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                                    The Alchemist

     Many people have their own dream and few people can make their dream come

true. The Alchemist is a story about a boy pursued his dream. The writer of this book

is Paulo Coelho who was born in Brazil, in 1947. Paulo’s life was filled with his

personal legend and stories, so this book has also showed his experience and emotion.

The Alchemist tells the story about of the boy who dreamed his treasure decided to

find it, and after he traveled a long time and overcame many obstacles, he arrived the

destination; moreover, he finally realized his treasure was in the first place, but he also

learned more valuable experience in this journey. The Alchemist is a magical, touched

and deeply humane story. This is an engaging and inspiring story because of the

special integration of the plot, character development and Coelho’s personal

philosophy conveyed through his understanding of Alchemy, q philosophy science of

the Middle Ages.

     First, the plot of the story is a boy whose name was Santiago dreamed his

treasure in one day and after he talked with Gypsy and old king, he decided to create

his personal legend. He started his trip but due to the fact that he lost his money, so he

worked in Moroco for more than eleven months. Then, he began his trip again with a

caravan and crossed the Sahara Desert. During this trip, he met Englishman and knew

some knowledge about alchemy. After the caravan arrived the oasis, he fell in love

with Fatima. At the same time, he saw the omen about the war and saved the tribe

from invasion. Moreover, he met Alchemist and crossed the desert with him. They

captured by warlords and the boy showed his “magic” to pass the crisis. The boy

arrived the pyramids and dug a while for his treasure, but he met some people who

robbed and beaten him. A robber told him that he has a dream that there was treasure

under the tree. In the end, the boy backed to the first place and found his treasure and

thanks to god to let him through every thing and met so many people during this trip.
     The protagonist of the story is the boy. The boy was a shepherd before, but he

decided to give it up and pursue his treasure. Therefore, we can see that the boy

extremely has the courage and firm determination. Moreover, he met a lot of problems

and crisis during his trip, but he never has the thought of giving up. On the contrary,

he thanked to everyone and everything he confronted for he learned to grow up and

knowledge from them. Accordingly, the beautiful characters of the boy are his

strongly perseverance, modest attitude of learning and his grateful heart. All of these

characters are the reasons for why the boy could find his treasure in the end. There are

also many supporting roles inside the story. Although we can’t clearly understand

their characters, we still can find that all of their appearance is to help and guide the

boy to the right way.

     The main philosophy about this book I think is that we should realize one’s

destiny is a person’s only obligation. Everyone comes to this world have their

different duties, for example: student’s duty is study hard, worker’s duty is finishing

their works, and soldier’s duty is protect their country. The protagonist inside the book

realized his destiny is to pursue the treasure and make his dream come true. Therefore,

we should learn a lesson from the boy about his courage and determinate. Also, the

boy’s persistence and modest learning attitude have left a deeply impression to people.

I think there is also an important philosophy inside is that we should always keep

continually until the end whenever we do everything. This is because most of us

always give up or run away when we meet the problems instead of solving it.

Furthermore, most of us are arrogant or self-satisfied in our situation in most of time.

There is always said: Pride goes before a fall. Consequently, the author utilized the

boy to wish us always keep hard-working and keep a humble attitude in our life.

     Paulo Coelho who is the author of this book is good at using a practical and

simple technique to show his story. Moreover, we can find that Paulo’s life is just like

what we wrote inside The Alchemist. Paulo was born in an austere surrounding and

his parents always suppressed him. However, Paulo still did what he want, for
instance: joined the political activity. After he met so many difficult, he decided to be

a “normal”. He tried his hand at writing without very seriously until he met a stranger

who encouraged and advised him. Finally, Paulo wrote many books and all of the

books not only are still published now but also always appeared on bestseller lists.

From his story, we can find that it is similar as the boy’s experience. Both of them had

their dream and they also had pursued it. Moreover, the boy and Paulo had met a king

or stranger to instruct them. In addition, they had overcome many difficult before they

reached their goal. Finally, both of them were success in the end. Therefore, in my

opinion, the boy inside the book represents Paulo’s past. He described his personal

legend through the boy to speak out his experience. Moreover, Paulo always used “the

boy” instead the boy’s name, Santiago, for he hoped everyone can imagine that all of

us are the boy who was filled with courage and patience, so we will success in the


  In conclusion, after I finished reading The Alchemist, I feel that I am inspired by

the author. The words inside the book seems like encouraged me to pursue my dream

quickly. I deeply believe this is the reason why The Alchemist is so popular for a long

time until now. The author, Paulo, has also achieves his goal- move and drive the


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