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									2011 The Year of Earthbound
By Travis McWhorter (JesusLovesNess)
Earthbound Fanfest 2011

Through travel, birthdays, dating, engagement, marriage and now the expectation of my first baby-
Earthbound keeps being brought to the surface in my life. In fact almost every month of 2011 I received
some sort of Earthbound reminder…

Marked my last month to live in what seemed to be the “Deep Darkness” swamp of Asia (Cambodia).

My family and friends throw me an Earthbound style Birthday party!

I start dating Laura. During one of our first serious talks I tell her what any girl needs to hear before
moving forward with an EB junkie; I tell her of my love for the mid 90s 16-bit game known as
Earthbound. From that point on she knew to love me was to love Earthbound.

I go to Earth’s version of Scaraba (Egypt) and see the pyramids.

I use Earthbound sprites to make my own “RPG profile” to help me keep up with my goals in life.

I propose to Laura. As an engagement gift she gives me an Earthbound Jigsaw puzzle! I received an
amazing gift thanks to Viking011 at Deviant art for the permission to use his piece “Good Friends Bad

Create an EB style Tiny Tower on my iPhone.

I get married to Laura! During my best man’s speech, he takes my affection for the game to help
illustrate my affection for my wife. Also I got to have an awesome “Good Friends Bad Friends”
Earthbound groom’s cake.

Laura and I move into our new house. As a symbolic gesture of beginning a new life, I paint a “text box”
themed chalk board in my office similar to what you would see at the beginning of a new EB game!

It turns out that Laura is pregnant! Many of my facebook friends ask if I am going to name him/her Ness.
After seeing the sonogram of our child I can see how some theorists suggest that Giegue might have
been a fetus...

My wife gets me a custom made Starman shirt packed in a Ness gift bag! Merry Christmas to me!

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