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					                             Mr. White’s 8th Grade Science

                                    Syllabus 2011-2012
Course Outline:

       The purpose of this class is to provide students an opportunity to learn and experience
science topics. Also, it is to prepare you for high school science. The class will be organized in
order to meet the needs and skills of all students while teaching science standards that are
required by District 129 and the state of Illinois.

8th Grade Curriculum

      1st Quarter
            The Nature of Science (Chapter 1)
            Inside the Atom (Chapter 14)
            The Periodic Table (Chapter 15)
            Atomic Structure & Chemical Bonds (Chapter 16)
            Chemical Reactions (Chapter 17)
       nd
       2 Quarter
            Motion & Momentum (Chapter 18)
            Thermal Energy (Chapter 21)
            Waves – Sound & Light (Chapter 24)
       rd
       3 Quarter
            Traits & How They Change (Chapter 2)
            Interactions of Life (Chapter 4)
            The Non-Living Environment (Chapter 5)
            Ecosystems (Chapter 6)
       th
       4 Quarter
            Plate Tectonics (Chapter 7)
            Earthquakes & Volcanoes (Chapter 8)
            Clues to Earth’s Past (Chapter 9)
            Geologic Time (Chapter 10)


      Glencoe Science – Level Blue
           Students will keep these textbooks throughout the year. It is your responsibility
             to take care of textbooks for the entire year. If you do not return them at the
             end of the year, or if there are damages to the book, fines will be charged.
             The textbooks will require a book cover. Because the textbooks are rather large I
               suggest using a large brown paper bag that you find at the grocery store to cover
       Resources are available on the Glencoe website, such as, practice quizzes, virtual labs,
        video clips, and much more. Go to the webpage www.blue.msscience.com

Class Supplies

   1)   1 Three-ring Binder (1”-2”)
   2)   Science Textbook with a book cover
   3)   Pens (Blue or Black ink only)
   4)   A pencil to write with
   5)   At least one red pen for correcting
   6)   Plenty of loose leaf paper
   7)   5 Dividers for binder

These supplies need to be brought to class every single day along with assignment notebooks.
Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn and participate.


        Binders are expected to be kept in an organized manner. In order to be successful in
this class you must keep your binder organized. The more organized you are, the more
successful you will be in my class. The binder will be divided into 5 sections

   1)   Journal
   2)   Notes
   3)   Worksheets
   4)   Labs
   5)   Tests


       Each day of class students are expected to write 4-5 complete sentences, in detail of
what was learned the previous class period. Each entry will begin with the date. The journal
should be comprised of activities done in class, information that was learned or presented,
vocabulary that was discussed, topics that were addressed, or events that occurred. If a
student is absent they must make up the missed days by talking with their science partner.
Student Evaluation

        Grades in this class are calculated by points and are averaged at the end of each
quarter. Your grade will be determined through a variety of activities and assessments
including the following

              Homework                             A   90-100%
              Journals                             B   80-89%
              Labs                                 C   70-79%
              Class Participation                  D   60-69%
              Tests                                F   59% and below
              Projects

Classroom Expectations & Procedures

       Along with school rules, my main classroom expectation revolves around respect:
respect yourself, respect others, and respect the school. Students are expected to be to class
on time ready to learn. Class will begin by writing in your journal what you learned the previous
day. Homework is due at the beginning of the class period; if not ready it becomes a late grade.
Be attentive and listen in class. No food, drink, candy or gum in class. Please do not touch the
lab equipment unless told to.


        Homework is expected to be turned in on time at the beginning of class, complete and
neatly done. If homework is turned in late the maximum grade that can be received is 50%. If
an assignment is more than a day late it is a zero. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in
homework on time.

Make Up Assignments

        If you are absent from class it is your responsibility to make up missing work. Students
will be able to check the assignment notebook in the back of the room to see what they missed.
Any assignment assigned will be in the period’s folder for absent students to pick up.


       Each student will get 3 science passes per semester. These passes will be used by
having me sign the passes section of the student’s assignment notebook. This is another reason
why students must have their assignment notebooks with them every day.
                            Mr. White’s 8th Grade Science

                                    Syllabus 2011-2012
        All other school rules apply in my classroom. Failure to comply with any of the school
rules will result in a before or after school detention, notifying your parent/guardian, or office
referral. If you need to contact me, or have questions please feel free to contact me. If
necessary we can set up a conference. It will be faster for me to get back to you through email.

       Email: awhite@sd129.org                         School Number: 630-301-5753

      Please feel free to share any relevant information about your child that you feel would
be important for me to know as their teacher. (Ex: seating preference, severe allergies,
important medical info, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, home life, etc.






Please review this syllabus with the student, and sign that you understand and accept my
syllabus and classroom rules.

_____________________________________                             ____________

Student Signature                                                 Date

_____________________________________                             ____________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                         Date

Parent /Guardian Email__________________ Phone(best way to reach you)_____________

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