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rm- newslette- september 2011



               MONTHLY NEWSLETTER - September 2011

                                        adopted at the Board of Directors
DON'T FEED ANY WILD ANIMALS             meeting on Tuesday, October 4,
                                        2011.    If you have questions or
We are fortunate to have many wild      comments regarding the rule, please
animals (deer, coyote, ducks, geese,    attend the meeting or if you cannot
chipmunks, etc.) pass through RM.       attend, please send a note to the
Unfortunately, some      animals also   management office to be presented
create some undesirable side effects    to the board on your behalf.
(excrement,      burrowing     under
buildings, etc). The HOA makes               Three (3) domestic pets (cats
every effort     to minimize the              and dogs) are the maximum
undesirable     effects   of   these          allowed in each Homeowners
creatures, but we need owners                 unit.
assistance. DO NOT FEED ANY WILD
ANIMALS. This includes bird feeders.         Pets must be leashed and
(FYI: The more damage by wild                 under control at all times while
animals, the more repair work                 outside and may not be tied
required, the higher the monthly              to any trees or bushes.
assessments.) Call Sue or John if you
have any concerns.                           Pet owners must remove pet
                                              excrement immediately.

FYI: The small red flags around your         Pet owners may be assessed
buildings were placed there by the            damages      to      sod/lawns
chipmunk exterminator. Please do              caused by their pets.
not remove.

                                        NEXT BOARD MEETING:      The next
PONDS: The ponds at RM are not as       Board of Directors meeting is
scenic as desirable. The HOA is         Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 7:00
exploring various treatments. The       P.M.   at  Association    Property
circulatory system and current          Management, Inc, 20 N. Main Street,
treatments are functioning, but the     Oswego.
weather has not been favorable.
Please be patient.

NEW PET RULE: At the August 9, 2011
Board of Directors meeting, the
Board approved the following rules
regarding pets. These rules will be

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