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3 Ways to Earn Customer Trust by samapptivo


									3 Ways to Earn Customer Trust

How are you earning your customers trust through social media? Here are three ideas to keep in mind when
trying to earn the trust of your customers.
Respond Quickly to all Bad Comments
A “Thank you” can go a long way when you are acknowledging someone for writing a nice comment or a
review on one of your social media networks. Every business should respond to all good and bad comments
that have been written about them.

It is also important to make sure you know how your business wants to come off. Professional? Casual?
Friendly? Each company is different and should respond according to its culture. What better way to promote
yourself than tell your loving customers to share the greatness of your business with their friends?

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Admit When You Screw Up, Then Leverage Your Mistake
As a company, we make mistakes at times, and when those times happen, it’s best to fix those mistakes
quickly and admit fault. But this could also be your chance, as a company, to shine and fix things to make it
right again. Having a high executive or someone high up in the company respond back to such issues will
reassure the customers that your business is taking the situation seriously.

Remember to respond quickly because the longer you wait, the longer your customers will think that you don’t
care about them. As mentioned before, it’s about building a relationship and emotional connection with your
customers. Once you’ve already apologized for the issues at hand, it is a chance for you to follow up with the

Don’t Sell, Just Make it Easy and Compelling for Customers to Buy

Making the online shopping experience of your customers enjoyable and easy is the key to successful e-
commerce. Facebook has applications that allow businesses to sell their products without ever having to leave
Facebook. The flow of the sales process should be very simple and easy to maneuver. A great mix of buying
opportunities and engaging with a Facebook update can be a powerful tool. Mix the two together and you have
a perfect combination of selling and sharing at the same time. Example being: A post on Facebook “What do
you think is the most common women’s shoe size? After you guess, click the link to find out the answer and
enjoy 50% off on select shoes (link).”

Having said this, Facebook is not the only place to sell your products; you can also try on Twitter.
@JetBlueCheeps and @DellOutlet do a great job in selling their product and services online and allowing their
customers to share their experience. Twitter could be a great place to sell out your inventory that could be
deeply discounted and sold quickly.

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