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 Volume XX, Number 2                                           May 2009-July 2009                                            Rochester, NY USA

                                                              IN MEMORIAM                               body want that?
                 A VEGETARIAN DIET                                                                           You get a better picture by reversing the
                   What is it, and Why?                  We are sad to relate that Bern Berg, a
                                                    member of RAVS since its very beginnings,           colors and developing the negative. The in-
                                                    passed away on Monday, May 4, 2009.                 comprehensible prohibitions turn out to be
      If you are not a vegetarian or a member                                                           the boundaries of something positive, visible
 of RAVS, this column is for you. Here are               Bern and his wife Flora have been pillars
                                                    of the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society            in its true colors and proper proportions. In-
 some of the basics.                                                                                    stead of a list of don’ts, we see an abundance
      What is a vegetarian? A vegetarian, tra-      over the years. After their son Peter, a cele-
                                                    brated painter and art teacher as well as an        of healthy, delicious foods, with plenty of
 ditionally, is someone who eats no flesh                                                               options for home and clothes and personal
                                                    ardent activist, died in 1991, Bern and Flora
 foods: no meat, poultry or fish. A vegan is a                                                          care. We do not grudgingly practice a creed
                                                    began a tradition of annual fund-raising din-
 vegetarian who goes further and eats no ani-                                                           of self-denial. We select from an embarrass-
                                                    ners to support the vegetarian and animal
 mal products: no eggs or dairy products.           rights causes that Peter had supported. That        ment of riches.
      Why do people choose to eat this way?         tradition continued for ten years, and RAVS              But that is still just a flat, two-
 Every vegetarian has a story to tell, but basi-    continues the pattern with its April fund-          dimensional picture instead of the solid,
 cally the reasons to avoid animal foods are        raisers.                                            three-dimensional reality. At the heart of be-
 these: for your health, for the animals, and            Over the years, Bern and Flora regularly       ing vegan is a kind of compassionate aware-
 for the planet. Every day there are new find-      hosted RAVS holiday dinners, summer pic-            ness. We share this planet not only with bil-
 ings that a plant-based diet is best for health.   nics, and Board meetings at their beautiful         lions of human beings, but also with billions
 The standard American diet (SAD), which            home in Brighton.                                   of other creatures, many with lives, wants,
 revolves around meat and animal products,               Bern, a graphic artist who directed the        enjoyment, and suffering as real as our own.
 results in poor health for people, suffering       design department at Xerox from 1964 to             Humans have had and used the power to
 for animals, waste of resources, and devasta-      1979, designed the RAVS logo which contin-          crowd them out, push them aside, sometimes
 tion for the environment. But changing your        ues to grace our newsletter. Bern’s letters to      driving them to extinction, and often, making
                                                    the editor, usually on a social justice theme,      them into tools for our use, servitors of our
 diet can be hard and people who want to
                                                    frequently appeared in the local newspaper.         desires, food for our tables, clothes for our
 change often need help.
                                                         Bern was a man of principle, integrity,        backs. As vegans, we look, we pay attention,
      If you want to move in the right direc-
                                                    character, and compassion. He was kind,             we see the unnecessary suffering imposed on
 tion, the Vegetarian Society (RAVS) can                                                                our fellow creatures. We respond in compas-
 help you. We are here to provide information       warm, intelligent, and charming. We will
                                                    miss him greatly.                                   sion, refusing to pretend that might makes
 and support. Be sure to ask for our pamphlet,                                                          right, refusing to turn away and ignore what
 Going Vegetarian in the Rochester, NY Area.                                                            we know. The vegan message is ultimately
 You do not need to be a vegetarian to give us          VEGAN FOR LIFE                                  very simple: Look. Pay attention. See the un-
 a call, to attend our meetings, or even to join     (The following essay, by philosophy profes-        necessary death and suffering. We don’t have
 our group. Nor do you need to be a member          sor Robert Bass, Ph.D., came to our atten-          to contribute or help to keep it going. We can
 to attend our meetings; guests are always          tion when Colleen Patrick-Goudreau re-              stop being a part of this. And so, that’s what
 welcome. You only need to follow our               printed it in her cookbook, The Joy of Vegan        we try to do.
 “vegan rule” for the dinner meetings (see box      Baking.)
 on p. 2 for full explanation), and there is a $3
                                                          If you look at a photographic negative,                         HAIKU
 guest fee for non-members. If you want to
 participate, give us a call at (585) 234-8750,     the colors are reversed, nothing seems quite
                                                    as it should, and the image may be unrecog-          spring stillness . . .
 or come to a meeting. You will find us helpful                                                          the peony bush weighted down
 and welcoming.                                     nizable. Once you see the picture developed,
                                                     you recognize the face of your best friend.         by the sparrow
                                                          That’s a bit like a common impression of
                                                     vegans. We don’t eat dead animals. Or their         Sunday morning
                 IN THIS ISSUE                                                                           pale violet lilacs behind
                                                     products. Pork and beef, seafood and fowl
                                                     are out. So are milk and cheese, eggs, and          the old library
  RAVS Update        p. 3
                                                     caviar. And it doesn’t stop with what we
  In the News        p. 4                                                                                late summer night--
                                                     don’t eat. We try to avoid leather, wool, and
  Perspectives       p. 5                                                                                the prickly chestnut husks
                                                     fur. We don’t use them to cover our bodies
  Recipe Page        p. 6                                                                                under a full moon
                                                     or our furniture or our floors. It sounds like a
  Calendar           p. 8
                                                     long list of negatives, of don’ts: Thou shalt
                                                     not this; thou shalt not that. Why would any-                                    by Bruce Ross


                Coordinators:                                 All dishes must be completely vegan. They may not contain any meat, poultry, fish
Ted D. Barnett, M.D.                                     eggs, dairy products or honey. This rule guarantees that everyone can eat everything
Carol H. Barnett, Ph.D., J.D.                            (allergies and preferences aside).
             Board of Directors:                              Please watch out for gelatin (a meat by-product) and hidden milk products, such as whey
Shelley Adams              Leena Isac                    in cookies, crackers, bread and margarine and casein or caseinate in “non-dairy” soy cheese,
Carol H. Barnett           Ken McBride                   coffee creamer and whipped topping. Also be alert for eggs in baked goods, mayonnaise and
Ted D. Barnett             Daryl Odhner                  salad dressings, and honey in breads, pastries and preserves.
Ellie Cherin               Ted Potter                         Please prepare a 4x6 card with your name, the name of the dish and a list of all ingredi-
Wendy Gilmore              David Strafford               ents. Write the recipe on the back of the card and indicate where the recipe came from or if it
Chris Hirschler            Diana Strafford               was original. Prepare enough to serve a crowd. Please bring your own table setting as well as
             Bob Zimmermann                              a serving utensil. If you don’t feel like cooking, you may bring fruit, cider, tortilla chips and
                                                         salsa, green salad, fruit salad, etc. Non-members must pay a $3 guest fee, which is applied to
        Vegetarian Advocate Staff:                       your membership if you join that day.
Carol and Ted Barnett
               Contributors:                                   IF YOU ARE NEW TO RAVS                          Vegetarian Resource Group
Voracious Vegan           Shelley Adams                                                                        P.O. Box 1463
Poetry                    Bruce Ross, Ph.D.                  You don’t need to be a vegetarian, or             Baltimore, MD 21203
Logo                      Bern Berg                      a member of RAVS, to attend one of our                Tel: (410) 366-VEGE
                                                         events. All we ask is that you bring vegan            Fax: (410) 366-8804
                  RAVS Staff:                            food to our dinner meetings. You don’t                E-mail:
Treasurer:                Ken McBride                    need to inform us beforehand that you will            Website:
Website:                  Ted Potter,                    be attending. The box above, and the calen-           Membership (annual): $20
                          Bob Zimmermann                 dar and directions on the back page of the            Publication: Vegetarian Journal
Library:                  Leena Isac                     newsletter, tell you what you need to know                      (quarterly)
Cooking Instruction:      Wendy Gilmore                  in order to attend. Call 234-8750 if you
                                                         have further questions.
                                                                                                               These are both excellent groups, and
      The Rochester Area Vegetarian Society is a                                                          both have mail-order bookshops which are
non-profit, tax-exempt, non-sectarian, all-volunteer               MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS
educational organization dedicated to promoting the                                                       included in the publication they will send
joy, compassion and life enhancing possibilities of a                                                     you when you join.
                                                              Membership in RAVS entitles you to
vegetarian lifestyle. We are an educational resource                                                           Another not-so-tangible benefit of your
                                                         receive the Vegetarian Advocate (published
for those interested in any aspect of vegetarianism.                                                      membership is to others, namely, the people
We provide support to our members through social         four times a year) and any other mailings,
                                                                                                          we reach through our community education
events that include monthly gatherings with a shared     usually notices of upcoming events. It also
                                                                                                          efforts, which are funded by your dues.
meal and programs on topics important to our mem-        entitles you to free admission to monthly
bers. Membership in RAVS is open to all vegetarians,
                                                                                                          Pamphlets we distribute at an outreach table
                                                         events (except restaurant meals); others pay
as well as to those who, while not vegetarian, wish to                                                    at a health or environmental fair cost
                                                         a $3 guest fee. Members can borrow audio
support the goals of the group.                                                                           money. That's why your membership and
                                                         and video tapes for a $10 deposit; members
      DUES: Individual Membership, $20 per year;                                                          renewal are important even if we never see
Joint Membership, $35 per year; Student/Fixed In-        and non-members as well can purchase
                                                                                                          you at a meeting — though of course, we
come Membership, $10. Membership includes receipt        books and other materials at a discount at
                                                                                                          hope we do.
of the Vegetarian Advocate and free attendance at our    meetings.
monthly dinner meetings. A membership application             An important benefit of membership is
can be found at the back of this issue.                                                                           BOOK ORDERS FROM RAVS
                                                         half-priced membership in two national
                                                         vegetarian organizations. Below we give               A number of vegetarian books and
             Contacting RAVS:                            information, including membership costs          cookbooks are available from RAVS at
                                                         before the discount is taken. Simply state       10% off list price. Books can be purchased
•   P.O. Box 20185, Rochester, NY 14602                  in a letter that you are a member of RAVS,       at every RAVS meeting. We also have T-
•   E-mail:                             which is an affiliate.                           shirts and tote bags for sale, and members
•   Website:
                                                                                                          can borrow videos for a $10 deposit.
•   24 hour voicemail and events calendar:                    North American Vegetarian Society                Anyone interested in buying or order-
               (585) 234-8750                                 P.O. Box 72                                 ing books between meetings may call
                                                              Dolgeville, NY 13329                        Leena Isac, RAVS librarian, at 249-0171.
                                                              Tel: (518) 568-7970
                                                              Fax: (518) 568-7979
                                                              E-mail:                          WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!
                                                              Website:                Like any volunteer group, we can always
                                                              Individual membership (annual): $22         use your help. If you can assist with the
                                                              Family membership: $28                      newsletter, outreach, publicity, dinners, pro-
                                                              Publication: Vegetarian Voice               grams, guest speakers or anything else
                                                                                                          imaginable, please call 234-8750.
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  VEGETARIAN SOCIETY UPDATE                          COOKING CLASSES Sandy Baker                      ANOTHER CORRECTION In our
        by Carol H. Barnett                     will teach the 4-part Food for Life cooking      February newsletter, we recognized Rhoda
                                                course at the Tops International Cooking         and Stan Sapon for their contribution to the
     The past several months have been          School, 3507 Mt. Read Boulevard on June          vegetarian movement and stated that they
good ones for RAVS. In February, Wayne          4, 11, 18, and 24 from 6-8 PM. Call 663-         were the founders of RAVS. RAVS member
Howard of the Sierra Club spoke to us           5449 to register. A 4-part series will also be   Antoinette Bushlack wrote that Joyce
about water scarcity and the future of water    offered at Gilda’s Club in June; for informa-    Brantl and Irene Hart first conceived the
rights. We are delighted to report that the     tion, call 423-9700. A feature article on        idea of a vegetarian society in Rochester,
Sierra Club named him the Environmental-        Sandy appeared in the Health supplement to       and were the originators. Certainly, Rhoda
ist of the Year at their annual Environmental   the Democrat and Chronicle on 4/29/09!           and Stan Sapon were the first Coordinators
Forum! In March we watched the film “The             NEW CSA A new and welcome addi-             of RAVS. Very few of us still involved in
Story of Stuff” (, with its    tion to local Community Supported Agricul-       RAVS remember those early days and there
timely critique of consumerism. Our April       ture (CSA) is Small World Bakery, which          is a huge amount of credit to go around; so
meeting was a fundraiser dinner at the          offers full and partial-year shares, and sells   we gladly shower praise on all these people
Shanghai Restaurant, where almost 65 peo-       at various local farmers markets. Call (609)     who launched our valuable organization.
ple enjoyed a delicious ten-course banquet      802-1641 or visit               CONGRATULATIONS to RAVS
and bid on items generously donated by                    CONGRATULATIONS, ABUN-                 member Alex Chernavsky on being named
Wizard of Clay and others. The proceeds of      DANCE Abundance Cooperative Market               to the Democrat and Chronicle Board of
the fundraiser will support RAVS, and also      (62 Marshall St., off Monroe Ave.) cele-         Contributors for 2009. Alex, who works at
Physicians Committee for Responsible            brated its 8th anniversary on April 3, 2009,     Lollypop Farm, is also a member of Animal
Medicine ( Many thanks to             thriving and with its balance sheet in the       Rights Advocates of Upstate New York
Wendy Gilmore for organizing and con-           black, despite struggles in earlier years. On    ( and previously served on their
ducting the silent auction, and RAVS Treas-     3/25/09, the D&C ran an article in the busi-     Board of Directors.
urer Ken McBride for his help that evening.     ness section which praised Abundance for              CONGRATULATIONS to RAVS Co-
     We look forward to a lecture on healthy    satisfying its customers, who have always        ordinator Ted D. Barnett, M.D., who is the
living in May by Dr. Chris Hirschler; a         wanted “organic foods, vegetarian options        lead author of an article accepted for publi-
lecture on optimal nutrition in June by Jo-     that spared the lives of animals, and increas-   cation in the July issue of the Journal of the
seph Ferrara, owner of the New Health           ingly, food produced closer to home.”            American Dietetic Association. The article
Café; and picnics in July and August.                GREEN IRENE RAVS member                     is a case study of a man who developed
     Spring is a busy season for outreach       Margie Campaigne is a local consultant           heart disease after adopting the low-carb,
events, and recently RAVS staffed informa-      with Green Irene LLC. She can walk               high animal fat and protein Atkins diet.
tion tables at SUNY Brockport (Carol Bar-       through your home and develop a set of rec-      Neal Barnard, M.D., President of the Phy-
nett); at Nazareth College (Honey Bloch,        ommendations on how to save energy, wa-          sicians Committee for Responsible Medi-
Handy Cowles, Ken McBride, C. Bar-              ter, and money, and also live a safer and        cine, is a co-author of the article.
nett); at the Sierra Club Environmental Fo-     healthier life. Visit                 MISPLACED DELIGHT On 2/19/09,
rum (Shelley Adams, Margie Campaigne,           RochesterMargie, or e-mail Margie at             a restaurant review in the D&C referred to
Debra Couch, Martha Sullivan, C. Bar-                  the “thrill” you feel when a vegetarian
nett, Ted Barnett); and at Earth Day Fairs           EVER YOUNG RAVS member Jerry                “breaks down” and eats meat. RAVS Coor-
sponsored by Spiritus Christi (C. Barnett)      Lisson and his partners have started Ever        dinators Ted D. Barnett and Carol H. Bar-
and by the Victor Schools environment           Young Natural Foods, which makes or-             nett, in a letter to the editor which appeared
committee (Honey Bloch, C. Barnett).            ganic vegan baked goods (available at            on 3/4/09, wrote: “Many, if not most, vege-
     Have a happy spring and summer!            Lori’s Natural Foods), and an algae-based        tarians and vegans have chosen to eat the
                                                supplement, Diet Enhance, which supplies         way they do because of deep concerns about
     THANK YOU to all who helped make           the RDA of Vitamin B-12. Vegans need a           their personal health, the environment, the
our fundraiser dinner a success. Special        regular reliable source of B-12.                 suffering of farmed animals, and the well-
thanks to Jim, Lois, and Jamie Kozlowski             VEGAN MEALS AND TREATS                      being of other humans. Caring about the
of The Wizard of Clay, who donated many         Don’t forget to patronize EcoBella Vegan         planet and all its creatures is a good thing—
pottery items for our silent auction. The       Bakery, 732 South Ave., open Thurs.-Fri.-        so why would anyone take pleasure in see-
Wizard of Clay showroom in Bristol is open      Sat. 7AM-2PM and Sun. 8AM-12 noon; and           ing someone deviate from such a choice?”
every day 9-5, year round, except for some      New Health Café, 133 Gregory St., open                VEGGIE PRIDE The 2nd annual Veg-
holidays; visit or call        Tues.-Fri. 5PM –9PM, Sat. 9AM-9PM, and           gie Pride Parade, once again organized by
(585) 229-2980. Special thanks to Nadia         Sun, 10AM-4PM, offering all vegetarian           Pamela Rice, will be held in Greenwich Vil-
Pratt of New Leaf Spa, 36 North Main St,        and mostly vegan entrees, with a reasonably      lage, New York City, on Sunday May 17.
Pittsford, 507-0031, for donating a number      priced buffet option at every meal.              This is the same day as our RAVS meeting,
of gift certificates. The spa is eco-friendly        A CORRECTION Syracuse-based                 so you are excused from attending only if
and organic, and offers vegan skin-care         activist Linda DeStefano was listed in our       you join the parade!
items and make-up. And special thanks to        February newsletter as a contact person for           RAVS BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Chris Meeker and Jeff Yolevich, who             vegetarian-environmental connections. Her        Enclosed you will find a ballot for the 2009-
played and sang classic folk and popular        email address was incorrect; it should be        10 Board of Directors. Please vote by email
music for us before dinner. Anyone inter- RAVS member            to, or by calling 234-
ested in engaging Chris and Jeff for a gig-     Margie Campaigne also is knowledgeable           8750, to save yourself $.44 and allow us to
may email or                 in this area; her email is listed above.         update and expand our email list. Thank                                                                         you!

    IN THE NEWS                                   especially from heart disease and cancer, than    February 2009 issue of Endocrinology Re-
                                                  those who consumed much smaller amounts           view, says this can put one “very slightly” at
     COSTS OF FACTORY FARMS On                    of those foods. The results of the National       risk for breast cancer, which he amazingly
3/12/09, Nicholas Kristof of the New York         Institutes of Health-AARP Diet and Health         defines as “maybe less than a doubling of
Times wrote an article on the devastating en-     Study were published in the 3/23/09 issue of      risk.” The article in Science News, 3/28/09, is
vironmental and health effects of huge pig        the Archives of Internal Medicine. Though         an eye-opener for anyone who consumes
farms, including the plague of antibiotic-        the increase in risk was described as             dairy; read it at
resistant bacteria resulting from routine feed-   “modest” (20-40%), the number of excess                HIGH-FAT DIETS ASSOCIATED
ing of antibiotics to the animals. One reader     deaths is quite large given the size of the       WITH HEART DISEASE The Interheart
pointed to the suffering of the animals them-     American population: over the course of a         study, which looked at heart attacks among
selves, lamenting “the moral myopia which         decade, the deaths of 1 million men and ½         more than 16,000 participants in 52 countries,
humans adopt in order to permit raising ani-      million women could be prevented by eating        found that people who consume the most
mals in concentration camps and then mur-         less red meat and processed meat, according       fruits and vegetables have fewer heart at-
dering them and then eating them. Wake up         to Dr. Barry Popkin in an accompanying edi-       tacks, while those who consume more meat,
and smell the coffee folks, but please forget     torial. Dr. Popkin, an epidemiologist at U. of    fried foods, and salty snacks have more heart
the bacon and eggs!”                              N. Carolina, said reducing meat consumption       attacks. Unhealthful diets accounted for about
       MORE IMPORTANT THAN TOILET                 also could help save the planet from the rav-     30% of heart attacks worldwide. The study
PAPER A NY Times article on 2/29/09               ages of pollution, global warming and water       results were published in the journal Circula-
about the environmental cost of soft toilet       depletion: “In the U.S., livestock production     tion, 2008. Good Medicine, Spring 2009.
paper was accompanied by a debate forum on        accounts for 55% of the erosion process, 37%           EGG CONSUMPTION RAISES DIA-
simple changes one can adopt to make an en-       of pesticides applied, 50% of antibiotics con-    BETES RISK Daily consumption of eggs
vironmental difference. The first entry was       sumed, and a third of total discharge of nitro-   increases the likelihood of developing type 2
entitled “Eat Less Meat” by Juliet Schor, a       gen and phosphates to surface water.”             diabetes, by 77% in women and 58% in men,
sociology professor at Boston College. Schor           This study also showed that those who        according to a 2009 study published in Dia-
writes that a choice “that isn’t too inconven-    ate the most fruits and vegetables tended to      betes Care. The study looked at about 57,000
ient but delivers a large ecological bang for     live longer. The NY Times article stated:         men and women from two large randomized
the behavior change buck is to reduce meat        “The study data have not yet been analyzed        trials. Good Medicine, Spring 2009.
consumption. Livestock production is a major      to determine what, if any, life-saving benefits        RECESSION AFFECTS MEAT
contributor to greenhouse gases”; compared        might come from . . . a completely vegetarian     SALES—OR MAYBE NOT In a survey con-
to vegetables or rice, beef uses 16 times the     diet.” On 4/30/09 and 5/1/09, this was the        ducted by Parade magazine, nearly 60% of
energy and produces 25 times the carbon di-       most e-mailed article at the New York Times       respondents say they have reduced the
oxide. Schor says that Americans currently        website; it was still #5 on 5/3.                  amount of meat they eat due to rising food
rank second in world meat consumption, at              VEGETARIAN DIET SLOWS CAN-                   costs. An unrelated survey shows that the re-
271 lb per capita annually, up from 196 lb        CER PROGRESSION A 2008 study pub-                 cession has caused an uptick in business at
forty years ago, and not including dairy con-     lished in the journal Urology reported that       fast food restaurants.        Huffington Post
sumption. Americans get an estimated 75           men with prostate cancer who follow a low-        12/3/08. Actual sales figures show an in-
grams of protein a day from animals, and 110      fat vegetarian diet benefit from increased        crease in fast food consumption: McDonald’s
grams total; the government recommends            quality of life and slowed PSA doubling time      global sales rose more than 7% in January
only 50 grams a day. Schor, who used to be        (the amount of time it takes for prostate-        2009 compared to figures from January 2008
“an avid carnivore,” has been vegetarian for      specific antigen, a biological marker for pros-   (World Poultry 2/11/09). One discouraging
20 years and nearly vegan for 2 years, and        tate cancer, to double). Good Medicine,           interpretation of these statistics is that, in
she has found the change to “a boon to my         Spring 2009.                                      good times or bad, people eat meat, choosing
health, culinary life, carbon budget and con-          DAIRY LINKED TO CANCER Scien-                “econo-meat” when times are tough. For
science. . . .Vive les legumes!” For more in-     tists are seeking to understand why adults        trenchant commentary on this and other vege-
formation, visit       who drink milk have an increased risk of can-     tarian issues, read Jamie Newlin: subscribe to
     DOWNED COWS BANNED FROM                      cer in the prostate, breast, and ovaries. Their
FOOD SUPPLY On March 14, 2009, the                prime suspect is “milk’s natural stew of hor-          VEGAN BEFORE DINNERTIME New
government permanently banned the slaugh-         mones, growth factors and other biologically      York Times food writer and cookbook author
ter of downers, cows too sick or weak to          active chemicals.” Male and female sex hor-       Mark Bittman recently decided for health rea-
stand on their own, from the food supply.         mones in milk can fuel tumor growth in re-        sons to go vegan most of the day, eating only
These cows pose a higher risk of having mad       productive tissue and actually have the capac-    fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains until
cow disease and are also more susceptible to      ity to increase the number of estrogen recep-     dinner, when he eats whatever he wants. As a
infection from bacteria that cause food poi-      tors in tissue and thereby “unlock the cellular   food writer, he thought it would be
soning, such as E.coli. Agriculture Secretary     machinery that can turn tumor growth on.”         “unrealistic and undesirable” to be a full-time
Tom Vilsack said the ban was “a step for-         Milk is also a rich source of IGF-1, a growth     vegan. Over the course of 3 to 4 months, Bitt-
ward for both food safety and the standards       factor which has been correlated with in-         man lost 35 pounds, his blood sugar and cho-
for humane treatment of animals.”                 creased cancer risk. One study, by David          lesterol reverted to normal, and his sleep ap-
     RED MEAT INCREASES HEALTH                    Kleinberg, an endocrinologist at New York         nea went away. Many readers posted com-
RISK As reported in the New York Times            University, concludes that when an excess of      ments. One vegan says it is great to have a
4/29/09, a 10-year study of more than             IGF-1 or of estrogen occurs in the presence       well-known gourmand vouch for a plant-
500,000 Americans ages 50-71 found that           of the other [and both are present in milk],      based diet: “Not so fringe-y anymore!” An-
those who consumed the most red and proc-         the result is “cell division on overdrive.”       other writer, Sue McCauley, says that she and
essed meat were more likely to die sooner,        Kleinberg, who reports on the study in the                                 (Continued on page 7)
                                                                                                                                         PAGE 5

    PERSPECTIVES                                as much). He writes; “Livestock . . . pro-         tion to meat and tolerance of factory farm-
                                                duced by even the highest organic standards        ing? The meat industry is environmentally
ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM REPORT                      will still generate, from their belching, fla-     devastating, incredibly inhumane, and now
     RAVS staffed an outreach table at the      tus, and manure, 18% of the world’s green-         potentially the end to us all.
Sierra Club’s 11th Annual Environmental         house gases” and will require 33% of the                Edward Machtinger, Associate Pro-
Forum on April 16, at which the theme was       total arable land on the planet to produce         fessor of Medicine, Director of Women’s
“Local and Sustainable Food” and “Local         their feed crops. And grass-fed beef—Peter         HIV Program, University of California, San
Food Options.” Many of our friends were         McDonald’s beef surely falls in this cate-         Francisco
there, including the local organic farmers,     gory—emits 50% more greenhouse gases
Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate New          than grain-fed beef, as reported by Nathan              FACTORY FARMING—ETHICAL
York, and the Biodiversity/Vegetarian Out-      Pelletier of Dalhousie University at the an-       RESPONSES Nicholas Kristof’s 4/9/09
reach Committee of the Sierra Club. How-        nual meeting of the American Association           column on animal rights and the treatment
ever, we noticed a number of organic farm-      for the Advancement of Science (Science            of farmed animals prompted some eloquent
ers who specialize or deal entirely in the      News, 2/15/09). Besides which, by his own          letters, published on 4/16/09:
raising of meat and poultry. And one of the     account, McDonald’s meat costs 3 or 4
guest speakers was Peter McDonald, identi-      times as much as conventional meat, mak-                In making the personal decision of
fied as a “Clean Food Farmer” who raises        ing it a viable mealtime option only for the       where to place ourselves in our ethical rela-
beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and eggs.     wealthy. This is hardly a sustainable diet.        tionship with animals, it is important to
      When Peter McDonald spoke (and he         And yet “Sustainable Food” was one of the          evaluate the reality of our words. If human
must feel he lucked out on the associations     banners under which this forum was con-            beings were confined, mutilated and killed,
with “MacDonald’s Farm”), he said that he       vened.                                             would we call it “humane” if the cages were
felt good about his business because the ani-        From an ethical standpoint, it is cer-        a few inches bigger, the knife sharper, the
mals live under good conditions and just        tainly true that it is better for animals not to   death faster? Would we say these people
have “one bad day” (slaughter). After the       be confined. But regardless of how they are        were slaughtered in a “people friendly”
talks, the organizers asked anyone with a       treated, these animals come from the same          manner? Confinement is confinement, muti-
question to submit it on an index card. I re-   industry sources that, for example, callously      lation is mutilation, and slaughter is slaugh-
call that at previous forums, people could      destroy one-half of the chick offspring of         ter. Animal agriculture is inherently inhu-
ask questions freely with a circulating mi-     laying hens, sometimes by grinding them up         mane. Animals rescued from so-called hu-
crophone; perhaps this time the organizers      alive. Anyone who thinks that meat, milk,          mane farming establishments have been
were afraid of an assertively vegetarian        and eggs can be humanely raised should             found in horrific conditions. Our relation-
challenge to the speaker. I didn’t make one:    visit websites such as or           ship with animals should be based on re-
it’s hard to respond to a person who can re- (United Poultry Concerns).          spect and caring, and that begins with not
fer to systematic roundup and slaughter as      And even the most fortunate farmed animal          eating them. Irene Muschel, NY City
“a bad day.”                                    must undergo the terror and pain of slaugh-
     But there are responses to be made.        ter—that “one bad day.”                                  Nicholas D. Kristof’s column brought
From the standpoint of human health, meat            RAVS appreciated the opportunity to           back an image of my father dropping live
and milk, whether organic or not, have the      table at this event, but we would love to see      lobsters into boiling water. I was 4 or 5, and
same components--animal protein, saturated      the vegan diet showcased at a subsequent           I cringed. At 14, as I started making my
fat, bioactive compounds, absence of fiber      forum.                                             own choices, my eating habits began to
and phytochemicals, and presence of dan-             Carol H. Barnett                              change. After time in the Marines, I veered
gerous microorganisms—that have been                                                               strongly away from eating creatures, think-
consistently linked with human health prob-           THOUGHTS ON SWINE FLU (Letter                ing of their suffering. In my 40’s I became a
lems. From an environmental standpoint,         to the New York Times, 4/30/09)                    vegetarian because I was saving sick and
organic meat also falls short. Dr. John              Dare we ask why this is happening?            injured birds, and I just couldn’t eat them
McDougall, writing in the McDougall             While its exact origin is still unclear, this      and save them. My doctor says my tremen-
Newsletter, says that while one of the pri-     pathogen, and many others (like avian influ-       dous health and strength are due to my be-
mary goals of the organic movement is to        enza), originated from animals being raised        ing a vegan. Push-ups, sit-ups, carrying 50-
save the Earth, this is hardly promoted by      or eaten for food. As the world moves to-          pound bags of bird seed—and I will be 71 in
the production of meat and dairy, which re-     ward raising the majority of animals in the        May. I still have the same six-pack stomach
quire an average energy input from fossil       unnatural setting of factory farming, it is        I had in the Marines. Every meal, for me, is
fuels of 25 calories to produce 1 calorie of    likely that more, and worse, such pathogens        a celebration of life. . . . Being “kind” to the
protein as contrasted with 2.2 calories to      will arise. What will it take for us, and our      animals has been great for my quality of
produce 1 calorie of grain protein (11 times    public health leaders, to question our addic-      life.       Buzz Alpert, Chicago

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   Ron Klement, Walt McBurney, Ann McCulloch, Yetta Panitch, Kathryn Pridey & Ed Lewek, Karen Rheinstein, Sylvia Rose &
   David Rosenfeld, Ron Schneider, Amy Sheffield, Donna Silverman, Julie Yoon & Paul Gosink. Newsletter Subscriptions: Antoin-
   ette Bushlack, Joel Freedman. This list reflects payments received up to 4/30/09. If you think your payment should have been re-
   ceived by that date and you are not on the list, please call 234-8750.
         RECIPE PAGE                             TOFU CHEESE (You Won’t Believe)                  2 T garlic, minced
                                                       (Yield: 4 cups)                            1 t dried basil
     The last several months have witnessed                                                       ¾ t dried oregano
a vegan cookbook explosion, including Ve-        1 med. onion, diced                              ½ t crushed red pepper flakes
gan Fire and Spice by Robin Robertson;           2 cloves garlic, smashed                         1 28-oz can crushed tomatoes, preferably
Vegan Soul Food by Bryant Terry; The Ve-         2 T extra-virgin olive oil                            fire-roasted
gan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau,           2 14-oz blocks extra-firm tofu, crumbled         2½ c water or vegetable broth
author of the wonderful Joy of Vegan Bak-        1/3 c miso                                       ¾ c dried red lentils
ing; The Best of Vegan Cooking by Priscilla      ¼ c umeboshi paste, or 3 T brown rice vine-      3 T tomato paste
Feral of Friends of Animals; and both Ve-             gar                                         1 bay leaf
gan Brunch and Vegan Cookies by Isa              1½ t dried basil                                 ¼ c chopped fresh parsley, preferably flat-
Chandra Moskowitz, the brilliant author of       1½ t dried oregano                                    leaf
Vegan with a Vengeance and co-author of          1½ t dried rosemary                              2 T nutritional yeast
Veganomicon and Vegan Cupcakes Take              1 T dried parsley                                ¾ t sea salt
Over the World. RAVS will have in stock                                                           ½ t freshly ground black pepper
all of the above books, as soon as they are           In a pan, sauté the onion and garlic in
released, as well as many others not listed.     the oil over med.-low heat until they are             Sort the lentils for stones or other parti-
Here are recipes from three other hot-off-       soft. Combine with all the other ingredients     cles. In a large pot over medium heat, sauté
the-press books that RAVS carries.               in a food processor, and blend until smooth.     onion, carrot and celery in olive oil, stirring
                                                 [Ed.: This works well in a lasagne-type rec-     often, for 5 min. Add garlic, basil, and oreg-
CHICKPEA UNTUNA SALAD                            ipe or wherever soft cheese is called for.]      ano, and sauté for 1 min. Add tomatoes,
(Lacy Sher and Gail Doherty, You Won’t                                                            water, lentils, tomato paste, and bay leaf;
    Believe It’s Vegan!)                         CAJUN SPICE MIX (You Won’t Believe )             stir well to combine. Bring to a boil, cover,
                                                                                                  reduce heat to low and simmer 20-25 min.
1 15-oz can chickpeas, drained                   1/8 t ground cayenne                             or until lentils are tender. Add remaining
2 T minced red onion                             1 T paprika                                      ingredients and simmer 2 more min. Re-
1 stalk celery, finely diced                     1 T white pepper                                 move bay leaf. Serve hot over cooked pasta
1 medium carrot, peeled and grated               1 T ground thyme                                 or polenta as desired. VARIATION: Use
¼ c Vegenaise or other vegan mayonnaise          3 T granulated garlic or garlic powder           brown lentils, but add an additional 1 ½ to 2
¼ t dulse flakes (or more to taste)              3 T black pepper                                 c water and lengthen cooking time to 45
1 T nutritional yeast                            ¼ c salt                                         min. to cook brown lentils until tender.
¼ t dried oregano                                                                                      *Bolognese sauce is a meat sauce,
1 T chopped fresh parsley, or 2 t dried          CAJUN-SPICED BAKED POTATO                        made with onion, carrots, celery, and with
1 t chopped scallions                               FRIES (You Won’t Believe) (Serves 4)          beef and sometimes pork as well. To make
¾ t tamari                                                                                        a more traditional meatless version, replace
Pinch of black pepper                            2 lb red potatoes, washed and cut into 6-8       the red lentils with 8 oz tempeh or tofu,
                                                      long wedges                                 crumbled, or 1 c refrigerated or frozen
     In a mixing bowl, mash the chickpeas        2 t CAJUN SPICE MIX                              meatless crumbles or TVP. [Ed. note: Boca
with a fork, then add the remaining ingredi-     1 t Spike or other vegetable seasoning           Crumbles and Smart Round are both ve-
ents and mix until well blended. Serve as a      ½ t garlic powder                                gan.]
salad, a sandwich, or on crackers or toast       Pinch of freshly ground pepper
points. TIP: If you find red onions too          3 T extra-virgin olive oil (optional)            MUSHROOM-BARLEY STEW
strong to eat raw, rinse them in cold water      Sea salt                                          (Complete Idiot’s Guide)
before using.
                                                      Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Lightly        1½ c carrot, thinly sliced
  TEMPEH BACON (You Won’t Believe)               oil a large baking sheet. In a large mixing      1½ c celery, thinly sliced
    (Yield: 20 slices)                           bowl, combine the potatoes, seasonings ex-       1 c onion, diced
                                                 cept the salt, and oil, if using, and toss to    2 t olive oil
3 T olive oil                                    coat well. Spread out on the prepared            8 oz crimini or other mushrooms, thinly
2 T maple syrup                                  cookie sheet. Bake for 40 min, turning the            sliced
1½ t tamari                                      pan around in the oven halfway through the       1 T garlic, minced
¾ t liquid smoke                                 cooking time, until the fries are crispy on      ¾ t dried basil
8 oz tempeh, sliced 1/8 inch thick               the edges. Remove the fries and salt to taste.   ¾ t dried oregano
                                                                                                  ½ t dried thyme
     Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.                RE D LENT IL BOLOGNE SE*                     ½ t rubbed sage
Lightly oil a baking sheet. Mix all the liquid   (Beverly Lynn Bennett and Ray Sammar-            6 c vegetable broth
ingredients together. Brush the bottom of        tano, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan        1/3 c to 1 c hulled or pearl barley
the baking sheet with some of the mixture,       Cooking)                                         ½ c flour
then lay the tempeh slices on the sheet.                                                          ¼ c tamari or soy sauce
Brush the tempeh slices with the remaining       1¼ c onion, diced                                2 T sherry (optional)
liquid. Bake 8 to 10 minutes.                    1 c carrot, diced                                ½ t salt
                                                 ¾ c celery, diced                                ½ t black pepper or lemon pepper
                                                 2 T olive oil                                    ¼ c chopped fresh parsley
                                                                                                                                                  PAGE 7

      In a large pot over medium heat, sauté       ½ t salt                                             (Continued from page 4)
carrots, celery and onion in olive oil, stirring   ¼ t white pepper                                     her brothers, who were raised on a dairy
often, for 5 min. or until soft. Add mush-         ½ c dry red wine                                     farm, became vegans 2 years ago. Her
rooms, garlic and herbs, and sauté for 2 min.      ½ c walnut pieces                                    brother and his wife lost 16 lbs: “The most
more. Stir in 4 c vegetable broth and bring to     2 c green beans, cooked until just soft              astounding result is that my brother, who had
a boil. Add barley, cover, reduce heat to low,     ¼ c minced fresh parsley                             been diagnosed with prostate cancer, saw his
and simmer for 30-40 min. or until barley is       8 oz tofu                                            PSA score drop from 7 to 4 during the first
tender. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan,            ½ c matzoh meal or breadcrumbs                       year as a vegan and a recent biopsy, a year
gradually whisk together flour and enough          2 T extra-virgin olive oil (optional)                after the original one, showed the cancer is
water to form a smooth paste. Gradually            1 T lemon juice                                      gone.” Another writer wonders why Bittman
whisk in remaining 2 c vegetable broth, ta-                                                             can’t eat vegan all the time, noting how easy
mari, sherry (if using), salt and pepper, and   Heat 2 t oil in a large sauté pan over high             it is to do so in New York with restaurants
                                           heat. When the oil begins to smoke, add the
cook over low heat, low heat, whisking occa-                                                            like Anjelica’s Kitchen. NY Times 2/27/09.
sionally, for 2 or 3 min. or until thickened.
                                           onion and garlic. Cook, stirring occasionally,                    GOING VEGAN EASIER THAN YOU
Remove from heat. When barley is tender,   until the onion is a deep golden brown. Add                  THINK A study by lead author Neal Bar-
stir thickened mixture into the large pot along
                                           the mushrooms, herbs, salt and pepper. Cook                  nard, M.D. in the 2/09 issue of the Journal of
                                           until the mushrooms have released their liq-
with the parsley. Adjust seasonings and serve                                                           the American Dietetic Assn. found that sub-
hot. VARIATIONS: You can add 2 cups        uid. Continue cooking until the mixture is                   jects on a vegan diet had a significant reduc-
chopped spinach or other greens of choice, or
                                           dry. Add the wine to the hot pan and cook                    tion in their craving for fatty foods compared
                                           until the liquid is reduced by half. Add wal-
substitute another grain, or mixed grain and                                                            with an omnivorous group. In a study lasting
wild rice blend, for the barley.           nuts and cook until mixture is dry. Remove                   nearly 1½ years, 99 people with type 2 diabe-
                                           the pan from the heat. Coarsely chop the                     tes were randomly assigned to either a low-
VEGAN CHOPPED LIVER (Jannequin             green beans and parsley in a food processor.                 fat vegan diet or one based on American Dia-
     Bennnett, The Complete Vegan Kitchen) Add the mushroom-walnut mixture and proc-                    betes Assn. recommendations. The vegan
     (Makes 4 cups)                        ess until blended and coarsely chopped; add                  group lost weight, lowered their blood sugar,
                                           the matzo meal, olive oil, and lemon juice.                  and reduced their need for medication. They
2 t oil                                    Pulse until all the ingredients are well mixed               reported more initial effort in preparing
1 med onion, sliced                        and texture is slightly coarse; be careful not               foods, but over time they reported more satis-
2 cloves garlic, minced                    to over-process. Taste and adjust seasonings.                faction with their diet than the ADA group,
1 c sliced button mushrooms                TIP: If you are concerned with fat content,                  This is one of at least five published studies
½ t dried basil                            reduce the oil for sautéing to 1 teaspoon, and               showing that patients can and do adapt to a
1/8 t dried marjoram                       omit the olive oil at the end of the recipe.                 vegan diet, dispelling the notion that patients
                                                                                                        “won’t do it” or can’t make the transition.

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                                                               (585) 234-8750
          Membership in the Rochester Area Vegetarian Society is open to all vegetarians, as well as to those who support the goals of vegetarianism
and the society. RAVS’ by-laws define vegetarianism as the practice of living without the use of flesh, fish or fowl, with the ideal of complete independ-
ence from animal products.
          Members are entitled to admission to monthly events, and discounts on the purchase of books and other material available from RAVS. Mem-
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         Rochester Area Vegetarian Society upcoming events:
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           ment of Health Education, Monroe Community College.
         ⇒ June 17, 2009 (Thursday) 7:00 PM, First Unitarian Church, 220 Winton Rd. South Showing of Film, “The
           Sustainable Table,” followed by discussion. Co-presented by Sierra Club Biodiversity/Vegetarian Outreach
           Committee and RAVS. Part of “Creating the Future” series.
         ⇒ June 21 2009* (3rd Sunday) (Father’s Day: fathers pay no guest fee!) Enjoying Your Food is Key to Health
           with Joseph Ferrara, owner of The New Health Café, 133 Gregory Street, and editor of The New Health Di-
         ⇒ July 19, 2009 (3rd Sunday) 2:00 PM Summer Picnic, Home of Leena Isac & Ted Potter, 19 Wolf Trapp, Pitts-
           ford. Bring chairs and vegan dish to pass, serving utensil, and place setting; outdoor games equipment optional.
         ⇒ August 16, 2009 (3rd Sunday) 2:00 PM Summer Picnic, Home of Carol & Ted Barnett, 117 Lyons Road,
           Rush. Bring vegan dish to pass, serving utensil and place setting; outdoor games equipment and bathing suits op-
           tional (hot tub, not pool).

    *Indicates a regular meeting. Unless otherwise indicated, regular meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month at the Brighton Town
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    Directions to Brighton Town Park Lodge: 777 Westfall Rd. between E. Henrietta Rd. (15A) and S. Clinton Rd. From 390, take Exit 16 onto
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