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					    The violence against the civil protesters in Egypt must stop! The Military Council must
                            listen to the voice of the people and leave.

On these highly symbolic days of international mobilisation against violence against women,
European Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI strongly condemns the brutal violence by the military
regime in Egypt and expresses our feminist solidarity and support with the Egyptian people
who now continue to fight for democracy and freedom.

Our Egyptian friends, activists for democracy declared last January: “The people of Egypt
won’t leave the streets, won’t give up until Mubarak leaves!”, when the security forces
were exercising a violent repression against the protesters. Today they affirm that
Egyptian people won’t leave until the Military Council leaves. There is no bargain for
dignity, freedom and justice.

Egyptian popular uprising enters a new phase: protection of the fruits of the revolution,
for freedom and true social justice, for non-interference of the military, army and
security forces and towards the building of a civil and secular democratic state, for a life
free of violence and persecution.

European Feminist Initiative (IFE-EFI) strongly denounces and condemns the killings of
civilian protesters and the violence of the military and armed forces against the Egyptian
people. The police and the army ruthlessly attack and beat civilians, killing on the spot and
use live bullets, arms and poisonous gas, in spite of the statements the Military Council
issued. This shows that The Military Council supports the conservative forces against the
will of their own people.

The EU and all the European governments keep a deafening silence about the violence used
against civilians in Egypt while they are subjugating the peoples of Europe to more and
more severe limitations of their economic, civic and social rights and their freedoms.
European Feminist Initiative calls to mobilisation to oblige the European leaders to put an
immediate end to their support to the Military Council and to condemn clearly its crimes.

We support the demands of the Egyptian people for the departure of the Military Council
and for forming of a civil government of national unity to lead the country through the
transition towards building a democratic state ensuring human dignity, social justice and
the fundamental rights for women and men without distinction of sex, origin or religion.

In these days when the elections so crucial for the future of the country are beginning,
we reiterate our solidarity with the Egyptian feminist movement as a major force of the
democratic movement for the implementation of women’s rights as universal human rights.
We anew express our support to achieve a democracy free of any kind of religious
interference in the State affairs.

We salute the courage of the feminist activists. Our hearts and minds continue to be with
them until the achievement of the changes that they aspire.

European Coordination IFE-EFI

November 2011

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