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					                                  TWELVE OAKS OF ASCENSION

                                        January 2006 Newsletter
                                                       Jan 21, 2006

Neighborhood Website

The best way to contact the Board and to stay informed is to use the neighborhood website. It provides an opportunity to
stay informed and to discuss issues. Please check it out and become a member of the site as soon as possible.

Welcome to Our New Neighbors

Since our last newsletter, we have seen many new neighbors move into the neighborhood. We are glad to welcome you to
Twelve Oaks and hope that you will join us in trying to make this a great place to live. Please use the website or contact a
Board member so that we can update our contact info.

Board Update

Since the last edition of the newsletter, we have had three additional Board members resign. Of the nine homeowners
elected to serve as the association's first Board of Directors, only four remain. The remaining Board members have
assumed the following duties:

President Nathan Bourque
Vice President Scott Pellegrin
Treasurer Paul Merchant
Secretary Dale Lee
Architectural Committee Nathan Bourque
Roads/Grounds/Playground Paul Merchant
Lake Committee Scott Pellegrin

As you can see, most of the Board members are doing double duty. At the most recent meeting, Jessica Robertson agreed
to join the Board. Thus, we are back to five members.

The Board has organized various committees to serve in particular areas of concern. If you have any suggestions or would
like to volunteer for a particular committee, please post through the website or notify a Board member assigned to that

Additionally, homeowners who wish to have an item placed on the agenda for discussion at an upcoming Board meeting
should contact a Board member in writing or by e-mail with their suggestion. Every attempt will be made to address the
concern at the next Board meeting.

Annual Homeowners' Meeting

The second annual homeowners' meeting will be held in March as mandated by the by-laws of the Association. At this
meeting, the current Board will be available to address homeowners' concerns and update everyone on the current status of
the organization. Also, a new Board will be nominated and elected at this meeting. Finally, proposed changes to the
Restrictions will be voted on at the meeting. IMPORTANT NOTE: Only homeowners whose dues are up to date are eligible
to serve on the Board, vote for the Board, or vote on amendments to the Restrictions. Thus, it is very important that your
dues be paid.


We need your help. To ensure that all of the business of the Association is done properly and promptly, we need more help.
We started in November 2004 with nine Board members and several active committees. Due to changing circumstances
and changing neighbors, we need additional help. If you would like to volunteer to be a Board member, committee member,
or project leader, then let us know. New Board members will be elected in March, but you can volunteer to try the position
out between now and then. Committee members will assist the Board by serving on various committees. Project managers
can assist by being in charge of various projects as authorized by the Board (such as contacting Parish officials to fix
potholes, publishing the newsletter, or changing the marquee sign at the front entrance). Project managers would not have
to be available on a full-time basis and would be called on as needed. If you would like to volunteer, you are invited to attend
the next Board meeting scheduled for February 13, 2006 @ 6:00 p.m. at the Galvez library.

2006 Dues

As of January 1, all 2006 dues became due. The amount owed is $120 for a lot with a home and $60 for a lot with no home.
Notices are being circulated to each homeowner. The last day for collection of 2006 dues is March 1, 2006. After this date,
collection efforts will be referred to the Association¡¦s lawyer for collection.

Despite amiable efforts to collect 2004 and 2005 dues, a substantial number of people still owe for these years. The
Association cannot continue to delay collection efforts. To avoid costly penalties and litigation, bring your lot's account up to
date as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the amount owed, contact Paul Merchant or another Board

Please make checks payable to:

Twelve Oaks Of Ascension
Post Office Box 146
Prairieville, LA 70769
*****Please include your lot # and the year which you are paying on your check*****

Remember that the dues are mandated by the Subdivision Restrictions and are NOT optional. (Rule 6.1 and 6.3.) If the dues
are not paid, the HOA has the legal authority to impose fines, impose liens on the property, and assess attorney's fees
against a delinquent homeowner.

Liens To Be Imposed For 2004 and 2005 Dues

After extending many deadlines, posting information in the newsletter, mailing letters to homeowners, and finally mailing
certified letters to delinquent homeowners, the Board has authorized an attorney to file liens as necessary. Thus, it is
imperative that delinquent homeowners either pay the amount due or contact a Board member IMMEDIATELY.

The Board has made several efforts to collect these past due debts to no avail. To avoid further complications, it is
necessary that the books be closed on 2004 and 2005 as soon as practicable. Keep in mind that any lien imposed on the
land is a debt obligation imposed on the land and will be transferred to any new homeowner until it is paid.

The only realistic option available to the Board is to impose liens when the debt has not been paid. This lien will have to be
satisfied before the land can be sold in the future. Please avoid this legal entanglement by paying your dues. If you feel that
a previous landowner or builder should have paid the amount, you can contact them personally and seek reimbursement.
You may even have legal grounds to force them to reimburse you. However, payment of the dues is mandatory, and the
Board must use every legal means to collect. Since the Board cannot force a previous owner to pay, the obligation
necessarily falls to the current landowner.

2006 Elections

At the 2006 Annual Homeowners' Meeting, homeowners will vote for new Board members and for amendments to the
restrictions. To have your name placed on the ballot, contact Jessica Robertson at or Scott Pellegrin

If you would like to suggest amendments to the Restrictions, please put your request in writing and contact the Restrictions
Committee through Nathan Bourque at

Board Goals for 2006

In addition to the normal operations of the neighborhood, including lake maintenance and lawn servicing, the Board is
currently developing goals for 2006. Of course, these goals will change as we move farther into the year, but at the current
time, here are the goals for 2006:

- Lighting in the entrance to the subdivision ¡V we have been working on this and should complete it soon.

- An improved pathway leading from the end of Kenner to the common area at the back of the lake.

- Benches for the common area on the lake.

- A small fence to mark the boundary between lot # 107 and the common area on the lake.

- More homeowner participation ¡V either as Board members, committee members, or project managers.

- More street lighting for the neighborhood.

- Finding a solution to the problem of water pooling in the streets. This can lead to serious road problems if not addressed.

- Continued review and proposed amendments to the Restrictions.


The Board continues to receive a number of complaints, most of which may be resolved by simply exercising "neighborly
kindness". Thus, we ask that all homeowners consider the impact that their actions or inactions may have on the
neighborhood as a whole. Specifically:

- Pets (including cats) may not roam the neighborhood unattended. Not only does this violate Parish ordinances, but it
violates the Subdivision Restrictions (Rule 8.1). Please keep your pets in an enclosed yard, on a leash, or in your home.
- Garage doors should be kept closed as much as possible. (Rule 7.5)
- Garbage cans are being left outside for longer periods than necessary.
- Cars should not routinely be parked in the street.

Please keep in mind that all of these rules were created so that we can have a beautiful and tidy neighborhood to live in.
Please help us maintain those high standards. Be conscientious of your neighbors and be considerate of others.

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