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					                                   The Florida Bar
                               Young Lawyers Division
                                2011 Pro Bono Award
                                  Nomination Form
                  Nominations Must Be Received by: November 3, 2010

Florida Bar Attorney Number:
Name of Nominee:
Office telephone:                                        Email:

The YLD Pro Bono Award recognizes the public service or legal aid performed by a young lawyer
(under the age of 36 or one who has not practiced for more than five years in any jurisdiction) who
provides outstanding contributions to those in need of legal services. A nominee must be admitted to
practice in Florida.

The term Pro Bono is derived from the phrase pro bono publico meaning “for the good of the public.”
The purpose of this award is to encourage more Florida young lawyers to freely contribute their time and
expertise in providing legal services to people in their community who cannot otherwise afford those
services. In some instances, this will include legal services to charitable organizations which serve the
poor. The emphasis of this award is on legal service to the poor. The information requested on this
form should be as complete as possible. It will provide the only basis on which to select a recipient.
Associates and employees of the nominee, as well as the nominee, may be of assistance in completing the

1.   In a separate attachment, describe the ways the nominee has voluntarily contributed a significant
     portion of time in providing legal services to poor people without charge.
     Please include the following:

     a.     List and description of the cases or matters handled by the nominee which are pertinent to this
            award. (Please do not use real names or provide confidential information.)

     b.     An estimate of the number of hours the nominee contributes to pro bono representation.

     c.     A high-resolution photograph (head shot preferred) of the nominee.

2.    Does the nominee participate in a pro bono program, i.e., legal aid society, local bar association pro
      bono projects, law pro bono projects, etc.?

      Yes               No
      If yes, which programs?

3.    Has the nominee’s contribution been made primarily by way of participation in a pro bono program?

      Yes              No
      If yes, which programs?

4.   What are the nominee’s principal areas of practice?

5.   Number of years nominee has been practicing law.

6.   In which local, state and national bar association is the nominee a member? For each association,
     provide committees, sections, leadership positions and activities in which the nominee participates.

7.   Name of person/organization submitting this nomination
     Phone:                                           Email:

8.   Name of contact person with additional information, if different from above.
     Phone:                                           Email:
9.   Please attach a current resume of the nominee.

Submit two (2) copies (total) of the nomination form and support materials to:
Copy 1                                          Copy 2

Edward R. McCarthy, Chair                       Tom Miller
YLD Awards Committee                            Professional Development
Weil, Gotshal & Manges, LLP         AND         The Florida Bar
1395 Brickell Avenue, Ste. 1200                 651 East Jefferson Street
Miami , Florida 33131                           Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2300              


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