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october minutes 2011


Monday, October 17, 2011

Present: Dick Blankinship, Valerie Bone, Craig Hinchman, Dick Hunt, Rusty Joins, Janet Means, Margie
Price, Bob Ramsburg, Freda Ray, Dorothy Siemiaczko, Jonathan & Peter Triplett, Pastor Johnna
Wheaton, Joan Gambill, Ramona Lockwood and Chris Parsley.

Rusty opened the meeting with a devotion on “Raising A Garden” followed by prayer.

Celebrations –Jonathan celebrates ‘Special Olympics’. Ramona is happy for a safe trip here. Rusty
enjoyed a bike ride yesterday as well as spending some time with a gentleman that he met at Oaks Field
where he was able to invite him to Church. Peter has been attending the Worship Team and Hospitality
Meetings where he is learning a lot. Dorothy celebrates the fact that Logan who was born with Prater
Willies Syndrome was able to go home. Johnna celebrates the new small study group that meets every
other week. The anthem on Sunday was most enjoyable. Craig is looking forward to Sunday, where his
and Amanda’s marriage will be blessed followed by a reception lunch.

Janet said that LuAnna Scott has requested the use of our van for the next two days (Tuesday and
Wednesday) from 3:00 – 8:00 p.m. She will also need a driver.

Margie made a motion that we approve the use of the van, providing a driver can be secured. Dick
Blankinship seconded the motion. Motion unanimously approved.

Bob distributed the balance sheet as of September 30, 2011. He has received a response from the IRS
for 2008 West Side UMC. The amount owed has been reduced from $3,241.34 to $348.18, which has
been paid.

The Finance Team has been working on a proposed Budget for 2012 which was distributed. Bob is
asking all committees to review their budget and get recommendations for changes to him by
November 1st.

Dick Blankinship reported for the Trustees. He explained that when the four churches united they were
not properly advised as to how they should take care of all the legal matters. As a result we now have
several legal issues that need attention. We are not receiving some of our tax tickets. We legally cannot
sell any property, since the property has not been properly transferred to Canaan. The royalties from
the oil and gas wells cannot be transferred. We have money that we cannot get since this has not been
properly taken care of. Dick is recommending that we hire a lawyer to handle this.

Dick Hunt made a motion that the Trustees take whatever action needed, including hiring a lawyer to
get this issue resolved. Bob Ramsburg seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.
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Dick also found out that mail that cannot be delivered to Central, Wesley ,etc. nobody knows where it is
going. The lady in charge of mail delivery on the west side is going to check into this.

Dick also recommended that we have a Business Manager to handle things like this. This individual
would be responsible for knowing where the deeds and other legal documents are kept, as well as how
to handle some financial issues.

Dick Hunt made a motion that a team made up of the Chairpersons of the Administrative Council,
Finance and Trustees as well as Pastor Johnna be formed to look into this matter. Valerie Bone
seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Craig reported that the Worship Team has met and are planning to continue working toward the
combined service. They are checking on the cost to make the necessary moves. They have also met
with the Trustees about the moves. He said that they have received very little input from the

There was some discussion that some of the congregation would leave if this happens. After some
discussion it was suggested that a note be put in the bulletin saying that this is being studied and that
input, thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. The next Worship Team Meeting will be Monday,
November 7th. Prayer is being requested.

Due to the fact that Terry is sick, the Kitchen issue is being tabled for this meeting.

Dick Hunt said that the PPRC has met and made recommendation for Pastor Johnna’s salary for next

Charge Conference will be November 17, 2011. The recommendations from the Lay Leadership Team
will be in the bulletin prior to this meeting.

Ramona asked if the Council would like the United Methodist Women to continue the “Change for
Change Program”. Dorothy made a motion that they continue this next year. Dick Hunt seconded the
motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Margie reminded everyone that tomorrow is the deadline for the newsletter. She encouraged folks to
give her lots of information. Information for the holidays needs to go in this issue.

Respectfully Submitted:
Joan Gambill

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