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Integrade Pro -- Teacher_Completing Marking Period Grades


									       InteGrade Pro --Steps to Complete End of Marking Period Grades
To Start the Process: You Must Hot Link your grades to the end of term spreadsheet.

NOTE: Before you Hot Link – Check your grades to make sure that a student does not have a
grade over 100% due to bonus points. If a student has a grade over 100%, adjust the grade to be
100%. If you don’t do this, you will have to manually change it after you Hot Link the Grade.
Reason: SASI will not Export grades over 100%.

Also, verify that all students have a marking period percentage grade.

For each class:

   1. Find the spreadsheet drop down list below your class listing

   2. Select the 1st Marking Period (End Term 11/1/2005)

   3. Right Click on the heading – “1st MP GRADE”

   4. Left Click on Replace Task…

   5. Choose 1st Marking Period Spreadsheet, and click next.

   6. Select 1st Marking Period Spreadsheet Grade, and click next.
   7. Select Percentage (we are using percent grading), and click next.

   8. Check the “Hot Link” Box, and click ok.

   9. Your grades should now be “Hot Linked” – Verify that they are correct.

NOTE: Once grades are “Hot Linked” ….. If you change a grade for a student on the
1st Marking Period Spreadsheet, it will automatically update it on the “Hot Link” Page. As a
result, you can Hot Link even if you have not finished your grades yet.

After you have Hot Linked All Classes – Add Comments if you wish:

Adding comments….you can put up to 3-comments per student on the Hot Link page:
      To add comments: “Right Click” in the cell corresponding to the student and the 1st MP
      Comment. Next, select the comment from the list.

You are now Ready to Export Grades to the Report Card (SASI)

NOTE: Before Exporting Grades – You need to have all classes “Hot Linked”; you have to do
a “Hot Link” for each class. You only have to Export Once – It will take care of all classes.

1. From the File Menu – Select Export from Gradebook.
   2. Place an “X” in the 1st Marking Period Box, and Click Next.

   3. You might receive an error message at this point. The error message could be that you
      don’t have all of your classes “Hot Linked”. Again, you need to hot link all classes
      before you export.

   ** If you have hot linked all classes, the error message might relate to not having a final
   Marking period grade. Don’t worry about that (unless it’s the 4th marking period and you are
   ready to do final grades) – Just Check the Continue with the export anyway.

   4. If you get any more on screen prompts – just follow them.

NOTE: When you export grades, they go to a storage bin. They remain there until the
Technology Supervisor (Hunter French) Imports them to SASI. As a result, after you complete
the process the grades will not automatically appear in SASI. To check and verify your grades,
please wait until the next day. If a problem exists then, contact a trainer for help, or send Hunter
an email.

Hunter will establish a time frame for exporting grades. During this time frame, if you change a
grade for a student, it will automatically be updated on the Hot Link Sheet. You do not have to
Hot Link again. HOWEVER, you still have to export again to change the grade in SASI.
You can export as many times as you wish during the exporting time frame. If you have a grade
change after the time frame, then you must submit your change to the Guidance Office for the

NOTE: Do not change grades in SASI!!! If you do, when Hunter Imports the grades you
exported from the holding bin, they will change back to your last export. Only look in SASI to
verify grades, DO NOT CHANGE GRADES IN SASI!!!!.

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