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									                               AIRTRONIC USA, INC.
                                        116 N. LIVELY BLVD.
                                  ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL 60007 USA
                                        PHONE: 847-437-0100
                                         FAX: 847-290-8679

                             40 MM PUMP ACTION GRENADE LAUNCHER
                                     SPECIFICATION SHEET

40mm Pump Grenade Launcher

The Airtronic China Lake 4x40 pump grenade launcher system is a bottom load tubular magazine multi-
shot 40mm grenade launcher gun. It is possible to turn off the magazine feed and manually load an
alternative round. Its operation is similar to all standard bottom load pump Winchester and Mossberg
shotguns, so its design minimizes training. The 40mm lethal / less than lethal capabilities plus its broad
versatility make it an essential weapon in both offensive and defensive operations.

Caliber                 40mm
                        5.5 Pounds (empty)
                        6.5 Pounds (loaded)
Length                  24 Inches (609.6mm)
Barrel Length           14 Inches (355.6mm)
Width                   3.3 Inches (84mm)
Ammunition              40 mm x 46 mm Lethal (4 round capacity)
                        40 mm x 40 mm Less than Lethal (5 round capacity)
Maximum Range           400 meters for area target; 200 meters for point target
Muzzle Velocity         250 Feet per Second (76 Meters per Second)
Rate of Fire            5 rounds / 8 seconds
Accessories             Includes M4 six position stock and pistol grip, leaf sight, PVS-7 night vision
                        device, and Picatinny accessory rails. Optional holographic sight, M79 veneer,
                        sight, and wooden stock are available.
Warranty                Two year limited for defects in material and workmanship
Training                Certified on-site and off-site training is available

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