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									Fringe Benefits

                  In addition to vacation and sick leave, employees get other benefits. The
                  percentage amount will vary based on each individual's salary, amount of
                  vacation granted, and whether they are in receipt of longevity.

                               Benefits that are paid in full or in
                                       part by the State.

                                            Sick Leave
                                           Bonus Leave
                                          Social Security
                                        Health Insurance
                                      Disability Income Plan

Holidays          There are 11* paid holidays each year:

                  New Year's Day                               Labor Day
                  Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday           Veteran's Day
                  Good Friday                                  Thanksgiving (2 days)
                  Memorial Day                                 Christmas (2 or 3 days)
                  Independence Day

                  *Exception - When Christmas falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday the
                  schedule shall not exceed 12 paid holidays.

Social Security   Your salary is deducted at the rate of 7.65% for Social Security payments (6.2%
                  to Social Security and 1.45% to Medicare, for that 7.65% total). The State
                  matches this figure at 7.65%. The percentage rate goes up periodically based on
                  Federal law.

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                                       Fringe Benefits
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Fringe Benefits (continued)

Retirement   Your salary is deducted at the rate of 6% for retirement. This amount is tax
             sheltered - which means that you do not pay taxes on it until you start drawing it
             out of the Retirement System. The State also contributes various percentages
             depending on legislative action which typically changes annually.

             If you have questions about retirement, contact the OSP Personnel Officer who
             will be glad to provide the answer or put you in touch with the appropriate
             person in the Retirement System.

Health       An employee with a permanent, probationary, time-limited, or trainee
Insurance    appointment working at least 30 hours per week, may enroll in one of the State
             Health Plan’s PPOs. The State pays for each individual employee’s health
             insurance premiums under the State Health Plan. The employee is responsible
             for premiums covering dependents. These premiums are payroll deducted on a
             pre-tax basis.

Disability   Short-term Disability Benefits
Program      Employees with at least one year of contributing membership service in the
             Retirement System, earned within 36 calendar months preceding the disability,
             are eligible for short-term disability benefits if they are found to be mentally or
             physically disabled for the further performance of their usual occupation.

             There is a 60-day waiting period, during which time sick leave must be exhausted
             if the employee has accrued sick leave. Vacation leave may also be used or the
             employee may request Voluntary Shared Leave to remain on the payroll during
             this waiting period. Following this period, the employee may elect to exhaust
             the balance of sick leave and/or vacation leave, or the employee may elect to
             receive short-term disability payments.

             The monthly short-term benefit will equal 50% of 1/12 of annual base rate of
             compensation plus 50% of 1/12 of the annual longevity payment, if any, to a
             maximum of $3,000.

             Short-term disability benefits will be paid for one year, and may be extended for
             up to another year by the Medical Board.

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                                   Fringe Benefits
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Fringe Benefits (continued)           (continued)

Disability    Long-Term Disability Benefits
Income Plan
(continued)   After five years of contributing membership service in the Retirement System,
              long-term disability benefits are payable after the conclusion of the short-term
              disability period for as long as the employee is disabled, but not after becoming
              eligible for an unreduced service retirement.

              The determination of disability and eligibility for long-term benefits will be made
              by the Medical Board of the Retirement System. The monthly long-term benefit
              will equal 65% of 1/12 of annual base rate of compensation that was last payable
              plus 65% of 1/12 of the annual longevity payment, if any, to a maximum of

              Refer to the booklet published by the Retirement System, "The Disability
              Income Plan of North Carolina, Your Plan Guide", for more details.

Longevity     Longevity is paid after you have completed 10 years of total state service. You
              will receive this check at the end of the month following completion of each full
              year of service.

              Longevity is computed on base pay at the following rates:

                         Years of Service                             % of Salary
                     10 but less than 15 years                          1.50%
                     15 but less than 20 years                            2.25%
                     20 but less than 25 years                            3.25%
                         25 or more years                                 4.50%

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                                    Fringe Benefits
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Fringe Benefits (continued)        (continued)

Other       The State offers several group insurance programs in which you may choose to
Insurance   participate. The total cost will be deducted from your check each month. You
Programs    may get details of this from the OSP Personnel Officer.

NCFlex      NCFlex, the statewide flexible benefits program, offers the advantage of
            paying for certain benefits with pre-tax dollars.

            Many state employees are benefiting from pre-tax programs on health
            insurance premiums and dependent care costs, but NCFlex expands the
            savings even further through spending accounts, as well as dental, vision,
            critical illness, cancer, AD&D, and group term life products.

            NCFlex is available to all State agency and university employees working 20 or
            more hours per week who have permanent, probationary, trainee, or time-
            limited appointments.

            You may get details of this from the OSP Personnel Officer.

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                                 Fringe Benefits
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Fringe Benefits (continued)             (continued)

Deferred         The State offers the following tax-deferred programs to the Office of State
Compensation     Personnel employees that provide a way to save money to supplement the State
Programs         retirement plan:

                 401(k) Deferred Compensation Plan and the 457 North Carolina Public
                 Employees’ Deferred Compensation Plan

                    Both of these plans can benefit an employee now and after retirement. They
                    are financial plans offering savings, loan, tax, and retirement benefits
                    Money placed into a plan is not counted as taxable income for that year, thus
                    lowering an individual’s income tax.
                    Money is only taxed when it is withdrawn. If it is taken out after retirement,
                    the employee will probably be in a lower tax bracket and will be paying less
                    in taxes.

                 There are several options for investment funds or mutual funds.

Other Benefits   Other benefits include shift premium pay, holiday premium pay, call-back pay,
                 overtime pay, workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, family
                 medical leave, civil leave, military leave, and leave-without-pay, pre-paid legal
                 services, and service awards for years of service.

                                      Fringe Benefits
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