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									November 18, 2009
Grant Proposal for the Legacy Fund of the Columbus Foundation
Submitted by Karla Rothan, Executive Director
Stonewall Columbus

Young Adult Support Group and Seminar Series

Detailed Description for this Proposal

Statistics show that individuals heal, learn and grow from a group setting where they feel
safe and able to express their fears and needs in a supportive environment. Stonewall
Columbus proposes a seminar series and support group for young LGBTQI people ages
18-21. In this program, professional coaches will offer advice to start young LGBTQI
community members on a positive life path. Seminars will cover subjects from healthy
interpersonal relationships to financial planning for young adults. In addition, a monthly
support group led by professional counselors will meet for two hours at the center. In the
monthly group setting participants will be able to discuss topics from their own lives.
Coaches will be present to mentor and guide the group to make positive life choices.
Currently, Stonewall Columbus has been extremely successful at the Center on High
offering monthly support groups that are geared toward middle-aged adults. Stonewall
Columbus is seeking support from the Legacy Fund of the Columbus Foundation to start
a consistent support group led by a skilled counselor. The sessions will be offered at no
cost to the client. Typically support groups cover topics of interest to the participating
members of the group. In addition to a monthly group session, Stonewall Columbus
proposes to offer six seminars over a twelve-month period. The topics are listed below.
Professional coach, Judy Herendeen from Ohio Health, will lead each seminar. She will
be joined by a variety of panelists and other professionals. Audience participants ages 18-
21 will have the opportunity to ask questions following the discussion. All seminars will
be free of charge and two hours in length. Stonewall Columbus recognizes that this
demographic, LGBTQI persons 18-21, is underserved. After the pilot program, Stonewall
intends to seek additional funding to continue to establish programs for this age group.

Seminar Titles:

Coming Out to Family and Friends
Coming out to family and friends can be an emotionally devastating experience for young
adults. Many fear rejection and experience painful encounters with family and friends.
Even young people who are out to their parents and High School friends face new
challenges when they enter college or the workforce. This seminar will be facilitated by a
skilled therapist and give the participants the tools they need to face their fears and help
them practice what to say in certain situations regarding their personal and private life.
Transgender 101
Stonewall Columbus will collaborate with TransOhio and Meral Crane, a leading
professional in the field of gender identity to offer this seminar. Four individuals who
identify as transgender, transitioning and intersex will serve on the panel. They will share
their personal stories and offer insight into the process of changing gender. All audience
members will leave with a better understanding of our transgender community. Those
who are questioning their gender will be given resources and information to assist them
on their journey.

Dating in the LGBTQI Community
Going on the first date, moving in together, and meeting someone’s parents and siblings:
Starting off on the right foot in a relationship is vital to its success. Many times people
sabotage their relationship from the very first date. People often have not learned the
skills of good communication. This seminar will focus on building self-esteem and good
communications skills that will help individuals create meaningful and long-lasting
relationships throughout life.

STDs: What you need to know to protect yourself.
Stonewall Columbus will partner with the Columbus AIDS Task Force and the Columbus
Health Department to conduct this seminar. Detailed and current information about STDs
will be offered and professionals in the field will teach the participants what they need to
know to protect themselves and stay healthy.

Financial Advice: Tips and Pitfalls
Planning, investing and saving when you are younger is so important. Many young
people get into financial difficulty at an early age. Simple budget ideas can keep a person
from creating financial problems that will take years to solve. In addition, money that is
invested as a young person will grow faster than money invested at an older age. Having
the knowledge about how and what to do with your money early in life can create future
wealth and security. Stonewall Columbus will partner with financial analysts, Steven
Daley and Susan Finefrock. Both have decades of experience as financial advisors and
both have donated time to Stonewall Columbus and Kaleidoscope offering financial
advice for a variety of ages and experiences.

Getting Your Paperwork in Order
Part of becoming a responsible adult is getting your legal paperwork in order. This
seminar will give participants information about living wills, power of health, power of
attorney and what you need to know as a LGBTQI person that will protect you and your
family after you pass away. Because this can be a difficult topic to discuss, many people
push this task out of their minds. Because we do not have the same rights as our
heterosexual citizens, we need to be very diligent about getting our paperwork in order so
that we can protect our partners and families if something happens to us.
Amount Requested: $5000

Total Budget of the Organization: $450,000

Outline of the Budget for this Specific Project

Costs to the Clients - $0

Support Group and Seminar Series
Costs for Therapists
$60 an hour for group.
Group Session Costs (monthly)
2 hours a month X 12 months = 24 hours at $60 an hour
A Seminar Facilitator
2 hour seminar X 6 times a year = 12 hours at $60
Total for Professional Fees: $2160
(The pay scale for a counselor was provided by therapist Don Laufersweiler of
Affirmations. For the seminars, it is probable that the panelists will donate their time;
however a therapist will be on hand at each session to facilitate.)

Cost for the Center Staff
4 hours a month X 12 months = 48 hours at $15 an hour
Total Staff Fees $720
(The pay scale for staff is based on the current center coordinator’s hourly rate; $15 an

Cost for Web Promotion and Marketing
4 hours a month X 12 months = 48 hours at $75 an hour
Total Web and Marketing Fees $3600
(The pay scale for web and marketing fees was provided by John Herman of Succeeding
Steps Marketing Firm)

Cost of the project total = $6480

Other Sources of Funding:
Columbus Health Department
Budget Narrative
In the budget outlined above, the cost of web promotion and marketing is substantial.
Stonewall Columbus has a significant web presence and utilizes social marketing to reach
this demographic. The organization has found success promoting to this demographic via
the web and social marketing sites and finds this cost and commitment essential to getting
the word out about the program and the resources to serve this age group.

The Future of the Project
The leadership of Stonewall Columbus recognizes that this particular demographic,
LGBTQI persons age 18-21, is underserved in our community. A partnership with the
Legacy Fund in 2010 will set this organization on a path to be able to offer this program
in the future and not just in this current funding cycle. In subsequent years, Stonewall
will seek other funding to be able to continue the program. It is our hope to be able to hire
a program coordinator who is a professional and aligned closely with the demographic
served in the program.

Although it appears that the current Request for Proposal provided by the Legacy Fund of
the Columbus Foundation is very much in line with the direction of Stonewall Columbus
and its programming, realistically the cost for the project far exceeds the amount that the
foundation can dole out at this time. If funded in part for the project, Stonewall Columbus
will offer sessions on a smaller scale still providing resources for individuals ages 18-21.
Stonewall Columbus will seek to find therapists who will cut their fees to meet the needs
of the program. Stonewall Columbus has had great success in partnering with the health
community often receiving reduced rates for services. If the request for funds is declined
the project may not start within this next fiscal year, but will be listed as a project goal for

Mission, History and Description of Services

Mission Statement

Stonewall Columbus serves the Central Ohio LGBTQI community by providing a
community center and offering programming and services that enhance the
well-being and visibility of our diverse community through discovery, affirmation and


In 1981, gay activists planned a demonstration in Columbus to protest a decision to start a
local Moral Majority chapter. The resulting “Stonewall Union” was created when the
need for a stable, ongoing gay advocacy organization was recognized. For 28 years,
Stonewall Columbus has grown in order to meet the needs of both the GLBT and greater
Columbus community on our issues of advocacy, education, and community-building.
Description of Services at Stonewall Columbus, The Center on High

Stonewall Columbus - the leading visionary, inclusive, and fun-spirited LGBT
organization in Central Ohio - sets the pace for increasing the visibility and acceptance of
the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. We continue to be the
driving force on LGBT issues and our Center is the “first stop” for many in the LGBT
and allied community.

In response to community need, Stonewall routinely adds programs to our growing roster,
facilitates ever-increasing numbers visiting the center, increases visibility for other
agencies, and brings new and innovative perspectives to our service delivery. It is our
intent to continually expand programming so that community members seeking a variety
of services and activities - in addition to the base services and ongoing support groups we
offer - can find ways to connect with others in a safe, comfortable and culturally
enriching environment.

As the leading organization on LGBT issues in the Central Ohio area, we have made
countless strides in educating the larger community, increasing social awareness, and
collaborating on political advocacy by providing stronger programs, services, and
alternative social activities. As we move towards an exciting milestone of celebrating 29
years in the community, we are building on past accomplishments, developing
sustainable systems and growth processes and focusing on strengthening not only our
agency, but also the Central Ohio LGBT and allied community by enhancing our
community center.

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