the Hindustan          now. Not since World War II, has         the functioning of the financial
    Times Leadership Summit. I            the prospect of a simultaneous           sector. Banks are not lending —
thank Smt. Shobhna Bhartiya for           economic recession affecting both        neither to businesses, nor even to
inviting me to be a speaker at this       developed and developing nations         one another.
event, which, over the years, has         been so certain.                              All sectors of the economy —
evolved as a prestigious forum for             Production cuts, job losses,        manufacturing, real estate,
discussing major national and             credit squeeze, sharp falls in           automobiles, steel, construction
international issues.                     commodity prices, closure of             sector, civil aviation, hospitality,
     I have been asked to share my        businesses, deep reduction in GDP        tourism — are in deep trouble. The
vision for India. I must confess that     forecasts with some of the advanced      scenario is bleak for exports because
I am a little wary of talking about the   nations experiencing near-zero           there is a fall in demand everywhere.
so-called ‘Vision Thing’ at                                                                   The worst hit are the small
a time like the one we are                                                                    and medium enterprises
now passing through,                                                                          (SMEs). If this crisis of
which          is       truly                                                                 confidence continues, it
extraordinary in the                                                                          could erode most of
history of India and the                                                                      India’s economic gains of
world. Vision refers to the                                                                   the last decade.
future, which some people                                                                           The effect of this crisis
can present in beautiful,                                                                     is felt most scarily in the
lyrical       phraseology.                                                                    area of employment and
However, it is the present                                                                    livelihood. Incomes have
that demands our most                                                                         plummeted. Lakhs of
immediate attention. It is                                                                    people have already lost
good to look at the stars, but one        growth. All this is extraordinary.       jobs. Many more face the spectre of
must first know where one is              Some have wondered if this is the        job loss. The axe of retrenchment
standing. If the ground is full of        beginning of a recessionary              falls mostly on unorganized labour.
thorns, or if there is an approaching     tsunami.                                 Who constitute this category of
calamity, one must first worry about      My interaction with business             unorganized labour — The poor and
how to move from an unsafe to a           leaders                                  the most vulnerable, who have no
safe position.                                 The situation in India is no less   social safety net.
     We must no doubt look ahead.         grim. Yesterday I had convened an        UPA          govt’s       shocking
But right now it is necessary to look     interactive meeting with eminent         mishandling of the crisis
at where our country and the world        representatives of Indian business.           Friends, I must say that I am
stand.                                    I must admit that the picture of the     most concerned and disappointed
     The past few months have             current crisis in the Indian economy     — indeed, most people in India are
witnessed perhaps one of the most         that they presented was far more         concerned and disappointed — at
tumultuous phases in the                  worrisome than what one reads in         the way the UPA Government has
international financial system since      the print media or watches on the        dealt with the situation. The
the end of the Cold War. Never            electronic media. They were              Government is still in denial mode,
before has the world experienced          unanimous in affirming that there is     when it comes to accepting the
the kind of slump across the              an all-round Crisis of Confidence in     reality of the crisis. Until a few
December 16-31,      2008      9
months ago, those in responsible         addition, there were other              a mess. Even critical infrastructure
positions in the Government were         challenges in the form of the Kargil    projects like the National Highway
passionately advocating greater          War, earthquake in Gujarat and          Development Project have slowed
integration of the Indian economy        super-cyclone in Orissa.                down.
with the West-dominated global                Nevertheless, our Government            The difference between the
economy. The Government’s flawed         took decisive steps in infrastructure   NDA and UPA governments should
policies led to high inflation.          development by increasing public        be obvious from another
Thereafter, by mishandling inflation     spending as well as by promoting        comparative fact. We started with
control with knee-jerk monetary          private investment. The National        5% growth rate in 1998 and left the
measures, it created credit squeeze      Highway Development Project,            economy at 8.5%. In contrast, the
and throttled all sectors of the         represented famously by the Golden      UPA Government started with 8.5%
economy. Therefore, I said in my         Quadrilateral, is the largest           growth rate in 2004 and will leave at
interaction        with     business     infrastructure development project      6% in early 2009.
representatives yesterday that,          in India’s history. Along with the           It is not surprising, therefore,
although the global economic             Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak               that in 2004 Indians exuded
meltdown provides the external           Yojana and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan        confidence and hope about the
context to the Indian crisis, it would   (for universalisation of primary        future. Today there is only doubt,
be an act of escapism to attribute       education), it remains, even today,     uncertainty, pessimism, despair, and
the severe slowdown in the Indian        an abiding example of the NDA           even fear.
economy, solely or even mainly, to       Government’s ambitious and              India cannot afford a weak
the global recession.                    visionary approach to India’s           government with a failed
     I say so for another important      development. We opened up the           leadership
reason. A participant in yesterday’s     power and port sectors for private           The difference can also be seen
interaction put it rather vividly,       investment. Our Government did not      in the political functioning of the
“Every Government should plant           hesitate to take tough political        two coalitions. The NDA
some seeds of long-term economic         decisions, when the telecom sector      Government was cohesive, with
growth, irrespective of which future     seemed like it was stuck in a           Prime Minister Vajpayee as the
Government reaps the harvest.” The       quagmire of litigation and going        supreme authority. In contrast, the
NDA government, led by Shri Atal         nowhere. At the stroke of a single      UPA is not a coalition but a mere
Bihari Vajpayee, had planted many        bold policy decision, our               collection of independent fiefdoms
healthy seeds during its six-year        Government transformed the              of ministers doing whatever they
stint in office. The country has         landscape of the telecom sector in      want to further their own personal
benefited from the rich harvest they     India, which, among other things,       agendas without any concern for
have produced during the last five       also aided the IT Revolution. India’s   the overall progress of the country
years of the UPA regime. Sadly, the      incredible growth in the telecom        and without any fear of the authority
UPA has planted no seed in the last      sector today, rivaled only by China,    of the Prime Minister, who has
five years for long-term growth. It      was made possible principally by        become a passive observer. The
has left the field barren for the next   that one big policy decision.           Prime Minister has turned a blind
government.                                   Similarly, the tax buoyancy that   eye to the blatant misuse of
From hope and confidence in              the UPA Government has enjoyed          institutions as well as to shocking
2004 to despair and pessimism            throughout its term has been largely    levels of corruption, never seen
in 2009                                  due to the long-term reforms in the     before in independent India.
     To appreciate this point, recall    tax administration and information           Friends, I am equally
the situation in 1998. The NDA           systems implemented during the          disappointed that, at a time when
Government had inherited a weak          NDA regime.                             the country is facing a multi-
economy with less than 5% growth.             In contrast, the UPA               dimensional economic crisis, the
The legacy of this weak economy,         Government is going to leave an         Government has not deemed it
as well the external challenges due      almost empty coffer for the next        necessary       to     have      any
to sanctions imposed on India after      Government, which will be elected       consultations with the Opposition.
Pokharan II, represented a big           after the elections to the 15th Lok     Mature democracies all over the
challenge to our Government. In          Sabha. Government finances are in       world have adopted a bipartisan
December 16-31,     2008       10
approach in times like these. Wider      the self-image of a proud and ancient    exorbitant lifestyles — and rather
consultations among political            nation and one that serves the socio-    than being worried about the de-
parties have also helped those           economic aspirations of the majority     industrialization of the West, it is
governments in crystallizing their       of Indians.                              incumbent for the emerging
resolve for concerted action.                 The western monopoly over           economies such as India to begin
Unfortunately, the UPA government        global economic processes, one that      massively re-industrializing at home.
has not followed this approach.          has lasted for over two centuries              And for this to become a reality,
Before going to attend the G-20          and which gave the West a                the rejuvenation of rural India,
meeting in Washington, the Prime         dominant position as the principal       driven       into      penury      and
Minister ought to have consulted         arbiter for the international            indebtedness by the neglect of the
Opposition parties. He did not do        community, has now most certainly        past years — the kind of debt-
so. Moreover, Parliament has             run its course. No statistic             induced distress that has caused
remained adjourned and not debated       demonstrates this more succinctly        thousands of farmers to commit
in either House any of the issues        than the fact that India’s foreign       suicide — ought to be the starting
relating to the economic crisis in       exchange reserves are greater than       point for a new economic
any depth. Funnily, even though          the IMF’s current reserve balance.       philosophy by the next Government.
the monsoon ended quite some time             I urge all my fellow Indians to     It will indeed be the starting point,
back, the monsoon session of             appreciate the gigantic forces of        if the NDA gets the mandate to form
Parliament is, technically, still        history at play. For the first time      the next Government. We know very
continuing!                              since the early 1800s, India along       well that a failure here would involve
     This, my friends, is not how        with China and other non-European        facing the dangerous risk of
India should be governed if we want      nations are on the cusp of achieving     alienating the majority of rural India,
our country to reach heights             a dignified position in the              and destabilization or even complete
commensurate with its potential.         international political economy.         breakdown in the nation building
Moreover, India cannot afford a          When compared to the excesses of         and development process.
weak Government with a failed            the western world, Asian frugality             Let me sum up by saying that
leadership at a time when, in addition   stands in sharp contrast. In fact, it    a future NDA Government’s
to economic insecurity, our country      is precisely this aspect — the surplus   economic and governance strategy
is also facing grave threats to its      of Asian savings — that has              will be radically different from that
internal security.                       sustained the debt-ridden lifestyle      of the incumbent government. We
Crisis presents a unique                 of the average American household.       shall take all those measures that
opportunity for India to take a          China’s $1 trillion plus foreign         are necessary for restoring hope and
big leap forward                         exchange reserves denominated in         confidence among the people within
     India needs a strong leadership     US government bonds exemplify            the first six months. But we shall
and a strong government which has        this fact. The fact that the emerging    also aim at the stars, at taking India
both the capacity to overcome the        world has emerged as the principal       to greater heights in every sphere
current crisis and also a clear vision   creditor for the international           of national accomplishment. Our
to resolutely pursue long-term goals.    economy is one of ironies of the last    strategy will aim at the allocation of
I say so because I believe that the      decade. It is also a manifestation of    resources and wealth generation
current crisis, hurting though it is,    the relative decline of the              that is equitable and balanced, both
presents a unique opportunity for        industrialized economies.                socially and geographically.
India to take a big leap forward. We          The ongoing credit crisis is the          A future NDA Government will
can achieve India’s renaissance in       final culmination of this global         make the deepest and widest ever
the backdrop of the extraordinary        imbalance — America’s quest to live      dent in poverty, unemployment and
changes taking place in the global       beyond its means. Thus, rather than      underdevelopment. It will create the
economic and political order. It falls   calling for a restoration of this        largest ever basket of opportunities
upon the present generation of           unhealthy economic relationship          for young Indians, who are already
leadership and our civil society to      between Asia and the West —              authoring so many exciting success
offer an intellectual and strategic      whereby the latter continues to draw     stories. I believe that all this is
template for the nation to move          upon the savings of Asian                possible to achieve through Good
forward, one that is consistent with     households to finance their                          Continued on page 30
December 16-31,     2008      11
Mumbai terrorist attack
     Terrorists at war with India
                UPA falters and flaunders
                                           From Our Special Correspondent

         n November 26, 2008 the
         nation was shocked when                                                    Human                    The Toll
         both the Union and                                                              Dead: 183
Maharasthra State Governments                                                            Injured: About 300
were caught unaware, virtually                                                      Political
startled out of a slumber. As both                                                   1. Non-performing Home Minister
the governments were in blind hot                                                       Shri Shivraj Patil ultimately had
pursuit of a mirage of a 'Hindu terror',                                                to be shown the door.
obviously for electoral reasons with                                                 2. Maharashtra Deputy Chief
elections to Lok Sabha less than six                                                    Minister, Shri R. R. Patil had to
months away and to Maharashtra                                                          quit under immense public
assembly in the next 12 months, they                                                    outrage.
were found busy striking their                                                       3. After prevaricating for about a
swords vociferously in the dark.                                                        week, Maharashtra Chief
And the enemy 'within and outside',                                                     Minister, Shri Vilasrao
the dragon of terror was planning to                                                    Deshmukh was also made to
perfection its plot against the                                                         resign.
country by striking at its economic
capital, the heart-throb of India's
economic resurgence. It wanted the          time being, to keep off India.           Maharashtra government was so
country to be maimed and                    According to reports, hotel and          much benumbed, ill-equipped and
handicapped economically.                   other reservations at our tourist        ill-prepared to face the threat posed
     To an extent, though for a short       destinations all over the country        by the terrorists that it could gear
duration, they have succeeded in            have been drastically cancelled.         itself into a counter-operation only
hammering a fierce blow to the              Even domestic tourists are feeling       after about eight hours.
flourishing tourism industry. It has        the pinch of the alarm on this score.         The terrorists struck, almost
scared the foreign tourist for the               The UPA and Congress-led            simultaneously, at nine places in

 Political fall out
      After dithering for a few days against the mounting public outrage and political pressure, the Congress
 supremo Smt. Sonia Gandhi had ultimately to show the door to her blue-eyed Home Minister Shri Shivraj Patil
 whose only merit was his loyalty to her as against his utter failure and non-performance throughout his term.
      Shri P. Chidambaram, who earned the distinction of being an equally ineffective and failed Finance Minister,
 was made the new Home Minister, while the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh retained the Finance portfolio
 with him. A person, who has proved a disaster for the nation as Finance Minister, can hardly be expected to
 work wonders in the remaining nearly 200 days of his office.
      In Maharashtra, Shri Ashok Chavan, has been nominated the Chief Minister to replace Shri Vilasrao
 Deshmukh. In place of NCP's R. R. Patil who was made to resign as Deputy Chief Minister holding the home
 portfolio, Shri Chhagan Bhujbal has been brought back as Deputy Chief Minister. It is the same Shri Bhujbal
 who had to resign in the face of the controversy that erupted over his role and involvement in the infamous
 Stamp Paper scam that rocked Maharashtra two-three years back.
      Bereft of all merit and political acumen, all these changes have only been reduced to the fun and frolic of
 musical chairs.
December 16-31,      2008       12
Mumbai terrorist attack
Mumbai including Hotel
Taj, Hotel Oberoi, Nariman              Mumbai attacks a conspiracy to break
House and Chhatrapati
Shivaji Terminus. The
                                          country : Vajpayee
counter-operation lasted               In a statement issued on November 27, former Prime
sixty hours and ended on          Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee has described the terrorist
November 29, leaving              attacks in Mumbai as an act of frustration of anti-national
behind a trail of 183 dead        elements and a conspiracy to break the country. There are
and nearly 300 injured,           no words to condemn this deplorable act in the worst
according to official             possible manner. These terrorist attacks need to be crushed
figures. In the Nariman           with strong hand. We must face this situation in a united manner. My homage to
House, the main target was        those martyrs who lost their lives and wishes for the speedy recovery to those
the Israelis residing there.      injured, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee said.
They butchered all, except
                                  US had twice warned of attacks
the 2-year old Moshe,
whose parents were killed
on November 28, the day                 United States intelligence agencies had warned India "twice" about a potential maritime
he turned two. He was             attack on Mumbai at least a month before audacious terror strikes that has left about 200 people
rescued by his nanny.             dead and scores injured, media reports said.
     In contrast to India's             "US warned the Indian government about a potential maritime attack against Mumbai at
stand, Israel has declared        least a month before last week's massacre in Mumbai," a news channel quoted a US counter
that attack on its citizens       terrorism official as saying.
in Mumbai is an attack on               The American network quoted the official as saying that the warning was issued not once
Israel and they will retaliate    but "twice". A second government source said that specific locations, including the Taj Hotel,
against the terrorist             were listed in the US warning. "US intelligence indicated that a group might enter the country
elements. But although            by water and launch an attack on Mumbai, said the official, who refused to be identified due
this attack, as also the          to the ongoing investigation into the attacks and the sensitivity of the information," the channel
earlier ones, were right on       added. "Indian security forces have confirmed to CNN that not only did US officials warn them
the Indian soil against           of a waterborne attack in Mumbai - they were told twice. The area entered a higher state of
Indians, UPA government           alert for a week, including tightened security measures at hotels, but those efforts were
still doesn't have the            eventually reduced, Indian officials said," the network, which repeatedly broadcast the story
courage to declare war on
                                  maintained. On November 18, Indian intelligence also intercepted a satellite phone call to a
terror to save the country
                                  number in Pakistan known to be used by a leader of the terror group LeT, believed to be
of the unending scourge
                                  responsible for the attack, intelligence officials were quoted as saying. PTI
of terrorism.
     Shri Hemant Karkare,
chief of the Anti-Terrorist
Squad               (ATS),
Maharashtra, senior
police officers Shri Ashok
Kamte and Shri Vijay
Salaskar along with many
other policemen have lost
their lives in the attacks.
NSG Commando Sandeep
Unnikrishnan was also
martyred while NSG
operation against the
terrorists was underway.
     Our ruling elite have
reacted to the latest
...Continued on page 14                                                                                            Courtesy : Asian Age

December 16-31,       2008       13
Mumbai terrorist attack

  Audacious challenge to nation : Advani
                    Statement released by Shri L.K. Advani, Leader of the
                 Opposition (Lok Sabha) at New Delhi on November 27, 2008
             The terrorist attack on Mumbai is an audacious challenge to India's Nation-State.
             While maintaining calm and unity, we must all resolve to break the back of India's enemies.

     am traumatized by the events in                                                the tragedy. I have readily agreed to
    Mumbai since last night. Clearly,                                               his proposal. Accordingly, I
    the terrorists have declared a                                                  deferred my plan to leave for
full-scale war on India and sought                                                  Mumbai immediately.
to sever the country’s economic                                                          I pay homage to all the brave
nerve with their meticulously                                                       policemen and police officers who
planned carnage across the                                                          confronted the terrorists by risking
metropolis. The magnitude of their                                                  their lives. In particular, I feel sad
sinister design and determination is                                                that Hemant Karkare, chief of the
evident from the fact that they are                                                 Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS),
yet to be fully over-powered. They                                                  Maharashtra, senior police officers
are still holding people hostage in                                                 Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar
some leading hotels and private                                                     have lost their lives in yesterday’s
houses more than 12 hours after                                                     operation. Coming in the wake of
starting the onslaught on innocent                                                  the recent martyrdom of police
people in various parts of the city.                                                officer Mohan Chand Sharma in an
     No other city in our country                                                   encounter with terrorists in New
has borne the brunt of terrorism so             In the context of what has          Delhi, these acts of dedicated service
repeatedly and in so deadly a fashion      happened last night in Mumbai,           and sacrifice have earned our
as Mumbai. In earlier terrorist acts       there is no doubt that both the UPA      security forces the gratitude of the
in Mumbai as well as in other places       Government at the Centre and the         nation.
in India, outside Jammu & Kashmir,         Congress-NCP               coalition
the attacks have been mostly in the        Government in Maharashtra have a         Continued from page 13
form of bomb blasts by anonymous           lot to answer for. However, I shall
                                           not comment on this aspect now as         outrage against the nation by
persons. For the first time, last night,                                             terrorists in its usual oft-repeated,
terrorists have also resorted to           today is not the occasion to do so.
                                                                                     stale manner. But the latest
indiscriminate firing at a crowded              Right now, the need of the hour
                                                                                     Mumbai blasts have changed the
railway station, hospital, luxury          is for the people of Mumbai,
                                                                                     very outlook of the people, the
hotels, cinema halls, and residential      Maharashtra and the entire country
                                                                                     media and the intelligentsia.
buildings. Also, for the first time,       to stay united and calm.
                                                                                          There has almost been a
the fidayeen attackers have held           Maintenance of peace, tranquility,        unanimous demand for striking
foreigners as hostages. As many as         communal harmony and patriotic            at terrorism, its roots and its
100 persons have been killed in this       unity must be our highest priority.       perpetrators whoever they may
mayhem.                                         I spoke to the Prime Minister        be within or outside. But it is
     Last night’s terrorist attack         last night to express my concern as       difficult to say that there has
using grenades, other explosives           soon as I heard the news. Today           been any change in the outlook
and AK-47 rifles is in a very              morning he called me to suggest           and way of functioning of the
significant way a continuation of          that both of us should travel             UPA government. It must respect
the first episode of serial bomb           together to Mumbai to examine the         the will of the people. Or people
blasts in Mumbai on 12 March 1993.         situation, express solidarity with the    will not respect it. That is the
     It appears 26 November 2008 is        security forces and also try to           message.
a continuation of 13 March 1993.           provide succour to the victims of
December 16-31,      2008       14
Mumbai terrorist attack

         Rajnath condemns Congress
           ‘soft stand’ on terrorism
         JP National President, Shri
         Rajnath Singh has accused
         the Congress and Left
parties of being soft towards
terrorism. If the National Democratic
Alliance (NDA) comes to power in
the next general election, he
declared, it will introduce a harsher
legislation than the Prevention of
Terrorism Act (POTA) to fight
terrorism.                                  BJP will introduce law harsher than POTA if it comes to power, he says
     Shri Rajnath Singh was                 Blames Congress, Left for withdrawing POTA
inaugurating the ‘Swabhiman Rally’
organised by the Bharatiya Janata         Planning Commission Deputy              global economic meltdown and
Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Kannur on              Chairman Dr. Montek Singh               insulate the Indian economy against
December 3 to commemorate slain           Ahluwalia had failed to predict the     its adverse impact. (FOC)
BJYM leader K.T. Jayakrishnan.
     Shri Rajnath Singh said if the       BJP National Office-bearers meeting
BJP came to power, it would enforce
the death sentence on Afzal Guru
who had been convicted in a
                                            A well-planned conspiracy
Parliament attack case. Stating that           On November 27, 2008 an emergency meeting of the office-bearers
the roots of terrorism were in            of Bharatiya Janata Party present in the capital was held under the
Pakistan, he said the UPA                 chairmanship of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Shri L. K. Advani
government was engaged in                 in which the Party strongly condemned the multi-pronged terror attack
confidence-building measures with         that ravaged Mumbai through the night of November 26-27, 2008. The
Pakistan when Pakistan-assisted           Party resolved to stand by and share the agony of the bereaved families
terrorists were wreaking havoc on         who have lost their family members in the attacks.
India. “We have to take the                    The meeting also paid homage to the security personnel who
international community into              sacrificed their lives to the call of duty. This is an hour for all sections
confidence to exert pressure on           of society to sink their differences so that the nation must stand up as
Pakistan to dismantle terrorist           one body, the party statement added.
infrastructure in that country. If             The statement said that such a well orchestrated attack could not
Pakistan does not do it, India has to     have taken place without a long and large scale conspiracy. We hope
take direct action to destroy terrorist   the political establishment, security agencies and the country as a
camps there,” he said.                    whole would draw the right lessons from the incident. We need to
     BJP National President said the      strengthen our intelligence network and have a strong legal and security
Congress and the Left parties were        mechanism to fight terror.
equally responsible for increasing             Mumbai, the financial capital of India, the statement added, has
terrorist attacks against the country.    been targeted for the umpteenth time. Mumbai has actually become the
The UPA government, supported by          latest theatre in a war of global proportions. Terrorism is one of the most
the Left, had withdrawn POTA, he          pressing issues that concern the public and the security of the country.
added. He said Prime Minister Dr.         We expect that the issue of terrorism is kept above the politics, the
Manmohan Singh, former Finance            statement concluded.
Minister Shri P. Chidambaram and
December 16-31,      2008      15
Mumbai terrorist attack

    Advani demands summoning of
           CMs conference
                                                                                   reiterating that apart from
 Shri L.K. Advani, Leader of the Opposition (Lok Sabha)                            strengthening and streamlining the
 visited the sites affected by terrorist action in Mumbai                          intelligence        network,       the
 and met those injured in the blasts or bullets of terrorists.                     Government needs to take whatever
 Text of his statement after the visit:                                            intelligence inputs it receives
                                                                                   seriously and act on it.

     visited terror-struck Mumbai on      pussyfooting and its politically-              Before leaving for Mumbai I had
    the evening of Thursday 27            motivated refusal to arm the security    told media persons in Delhi that I
    November, accompanied by my           agencies with appropriately tough        suspected that the degree of
colleague Shri Jaswant Singh,             anti-terror laws, we shall overcome      planning and quantum of
Leader of the Opposition in the           the terrorist challenge in the end.      ammunition used, indicated that the
Rajya Sabha. I visited the                      It is a curious coincidence that   terrorists were probably not
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (VT)         starting with the attack on kar sevaks   homegrown. My suspicions have
Railway Station, where terrorists had     on board Sabarmati Express at            been confirmed with Maharashtra
fired indiscriminately at innocent rail   Godhra on February 26, 2002 almost       Government officials telling me that
users and exploded several hand           every major terror strike in India has   the one terrorist arrested has
grenades causing massive panic and        happened on the 13th or 26th of the      admitted arriving by the sea route.
killing more than 50 persons last         month. This year alone, the Jaipur       It now appears that a mobile phone
night. Later I went to JJ Hospital        blast took place on May 13,              on a terrorist’s person is of Pakistani
where 102 victims of Wednesday’s          Ahmedabad followed on July 26,           origin. This reinforces what I told
mayhem are lying in various states        Delhi on September 13 and now            the media yesterday about the
of injury. It was painful to hear the     Mumbai on November 26. It appears        intelligence agencies’ energies
victims’ narrate their tale of            the terrorists have made it a pattern    being diverted to nail so-called
misfortune. Sadly, over the last few      to strike on the 13th or 26th of every   Hindu terror, which evidently
years I have had to visit many such       alternate month. I wonder whether        enabled the Mumbai attackers plot
hospitals in the aftermath of terror      we will have to resort to numerology     away undetected.
attacks that have now become              rather than firm intelligence to               I said in my statement
alarmingly frequent.                      anticipate terror attacks.               yesterday morning that the Prime
     Thereafter, I visited King                 The Government’s non-serious       Minister suggested that he and I
George Memorial (KGM) Hospital            approach in this regard is reinforced    should go to Mumbai together later
to commend the valour of Assistant        by reports that the Mumbai attackers     in the day. I had readily agreed,
Commissioner of Police Sadanand           arrived in the city from the sea.        deferring my own departure plan.
Date, who volunteered to join the         Official agencies had been warning       However, in the afternoon I was told
police action in South Mumbai             the Home Ministry for some time          that it would be better if we went on
although he was posted elsewhere.         about such a possibility, but the        Friday, as the commando operation
He has suffered several injuries from     Government did nothing to bolster        was not over. Since my campaign
grenade shrapnel including one in         the Navy or the Coast Guard’s            schedule for Rajasthan could not
his eye. But I marvelled at his grit      capacity to intercept rogue boats.       be altered at such a late hour, I
and determination even in this            As a result, two mother ships are        expressed my inability to delay
condition. As I left his bedside, he      reported to have dropped the             visiting Mumbai by a whole day,
said to me, “Don’t worry, we’ll get       Mumbai terrorists off some 15            but assured the Home Minister that
them”.                                    nautical miles from the Mumbai           I would not visit the areas where
     It is this spirit of our security    shoreline and they managed to            action was still underway.
officials that gives me confidence        reach          their      destination          Just before leaving for Mumbai
that despite the Government’s             uninterrupted. It hardly bears           at 4 pm, I was told the Prime Minister
December 16-31,      2008      16
Mumbai terrorist attack
had changed his mind and would
follow a little later. I then suggested
we could meet at a pre-arranged
                                                 BJP regrets blame game
spot during our respective visits              BJP has regretted the peculiar          Hussan Gaffoor has made a public
so that my appeal for a united            blame game among various security            comment that the Mumbai Police had
response to the terrorist challenge       agencies that is going on, which only        not received “any specific
could become a visible message            reinforces the sheer vulnerability of        intelligence” of the attack. “What
to the people. Although I was told        our security.                                kind of management of our internal
that we would be informed about                In a statement BJP National             security is this? Who is speaking
the venue of such a meeting in            Spokesperson Shri Ravi Shankar               the truth?” The country is entitled
Mumbai I received no word                 Prasad MP said that what is indeed           to know all this and the Government
thereafter.                               shocking is the revelation that the          has a duty to respond.
     I continue to hope that the          security personnel of the SPG, who                Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad said
Government will even at this late         had gone to secure the Oberoi Hotel          the most fundamental question
stage of its tenure devise a robust       in Mumbai on the date of attack itself;      remains: who after all is responsible?
and zero-tolerance response to            for a coming PM visit, were                  Should we presume that with the
terrorism. To begin with, I again         themselves not aware of any                  exit of former Home Minister Mr.
urge the Prime Minister to summon         intelligence input about any terrorist       Shivraj Patil, rest of all those
a conference of Chief Ministers of        attack. This in spite of repeated story      responsible for country’s security
all States on the western coastline       in the Media that R & AW had four            were doing their job well?
to activate a firm strategy to deal       intercepts in between September to                BJP Spokesperson said that the
with the new threat of sea-borne          November about likely terrorist attack       Chief of IB & R&AW have direct
terror.                                   on various hotels facing the sea in          access to the Prime Minister and if
                                          Mumbai.                                      this was the nature of intelligence
  Mumbai lawyers decide                        Shri Prasad said if this is the level   input available then what was the
   not to defend Qasab                    of criminal negligence even in matters       Prime Minister office doing more
                                          concerning the security of the Prime         particularly when the entire security
      Over a 1000 lawyers, most           Minister then, a very serious                apparatus i.e. the NSA, the IB,
 of them criminal law practitioners,      questions arises as to who is in             R&AW etc. work under the direct
 voted on December 5 against              command of the country. On the other         supervision of the Prime Minister.
 defending anyone arrested in the         hand we have the public statement            He said it is increasingly becoming
 26/11 terror attacks.                    of the Chief of the Navy Admiral             evident that there was no
      “We are Indians first. We           Suresh Mehta that the Navy did not           coordination, agencies were working
 also have a duty towards the             receive any actionable intelligence          at cross purposes and there is not
 nation. There should be no               from the R & AW and that “Systemic           only an abject failure of those who
 sympathy for the terrorists. He          failure at all levels led to attack”.        lead the security apparatus but
 should not be defended by any            Today (December 03), the Police              indeed the gross failure of political
 lawyer,” said Rohini Wagh,               Commissioner of Mumbai Shri                  leadership itself. (FOC)
 president         of     Bombay
 Metropolitan Magistrates’                             Resignation too little too late: BJP
 Courts’ Bar Association. These                 BJP National President Shri Rajnath Singh has described Union Home
 are extreme reactions and we can         Minister Shivraj Patil’s resignation as a move “too little and too late”. The
 hear them almost everyday. It            resignation of one minister can’t be enough. The present circumstances are
 now comes from a community               due to the failure of the whole Government.”
 that is known not to have let                 Party National General Secretary Shri Arun Jaitley dubbed Patil’s
 emotions influence their                 resignation as “long overdue”. “Patil was not pursuing any personal agenda,
 professional life. The lawyers           but the policy of the Government. It is a collective failure of the Government.
 argue that, unlike other terror          Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has found a softer option. The vulnerable
 attacks, in this case there is little    part of the Government has been asked to go out under the erroneous
 doubt of Qasab’s involvement.            impression that people can be fooled and the Government can come back
                                          unscathed. The Government has no moral right to survive now,” he said.
December 16-31,      2008        17
  UPA playing divisive politics : Rajnath Singh
                                              From Our Correspondent

           ddressing        a      press   the BJP does not want to                                    and         concrete
           conference in Jaipur on         interfere with the probe                                    evidence to back its
           November 26 BJP National        into the Malegaon blast                                     claims. Such public
President Shri Rajnath Singh               but the ATS should not                                      disclosures and
expressed concern over the                 harass the saints and                                       selective       leaks
harassment and humiliation of              Army personnel. We do                                       indicate that the
Sadhvi Pargya and others by the            not want to give shelter                                    Government          is
ATS. Shri Singh said that the Human        to anyone and take sides                                    politicizing and
right activists and agencies should        in the Malegaon blast                                       communalizing the
register their protest in this case.       case.”                                                      issue of terrorism. ”
“The ATS has failed to file a charge-           Launching           a                                       Holding the
sheet in this case because it does         scathing attack on the                                      Congress        party
not have concrete evidence against         Government Shri Singh said, “The          responsible for recent spurt in
Sadhvi and others.”                        ongoing efforts the Congress led          terrorist activities in the country Shri
     Lambasting           the      UPA     Government to malign the image of         Singh said, “The UPA Government
government he said, “The                   nationalist and cultural institutions     is pursuing vote bank politics on
government seems to be playing             of the country could be a part of a       the issue of terrorism and shying
divisive politics instead of following     larger international conspiracy. It is    away from taking any strong step to
a proper judicial procedure.” He           an effort to vitiate the social           counter the growing menace of
added that he had full confidence in       harmony in the country and an             terrorism.
the judicial system of country, so in      attempt to damage and destroy the              It had failed to convene even
this sensitive issue the Supreme           cultural identity of the country.”        an all-party meeting to evolve
Court of India should take suo moto             Reacting sharply on selective        consensus to deal with the scourge
cognizance of the allegations              leaks in the national media by the        of terrorism.”
levelled against the Maharashtra           investigating agency he said, “Any             Shri Singh also underlined the
ATS by Sadhvi Pragya Thakur,               disclosures in media should be            need for a national legislation against
Shrikanth Purohit and Ramesh               avoided unless it has substantial         mass conversions in the country.
Upadhayay as this matter was

                                           People made to suffer for PM visit
related to the right conduct and
moral of investigating agencies,
Army and religious institutions.                DOES Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, according to the Mail Today,
     Blaming the UPA Government            know that people of 40 villages of Malda district in West Bengal would
for targetting Hindu saints and the        be denied electricity for him? The PM’s 30- minute visit to former Union
Army personnel, Shri Rajnath Singh         minister and late ABA Ghani Khan Choudhury’s house on November 30
said, “It seems the ATS has become         morning has left Malda without electricity for at least 72 hours.
an instrument to implement the                  Anxious to avoid any accident, the Special Protection Group (SPG)
hidden agenda of the UPA                   has ordered that all high tension cables around the helipad where Singh
Government and there should be an          would land will have to be brought down even if that meant plunging
enquiry into its actions. The              village after village into darkness. The villagers are naturally angry, but the
Government is trying to cover up its       administration is hardly sympathetic to their cause.
abject failure on the issue of terrorism        They have deployed police to prevent people from staging
by tarnishing the image of sacred          demonstrations.
institutions like the Army and                  At Shantiniketan, where the PM went on Saturday (November 29), the
targeting the cultural symbols, icons      police on Friday recruited teenagers to climb all trees in the vicinity. They
and other nationalist institutions of      were asked to maintain a round- the- clock vigil against possible terrorists.
the country.”                              They were paid Rs 120 each for the risky job.
     He further said, “I reiterate that
December 16-31,      2008       18
US Secretary of State calls on Advani

           Advani raises India’s concerns with
                  Dr. Condoleezza Rice
                                              From Our Correspondent

         n December 3, US Secretary
          of State Dr. Condoleezza
          Rice called on Shri L.K.
Advani, Leader of Opposition, Lok
Sabha in New Delhi to discuss the
recent events, and in particular, the
recent marine attack by Pakistani
terrorists. Shri L.K. Advani availed
this opportunity to convey India’s
outrage at such assaults continuing
almost ceaselessly. He emphasized,
in particular, deep sense of the
anguish of the people of India at
such continuing attacks, and this         2004. Shri Advani emphasized that,      resources of Pakistan’s agencies.
despite the many assurances which         while the actual assault may have           Secretary of State, Dr. Rice
Pakistan has given to stop all            been executed by members of an          conveyed USA’s understanding of
terrorist activity from the its soil of   organisation like LeT, the training,    the situation and assured Shri
Pakistan, particularly in view the        equipment, co-ordination that went      Advani that the US would exert to
joint statement issued by Prime           into it established that it could not   ensure that these concerns are
Minister A.B. Vajpayee and                have been done except with the          registered with the Pakistan
President Musharraf on January 6,         knowledge, guidance, training and       authorities.
       L K Advani meets                         Both countries should             Hillary Clinton to be US
       Russian President                         unite in war against
                                                                                     Secretary of State
                           The Leader of          terror, Shri Advani
                      Opposition in the               tells Israel
                      Lok Sabha, Shri
                      Advaniji         met          Israeli Ambassador
                      visiting Russian         Mark Sofer called on Leader
                      President       Shri     of Opposition in Lok Sabha,
                      Dmitry Medvedev          Shri L K Advani on
                      in New Delhi on 5th      December 5, 2008 and
                      December. Both the       pledged his nation’s support
leaders agreed that the recent terror          to India in its fight against
attacks have threatened the whole world        terror.                                 US President-elect Barack
and hence the response has to be global.            Shri Advani conveyed          Obama announced on December 1,
The two leaders also recalled the treaty of    the party’s condolences to         2008 that he has picked up his former
strategic agreement signed during the          the dear ones of the Jews          rival senator and former US first lady
NDA regime. They stressed the need for         killed in the recent terror        Hillary Clinton as his choice for the
more people-to-people contacts between         attacks in Mumbai. He told         position of US Secretary of State.
the two countries. Shri Advani said            the Israel Ambassador to           Obama called the former First Lady a
relations between India and Russia will        India that both countries          woman of “tremendous stature” who
evolve and strengthen further irrespective     should unite in war against        had his “complete confidence”.
of the Government in New Delhi. (FOC)          terrorism. (FOC)                     (Agencies)

December 16-31,     2008       19
          For an eye, both eyes
                                 By Arun Shourie
 The veteran journalist-politician has analysed the malady
  of terror tormenting the nation and also suggested the
      ways to tackle it. The only problem is the will
      that is lacking in the present UPA government
                  to fight it to the finish.

        he government knew the full trained specifically for sabotage of answered, “Yes, sir. There are
        extent of the threat. And did oil installations. There are plans to reports about terrorists of various
        nothing. Four days later, the occupy some uninhabited islands tanzeems being imparted training
terrorists, using the exact same sea off the country’s coastline to use and likelihood of their infiltration
route, do the exact same thing that them as bases for launching through sea routes...” He was asked
these worthies have been warning operations on the Indian coast...” whether “maritime terrorism, gun-
others about. Are they consultants That was the ever-alert Home running, drug-trafficking and piracy
to government or ones running the Minister in November 2006. The are major threats that India is facing
government? Is their job to issue Minister of Defence has been no from the sea borders of the
warnings to others or to see                                                    country?” His answer: “Yes,
that the warnings are acted                                                     sir.” On May 9, 2007, the Home
upon? But for any of this to            Are they consultants to Minister was asked in the Rajya
happen, the society has to be       government or ones running the Sabha, whether “it is a fact that
clear in its mind. This is, it has
for 20 years been, war. It can
                                    government? Is their job to issue there are strong apprehensions
                                                                                of terrorist threats to the
be won only by overwhelming         warnings to others or to see that country through the sea
the adversary — not by              the warnings are acted upon? But route?” “As per available
running after the terrorist, as
                                    for any of this to happen, the reports, he answered, “Pak
K.P.S. Gill says, but by out-                                                   based terrorist groups,
running him. Not an eye for an      society has to be clear in its mind. particularly LeT, have been
eye. For an eye, both eyes.         This is, it has for 20 years been, exploring possibilities of
     “Our coastal areas are         war. It can be won only by induction of manpower and
coming under increased threat                                                   terrorist hardware through the
from terrorist groups, which        overwhelming the adversary — sea route...”On December 8,
have decided to use the sea         not by running after the terrorist, 2007, the National Security
route to infiltrate into India.     as K.P.S. Gill says, but by out- Adviser, M.K. Narayanan, was
They also plan to induct arms
and ammunitions through the
                                    running him. Not an eye for an educating the world at the 4th
                                                                                Regional Security Summit
sea routes” — that is Shivraj       eye. For an eye, both eyes.                 organised by the International
Patil addressing the Directors                                                  Institute of Strategic Studies,
General and Inspectors General                                                  the Manama Dialogue.
of police in November 2006. “We less alert. On March 9 2007, he was “According to our intelligence
understand they (the terrorists) have asked in the Lok Sabha, whether reports,” he confided to the
been collecting information “the intelligence agencies have assembled sheikhs and experts,
regarding location of various warned about the possibility of “there are now certain new schools
refineries on or near the Indian terrorists trying to infiltrate through that are now being established on
coastline... Some Lashkar-e-Taiba the sea route or trying to target our the Pakistan-Afghanistan border,
(LeT) operatives are also being offshore installations?” He which now specialise in the training
December 16-31,   2008      20
of an international brigade of “To control terrorism in the blasts across Bombay in 1993. Were
terrorists to fight in many climes. hinterland, we have to see that those blasts not warning enough?
According to our information, infiltration of terrorists from other             Seven years later —in 2000 —
recruits from 14 to 15 countries have countries does not take place the warning and lesson were made
been identified as amongst the through the sea routes and through explicit yet again. Four task forces
trainees there... Training has become the borders between India and were set up in the wake of the Kargil
extremely rigorous — it is almost friendly countries. The coastlines war. The one on border management
frightening in nature... Studies are also have to be guarded through warned, “The long coastline with
being carried out about important Navy, Coast Guard and coastal its inadequate policing makes it
targets, with regard to vulnerability, police. The states’ special branches easy to land arms and explosives at
accessibility, poor security, absence and the CID should identify the isolated spots on the coast.” It
of proper counter-terrorism persons forming part of the sleeper recalled that this is exactly how
measures, etc. The sea route, in cells and lodging in cities and towns explosives were smuggled into
particular, is becoming the chosen and studying in educational Maharashtra in 1993. “The situation,
route for carrying out many                                                     if anything, has worsened over
attacks, even on land.                                                          the years with the activities of
References to this are to be             The task force pointed out             the ISI becoming more
found replete in current             that the ISI had started using the         widespread along the coast
terrorist literature.” “Given                                                   particularly by extension into
India’s experience in dealing        Lakshadweep archipelago as a               the coast of Kerala... Such
with terrorism,” he added, “I        major staging point for                    coastal areas must be
would like to therefore sound        smuggling arms and personnel               particularly kept under
a note of warning, that there is                                                surveillance.” There is space
no scope for complacency...”.
                                     into India. The agency used                here to cite just one example.
On March 11, 2008, A.K.              smugglers and their networks —             The task force pointed out that
Antony addressed the                 like Dawood Ibrahim and his                the ISI had started using the
International Maritime Search                                                   Lakshadweep archipelago as a
                                     tentacles — and their routes for
and Rescue Conference, in                                                       major staging point for
Delhi. He warned the                 doing so. These Dons and their             smuggling arms and personnel
delegates of “dangers of terror      networks were given shelter and            into India. The agency used
attacks from the sea in the          support in return for helping the          smugglers and their networks
region.” In the course of his                                                   — like Dawood Ibrahim and his
address, Antony admitted that        agency with its operations                 tentacles — and their routes
the Coast Guard faces                against India.                             for doing so. These Dons and
shortage of manpower as well                                                    their networks were given
as hardware. But “necessary                                                     shelter and support in return
steps are being taken to strengthen institutions and working in for helping the agency with its
the search and rescue infrastructure industries and professions...” And operations against India.
of the Indian Coast Guard...” On four days later, the terrorists, using         Now, Lakhsdweep has 36
November 13, 2008, just a fortnight the exact same sea route, do the islands. Ten of these are inhabited.
before the assaults at Mumbai, exact same thing that these worthies Talking of one of these islands —
Manmohan Singh warned the have been warning others about. Suheli — the task force pointed out
BIMSTEC summit, “Terrorism and Are they consultants to that, sea vessels of smugglers apart,
threats from the sea continue to government or ones running the “there have been instances of twin
challenge the authority of the government? Is their job to issue rotor helicopters (of the kind used
state...” By now it was time for warnings to others or to see that the by militaries) landing at Suheli Island
Shivraj Patil to address yet another warnings are acted upon? Warning and spotting of unidentified
meeting of the DGs and IGs of Police. given, the job is done. But that is helicopters flying over the waters
Thus on November 22, 2008, that is the fate of warnings in this system. around the islands...”. And what
literally on the eve of the attacks in After all, that very sea route was were we doing? “Intelligence
Mumbai, he told the police chiefs, used to smuggle explosives for the gathering in the islands,” the task
December 16-31,   2008      21
force recorded, “is carried out by by now come to associate with him.              Fourth, that is only one part of
one inspector, one sub inspector, Things to do.                                the explanation. A weakened and
one head constable and three                   First, act on recommendations confused society explains as much
constables working in the special that are made by committees you — and the responsibility lies as
branch at Kavaratti” — just one of set up. Second, that will not happen much with those who have
the 36 islands. “Intelligence unless we send a better type into dissipated national resolve, who
gathering in all other islands is legislatures and, thence, to have made nationalism a dirty word.
carried out by one head constable/ governments. When we select That set includes the media as much
constable who reports to the OIC leaders who treat the police as their as politicians. Sixty-seventy
(the officer in charge) of the police private army; when we select leaders thousand killed by terrorism and we
station who in turn passes it on to for whom investigating agencies are are still debating whether we should
the inspector (special branch) at instruments to fix rivals or let off have a federal investigating agency.
Kavaratti.” Please read that again: allies, don’t expect the police and Sixty-seventy thousand killed by
36 islands; one inspector, one                                                      terrorists and we are still
sub-inspector, one head                    You can’t have defence and               debating whether we should
constable and three constables                                                      have a special law to bring them
on the main island; and one
                                      intelligence personnel who will               to book.
head constable/constable for          nab terrorists and courts that will                Of course, we must have
all the remaining 35 islands...       let them off, or, better still, enable        the agency. Of course, we must
      What has happened since,        them to live off the treasury as              have the sternest law in the
what is the position today, I                                                       world. But having the law is
ask the person who has held           state guests for years. And that              not enough. We must enforce
the highest posts in                  excellence must reach down to                 it. One side of the picture is
intelligence. Exactly what it         that “head constable/constable”               that, to pander to its vote bank
was then, he says, with one                                                         among        Muslims,         the
difference. With the up-              level. When K.P.S. Gill re-                   government         has     been
gradation of all posts, the           conquered Punjab for the                      withholding sanction to the law
inspector (special branch) at         country, he did so by                         passed by the Gujarat
Kavaratti is now designated                                                         assembly — even though that
not as officer in charge, but as
                                      strengthening and invigorating                law is the exact replica of the
joint assistant director or           the local thana.                              law that its own party’s
deputy central intelligence                                                         government has passed in
officer depending on his cadre. As agencies to suddenly turn around adjacent Maharashtra. The other
for the other recommendations — and forestall terrorists.                      side is that, as the Maharashtra
patrolling, setting up sensors, and a          Third, remember that little can government does not use the law it
host of others things are as they be achieved unless every aspect of has, those who will give shelter and
were.                                      governance, is brought up to par. support to terrorists give them with
      And we are surprised! I can You can’t have a first-rate abandon — you just have to think
multiply such examples by the score commando force and a third rate of the quantum of weapons that the
at no notice at all. Recalling just one magistracy. You can’t have defence terrorists brought in; the detailed
thing will be sufficient. When, during and intelligence personnel who will local knowledge they had — of the
a debate on national security in the nab terrorists and courts that will let spot at which to land their boats, of
Rajya Sabha, I began citing such them off, or, better still, enable them the location of the building in which
passages from the report of this task to live off the treasury as state Jews and Israelis were staying, of
force, shouts went up from the guests for years. And that excellence the insides of the hotels, to see that
Congress, “But this is a secret must reach down to that “head they could not have executed their
report... How has he got it?... How constable/constable” level. When plans without the most extensive
is he citing it?...” Shivraj Patil K.P.S. Gill re-conquered Punjab for local help, help given over months.
remained his composed self, the country, he did so by                              And enforcing the law means
eventually chiding me with the strengthening and invigorating the carrying out sentences that the law
sagacity which even terrorists have local thana.                               provides. The parliament of India is
December 16-31,    2008      22
attacked, guards are killed; one of        whom do you think are the teachers       That is a large part of the problem.
the killers is tried and convicted, the    instructed to ensure that students       You will find reams of these and
sentence is confirmed by the               from class 1 onwards “recognise the      other facts in the 2002 report edited
Supreme Court, and, eight years after      importance of jihad”; to ensure that     by Pakistani academics, A.H.
the assault, his “papers are still         they “must be aware of the blessings     Nayyar and Ahmed Salim, and
being processed,” indeed there are         of jihad”; to ensure that they “create   published by the Sustainable
signature campaigns against                yearning for jihad in his heart”; to     Development Institute, Islamabad,
executing the sentence. Given these        ensure that they develop “love and       ‘The Subtle Subversion: The state
circumstances, the best thing for a        aspiration for jihad, tabligh,           of curricula and textbooks in
terrorist to succeed in his mission,       shahadat, sacrifice, ghazi,              Pakistan, Urdu, English, Social
and then get caught. He will get the       shaheed”? Where do you think, and        Studies and Civics’. Get on to the
best lawyers to defend him. He will        by whom are teachers instructed to       Internet, download and read the
get judges who are ever so                 ensure that students from                report from Here is a
solicitous about his rights, ever so       kindergarten onwards learn to            part of the problem that you can
finicky about procedures. And, of          “make speeches on jihad and              solve by yourself.
course, he will get activists to shoot     shahadat”, and are “judged on their           As for the rest of the problem,
off press statements on his behalf.        spirit while making speeches on          as we can no longer rely on Shivraj
Lawyers better, judges more                jihad”? Do you think these are           Patil, we are compelled to continue
solicitous, activists more articulate      instructions issued by the Islamic       to rely on the one who has been for
and better networked than any in           fundamentalists to maulvis in            the government as a whole, what
his own country.                           madrasas? They are instructions          Shivraj Patil has been for the home
     But for any of this to happen,        given by the government of               ministry — that is, the prime
the society has to be clear in its         Pakistan through official circulars      minister, Manmohan Singh.
mind. This is, it has for 20 years         to principals and teachers in             (The writer is a former Union Minister
been, war. It can be won only by           government schools of Pakistan.          and presently a BJP Rajya Sabha MP)
overwhelming the adversary — not                You didn’t know that? Exactly.            Note: This piece was written
by running after the terrorist, as                                                          before Shri Patil resigned)

                                                 V.P. Singh is no more
K.P.S. Gill says, but by out-running
him, indeed by over-running him. Not
an eye for an eye. For an eye, both               Former Prime Minister Shri V.P. Singh died at
eyes. Not a tooth for a tooth. For a        the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi on November 27
tooth, the whole jaw. Human rights?         after battling a kidney ailment for several years. He
Yes, we will respect the human rights       was 77. Born on June 25, 1931 in Allahabad, Uttar
of the terrorists and their sponsors        Pradesh, he was the country’s Prime Minister from
and their local supporters to the           December 1989 to November 1990.
extent that they respect the human
rights of our people.                       Vajpayee expresses grief
     Finally, have a clear realisation           Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee has expressed grief
of the condition of the society and         over the sad demise of former Prime Minister Shri V. P. Singh. He said Shri
state of Pakistan. Unless you come          Singh was active in politics for years and had experience of ruling and
across evidence that the nature of          opposition politics. He rose to the post of Prime Minister of the country
the state and society of Pakistan           after having served as the Chief Minister and Union Minister. Besides
has changed, it is idiotic to put faith     being a sensitive individual he was also an artist. (FOC)
in the profession of this ruler or that.
Remember Musharraf’s “Main naya              Chandrayaan—I wins award for global co-operation
dil leyke aayaa hun”? Taliban and               The Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) Chandrayaan I
Al Qaeda are not the cause of the           project has won the International Lunar Exploration Award 2008. The
state of Pakistan. They are the result      award is presented by the International Lunar Exploration Working Group
of the Talibanisation of Pakistani          (ILEWG). The ILEWG Awards is said to celebrate the top lunar
                                            achievements in science, technology, international cooperation,
society and state.
                                            community service, commerce and outreach. (Agencies)
     Where do you think, and by
December 16-31,      2008       23
Mumbai terrorist attack

             26–29 November attack was a
                challenge to India : BJP
  Press statement issued by the BJP Core Committee on December 4

        he four day long terrorist      commitment of purpose and a total             and Investigating Agency;
        attack on Mumbai, India’s       resolve in this fight for our national    (f) Establishing a new Police
        commercial capital is a         security.                                     Reform Commission, revising
challenge that must be rebutted              The UPA must also accept that            Police training and equipment
fully, visibly and tellingly.           Pakistan has engaged in such                  standards and improving the
     Given that Pakistan has totally    terrorism, as an instrument of state          functioning of the NSG;
rejected all requests of the            policy for almost two decades now,        (g) Expediting the establishment of
Government, we expect the               that it has gone back on the pledge           police posts along the coast,
Government is assessing the stern       it gave in Islamabad on 6 January,            and placing the coast guard
steps that are required to ensure       2004 about not permitting the soil of         under command of the Indian
that Pakistan desists from pursuing     Pakistan to be used for this purpose.         Navy;
jihadi terrorism. As a nationalist      Unquestionably, Pakistan as the           (h) Introducing a new code for
party, the BJP shall stand by the       crucible of terrorism has by now              media during national
government in the effective steps it    become its principal exporter.                emergencies, along the lines of
takes in this regard.                        The BJP, therefore, holds that           the post-Kargil reviews, and the
     To do so effectively it is vital   India is not and cannot be made               UK Communications Act of
that on the fundamentals of this        either the principle importer or a            2003;
challenge, which is a national issue,   target of such an evil product.           (i) Communicating effectively the
there obtains a consensus.                   The BJP will whole-heartedly             complete facts of this attack to
     That is why it must be             co-operate with the UPA                       the international community,
recognized that consensus cannot        government in:-                               through every appropriate
be ex-post facto, it can arise only      (a) Immediately suspending the               forum so that truth is not
from consultations. There must,              miscalled ‘peace process’ with           obscured by falsehoods
therefore, be a full and                     Pakistan.                                perpetrated by the sponsors of
comprehensive sharing of facts.          (b) Enacting the sternest possible           terrorism;
     The UPA Government must                 anti-terrorism laws which            (j) Urging the international
accept that in the calendar months           ensure expeditious trial and             community to press Pakistan to
of 2008 alone, there have been               conviction both of terrorists            adhere to the commitments it
around 48 terrorist attacks, in about        and those who assist them;               has made, bilaterally to India
18 cities; several trains, hospitals,    (c) Enabling all States of the Union         and internationally in bodies
airports and now sea harbours have           to have uniform anti-terrorism           like the UN, that it shall not
all come under attack. If all the            laws – in particular, in clearing        allow its territory to be used for
violence unleashed by Maoists,               all pending anti-terrorist laws          terrorist assaults on other
ULFA and others is also taken into           that have already been passed            countries;
account then around 2,300 of our             by the State Assemblies;                 The BJP, unambiguously,
citizens have died on this account,      (d) Undertaking a total overhaul of     conveys to the Government of
in the year 2007 alone as reported.          the intelligence machinery of       Pakistan that this road of
These facts themselves establish             the Union government so as to       confrontation chosen by them, after
the gross failure of the UPA                 achieve full and effective co-      the recent terrorist attack on
government in protecting the                 ordination between them;            Mumbai, is a perilous road, a blind
country from these jihadi predators.     (e) Enacting a comprehensive            alley with no exit and must be
That is why the UPA must first               Federal Security Law and            avoided. The BJP-led NDA has
demonstrate a clarity of assessment,         establishing a Federal Security     experienced the full spectrum of
December 16-31,     2008      24
Mumbai terrorist attack
Pakistan’s aggressive politics and
policies, vis-à-vis India from         UPA has failed on terror front : Rajnath

Lahore to Kargil to Agra to 6             nteracting with the media persons      half years. The accused in Parliament
January, 2004. This last, a               after paying homage to the former      attack case, Afzal Guru, is still alive
commitment of nil ‘tolerance of           Prime Minister Shri VP Singh in        because of the appeasement policy
terrorist activity from the soil of   Allahabad on December 06, BJP              of the UPA, which does not have an
Pakistan’ is the only wise policy.    National President Shri Rajnath Singh      action plan to tackle issues of
A blanket denial of the obvious       slammed the Congress led UPA               national importance. “Though the
is not and cannot be a worthwhile     Government at the Centre for its failure   UPA has failed to prevent terror
policy. It must be recognized by      in curbing the terror attacks in the       attacks, the BJP is ready to support
Pakistan that even ‘non-State         country and rise in prices of essential    the Centre in combating the terror,
actors’, assuming that to be their    commodities. Shri Singh accused            which is adversely affecting the
provenance, are after all             Pakistan of disrupting peace in the        country,” he added. Shri Singh
operating from Pakistan’s soil.       country and said the government had        further said that despite having so
                                      enough proof that Pak-based terrorists     many renowned economists,
      Our two countries are
                                      were involved in recent attacks in         including the Prime Minister himself
neighbours, let us observe at
                                      Mumbai. He said the government             in the government, UPA has failed
least an elementary code of
                                      should display its diplomatic skills to    to tackle the worst ever economic
neighbourly conduct. To               garner support of international            crisis in the country whereas during
Pakistan we say: Do not please        community to act against Pakistan.         its rule, the BJP faced economic
violate the above cited                    Shri Singh further added that that    sanctions by the international
commitment of 6 January, 2004,        the UPA government has not called          community for conducting nuclear
also of all the UN resolutions and    even a single all-party meet on            tests but it never let country’s
international opinions on             terrorism during the last four and a       economy slump in recession. (FOC)
      A word for the US and other
NATO countries: your own
investigations have repeatedly
                                             Pak not to hand over Mumbai
established the hand of Pakistan
in assaults of this kind, for
                                              suspects to India : Qureshi
                                           Pakistan, according to the Pioneer, on December 9 said any of its
instance, in the recent blowing
                                      citizens found to be linked to the Mumbai terror attacks will not be handed
up of the Indian Embassy in           over to India, but tried under the Country’s own laws. “The arrests being
Kabul. We hope that you will          made are for our own investigations. Even if allegations are proved against
see through the attempt that is       any suspect, he will not be handed over to India,” Foreign Minister Shah
being made at blackmail by            Mahmood Qureshi said. Qureshi’s remarks come as a Pakistan army confirmed
insinuating that, unless you toe      that some key LeT terrorists had been rounded up during the crackdown on
its line, Pakistan may dilute even    the banned organisation’s camps on the outskirts of the Pakistan occupied
such co-operation as it is giving     Kashmir capital of Muzaffarabad. The military spokesman had said the
in the fight against jihadi-          operations against banned groups would continue and more arrests are
terrorism. We hope also that you      expected.
will see that each time you step           Qureshi told reporters after offering Eid prayers in his hometown of
in to bail it out, you only           Multan that though Pakistan will fully cooperate with India in investigating
embolden Pakistan to continue         the Mumbai attacks, any Pakistani individual found to be linked or involved
on its destructive course.            in the incident will be tried only in a Pakistani court. If necessary, he said,
      The BJP believes that in the    he would visit India to clarify Islamabad’s position to New Delhi. His
ultimate solution only lies with      comments echoed a decision made by the cabinet on Monday December 08
the people: they must ensure that     to take action against any persons or groups involved in the Mumbai attacks
power rests in the hands of           only “within the ambit of Pakistani law”. The meeting of the Defence
persons who will always place         Committee of the Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, also
the interests of our country          pledged to act on all information provided by India regarding the attacks.
above all else, who will never        It also renewed Pakistan’s offer to cooperate in probing the incident by
barter them for electoral gains.      setting up a joint investigative commission.
December 16-31,     2008      25
                             No Time to Waste
Revamp intelligence agencies, pass anti-terror laws
                                                By Prakash Singh

           umbai has been cleared        the neighbouring countries’             stage? The home ministry sent 200
           of terrorists. And things     territories were being used as          NSG commandos in the first lot.
           will gradually return to      launching pads. He was careful not      That was more than enough. There
normal. But let us face facts. The       to blame either Pakistan in the         was no need to call the army or naval
terrorists achieved their objective:     context of Mumbai incidents or          commandos. Problems of command
Mumbai was held to ransom for            Bangladesh in the context of Assam      and control are ticklish in such
three days, fear spread among the        incidents. However, the hint is         situations. Besides, we give undue
city’s residents, the economy was        obvious. It is very unlikely that       importance to the terrorists by an
given a jolt, symbolic targets were      operations of such magnitude could      exaggerated response. It is sensible
damaged, tourist traffic was given a     be carried out without at least the     that NSG detachments are going to
crippling blow and heavy casualties      knowledge, if not approval, of the      be stationed at strategic locations.
were inflicted. Around 195 people        security agencies of those countries.   But it is time this force is totally
are estimated to have been killed        In any case, it is high time India      withdrawn from the protection of
and about 300 injured. Those felled      withdrew from the fraudulent joint      so-called VIPs.
included security personnel and 26       anti-terror mechanism. It was a               Where do we go from here?
foreigners, including Israelis,          mistake to have become part of such     Wait for another incident? It is a
Americans, French, Australians and       a body in the first instance.           shame being bracketed with Iraq,
Canadians. The killings of foreigners    Bangladesh also requires a tougher      Afghanistan and Pakistan as being
demonstrated that the attack on          approach; we have mollycoddled          terror targets. The prime minister has
Mumbai was part of the global jihad      that country long enough.               said that the existing laws would be
that the Islamists are waging.                The use of the sea route by        tightened to plug the loopholes and
     The terrorists were well-trained,   terrorists was nothing new. This was    that a federal investigating agency
equipped with the most                   done in 1993 by Dawood Ibrahim’s        would be set up. Any halfway house
sophisticated weapons and highly         henchmen. What is distressing is        measures would not work. We need
motivated. Their modus operandi          that no lessons were learnt after the   to build an environment where the
showed a qualitative leap. There was     last tragedy. The ease with which       terrorists feel deterred. Laws will
no ‘hit and run’. The terrorists         the terrorists disembarked and          have to be tough. State laws on the
perpetrated one incident after           launched the attacks was, to say        lines of MCOCA must be approved,
another, taking on the district and      the least, shocking. A coastal          detection must inspire confidence,
the railway police and later even        security scheme formulated in 2005-     trials will have to be swift and the
engaged the NSG and the Army for         06 to strengthen the infrastructure     punishments must be executed. The
several hours. The evidence              for patrolling and surveillance of      police will have to be motivated and
available so far points to the           coastal areas in all the nine coastal   better equipped, its manpower
involvement of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the      states and four Union territories, it   shortages met and it must have
terrorist outfit which had earlier       seems, remained only on paper. No       specially trained units to deal with
carried out an attack on the             wonder, the terrorists exploited this   such situations in all the states. A
Parliament. Its leader, Hafiz Saed, is   chink in our armour.                    little-appreciated fact of the macabre
on record as having said that their           Was our operational response       proceedings is that the only terrorist
objective is to liberate the Muslims     appropriate? Did we over-react?         apprehended alive was the
of India and that they shall not rest    How many security personnel are         handiwork of the Mumbai police.
until the green flag was hoisted on      needed to deal with a situation of      The Supreme Court’s directions on
the Red Fort in Delhi.                   this kind, considering that the total   police reforms must be carried out.
     The prime minister, responding      number of terrorists was not                  Intelligence agencies would
to the Mumbai carnage, said that         estimated to be more than 25 at any     have to be revamped. The state
December 16-31,     2008       26

                                                            Dhumal launches
special branches need to be
reinforced. These agencies also
require political insulation. An
unfortunate fallout of the NSA being
a former intelligence chief has meant                     Atal Bijli bachat yojna
that there has been an erosion in                          imachal Chief Minister Prof.   had given 23 per cent DA
the authority of the IB director and                        Prem Kumar Dhumal             instalments during the past 10
the secretary, RAW. Their status                            launched the Atal Bijli       months. He said his government
must be restored. Besides, RAW                   Bachat Yojna at the Lal Chand            considered government employees
needs a shakeup; it has been in the              Prarthi Kala Kendra at Kullu on          as “back bone” of the State and
news for wrong reasons only. RAW                 November 23. Speaking on the             would always provide better
could, in fact, be merged into the IB            occasion, he said the scheme would       facilities to them. Earlier, the Chief
for a more integrated approach to                not only save energy, but also help      Minister inaugurated the second
intelligence gathering and                       in making environment healthy with       phase building constructed at a cost
dissemination.                                   less emission of gases, which in term    of Rs 9 crore of the Regional
     Time is running out fast. The               would benefit the State in the carbon    Hospital at Dhalpur. He said
terrorists must be planning their next           credit policy. The scheme would          additional infrastructure had been
strike. The challenges are menacing.             also minimise electricity bills of the   created and now additional staff of
All sections of people need to join              consumers.                               10 doctors and other paramedical
hands in this hour of crisis. Some                    Shri Dhumal emphasised that         staff would be provided soon. The
hopeful signs are already there. Our             the scheme was important for the         government had already appointed
politicians seem to have realised the            fragile Himalayan region. The            200 doctors and 232 staff nurses
magnitude of the problem. Mumbai                 government had spent Rs 80 crore         during the past 10 months and
could be the turning point towards               on Compact Florescent Lamps              process for recruitment of 550 other
reconstruction and consolidation if              (CFLs) which would be given free         paramedical staff was underway.
we place national security above                 of cost to the domestic consumers             He also inaugurated the 5 MW
partisan considerations. If we don’t,            in the state. Shri Dhumal announced      mini hydroelectricity project
the country could sink into an abyss             7 per cent DA instalment to the          constructed by a private company
of violence and disorder.                        government employees, including          at Tosh village in the Parbati valley
     (Courtesy: The Times of India)              HPSEB employees, with effect from        of this district. Shri Dhumal lauded
(The writer is a former Director-General, BSF)   July 1, 2008. He said his government     the gesture of the company, which
                                                                                          had announced to provide free
                                                                                          electricity to the villagers of Tosh.
      'Crush Terrorism - Save                                                                  Dhumal said the companies,
                                                                                          which were unable to start

     Country' campaign by BJP
                                                                                          construction of the allocated power
                                                                                          projects would be given time limit or
                                                                                          the agreements would be cancelled.
       BJP National General Secretary Shri Ananth Kumar MP has stated                     We would not accept sub-letting of
  that the Bharatiya Janata Party has decided to organize a 'Crush                        the allocated power projects, he
  Terrorism - Save Country' campaign all over the country from December                   added. Those present on the
  10 to December 16 to educate and mobilize the people against the rising                 occasion included health minister
  incidents of terrorism and failure of the UPA government to protect life                Dr. Rajeev Bindal, Deputy Speaker
  and property of innocent and law abiding citizens of the country. It has                Shri Khimi Ram, Kullu MLA Shri
  been decided to invite families of martyrs and freedom fighters in every                Govind Thakur, Ani MLA Shri
  such function. The participants will take a pledge to oppose terrorism                  Kishori Lal, Chief Secretary Smt.
  everywhere in all its forms. He said that the workers have been exhorted                Asha Swaroop, former BJP MP Shri
  to organize massive demonstrations and to pay homage to the martyrs                     Maheshwar Singh, chairman of the
  at the conclusion of the function at every Tehsil, District and State                   State Women Commission Smt.
  Capital during this period. (FOC)                                                       Ambica Sood, former MLA Chander
                                                                                          Sen Thakur, and other BJP leaders.
December 16-31,         2008         27
 India among 20 most                    Economic crisis
     risky places                       UPA’s response weak & knee-jerk : BJP
     The three-day-long terror strike
                                             As the fears of recession hitting   the UPA government’s reflexes on
in Mumbai has pushed India to be
                                        the country hard grow stronger, BJP      the issue so far with the reaction of
among the 20 most dangerous
places to visit on earth, a British     on November 23 charged the               the Atal Bihari Vajpayee
report has said. Listing India among    Manmohan Singh government with           government when confronted with
the world’s 20 most dangerous           coming out with a feeble response        a similar situation in 2002. “Faced
places after the Mumbai terror strike   in taking steps to recharge the          with the prospects of a slowdown,
that claimed close to 200 lives, UK     economy.                                 the NDA government kicked off two
daily, the Telegraph, said in an             BJP National General Secretary      major infrastructure development
online report noted that the British    Shri Arun Jaitley said, “It’s now        projects — the Pradhan Mantri Gram
government was currently advising       clear that, as far as the economy is     Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) and the
against all, but essential, travel to   concerned, the country is at the         National Highway Development
Mumbai. India has been listed along
                                        door-steps of a recession. The           Project (NHDP). Huge amounts of
side places like Pakistan, Iraq,
                                        government will have to adopt a few      money were spent from the state
Afghanistan, Israel and the
Occupied Palestinian Territories,       measures to revive the economy and       exchequer on these programmes.’’.
Mexico, Thailand and South Africa       get it back into shape.’’                But the present prime minister,
in this list.                                Shri Jaitley sought to juxtapose    himself a distinguished economist,
                                                                                 is not willing to take similar steps,
 Punjab State BJP CA Cell Convention                                             he said.

   Strengthen financial discipline : Punj
                                                                                       The Congress-led UPA
                                                                                 government, Shri Jaitley said, has
      The First Punjab State BJP                                                 failed to allay the fears with its
 CA Cell Convention was                                                          “knee-jerk’’ and “weak’’ response
 organized on November 29 at                                                     to the situation so far. The poor,
 Amritsar. The topic was "Role of                                                salaried middle classes have been
 CA in Economic Development                                                      hit hard. He found it strange that in
 and Current Economic Crisis".                                                   these times of inflation, prices were
 CA Sanjay Kapoor, State                                                         still not coming down. “According
 Convener, BJP CA Cell welcomed                                                  to government data, the rate of
 the distinguished guests and                                                    inflation still stood at about 9%. This
 CAs from all over Punjab. Shri Balbir Punj MP, National Secretary and           is not good for any economy. We
 Punjab Parbhari was the chief guest at the function presided over by CA         expect the government to take a few
 Gopal Krishna Agarwal, National Convener, BJP CA Cell. Punjab BJP               more steps,’’ Shri Jaitley said.
 President Shri Rajendra Bhandari, Industries Minister Shri Manoranjan                 He also wanted the government
 Kalia and former minister Shri Balramji Dass Tandon were the guests of          to bring down interest-rates. “When
 Honour. The other eminent speakers were Shri Kamal Sharma, BJP General          faced with a slowdown, the Vajpayee
 Secretary, Punjab, Col Amrik Singh, BJP President, Amritsar, CA Sanjay          government had initiated a softer
 Tandon, BJP General Secretary, Chandigarh and CA Charanjot Singh                interest-rate regime, which gave an
 Nanda, Central Council Member, ICAI. Shri Shwait Malik, Mayor, Shri             impetus to overall economic
 Anil Joshi, MLA, and Dr. Baldev Chawla were also present.                       growth,’’ he contended.
      Shri Balbir Punj stressed the need of strengthening family values and            On all these counts, the
 financial discipline to move ahead successfully. National Convener CA           Manmohan Singh government, Shri
 Gopal K. Agarwal spoke about the current crisis and how UPA government          Jaitley maintained, had failed
 was unable to foresee it. About 300 CAs from all over Punjab attended           miserably.           “Infrastructure
 the programme. CA Cell members of the State and 19 District Conveners           development projects, reduction in
 were honored on the occasion. BJP CA Cell has already appointed state           fuel prices and a low interest-rate
 conveners in 14 states and has held two national conventions at Delhi           regime would have combined to
 and one state convention at Bhopal.                                             revive the economy,’’ he added.
December 16-31,    2008       28
  State Reports
 from Our Correspondents

ORISSA                                                            Talking to reporters, the BJP Yuva Morcha activists
         BJP-BJD alliance sweeps                             clarified that Ravunni is one of the senior leaders of
                                                             'Porattam' who had been talking in support of terrorism
                civic poll                                   and the workers of that organization had been
     In the election to the Bhubaneswar Municipal            conducting an extensive poster campaign in support of
Corporation (BMC) and other civic bodies the BJP-BJD         terrorism in Kannur town for the past one-week and the
alliance recorded an unprecedented victory on 03             government of Kerala was playing the role of a mute
December. Out of the 60 wards in the BMC, the BJP-           spectator in the matter.
BJD combine won 49 wards. The BJD won in 40, while                To draw the attention of the Kerala government
the BJP bagged 9 seats. The Congress failed miserably        against the anti-national activities of 'Porattam', the
securing only a mere 4 seats. Independent candidates         Yuva Morcha activists had protested several times.
won 6 seats and the regional outfit Samruddha Odisha         The activists further said that the protest of the Morcha
1 . The elections held to the Phulbani Municipality and      on December 06 was intended to draw the attention of
the G Udaygiri Notified Area Council in the violence-        the State government on the need to check the anti-
hit Kandhamal district of Orissa was peaceful and BJP        national activities in the State and to punish the guilty.
-BJD, which entered into a pre-poll alliance here, are in
a strong position to form the council in both the towns.     KARNATAKA
                                                                           Railways ignoring
    27% reservation bill for SEBCs                                        State : Yeddyurappa
     The Orissa Reservation of Posts and Services (For
                                                                                            Inaugurating the newly
Socially and Educationally Backward Classes) Bill, 2008
                                                                                       converted broad gauge
was passed in the State Assembly by the BJP-BJD
                                                                                       section between Gadag-
coalition government on December 08.
                                                                                       Bagalkot and flagging off the
     “In order to protect the interest of the Socially and
                                                                                       train services between Gadag
Educationally Backward Classes in the State the
                                                                                       and Bagalko at Gadag railway
government has taken a policy decision to enact a law
                                                                                       station, Karnataka Chief
to provide for 27 per cent reservation in posts and
                                                                                       Minister Shri B S Yeddyurappa
services under the State for them,” said SC and ST
                                                                                       on December 06 said that the
Development Minister Shri Chaitanya Prasad Majhi.
                                                                                       State was being ignored and
     He further said that at the time of appointment an
                                                                                       meted out injustice by the
age relaxation of 5 years would also be provided. “A
                                                             Railways in implementing and accelerating the railway
special officer would be engaged for this purpose to
                                                             projects being taken up in the state. Though the State
see the implementation of the law in letter and spirit,”
                                                             government had agreed to share the 50 percent cost in
he said, adding that a Standing Committee would also
                                                             railway projects taken up in the State, the railway
review all these programmes. Shri Majhi further informed
                                                             department was not speeding up the projects and
the Assembly that an annual report to this effect would
                                                             causing much delay in completing the projects, he said.
also be presented in the House every year.
                                                                  Shri Yeddyurappa said that steps would be taken
                                                             to shift the Tipu Sultan’s armory from Srirangpattan to
KERALA                                                       facilitate the Bangalore-Mysore double lining work. This
    BJYM protests against Maoists                            matter would be discussed in the next Cabinet meeting
     Kerala BJP Yuva Morcha activists blocked a              and suitable decision would be taken on shifting this
procession led by Kuttyattoor Thampan and workers            armory soon, he added.
of 'Porattam' at Kannur, on December 06. It is noteworthy         Listing out the new railway projects being taken
that 'Porattam' is an extremist communist organization       up, Shri Yeddyurappa said that State was committed to
that had last hit headlines in the country in October        improve the rail infrastructures and facilities to meet the
2008 after its leader Ravunni was arrested by the Kerala     growing needs for more trains and he promised to speed
Police and the CBI, after launching an intense operation     up the land acquisition process in Karnataka to enable
to identify the relations between Maoists and the            the railway department to complete the railway projects
activists of Islamist organization like SIMI.                at the earliest.

December 16-31,     2008      29
 ...Continued from page 7
inability "to put our house in order and avoid large          DELHI
number of rebels", its performance has not been that               But the greatest upset for BJP has been in Delhi
disappointing. It has won 78 seats while the Congress         where it was hoping to snatch power from the Sheila
could win only 96, five short of clear                        Dikshit led Congress government. The Party had
majority.                                                     projected a BJP veteran Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra as
     Even after defeat Chief                                    its chief ministerial candidate. BJP did raise its share
Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje                                      of seats to 23.
can derive the satisfaction that                                          In the BJP feat to stage a comeback to power
she served the State to the best                                       in Madhya Pradesh, the guidance and
of her ability and capacity in        TOTAL SEATS            69
                                                                         inspiration from BJP National President Shri
every possible manner. The             INC    42                          Rajnath Singh and NDA's Prime Ministerial
BJP government established             BJP    23                          candidate, Shri Lal Krishna Advani have been
new milestones in the                  BSP    02                          very vital. They extensively toured both the
development in every                   Others 02                          States and addressed numerous rallies in
sphere.                                                                   support of the party candidates. BJP National
    With the passage of                                                   General Secretary (Organisation) Shri Ram
time, Rajasthan people are                                               Lal did his bit of gearing up the party rank and
sure to compare the achievements and                                file for the elections by extensively touring the
performance of Raje government with the new                      poll-bound States and giving them tips for success.
Congress government and draw their own                               BJP has accepted the verdict of the people in all
conclusion on the recent verdict.                             humility.

                                                         ...Continued from page 11
  Suspicious movement of boats/                       Governance. We shall keep top echelons of Government free
  fishermen : Maharashtra Dy CM                       of corruption, and also take resolute steps to stem corruption
       knew it, say fishermen                         in the rest of the system.
                                                            In our engagement with countries in the international
      While the Maharashtra government is             community, both big and small, we shall come across as TRULY
 facing flak for not reacting to Centre’s warnings,   INDEPENDENT – both in thought and in action. India cannot
 an NCP leader and the president of the               and will not be an adjunct to any foreign power.
 fishermen’s union in Mumbai, according to the              Our strategy of Good Governance and Development will
 Times of India, says he had told deputy CM R         focus on rejuvenating India’s internal strengths, strengthening
 R Patil of the suspicious movement of boats          our democratic institutions, and deriving strength from our rich
 and fishermen in the sea four months ago.            cultural strengths. Our ancient civilization has many lessons
      Damodar Tandel criticised the Home              for creating a healthy and happy society in modern times. We
 Department headed by his party colleague R R         must preserve our family and community values, which have
 Patil. ‘‘Following suspicious movement by few        been eroded in the misconceived pursuit of modernization. We
 fishermen and boat used by them in Gujarat,          should be proud of our inclusive national ethos. It teaches us
 one of my friends from the community settled         to respect all faiths, while strengthening the unifying bonds of
 in Gujarat called me to inform about the incident.   Indian nationhood. When I see young Indians, I am amazed at
 Subsequently, I reported about it to Patil and       how talented they are and also how patriotic they are. If we —
 DCP (port zone),’’ said Tandel.                      and I refer to all those who are in politics and government at
      Claiming that his information would have        various levels — can show a firm commitment to Good Politics
 certainly helped the state government and            and Good Governance, our youth can indeed create a miracle
 police to save the city from the terror attack,      within a short time. This gives me the confidence that, with
 Tandel said, ‘‘I had mentioned about the             determination, discipline, unity and hard work, Indians can
 possibility of RDX being smuggled into the           indeed make the 21st Century an Indian Century.
 city by these suspicious fishermen.’’ DCP                  This, then, is my Vision for India’s Future. In talking about
 Madhukar Kohe denied receiving any such              the Future, I had to necessarily talk about the Present.
 inputs.                                                    Thank you.

December 16-31,     2008      30

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