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									           Woodfield at Heritage Oaks Homeowners Association, Inc.
                        Board of Directors Meeting
                        Monday, February 4, 2008
                       Time: 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
               Wesley United Methodist Church – Fellowship Hall

                             MEETING MINUTES

1. Call Meeting to Order: called the meeting to order at 6:31 P.M.

2. Proof of Notice of Meeting: The meeting notice/agenda was posted on the
   bulletin board at the pool 48 hours prior to the meeting. Did not post on website.
   Community sign was erected 48 hours prior to meeting.

3. In attendance: Janet Miller, Will Klein, Joe Conners, Lori Marcy & Shawn
   Mecchella. Absent: Anna Howell due to a family emergency out of state.

4. Approval of Minutes: No minutes to approve at this time.

5. New Business:
a. Introduction of Laura Byrnes, CRS representative. Homeowners will receive
   notification of the management company. CRS will take over the management of
   the gate.
b. Joe Conners has the original software and it will have to be given to Laura
   Byrnes. A copy should be maintained by Joe Conners if he so desires and a copy
   to Paul Owens/Al Krah. Reason for the change is that CRS is available 24 hours
   a day.
c. Janet Miller will be the board liaison with CRS and Lori Marcy will be Janet
   Miller’s back up.
d. CRS will be responsible for the financials, but we (Anna Howell, treasurer) will
   sign the checks.
e. CRS will store our records at no charge. We can go to the office to see the
   records anytime.
f. CRS will do our newsletter with their advertisements if we so desire.
g. CRS will also maintain a website for us if we so desire. Both at no extra charge.
h. Welcome packet will be sent out to the homeowners.
i. CRS will handle covenant enforcement.
j. CRS will begin the drive through(s) in Woodfield.
k. Shawn Mecchella will be a committee liaison for all committees and report back
   to Janet Miller.

6. Addressing the Board:
a. Notes from the December meeting will be emailed Janet Miller.
b. Joe Conners has a key to the gate & P.O. Box. Joe Conners has an empty sign
   frame and a community yard sale sign.
c. Pool repair bids from last year – no there are none.

d. Are there any tapes, mail, records, financials, and any property, discs out there
   that has not been turned over? Litigation? Joe Conners has a box of litigation.
e. File cabinet @ Greg Garver’s house needs to be picked up. Laura Byrnes will
   pick up the filing cabinet at 2:00PM February 5, 2008 from Greg Garver.
f. Erosion at the Owens residence? There is a swale. Catch 22.
g. Lot #142 –There is a tree in the area that is leaning towards the lake – most of the
   weight is on one side. It is my understanding that if we trim it to keep it from
   going down it might be about $200.00 to $400.00, but if we wait until it goes
   down it will cost more. If it goes down it will take a boat to go in there to get it
   out. Is that correct? Will Klein, “Is it a piece of common area that backs up to a
   homeowners property?” Janet Miller, “I believe it is.” Will Klein will get Janet
   Miller information to review about this issue.

7. Review of Problems: This is important that we all have an understanding of
   where we are and what it is going to take to get the association back to operating
   properly, to be compliant with the statutes.
a. Several late bills which incurred late fees. Mail was held for quite a while. All
   bills have been paid and Victor made sure that our penalty on the insurance was
   removed, so we did not have to pay the penalty. Pool service was going to cancel,
   but Janet made a call and service will not be cancelled. Assessments were late in
   being mailed out, but they are out now.
b. Complaint from homeowners is that they cannot get in touch with board members
   and board members are unable to get a hold of board members. This hampers
c. Installation of the Finwall’s patio (directed at Will Klein). This will be addressed
   at the ACRC meeting on Wednesday (2/6/08). ACRC application was submitted
   2/2/08 dated January 11, 2008. The ACRC form dated January 11, 2008 has
   nothing to do with the 30 day approval, per Will Klein.
d. Homeowner’s roster is now current.
e. Getting rid of the black box (box for the ACRC forms) up at the pool. Junk is
   stuck in it. People don’t like leaving checks in the black box. Janet Miller & Will
   Klein agreed to “can” the black box.

8.  Laura Byrnes, CRS: open to question. Brief history of CRS and her
a. Annual Meeting, Proxy & Ballot will be going out into the mail soon. Intent to
   run letter. Annual Meeting & Election will be at the same time. No records from
   last year’s Annual meeting can be located, so I really want to get you up to
   Florida State Statute. We are in violation of the Florida Statutes and can be fined.
   HOA is required to have ONE Annual meeting per year with the elections. All of
   the current board members are legitimate. Janet Miller & Laura Byrnes are
   unable to locate any records of an Annual meeting. Will Klein said there was an
   Annual meeting in October 2007. Laura Byrnes addressed to Will Klein – Annual
   Meeting & Elections and you have affidavit of mailings so I know that a notice
   was physically sent to every resident? Greg Garver - There was an Annual

   meeting in October 2007, but there were not seven names on the ballot. We could
   barely scare up three, so there no election. So what is the point? Laura Byrnes – I
   am just doing my job and trying to keep you out of trouble.
b. Management company will handle applications for ACRC, scan them and then
   given to the ACRC committee. CRS will also keep the roster. CRS will do pre
   and post inspections.
c. Covenant Enforcement – a good idea for the board to have a workshop. Small
   meeting room at the library can be used for the workshop.

9. Reports:
a. Secretary report – none
b. Treasurers Report – Janet Miller in for Anna Howell. Assessments were sent
   out last week. Management is going to work on financials and state filings. Bills
   are paid for this month. Money was taken from reserves ($4000.00) to pay for the
   bills because the assessment had not sent out in January. Now that assessments
   are out the money will be coming in and the $4000.00 will be put back into the
   reserves. The money from the dues will be kept in an operating account and not
   comingled with the reserves. Will Klein to Janet Miller – How are we paying for
   the management company? If we had assessed the $435 that would not be a big
   issue, $2400 budgeted for bookkeeping that will go to the management company;
   money will be shaved off (about $800). We may also have to have a special
   assessment which will be a small amount. We should have kept the dues the same
   as last year or a little higher or raised them 3% and we would have been fine, but
   we did not.
c. Gate: since the software will be going to CRS, now is a good time to change the
   gate codes. Pool gate & Main gate codes. Vendor codes & Homeowner codes.
d. Pool: CRS will help getting bids on our pool repairs. They can be an emergency
   contact as well. We will try to coincide all the code changes so they can be sent
   out in one mailing. Table the wrist bands. Pool deck to be painted – Lenox King
   has bids. Kayrle Dalrymple has bill from Inter-coastal ($355.67) of what needs to
   be done to get the pool up to par with the health department. Lenox King got a
   pool refinishing bid from a professional painter for $575.00 to do the deck.
   Lenox King will do the cabana bathroom doors. A work party can do the cabana
   and save the additional $450.00 that was going to be charged. Janet Miller made
   a motion to approve the money to do the pool deck. Will Klein 2nd the motion
   and all board members agreed.

Social Committee – no report. Kathy Krah is out of town.

Grounds - Al Krah
a. Some of the light boxes are rusting out.
b. Give Al Krah a petty cash fund for minor charges.
c. Ameri-Pest was chosen for the grounds for pest control, fertilization, etc... Janet
   Miller made a motion to accept Ameri-Pest and Lori Marcy 2nd the motion. All
   board members agreed.

d. Irrigation serviced? Over 1 ½ years since the irrigation was serviced. Al Krah
   has a guy coming out to check the irrigation & mother boards on February 6,
   2008. The mother boards are bad. A motion was made by Will Klein to put a
   $1500.00 ceiling on the repairs and if the repairs are above $1500.00 an
   emergency meeting will have to be held or email. This was seconded by Janet
   Miller and all board members agreed.
e. Plants will need to be replaced, but the irrigation system needs to be taken care of
   first before anything.
f. Spraying invasive plants in the common area off of Windchaser Court. Use
   Weed-B-Gone not Round-Up. We need a workshop/discussion. There is a 20
   foot easement between the homes, so a bush hog can be brought back there, but
   we will need to maintain the easement if we start to use it. Maybe we need a
   workshop on what to do with the property.
g. Janet Miller made a motion to get Al Krah a money card from Lowe’s for lights,
   etc. for the community. Will Klein 2nd the motion. All board members were in

10. Litigation/Cantwell:
a. There is an appointment with the attorneys on Thursday, February 7, 2008 @
    1:30pm. Will Klein to Janet Miller/Laura Byrnes - Would it be better to postpone
    the meeting and meet with the management companies in house HOA attorneys
    and gather insight before meeting with Cantwell? Laura Byrnes will check with
    the HOA attorneys for an appointment and let Janet Miller know. CRS attorneys
    will answer questions, but we will pay for litigation. We have no intention to
    dump Cantwell. Cantwell was going to dump us. Meeting with Cantwell is going
    to be postponed until we hear back from CRS for a 2nd opinion. We need a list of
    questions to take to Cantwell so we get in and out in an hour. CRS will review
    our documents and then we will re-schedule with Cantwell.

11. Appoint new Board Member:
    Janet Miller made a motion to appoint Vic Dalrymple to the board to fill Jay
    Moon’s position. Lori Marcy 2nd the motion and all board members agreed.

12. Unfinished Business:
a. Surveillance camera signs – Will Klein has the signs. Where do we want to put
    them? Above the bulletin board under the light. Will Klein will get with Janet
    Miller to see where they should go. Possibly get some motion lights for around
    the pool area.

13. Covenants: We need a house cleaning of our covenants. Look at the covenants
    and see if anything needs to be changed. Times change, so maybe the covenants
    do too. Staff attorneys at CRS will take a look at the covenants. The staff
    attorneys will go through the covenants and advise. The CRS attorneys are HOA

14. Homeowners asking to speak:
    Alvina Pitches – maintaining the property and removing the tree. Laura Byrnes
    will read the documents pertaining to this issue.
    Leo Arteaga – cleaning up debris behind the west fence facing Minton Road.
    (Arteaga, Krah, and Hank’s fences are not community fences). In the past Lenox
    King has used a weed eater and weed kill on the easement. Once that land behind
    the homes the bugs, snakes, etc will go away.
    Greg Garver – you should learn to look at the documents. Not everything that
    people say is correct. Learn to use the documents and do not rely on what you
    hear from the audience. You can’t depend too much on a property manager either
    because they have a lot of documents to memorize.
    Anne-Marie Cook – PASS - questions answered.

   The home at 2502 Woodfield Circle (a rental home) is being used as a staging
   area as a company. A Direct TV business in being run out of the garage.

15. Adjournment: Janet Miller made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:10P.M.
    Will Klein & Lori Marcy 2nd the motion and all Board Members agreed.

 Lori Marcy, Secretary                             Janet Miller, President


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