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									minutes      ABS Meeting Thursday, 18.11.2010

Ort:         Café Ministerium, 1010 Wien

present:     Dr. Kurt Tiroch
             Manfred Killian
             Elizabeth Lloyd-Davies
             Evelyn Schellenberg
             Mag. Lukas Stipkovich
             Ing.Mag. Jörg Koessler
             Mag. Ismail Sadek

Excused:     Dr. Alexander Christiani
             Marlies Koessler-Hammerschmid
             Friedrich Fruth

Agenda:      1. Welcome
             2. contact to existing OBGs
             3. potential membership list
             4. Budget 2011
             5. Roll Up
             6. New Members
             7. RBS Event
             8. X – Mas Event Hirschstetten
             9. Next board meeting + „Stammtisch“
             10 Others

1. Welcome
Apart from the present board members, Dr. Tiroch welcomed Elisabeth Hammerlindl/
2. Contact to existing OBGs
Dr. Tiroch contacted the existing OGBs in Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt and Innsbruck.
Apart from the OGB in Klagenfurt all of them replied and stated there interest in
contact and info exchange.
In the board meeting the idea was raised to invite them to our „Stammtisch“ starting
in January. Dr. Tiroch will do the follow up

3. Potential membership list
F. Fruth and Mag. Koessler issued a potential membership list, which includes all
potential members collected since the foundation in September. Current members,
members of other friend friendship org. and members of public organistations have
been excluded, adresses raised by the board members included.
Dr. Tiroch has a different list, too. It was agreed that we should have only one list
usable as an action list. This will be done by Dr. Tiroch and Marion Gruber next
Wednesday (24th).

4. budget 2011
Mag. Koessler did a basic cautious budget for next year. Basically everyone agreed
on it. For the final confirmation the board wants to wait until we have better
knowledge of the real financial situation by the end of the year.

5. Roll Ups
   For events we require 2 Roll Ups for self marketing.
   Dr. Tiroch introduced 3 designs following our agreed CI.
   Finaly the one with the „ocular“ pictures was chosen using a
   blue bottom stripe.
   Costs: 380.- Euro each
   One will be sponsored by BP, the other one maybe by RBS
   (final decision by Mag. Stipkovich at the end of this week)
   Dr.Tiroch will order them by the end of this week.

6. New Members
   The following new members have been confirmed.
   MBA Simon Hughes, Christian Steiner, Dr. Ljubo Brajkovich,
   Mag.Dr. Manfred Madl, Doris Kunschitz.
   All applied as individuell members. In total the ABS has now 45

7. RBS Event 25.11.10
   The event organisation is on target. RBS did a substantial
   sponsorship to make this event special and we are all looking
   forward to the evening with the „Wiener Klaviertrio“.
   Mag. Stipkovich once again pointed out that the three chosen
   speakers have to do their speaches as short as possible (max. 3
   minutes). Due to the tight time schedule the event will start spot
   on. Everybody registered is requested to be there before it starts at
   07:20 pm.

8. X – Mas Event Hirschstetten
  The event organisation is on target, too. Evelyn Schellenberg,
  explained the details.
  Dr. Tiroch will send out the invitations by the end of the week.
  Most of the expenses of this event are sponsored by the
  Standard Chartered Bank/ Mag. Sadek.

9. Next Board Meeting
   January 20th 2011, 06:00 pm, Cafe Ministerium

  1st. „Stammtisch“ for all members
  January 20th, 2011, 07:00pm, Cafe Ministerium

10. Others
 - The event on January 27th in the British Embassy is fixed
  „Mr. Hubert Schwarz – Around the world on a bike in 80
  The complete event is sponsored. Details and invitation tba.
- The idea of joining an act in the English Theatre was raised. Mag.
Koessler will check the ticket availability and options with the English Theatre. Ideally
it should be in February or March.

                                                Ing. Mag. Jörg Koessler
                                                Trumau, 19.11.10

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