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					                          Stocks, Sauces & Soups
                                Chapter 6
1.    A French word that refers to the mixture of chopped onions, carrots, & celery
      that provides a flavor base for stock is
2.    A bundle of fresh herbs, such as thyme, parsley stems, & a bay leaf, tied
      together is an example of ________________________________.
3.    A flavorful liquid made gently simmering bones and/or vegetables is
4.    A highly flavored type of stock made with fish bones is a
5.    A (n) ____________________________________ is a reduced stock with
      jelly-like consistency, made from brown stock, chicken stock, or fish stock.
6.    A (n) _____________________________________ is a rich, lightly reduced
      stock used as a sauce for roasted meats.
7.    The process of eliminating bones or impurities that can cause cloudiness in a
      stock is ____________________________________.
8.    ________________________________ causes bone & mirepoix to release
      flavor more quickly when the liquid is added.
9.    Frozen stock can be held for _____________________ month (s).
10.   The process of removing fat that has cooled & hardened from the surface of
      the stock is called __________________________________.
11.   A liquid or semisolid product that adds flavor, moisture, & visual appeal to
      another dish is a/an _____________________________________.
12.   ________________________________ is the grand/mother sauce that is
      made from milk & a white roux.
13.   A rich brown sauce that is traditionally made by combining equal parts of
      espagnole & veal stock is called ________________________________.
14.   Creole is a derivative sauce of ______________________________.
15.   A/an _______________________________ is a thickener made from equal
      parts cooked flour & fat.
16.   A thickener made from equal parts flour & soft, whole butter is ___________
17.   A mixture of egg yolks & heavy cream, often used to finish some sauces, is
      called _______________________________________.
18.   A cold mixture of fresh herbs, spices, fruits, and/or vegetables is called
19.   A sauce made from the juice of cooked meats & brown stock is
20.   A pierced-metal, cone-shaped strainer used to strain soups, stocks, & other
      liquids to remove all solid ingredients is a ___________________________
21.   A rich, flavorful broth or stock that has been clarified is
22.   A soup that is thickened by the starch of the main ingredient, such as potatoes,
      rather than an added starch, such as a roux, is a ________________________.
23.   A hearty, thick soup made in much the same way as a cream soup is a/an
24.   Béchamel sauce is a/an ______________________________ sauce.
25.   A stock should be cooled to at least _________________________º to ensure
      its safety.
26.   A liaison is a thickener made from a mixture of ________________________
      and _______________________________.
27.   Sachet d’épices and bouquet garni are known as _______________________.
28.   ______________________________ is the liquid most often used when
      making stocks.
29.   List an example of a clear soup.
30.   A/an ______________________________ is the thickener that is most often
      used in basic cream soups.
31.   The 5 grand sauces are known as mother sauces because they are __________
32.   The wringing method is used to __________________________ a sauce.
33.   A ________________________________ sauce is made from veal, chicken,
      or fish stock & a blond roux.
34.   The 2 main ingredients of béchamel are ____________________________
      and _____________________________.
35.   Cream soups should NEVER be _______________________________.
36.   The main ingredient in bisque is usually ____________________________.
37.   The correct mixture of mirepoix is __________________ onion,
      _______________ celery, & ____________________ carrots.
38.   Brown stock & brown roux are used to make _________________________.
39.   __________________________________ sauce is the base for béarnaise
40.   A _____________________________________ stock is made by simmering
      poultry, beef, veal or game bones that have been browned first.
41.   ___________________________________________ is a mixture of raw
      butter & various flavoring ingredients, such as, herbs, nuts, citrus zest,
      shallots, ginger & vegetables.
42.   The process of __________________________________ removes some fat
      content, making a stock healthier.
43.   To _____________________________ is to slowly mix a little bit of a hot
      sauce with eggs or cream to raise the temperature slowly to prevent them from
      cooking or curdling.
44.   Straining tomatoes with a cheesecloth or filter, so that no seeds or skins get
      into the stock, is known as ________________________________________.

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