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									                                                        English 1 - Semester 2
                                                     Report Card Writing Activity
                                               Minor Assessment + Portfolio Component

The following aspects are expected in report comments:
        A substantive comment
        Complete sentences
        Individualized comments
        Comments which show a clear understanding of and empathy with the student.
        Uses examples
                                                                                                         Ann Pluss had a fine year in English
Grammar/Language Points
                                                                                                         1. She showed herself to be a good
                                                                                                         writer with academic and creative
1.        Verb Tense:                                                                                    writing. Her pastiche was a good
          A variety of tenses can be used.                                                               example of the work that she is
              Past Tense                                                                                 capable of producing. My only
              o When discussing what student did/accomplished/learned                                    concern for Ann Pluss is that at times
              Present Tense                                                                              she was a passive learner. She
                         When discussing where student is now                                            sometimes waited for her learning to
              Future tense                                                                               be handed to her. I would like her to
                    When discussing what can be done next year.                                          take more initiative and be more
                                                                                                         proactive towards her learning in
2.        Third person (you are the teacher - your audience is your parents)                             English 2. Yet, Ann is an excellent
                                                                                                         English student and is well prepared
Model                                                                                                    to continue into English 2.

A suggested model for the writing of comments follows this pattern:

1.        Something positive about the student as a student of English 1

2.        An area where student shows greatest improvement or strength:
                   Must give a concrete example (achieved a goal, worked hard on assignments, improved level of
          participation, writing, speaking…)

3.        Choose one area where the student did well (oral, writing, discussion, participation) and why he/she did well.

4.        An area that the student could continue to improve on and include a general statement            about something in
          future studies could focus on in the second semester to improve in this area

5.        Final overall comment

                                                                                           Bea Student had a successful year in
Content                                        /8                                          English 1. Her positive attitude and strong
          Main areas        /4                                                             work ethic helped ensure success. She did
          Examples          /2                                                             well on Shakespeare presentation and
          Thoughtful                                                                       showed that she has skills in presenting.
          Relevant and Realistic                                                           Her main struggle this semester was with
                                                                                           achieving her goal of writing with fewer
Structure                                                /5                                grammatical errors. She never managed to
         Well written sentences
                                                                                           take the time to edit her writing. Bea
         Examples integrated
                                                                                           Student will need to continue with this
Language                                                 /7                                goal in English 2. Bea Student is a great
        Tense                                                                              student and was a pleasure to teach.
        Third Person
        Grammar                                        20-21   19-18       17 - 16   15 - 14   13 - 12   11-10    9-8    7-6     5-4    3
        Spelling                                       A       A-          B+        B         B-        C+       C      C-      D      D-

TWO (2) Bonus Mark if you also email me a copy of your comment.

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