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Marking Period Grades and Procedures_2008-2009_updated 10-10-25 v2


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									Marking Period Grades and Procedures (For Teachers)

  1. Please be aware that any Incomplete grades (I) given to students in a teacher’s
     gradebook will result in the Final Grades window showing a 0% for the marking
     period. Teachers should not use *I* for incomplete assignments in their gradebooks if
     the student is excused (Ex) from the assignment or absent (Abs) from school. Grades
     of *I* should be reserved for the Final Grades window or when approved by your
     building administrator.

  2. Teachers are reminded to recalculate ALL grades before submitting final
     marking period grades to the Student Information System for report card processing.
     To recalculate grades – click the Save button (blue diskette icon) in the upper left
     corner of the gradebook screen. (*Good Practice Note: It is a good idea to verify your
     gradebook calculations manually by computing one or two student averages and
     comparing your results to the computer results.)

  3. 0-100, I, and M are the only acceptable grades in Sapphire. Grades of *E* must be
     approved by the office. No grades over 100 are allowed.

  4. To submit marking period comments, go to My Class > End of Marking Period
     Comments. Teachers will be able to submit up to two (2) comments for each student.

  5. To submit marking period grades, go to My Class > Final Grades.
         o The TGB column is the grade that is presently calculated and displayed in
            your gradebook. (Please see step 2 before submitting grades.)
         o The OVR column is the column used for grade overrides. Grades of 0-100, I,
            and M are permitted in these cells.
         o The SMS colum n is the grade that resides in the Student Management
            System. After the teacher submits marking period grades, the TGB column
            and the SMS column will be the same in most cases. Any discrepancies
            should be discussed with your building administrator - HS: Mrs. Maureen
            Sproul; Middle School – Mr. Dave Lafferty.

     Important Note: If the Final Grades window has any type of grade discrepancy,
     please do not submit the grades and ignore the problem. Report the problem to your
     building administrator. Grades that do not belong in the Final Grades window may
     negatively affect a student’s report card, honor roll, rank, and transcript.

  6. Submitting grades other than 0-100, (I, E, or M as approved by the office) may result
     in the student not receiving credit for a course or not making the proper honor roll
     list. When in doubt about students’ grades please direct all questions to your building
     administrator for approval – HS: Mrs. Maureen Sproul; Middle School – Mr. Dave

  7. Submitting grades incorrectly does affect a student’s honor roll, rank and transcript.
     Please make sure that all grades you submit are indeed valid grades for
     Northampton Area School District. When in doubt, ask your building administrator.

  8. Print a copy of your grades for archiving purposes.

                                                                             Updated: 10-25-2010

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