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 EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN                                          APPENDIX H

                          Emergency Evacuation Plan

Purpose         To reduce the possibility of death and injury to members
                of the campus community through an organized
                evacuation procedure. See attached individual building
                evacuation maps.

Objectives      1. Conduct orderly and safe evacuation from danger area
                   by designated routes.

                2. Alert campus community that a hazard exists.

                3. As necessary notify outside agencies that an
                   evacuation has occurred.

                4. Notify the campus population through the following
                   measures, as appropriate to the specific circumstances
                   at the time:

                   a. Building fire alarms

                   b. Campus Telephones (as directed by the
                      Emergency Operations Manager).

                   c. Bullhorns.

                   d. Runners

                   e. Flashing lights for hearing impaired/deaf persons.
Procedures      1. When evacuation is determined to be necessary by the
                   Emergency Operations Manager, and approved by the
                   College President, occupants will leave their buildings
                   immediately by the nearest plan-designated "Staging
                   Area" or as advised. In each classroom and building, a
                   chart is posted identifying the appropriate evacuation
                   route from the building.

                2. Building Monitors designated in the Disaster Plan will
                   assist district employees, students and campus visitors
                   and will ensure that evacuation instructions are carried
                   out according to building evacuation plans. As shown
                   on the campus maps (see appendix III), people will be
                   evacuated to designated "Staging Areas" around the

                3. Evacuation of disabled persons will be given high
                   priority by Building Monitors in all emergencies; they
                   will be evacuated in accordance with the building
                   evacuation plan. Elevators are not to be used.
                   Building Monitors may request assistance of faculty.
                   Based on specific circumstances, Building Monitors
                   are responsible for designating the safest evacuation
                   routes for disabled persons.
 EVACUATION                          H-1                                      07/07
 EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN                                              APPENDIX H

                4. If total evacuation from the campus is necessary,
                   specific instructions for a safe evacuation procedure
                   will be given by the Emergency Operations Manager at
                   that time.

                5. The Emergency Operations Manager will dispatch
                   available emergency
                   personnel and apparatus to the emergency scene.

                6. Emergency alerting will occur by utilizing the campus
                   wide fire alarm system/and or digital pagers.

                7. Building Monitors and other support staff available on
                   campus will be notified by EOC and will report to
                   assigned areas and stand by.

On-Campus       Areas on campus have been designated as "Staging
Evacuation      Areas" for on campus evacuation (see Campus Map)
Areas           These include:

                Parking Lots

                Baseball Fields

                Tennis courts

                Stadium Parking Lots. Parking lots (All persons should
                assemble in the middle of Lots)

                If only on-campus evacuation is necessary (i. e., the
                emergency is confined to a specific area and people are
                not required to leave campus), evacuated persons will
                remain at location(s) until an "all clear" signal is given by
                the Emergency Operations Manager.

Evacuation      If evacuation from campus is necessary, the Emergency
From Campus     Operations Manager will at the time designate evacuation
                routes as "_______________________." A future shelter
                site, if appropriate, may be designated at this time.

                If the emergency occurs during class/office hours, outlined
                alert and warning procedures should be activated by the
                Emergency Operations Manager.

                EOC personnel will make these required calls. People on
                the Building Monitors List will be called.

                Grounds personnel will place signs at all campus
                entrances indicating that the campus is closed, stopping
                vehicles from coming on campus. They will place the
                traffic signals on flashing red mode and start traffic

 EVACUATION                            H-2                                      07/07
 EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN                                             APPENDIX H

                  Cars exiting the campus will be directed away from the
                  institution. The Maintenance and Custodial Staff will assist
                  in clearing staff and students from campus, assist in
                  opening doors for police and fire personnel and will assist
                  looking for any suspicious objects.

                  Persons contacted will be given general instructions and
                  advised to aid in the evacuation of persons in their
                  particular area of responsibility or general location.
                  Additional telephone calls by those contacted may be
                  requested by public safety personnel.

Vehicle Traffic   Campus Safety or other designated emergency personnel
                  will inform other persons on campus of evacuation
                  instructions by utilizing available communication systems
                  (bullhorns, building fire alarms, digital pagers, runners,
                  etc.) as appropriate to the specific situation.

All Clear         1. The Emergency Operations Manager will coordinate an
                     "all clear" signal via runners or voice command.

                  2. Telephone notification by EOC personnel (upon
                     direction from the Emergency Operations Manager).

 EVACUATION                             H-3                                      07/07
 EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN                                            APPENDIX H

                    Evacuation Procedures Leave Campus

Purpose          To assist the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
                 personnel in evacuating persons on campus who are
                 without vehicles and need transportation. To create an
                 orderly exit procedure from the campus.

Background       In the event of an emergency at the college (i.e., a
                 chemical spill or other similar emergency), it may be
                 recommended to evacuate the campus. Guidelines for
                 persons on campus needing evacuation who do not have
                 a means of transportation to leave the college are outlined

Notification     In the event that campus evacuation is the selected
                 action, emergency alerting will occur via the EOC through:
                 (1) calling/paging Building Monitors, (2) using the fire
                 alarm system, and (3) dispatching personnel to specific

Instructions     Persons with vehicles will be advised by Campus Safety
                 and Police Personnel to exit campus by a designated
                 route. Persons without vehicles will be instructed to obtain
                 a ride if possible.

Transportation   Persons needing to evacuate who cannot obtain
                 transportation will be instructed to proceed to pre-planned
                 staging. These may include the following: (1) Parking Lots
                 2) Baseball Fields and (3) the Tennis Courts. (4) Stadium
                 Lots and Fields. Whenever possible, campus vehicles
                 should be dispatched to these areas to provide
                 transportation if campus evacuation is required.

                 If campus evacuation is required, the EOC staff should
                 allocate and designate vehicles and drivers to be
                 dispatched. Each driver will be given instructions, as well
                 as the destination point(s) for evacuation. The Resource
                 Officer and Operations shall designate staff to gas
                 vehicles as soon as possible.

                 Evacuation routes will be determined by the Emergency
                 Operations Manager after consultation with the staff of the
                 County EOC. (If an emergency occurs which necessitates
                 immediate evacuation, this information will be determined
                 by the college in coordination with the City Police, the
                 California Highway Patrol and other involved agencies.)

Special Patrol   Campus Police and Safety Personnel on patrol will give
                 instructions to pedestrians on evacuation procedures and
                 the location of "Staging Areas" from which off-campus
                 evacuation will be coordinated.

 EVACUATION                            H-4                                      07/07
 EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN                                           APPENDIX H

Keeping         A form should be used which lists cars and people usually
                on campus. The list should be used in major. This list
                should be maintained by Campus Safety Personnel and
                returned to the EOC when completed. This list will be
                used to respond to public inquiries regarding individuals
                thought to be on campus at the time of a disaster.

Checklist       The following activities should be utilized by the
                Emergency Operations Manager to activate procedures
                for evacuation.

                1.   Activate evacuation alerting procedures.

                2.   Determine evacuation route(s) and advise community.

                3.   Advise Building Monitors to recommend that those
                     persons without vehicles obtain a ride if possible.

                4.   Advise Building Monitors to inform persons needing
                     transportation to go to the designated "Staging

                6. Advise Maintenance and Operations of the locations(s)
                   where vehicles must be dispatched for transportation.
                   Also, advise Maintenance personnel of destination
                   point(s) and any other special instructions.

                7. Drivers should maintain a list of those who are

                8. Advise City/ County EOC personnel (through County
                   Communications) of status of evacuation.

                9. Dispatch Campus Safety/Police Personnel to "Staging
                   Areas" for assistance/information. Coordinate
                   evacuation of disabled population.

 EVACUATION                           H-5                                   07/07
 EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN                                                             APPENDIX H

 The                    The following statement(s) will be made by Campus
 Announcements          Police/Safety Personnel and/or the Emergency
                        Operations Manager via bullhorns, radios, cell
                        phones and loudspeakers or pagers, or other
                        systems created at the time of the emergency.

Evacuation        "This is (name),          (title).
Message to be     We have been advised to evacuate the campus. Those
Used During       persons without transportation are advised to obtain rides
Normal College    if possible. Those persons who can not obtain rides are
Hours             advised to go to the following "Staging Areas": Baseball
                  Fields, Tennis Courts, Parking Lots, etc.,

                  (If applicable) Vehicles will be dispatched (If applicable) to
                  these locations for relocation to the following destination:
                  (Locations need to be to be determined in advance)

Evacuation        "This is      ( name),       (title).
Message for Use     We have been advised to evacuate the campus. Those
After School      persons without transportation are advised to obtain rides
Hours and on      if possible. Those persons who are unable to obtain a
Weekends          ride are advised to go to one of the following "Staging
                  Areas": _________________________________.

                  Vehicles will be dispatched (If applicable) to these
                  locations for relocation to another site. We have been
                  advised that these locations are as follows:
                  (Locations need to be to be determined in advance)

 EVACUATION                                    H-6                                                 07/07

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