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					The Nutcracker Tea Party, Saturday, November 19, 2:00 PM

I have taken the advice of several parents and come up with a new way of handling the tea
party. I hope that you will all participate and enjoy.

First of all, everyone is invited. It is no longer going to be specifically for mothers and
daughters. All children are welcome. It is a PUBLIC event.

We will have it in the Margaret Martin building. This will be so much easier for everyone,
especially the cast members who are dressing in costume.

Tables will be set up by the parents of each cast member as related to their parts.
(Excluding Party Scene) Parents of those in a group role will put your heads together and
share the responsibility. Everyone has two roles. You will decide which role you want to
participate in setting up the table for. You can help with both if you like. Even if all you can
only buy something, try to contribute somehow. I am going to provide a list of the cast with
phone numbers so you can all chat and plan. So, if you have a gingerbread doll/flower, you
will be involved in setting up the table for the gingerbread dolls and the flowers. Get with
those moms and try to plan a table with food and decorations that will represent those
characters. It doesn’t have to be a lot. This makes it fair for everyone.

We will have a meeting early this year to explain everything. I really hope that everyone will
participate. The tea has become a true art show. The tables we had last year were amazing!

Some of the food items we’ve seen in the past are:
      Mice made from Hershey kisses and almonds
      Nutcracker Snickers bars
      Cookies shaped like snowflakes
      Sugar plum fairy wands
      Angel halos
      Candy canes
      Mother Ginger & BonBons
      Petits Fors
      Russian boots
      Coffee, Tea and Punch
      Chocolate fountain (I will provide this)
      Flower cookies

And the list doesn’t even begin to give you an idea of how creative these moms have been in
decorating the tables to present these items!

If we all contribute, it will be easy and fun. The faster we get it set up and cleaned up, the
better for everyone.

The proceeds for this event will be going to children’s charities around town. I will choose
something different every year. So the items you buy are tax deductible.

I will also be asking a photographer to come set up so the children can have their photos
taken with the cast member of their choice.

More details about tables at the meeting! Thank you for all that you do!!!

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