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					Protist Study Card Assignment (60 pts)- you will need a set of notecards to complete this assignment

    I.    Objective: Create a flashcard for each of the following protists:
                  Amoeba             Paramecium                  Trypanosoma               Giardia           Plasmodium
                  Euglena            Stentor                     Diatoms                   Slime molds       Brown algae
                  Red Algea          Green Algea
    II.   Procedure
              Use a microscope to observe the live specimens and your book and prepared slides to view the others. As you
              observe each slide, look for the special features described in the book that distinguishes one protist from another.

    III. On the lined side of the card include:
             a. Domain and Kingdom Name
             b. Name of the organism
             c. Shape
             d. Method of locomotion
             e. Method of reproduction
             f. Method of obtaining nutrients
             g. Response to environment
             h. Specialized structures

    IV. On the unlined side of the card include:
            a. A colored image of each required protists
            b. Labeling of major structures
            c. View the slides and use your book to properly draw and color each.

    V. Test your ability to recognize each protist by having a lab partner select a card, show you the image or read the
           description, and ask you to name it.

    VI. Example

                                                                     Domain Eukarya Kingdom Protista
                                                                     Name: Paramecium
                                                                     Shape: “Slipper- shaped”
                                                                     Movement: Cilia (Ciliophora)
                                                                     Reproduction: Conjugation
                                                                     Nutrients: Heterotroph
                                                                     Structures: Contains a macro and micro
                                                                     nucleus and a contractile vacuole to
                                                                     remove extra water.

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