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									Jordan Pesusich
3446 Watada St, Brighton, CO 80601


     I am a software and electrical engineer with over 8 years of professional experience in such areas as creating and
     developing websites, web applications, applications for mobile devices (Windows/Apple/Android), desktops, and
     programming firmware for embedded microcontrollers . I have a solid fundamental knowledge of software and the
     hardware it runs on.


     I have written code with the following languages, platforms and environments:
                 Web sites and web applications using C#, ASP.Net, Silverlight(XAML/C#), ActiveX( Visual Basic,
                  COM/OLE), JavaScript, AJAX, Java, JSP, Web Services(WCF/SOAP), HTML(4/5), CSS, DHTML, VBA(MS
                  Office), XML, XSD, SQL, Apache, IIS, and Salesforce integration (SOQL/APEX)
                 Windows applications using C++(MFC), C#.NET, Visual Basic, Java
                 Apple iOS applications for iPad/iPhone using Objective-C
                 Android devices using Java
                 Embedded Firmware devices using C/C++, MASM, MC18 (PIC uControllers)


     Senior Software Engineer R&D                                                                               2005-Present
     Media Marketing Materials, Inc.
        I developed many different kinds of applications that ran on nearly every platform.
        I created, developed and maintained web applications using the latest technologies, web sites, server
         applications, apps for mobile devices, desktop utilities and applications, 3 rd party application integration
         including Salesforce, and server side processing. Most projects required integrating with a wide range of
        Helped to leverage technology to successfully transition the company into a virtual office space.

     Senior Electrical/Software Engineer R&D                                                                       2004-2006
     Remote Switch Systems, Inc.
        I developed a remote access any-to-any switching device. Skills utilized include circuit design/analysis, parts
         procurement, schematic design in AutoCAD, reverse engineering prior art, firmware development, web
         application development, and server development.
        Designed and developed hardware system that used internet level web configuration to manage , configure and
         communicate with devices.
        Created end-user desktop applications in addition to web applications for strict access users .
        I created and obtained US Patent : US 2008/0192727 A1 for “Reconfiguration of Non-Fully Populated Switch

     Information Technology Specialist                                                                             2003-2004
     Mental Health Center of Boulder
        Internal support providing active trouble shooting and maintenance of hundreds of employees and 500+
         machines at multiple sites.
        Trained and created technical protocols for machine deployments.
        Created scripts, and batch files to optimize processes.


     Metropolitan State College of Denver                                                                                2003
        Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering with Computer Science minor

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