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  A Boom Truck Operator operates any hoisting device or structure
  that incorporates a power-driven drum and wire rope with which one
  can swing, hoist, or boom up and down. The hoisting device, which
  is mounted on a truck chassis, acts as a telescoping or articulating
  boom for the purpose of self-loading, transporting, and self-unloading
  of goods and materials.
  Boom Truck Operator is a job in the Oil and Gas Transportation Services. Jobs in this
  service line or sector use specialized vehicles to transport equipment, liquid and gas
  products, and other supplies used in the exploration, development and production of
  oil and natural gas resources.
  Workers in such jobs take part in pre-job planning, equipment preparation, loading,
  dismantling, unloading and erecting of yard and field equipment, professional driving
  (employees must have a Class I or Class III drivers license) and post-job operations.

YOU                        THE PETROLEUM
                           COMPETENCY PROGRAM
GET                        The Petroleum Competency Program (PCP) certifies workers

                           in certain occupations within the petroleum industry. These
                           occupations are divided into specialized jobs, which are
                           sometimes called “branches” or “levels”.

                           The PCP:
                             n defines the tasks needed to do each job;

                             n sets standards for performing those tasks;

                             n assesses the worker’s performance; and

                             n certifies the worker as competent.
The core competencies of Oil and Gas Transportation Services include health and
safety, environmental protection, oilfield etiquette, the control of risks, and responding
to critical and emergency situations.

Required job-specific competencies
Boom Truck Operators are responsible to:
Perform Boom Truck Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections
 n Pre-trip inspection of truck, trailer(s) and auxiliary equipment;

 n Post-trip inspection of truck, trailer(s) and auxiliary equipment; and

 n Manage documentation.

Perform Boom Truck Loading and Unloading
 n Comply with customer site procedures; and

 n Loading and unloading commodity.

Perform Boom Truck Compliant Transport
 n Adherence to regulatory compliance; and

 n Enroute management.

Operate Boom Truck
 n Inspect unit and complete log;

 n Position equipment for operation;

 n Inspect and attach rigging; and

 n Operate unit.

Drive Professionally
 n Meet professional driving standards.

Upon successful completion of the PCP, you can apply for a
Designated Occupation Certificate through the Alberta Apprenticeship
and Industry Training (AAIT) department of Advanced Education.
For more information visit
Requirements for certification
Employees who wish to receive certification under the Petroleum Competency Program
(PCP) must:
 n possess the core competencies of the occupation, plus additional

   competencies, if any, of their job;
 n work in the petroleum industry in a job directly related to the type

   of certification they are seeking; and
 n have the support and co-operation of their employer.

How to apply
To apply for certification, the worker must:
 n secure written support of the employer to proceed with an assessment;

 n obtain the applicable standard of competency with ENFORM;

 n be familiar with the standards of competency and the assessment process; and

 n register formally with ENFORM.

There is currently no time limit for completion of the certification process.
Be advised that it can take months because the assessment must accommodate the
day-to-day needs of the company’s business.
For current costs, please contact ENFORM for information at

                                                             Funded by the Government of
                                                             Canada’s Sector Council Program

                   it PAYS to be CERTIFIED
                                                           Well Testing Services
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