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					                                                    Grand Knight’s Report
   KNIGHTS OF                                       Joe Panchik, Grand Knight
                                                                   KNIGHTS IN ACTION ___________

   COLUMBUS                                          HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND GOOD WILL
                                                                TO ALL!

    Pope Leo XIII Council,
           10804                                    Joseph G. Panchik
                                                    Grand Knight – Council 10804
     Volume 4, Issue 8                 March 2006   Council 10804 had a fun-filled, action
         COUNCIL DIRECTORY                          packed February! We just finished
                                                    with our winter wear drive, when
 Officers                                           February, maybe the busiest time of
 Grand Knight     Joe Panchik           460-1531
 Deputy GK        ken Geroe             481-6064    the fraternal year pops up. With the
 Financial Sec.   Paul Diaczun          496-6933    help of our council and their families,
 Chancellor       Greg Brown            425-5400
 Warden           Dick Paradiso         464-0719
                                                    February turned out truly
 Advocate         Steve Mc‟Donnell      496-2347    AWESOME!!!!! Kudos and a great
 Recorder         Alex Patout           498-0210    deal of thanks goes to Joe and Sandy
 Treasurer        Mike O‟Brien          428-4062
 Lecturer         Dick Dietz            481-6718    Murray! The Tea Dance was an
 Outside Guard    Lou Tarabick          363-2553    outstanding affair with fun had by all,
 Inside Guard     Ed Hanrahan           496-5974
                                                    and many praises for the Murrays”!!!
 Trustees                                           Decorated with deluxe furnishings,
 1st Year         PGK Robert Zarn       481-7599    many of our community’s widows and
 2nd Year         PGK Ken Hildebrand    552-0210
 3rd Year         PGK Rick Paradiso     481-3757    widowers enjoyed sounds from the
                                                    “Big Band” era, accompanied with
 Program Directors & Chairmen
 Membership    Alex Patout              498-0210
                                                    suitable accoutrements. A great time
 Church        Ted Rutkowski            481-1332    was indeed had by all.
 Community     Pete Langlands           428-0938
 Council       Rick Langlands           463-7049
 Youth         Ed Hanrahan              496-5974    Following the Tea Dance, Council
 Family        Steve Mc Donnell         496-2347    10804 celebrated its 14th Anniversary
 KOVAR         Robert Zarn              481-7599
                                                    in true Hawaiian style. With
                                                    members all decked out in tropical
                                                    island fashions, our PGK Night was a
Inside this isssue:                                 spectacular celebration. Thanks is
1 - Grand Knight's Report                           extended to Butch Zarn for
2 – From the Deputy
                                                    coordinating this wonderful. fun-filled
3 - RECENT EVENTS                                   evening! It was a true celebration in
4 - News you Can use                                every sense of the word, and Council
5 - The Fourth Corner                               10804 did it with style - Hawaiian
6- Birthdays for December And Family of the         that is!!!!
                                                    Finally, Kudos goes to PGK Ken
                                                    Hildebrand and Alex Patout for their
                                                                                Knights of Columbus 1
direction of our annual Mardi Gras        BROTHERS,
celebration. We had approximately         Brothers, give ourselves one great big
72 relocated persons from Hurricane       pat on the back! At this writing we are
Katrina attend our festivities, and it    half way through the most demanding
was truly an enjoyable evening. In the    months in our fraternal year! February
true spirit of the Knights of             may be the smallest month in calendars
Columbus, many of our Brother             days, but we packed in something three
Knights stepped forward and               out of the four weekends and we will
provided gracious hospitality to our      finish on the last day of the month with
honored guests. It was indeed a           our traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake
special evening, with dancing and         supper. Let‟s look at last month: On the
fellowship shared by all.                 11th brother Joe Murray and his
                                          wonderful wife Sandy produced the
I want to take this moment to thank       Second Annual Tea Dance which in
all of the members of Council 10804       spite of the weather was a great success.
for your time and energy this             Father Joe gave the Tea Dance a Bravo
fraternal year. Your efforts have         Zulu! The next weekend, PGK Butch
made our Council one of the “Best” in     Zarn, with help from his lovely lady
Virginia! I am indeed honored to          Bonnie, produced a fantastic Fourteenth
serve as your Grand Knight, and look      Anniversary and PGK Dinner, another
forward to sharing in the camaraderie     great evening. PGK Butch deserves a
of future K of C functions.               special Bravo Zulu for cooking this
                                          dinner with a minimal amount of help.
I want to congratulate PGK and PDD,       Thanks Butch! Coming up on the 25tth,
Pat O’ Donnell for venturing into         PGK Ken Hilldebrand with an able
state officer territory. Pat is being     assist from Brother Alex Patout will
considered for a State Officer            produce an authentic piece of New
position, and we wholeheartedly           Orleans style, Mardi Gras! We all know
support his decision and wish him         we can count on that being a great
“GOOD LUCK”! Please surf our              success even though it‟s a few days off.
website for interesting information       Thanks Ken and Alex for lots of pre-
about our Council and the upcoming        planning and lots of hard work!
Golf Tournament! As we wind down
the fraternal year, please join us for           A heads up for next month:
the functions and activities of Council   March will ease the demand for labor
10804!!                                   significantly; but doesn‟t rule it out
Vivat Jesus                               altogether. We have our “Winter Watch”
Joe Panchik
                                          program running from March 8th through
                                          breakfast on the 15th. We will be
From the Deputy                           preparing and serving breakfast starting
                                          at 5:00AM and finishing about 7:00AM.
Ken Geroe, Deputy Grand Knight            Traditionally the „retired‟ council
                                                              Knights of Columbus 2
members have worked the weekday shift             Exemplification has not changed. To add to the
leaving Sat. and Sun. open. Please                solemnity of that “first step” in the life of a
                                                  brand new Knight, would you please dress up
consider this very important task, it
                                                  appropriately when we have our next 1st
speaks to the very principles of our              Degree. Speaking of our next 1st Degree, we
order, Charity, Community, and Church.            have a new “prospect” named David Brambell
If you can‟t serve please bring some of           who has already completed his “interview”
the food items requested in the Parish            with the leader of our Admissions Committee,
Bulletin; remember also that our wives            worthy brother (and great chef), Alex Patout.
                                                  At press time, the worthy Grand Knight, Joe
traditionally serve the last dinner to our
                                                  Panchik, just informed me that there are two
guests at Winter Watch. We are asking             more Form 100s (Membership Document)
each knight to make a $10.00 donation             coming to me at our next Business Meeting,
to offset the cost of this meal.                  which is on Thursday, 2 March 2006! The next
For further information about the month           Council 10804 1st Degree Exemplification is
of March please refer to the calendar.            now scheduled for the Thursday, 6 April 2006,
                                                  Business Meeting. Please dress up a bit and
Also be advised that the calendar is
                                                  participate with our own council‟s 1st Degree
published on our website:                         Exemplification Team as they get recertified.                                             The 3rd Degree Exemplification, is just
Again thank you to all whom                       days away, and will take place on Saturday, 11
contributed time and effort to these great        March 2006, at Council 367 in Norfolk. Four
events. I only named the event chairman           of our five 2nd Degree Knights will be able to
                                                  make it! The exemplification starts at noon at
and/or assistant, but you know who you
                                                  the Norfolk Council # 367 facility at 5201
are. You get a Bravo Zulu too!                    Kennebeck Avenue, Norfolk (near the airport).
                                                          Don‟t let the fact that we are already at
Vivat Jesus                                       200% of our fraternal year recruiting goal, and
                                                  are number one in the state of Virginia for
Ken Geroe                                         recruiting slow you down! To every member
                                                  of Council 10804 - you are an AWESOME
From the Chancellor                               team!
Greg Brown, Chancellor                            VIVAT JESUS
                                                  Greg Brown
        The formats, and the words used, in the
1st Degree Exemplification that we all went
                                                           Upcoming Events
through to become a Knight, have just changed.    Breakfast between the Masses and Coming
The „book” that describes in detail exactly how   Events.
the ceremony is to be conducted, and exactly
which words shall be used, has just been          March 2, 2006: Monthly Business Meeting 7:30
promulgated by Supreme. Our Council‟s great       p.m., Rosary in the Chapel, 7:00 p.m.
1st Degree Team, ably led by Dick Carlson,
need to memorize and practice the new             March 17, 2006 Church of the Holy Family St.
procedures and then get “certified” as a team     Patricks Day Dinner
under the watchful eye of our own District        March18, 2006, St. Patricks Day Parade in
Deputy, George Piette. The spirit and intent of   Norfolk. If you would like to march contact a
the new “book” is to shorten and simplify the     member of the 4th Degree.
1st Degree Exemplification so that it can more
easily fit into one of our regular Business       March 26, 2006, Family Breakfast between the
Meetings. The significance of the 1st Degree      Masses. Want to help action starts at 7:00 a.m.
                                                                          Knights of Columbus 3
In the Kiosk at The Church of the Holy               clean-up crews and receptionists all made for a
Family                                               successful and enjoyable evening. Also, what a
                                                     great showing by our Color Guard, Honor
(1) The council’s two-month calendar of              Guard and Escorts! Their performance and
scheduled events (updated monthly),                  numbers were impressive and much
(2) A roster of council members and                  appreciated. Last and by no means least the
                                                     Brothers and their Ladies in attendance.
(3) A list of council officers and their telephone   Without you every else is moot. Thank you all!
numbers.                                             > We have a busy month of March. Fish Fries -
                                                     please give us at least one Friday working the
Please take a copy of each.                          floor. We require 14 workers per week as wait
Wearing your Council Name Badges. As a               staff, bussing & clean-up. If you are so inclined
gentle reminder, you are encouraged to wear your     and are free, we can always use your help
                                                     setting up on Thursday night ( 7:00 PM ). In
name badge at all KOC functions and especially
                                                     any event, support your Assembly by bringing
at the masses on Saturday and Sunday. By this
                                                     the family out for a good meal. And spread the
single act, we show our support for our pastor,
                                                     word at your Churches.
the Holy Family Parish in general and all of our
                                                     > Chaplains Appreciation Night on 5 March -
charitable activities.
                                                     A very enjoyable evening when we pay honor
KOVAR 2005                                           to all the Catholic Military Chaplains in the
                                                     area. This is a pot luck affair. Plan to attend.
 Now that the CFC and United Way are                 > St. Patrick's Day Parade on 18 March - the
complete, if you have not me your information        first parade of the year and is sponsored by the
on your contribution please forward it to me.        Knights of Columbus. Come on out and march
We are about $400.00 short of our goal and if we     with us. If you can't march, ride the float!
can raise that we do not need to collect at church   Questions? Please feel free to email me at
after Mass’s in April.                     , or call my cell phone
                                                     at 635-0061.

I want to express my deepest appreciation to all     Viva Jesus
my Brothers for their support and helping us to      Glenn Rodriguez
attain our KOVAR goal.                               Faithful Captain

PGK Robert A. Zarn
                                                     From the Editor,
2005/2006 KOVAR Chairman                             Nominations are coming up, if you are
                                                     interested in an officers position in our
                                                     council please let me or the Grand Knight
The Fourth Corner                                    know.
                                                     And my last note is we are still in need of a
                                                     new Editor for our News Letter. For
Captain's Comments                                   personal reasons I am stepping down at
New Sir Knights Night on 3 Feb. can be               the end of this Fraternal Year. I will
chalked up as a great one due to the efforts of      provide my successor with complete
many individuals. Our Faithful Admiral, Frank        Templates that makes the job easy. Don’t
Green, did an exceptional job planning,              forget you get to make your comments.
organizing and setting up the event. The             Vivat Jesus
kitchen crew, though small in number, out did        PGK Robert A. Zarn Jr.
themselves. And the bartenders, set-up &

                                                                             Knights of Columbus 4
Knights of Columbus 5

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