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 #1: When you think of the words “Insurance Premium Auditor” what comes                       # 6 How should the Insurance Premium Auditor be dressed?
                                  to mind?
Premium Increase                       One who evaluates financial data for          Professional (slacks, dress shirt)        Business Casual (tie optional, slacks &
                                       premium computation                                                                     polo)
One who verifies accurate premium      Trained Professional/Expert                   Business Casual (slacks, polo)            Professionally (slacks, dress shirt)
Wasted Time                            Eyes and ears of the Underwriter              Suit                                      Depends on the operation you’re
One who verifies policy information for   One who provides a valuable service to     Makes not difference to me                Never wear high heels, tennis shoes,
the underwriter                           the policyholder                                                                     sandals, shorts, jeans, tee-shirts, low cut
                                                                                                                               blouses, baseball caps, sweats
How will this effect next years policy?   An Insurance Company Representative        Neat & Clean                              Be clean shaven/well groomed

Necessary process (has to be done)        One who ensures fairness in the            Respectful                                Suit
                                          Insurance process

   #2 What do you see as the “purpose” of the Insurance Premium Audit?               # 7 What would be the best response from a policyholder after their Premium
                                                                                                                  Audit experience?
Ensure premiums are paid correctly        Accurately determine premiums              That was painless                         Auditor was professional
Verify wages, income, business            Verify correct reporting by policyholder   A positive experience                     Pleasant/positive
operations for policy period
Get businesses to pay more money          Properly classify risks                    That was quick!                           Hope you’re our auditor next year
A reason to raise rates                   Ensure fair premiums                       Auditor was great:                        A simple “Thank You”
Compare estimated with actual             Confirm business operations                A simple “Thank You”                      It was not as bad as I thought it would be

Part of renewal process                   Obtain & report financial data             Thank you for your concern and support Auditor answered all my

 #3 How should an “Insurance Premium Auditor” approach the Policyholder              # 8 How insistent and/or aggressive should an Insurance Premium Auditor be
                      to schedule an appointment?                                                           in obtaining a completed audit?
Email                                Friendly, treating the policyholder as          Never aggressive                        Leave it up to agent/carrier to be
                                     their customer                                                                          aggressive
Phone                                Being clear as to who they are and who          As insistent as needed                  Not at all
                                     they represent
Mail                                 By explaining the purpose of their call         Aggressive enough to meet their           Just follow the contact guidelines
                                     and what is needed                              deadlines
As nicely as possible                By Telephone                                    Persistent                                Insistent, but not obnoxious
Fax                                  By Mail                                         Calm, but firm & assertive                Firm, but respectful
At my convenience                    Follow up by Mail                               Reasonable                                Persistent, but not demanding

   # 4 How much preparation time do you think is appropriate to allow the              # 9 What can the Auditor do to insure the experience is a pleasant and a
                              Policyholder?                                                              positive one for the Policyholder?
2 weeks                              2 weeks                                         Be quick                              Be warm & friendly, polite, professional

4 weeks                                   1 week                                     Prepare me ahead of time for what is      Be explanatory
3 weeks                                   10 days                                    Communicate                               Don’t take up too much time
3-5 days                                  3 weeks                                    Answer my questions                       Help insured be prepared
10 days                                   4 weeks                                    Don’t do one!                             Be prepared
1 week                                    Several weeks                              Be interested                             Be on time

     # 5 Besides completing the “Insurance Premium Audit,” what else is                    # 10 What should an auditor avoid doing or saying to not upset the
          expected of the Auditor while at the Policyholders location?                                                    policyholder?
Nothing                                 Leaving the policyholder with a good         Never say or infer; “this is going to cost Don’t suggest increased premiums or
                                        impression of the carrier                    you!                                        refunds
Be pleasant                             Gather additional information or provide     Don’t make the Policyholder feel            Don’t argue
                                        general observations about insured           dishonest or defensive

Mindful of Time                           Visual inspection of the operations        Don’t be aggressive/demanding             Don’t complain about records
Explain reason for audit                  Answer all questions about the audit       Be patient with questions and/or delays   Incorrect classifications/coverages

Answer questions                     Nothing other than just doing a good            Don’t waste my time                       No negative comments about
                                     audit                                                                                     agent/carrier/your employer
Advise me on how to keep my Premiums Don’t waste their time                          Don’t say anything negative about the     Don’t be late
down                                                                                 business

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