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									                     John Fisher Public School Noon Enrichment

We are pleased to bring you the 2011-2012 Noon Enrichment Activities. In this
package, you’ll find everything you need to register your child for the wide array of
lunchtime activities we are offering this year. ALL programs require a registration
form even if they are specified as drop-in.

We’d like to thank the teachers who give of their free time to make many of these clubs
and programs happen. Our noon enrichment staff also plays an important role in
ensuring our kids are safe, happy, and busy at lunchtime, so a big thank you goes out
to them as well.

Registration Instructions:

When registering, please use a separate form and cheque (if applicable) for each
activity and for each child.

If you have a conflict with an activity listed or not listed in the registration, please
register and indicate what that conflict is in the space labeled “Program Conflict”.
Additional classes may be added on other days if registration warrants. If additional
classes cannot be opened, a lottery will be held for the limited number of spaces in a
particular program.

Please return your registration and cheques (if applicable) by December 22nd, 2011.
Late forms cannot be accepted. In the case of financial difficulty, please see the school
principal in complete confidence.

All programs begin the week of January 16th, 2012, unless otherwise indicated.
If you have any questions or would like to help with a club, please contact Arliss
Collins at

The Lunch Committee
Noon Enrichment Registration Form
If registering for more than one program per child, please use separate
forms for each program. If your selected program club involves a fee, please
provide one cheque per choice. The unused cheque will be destroyed.

Cheques should be made payable to “John Fisher Noon Enrichment Program”.

 Child’s Name:             ____________________________________________________

 Grade: __________             Room/Teacher:          _______________________

 Lunchroom (circle one): Gym              A      C


      1st choice:          ___________________________________________________

    2nd choice:            ___________________________________________________
 (if 1st is unavailable)

 Program Conflict:         ___________________________________________________
 (specify day & program)

 Mother:                   daytime telephone
 Father:                   daytime telephone

** Please assume your registration is confirmed unless you hear otherwise.
Program                                                                         Grades Days           Fee
Knitting                                                                        Grades Tuesdays       $25 new
Mme Kozlov is back with her ever popular knitting class. Old and new            3-6      from Jan     knitters
knitters are welcome. Experienced knitters are encouraged to participate in              24th, 2012   $20 returning
the Knit a Square initiative. We will be sending knitted squares to Africa to                         knitters
make blankets for the AIDS Orphans.                                                                   (materials)
Parents and grandparents are welcome to help out!
This club will be re-opened for Grade 3 students
Book Club                                                                       All      Thursdays    $0
Librarian Mme. Lewis is hosting the John Fisher Book Talk Club. It’s a place    grades   Drop-in
for students to share their love of reading and improve their public speaking
skills and confidence through mini book reviews and recommendations.
Folkfest                                                                        All      Mondays      $0
Learn and enjoy the art of folk dancing. In May, the children will attend an    grades
evening outdoor celebration festival with other TDSB schools – weather
Little Romans/ Parvi Romani                                                     Grades   Tuesdays     $40
This PRIMARY LATIN program is a continuation of the fall program,               2-3                   (materials)
introducing younger children to basic Latin vocabulary through songs,
dances, word games, speaking and written activities, as well as Roman
mythology and the Greek alphabet. Children are also encouraged to perform
in our year end Latin play.
Chess Club                                                                      All      Tuesdays     $ 25
Monsieur Latimer hosts this club for both advanced and beginner chess           grades                (materials)
players. Learn to play, improve your game, and above all, have fun.
Lego Club                                                                       All      All Days     $0
If you love Lego, you’ll love the opportunity to create the structure of your   grades
choice alongside others in this fun and informal setting.
Program                                                                           Grades Days          Fee
The Kilometer Club                                                                All      Everyday    $0
Lunch staff will help you keep track of your laps around the field - run, walk,   grades
or skip. It’s up to you!
Intramural Sports                                                                 Grades   Wednesdays $0
Join Mme Marchand in the gym for intramurals sports. Sports activities will       1-3      Drop in
vary based on the number of participants.
Game Club                                                                         All      Mondays     $0
Whether it’s Boggle, Monopoly or Scrabble, grab a friend or two and enjoy         grades   Drop in
your favorite game after lunch.
Outdoor Fun                                                                       All      Everyday    $0
Skipping ropes, balls, hula-hoops, and more are available for use. Just ask a     grades   Drop In
lunch monitor!
Craft Club                                                                        All      Everyday    $0
Feel free to make use of paper, pencils, glue, markers, beads and much more       grades   Drop in
in a drop-in setting. Stay tuned for more themed crafts!
Art Studio with Nancy                                                             All      Tuesdays    $175
Nancy Johnston will help students discover many aspects of the Fine Arts,         grades   Thursdays
which may include still life, landscape, and portrait sketching and painting.
Comedy Improv                                                                     All      Wednesdays $105
A professional actor teaches improvisational games and various acting             grades   Thursdays
techniques to improve confidence, self-expression, and body awareness.
Beads                                                                             All      Fridays     $115
Learn to make your own beautiful jewelry and crafts with a professional           grades
Chess Instruction                                                                 All      Fridays     $95
An instructional chess lesson from the Chess'n'Math Association followed by       grades
an opportunity for game time. Chess homework sheets are available at the
end of each class. All levels of enthusiastic players welcome.

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