Ancient Egypt Intro powerpoint by liwenting


									      Ancient Egypt

Can one civilization influence the
       Questions we will answer

• What was the political structure of ancient Egypt?
• What were some customs of ancient Egypt?
• Why was the River Nile so important to the ancient
  Egyptian civilization?
• What religious traditions, cultural, and scientific
  contributions were established by the ancient
• Do you agree that Egyptians civilization can be called
  “The Gift of the Nile?” Explain.
       In this project you will…

• Research the Nile, Political Structure, Religion,
  Customs, and Scientific Contributions of
  Ancient Egypt. See Project Plan.
• Create a newspaper, brochure, and 8x10
• Comment about a question posted on the
  class blog.
• Complete a scavengers hunt about ancient
          Microsoft Publisher

• We will be using publisher to create our
  newspaper, brochure, and poster.
• You will learn to insert text boxes, insert
  graphics, and create informative publications.
         What do you know?

• Break into groups provided by the teacher.
• Brainstorm with you group and fill out the
  information on the Brainstorm page about
  what you already know about Ancient Egypt.
• You will have 5 minutes to complete this task.
• Lets begin!

• Now is time for some background about
  Ancient Egypt. While viewing this video, you
  will need to note 10 things that you have
  learned about ancient Egypt. This will be
  counted for your daily participation grade.
• Video I
• Video II

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