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									 Aleut Cares
Volume 1, Issue 1, September 2008

                                  President's Report                                             by Mike Mikita
                               This is the first article for our Aleut Cares newsletter and I believe I should talk
                               about a most important aspect of our service effort. At Aleut, personal safety and
                               health is of primary importance. Aleut is continuously concerned with injury
                               prevention, both on and off the job. We owe it to ourselves, our family and our
                               fellow workers to ensure a safe environment to serve our customers. While we all
                               should strive to provide world class service we must do it safely to protect our most
                               important resource, YOU, our employee.
                               We maintain a safety and health program conforming to the best practices of service
                               organizations. To be successful, such a program must embody the proper attitudes
                               toward injury and illness prevention on the part of supervisors and employees.
                               Only through a cooperative effort, can a safety record be established and maintained
                               for which we can be proud.
                               My objective is a program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses, and
                               set the standard for our industry. Our ultimate goal is ZERO accidents and injuries.
                               Aleut’s occupational safety and health program will include:
                                • Developing and enforcing safety and health rules; requiring that employees
                                  cooperate with these rules as a condition of employment.
                                • Conducting a program of safety and health inspections to eliminate unsafe
                                  working conditions or practices; to control health hazards; and to comply with
                                  the safety and health standards for every job.
                                • Training all employees in good safety and health practices.
Newsletter produced by:
                                • Providing necessary personal protective equipment and instructions for use and
Brenda Carender,
Communications Officer
Tel: 719.262.7160               • Investigating every accident to find out what caused it and to correct the problem
                                  so that it won’t happen again.
                               The success of this program rests with each of us to do our part:
                                • I accept the responsibility for leadership of the safety and health program, for its
            •                     effectiveness and improvement, and for providing the safeguards required to

                                  ensure safe conditions.
                                • Corporate and Project Management are responsible for instilling the proper
                                  attitudes and utmost respect toward safety and health.
                                • Employees are responsible for genuine cooperation with all aspects of the
management services               occupational safety and health programs, compliance with all rules and
                                  regulations, and for continuously practicing safety.
5520 Tech Center Dr             • Mutual cooperation at all levels of the organization will ensure our safety
Colorado Springs, CO              programs work for each employee.
              80919-2352       Remember, at Aleut every employee is “Our Most Important Resource”! Protect
                               yourself and your fellow employee.
Tel: 719.531.9090              Regards,
Fax: 719.536.3560
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    Aleut Wins/Direct Awards
                              AGS: Subcontract to IAP at Hanscom AFB, MA, started 1 April 2008. Provides Roads and
                              Grounds support and maintenance. Base Year and 4 Option years.

                              AFSS: Direct Award of the GSA Denver Federal Center Locksmith contract on 1 Aug 2008.
                              Base year and 4 Option years.
                              AFSS: Direct Award of the Denver Federal Center, USGS Mapping Center Warehousing
                              Services contract on 1 July, 2008. Base Year and 4 Option years.
                              AFSS: Direct Award of the O & M for GSA Cesar Chavez building in Denver on 1 Sep 2008.
                              This is a 3 Month Contract with possible long term Direct Award thereafter.
                              AFSS: Direct Award of Buckley AFB Grounds Maintenance contract on 1 Aug 2008. Base Year
                              and 2 six month Options.

                              ANWS: Direct Award of USAR Regional Readiness RRC 4 and 5 on 1 Aug 2008. RRC 4 is for
                              one year. RRC 5 is for six months.

    2008 Project Support Award
Mark Johnson awarded 2008 Project Support Award
Aleut Global Solutions awarded AMS
Corporate Employee, Mark Johnson
the 2008 Project Support Award on
August 25, 2008. This award is
presented to the corporate employee
who has demonstrated outstanding
leadership in best representing Aleut’s
mission statement, “Provide superior
services and proactive solutions by
empowering our employees to act in the
best interests of the customer,” in
support of our Projects. Mark received
a crystal plaque and $500 for this
AGS, Schriever AFB CEOMS
nominated Mark for this award. The
remarks on the nomination form listed
that Mark's support has been excellent
and his willingness to help the Projects
has been exceptional.
Many kudos stated that Mark
exemplifies the Aleut Brand, that he is
proactive, accountable, respectful,         Mark Johnson, AMS Payroll Manager receiving award from
empowered and he’s all about customer       Janet McIntosh, AGS Operations Manager
service. The nomination form went on
to say that even though Mark is very
busy with his day to day responsibilities
he will call or email if he has any
questions and in short order the project
request is fulfilled.
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    Project News                                   by Carol Jones

Carol Jones, Project Manager with Aleut Facilities Support Services (AFSS), presents
rebate check to 375th Airlift Wing Command at Scott Air Force Base.
Aleut's partnership with Office Depot        Requirements included:                        A year after Aleut opened the office
began in March 2001 with the opening                                                       supplies store, Office Depot agreed to
                                               • Use of bar code and scanning
of the on-base store.                                                                      sell organization equipment and
                                                 equipment, the same as commercial
                                                                                           clothing which previously was managed
The Air Force required that base supply          stores, to allow use of the
                                                                                           in the individual equipment function.
operations eliminate the office supplies         government credit cards and provide
                                                                                           The clothing support function of our
stores and individual equipment                  the customer a receipt immediately
                                                                                           store sells combat/safety boots, desert
functions which were then part of base           after purchase
                                                                                           combat uniforms required for past
supply. These stores had outdated
                                               • Both web and in-store sales               deployments, and many specialty
technology and had a limited number
                                                 capability, with the same prices at       items, such as Gore-Tex rain/cold
of items to choose from therefore;
                                                 both locations                            weather gear.
many base customers purchased
supplies from off-base stores.                 • Greater range of items to choose          On average, our on-base store prices
                                                 from, to make it at least as attractive   are over 10% below retail, and 1.5%
When military personnel were shopping
                                                 as going off-base, and reduce             below GSA. We have both the store
off-base, they weren’t at their offices/
                                                 amount of nonproductive time spent        and a Scott AFB specific web site,
shops doing their primary mission.
                                                 looking for supplies                      where customers can order from their
Aleut thought, “Why not let the experts
                                                                                           desk and have their purchases
operate a commercial function on               • Discounted prices based on volume
                                                                                           delivered to them.
base?” With approval of Base                     of sales
Contracting and the contract logistics                                                     The wing commander has used the
                                               • Rebate to the 375th Airlift Wing
manager, we evaluated five different                                                       rebate money to purchase new audio
                                                 Commander’s morale fund, to assist
companies to determine which could                                                         equipment for the base chapel, new
                                                 in funding projects which would
provide what we needed - Office Depot                                                      uniforms for the base Honor Guard,
                                                 otherwise not be funded via other
won the competition, hands down.                                                           and, for the past three years, to pay
                                                 funding methods.
                                                                                           lifeguard salaries at base pools so the
                                                                                           pools could remain open and free to
                                                                                           military members and their families
                                                                                           during the summer. Total rebates since
                                                                                           2001: $556,850

                                                                                                   Work Hard ... as
                                                                                                   the Rewards are

Left to right: Todd Hinderliter (OD Business Services Division, St Louis District, SAFB
Web Acct Mgr), Col Rank, Scott Starkey (SAFB OD Store Mgr), Carol Jones (AFSS
SAFB PM), Ken Gardiner (AFSS Ops Mgr), Scott Mueller (OD BSD St Louis District
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    Project News                               written by: Brenda Carender & Ray Monsada

Gary Bress, President - Aleut Facilities Support Services (AFSS), announces MARS
Inspection at GSA.
AFSS Project at GSA Sacramento             "The willingness of the Aleut team to
receives "Letter of Appreciation" from     partner with us and offer a true level
GSA’s field office Senior Property         of professionalism, has allowed us to
Manager in support of a recent MARS        increase our standard of performance
(Management Assessment Review              every year we’ve been reviewed by
System) inspection conducted July 28       MARS team", said Ed Rodriguez,
through August 1, 2008. This is an         Senior Property Manager from the San
OM&R assessment conducted by               Francisco Service Center.
Region 9 inspectors every two years
                                           Project Manager, Ray Monsada wants
for all GSA contracts within the region.
                                           to thank everyone that contributed to
The inspection process began in 2002,      the inspection effort.
and GSA Sacramento has consistently
received the highest overall rating of
“GREEN” in all areas of inspection
requirements to include the following
 • Contract Administration
 • Preventive Maintenance Program                                                   Matsui US Federal Courthouse
 • Work Management Program
 • Mechanical/Electrical Rooms and
   Equip. Preservation Maintenance
 • HVAC Systems OM&R
 • Roof Management Program
 • Switchgear & Electrical System OM
   & Testing
 • Emergency Generators OM&R
 • Environmental & Safety Program
 • Energy Management Program               John E Moss Federal Building             Annex Building

 Cottage Way Federal Building              Federal & USPO Building                  Child Care Center

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   Congratulations Izabela!                                                         written by: Brenda Carender

Izabela      Podlecki-Hardage,            Her purchasing team was recently
Purchasing Manager became a U.S.          selected as "Team" of the month for
                                                                                         Required Oath to Obtain
Citizen on Wednesday, August 20,          going above and beyond their normal               U.S. Citizenship
2008.                                     job duties.
                                          Congratulations Izabela for your
                                          accomplishment of becoming a U.S.
                                          Citizen and to your team for a job well

                                                                                        “I hereby declare, on oath, that I
                                                                                        absolutely and entirely renounce
                                                                                        and abjure all allegiance and fidelity
                                                                                        to any foreign prince, potentate,
                                                                                        state, or sovereignty of whom or
                                                                                        which I have heretofore been a
The ceremony was held at Dicks
                                                                                        subject or citizen; that I will support
Sporting Goods Stadium, Denver,                                                         and defend the Constitution and
Colorado in which 1,254 individuals                                                     laws of the United States of America
were naturalized representing 112                                                       against all enemies, foreign and
countries. This was the 2nd largest                                                     domestic; that I will bear true faith
naturalization in Colorado's history.                                                   and allegiance to the same; that I
Izabela arrived in Los Angeles,                                                         will bear arms on behalf of the
California from Warsaw, Poland in                                                       United States when required by the
1990. In 2000, Izabela moved to                                                         law; that I will perform
Colorado Springs where she currently                                                    noncombatant service in the Armed
                                                                                        Forces of the United States when
resides with her children and husband.
                                                                                        required by the law; that I will
Izabela joined the purchasing team at     Izabela was presented with the U.S.           perform work of national importance
Aleut in 2004. She manages a team of      American Flag flown over Cheyenne             under civilian direction when
four people that provides support to      Mountain on August 20, 2008. She also         required by the law; and that I take
each of our projects and corporate        received a certification from the 721st       this obligation freely without any
office with all their purchasing needs.   Security Forces Squadron signed by the        mental reservation or purpose of
                                          Commander.                                    evasion; so help me God.”

     Purchasing Department Staff (Izabela shown above)

    Marta Colon,                   Dee Laaman,                      Don Meyer,                       Chuck Stewart
    Buyer II                       Buyer II                         Buyer II                         Asst Buyer

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    Aleut Sponsors Pikes Peak or Bust
    Rodeo Parade for Fourth Year
                                                                                         written by: Brenda Carender

Aleut Management Services sponsored
the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo for the
fourth and final year. The parade was
held on Tuesday, July 9, 2008. This
year’s parade theme “Break from the
Herd” offered an array of floats, bands,
military units, vintage cars, rodeo
queens, equestrian groups and horse-
drawn carriages.

The parade had over 90 units which
was the largest participation in over ten
years. Another first for the parade was
the change of date and time to be             Grand Marshal - General Victor E. Renuart Jr. Commander of the North American
Tuesday evening which proved to be a          Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command at Peterson Airforce
successful change with over 40,000 in         Base, Colorado
attendance (the parade is normally held
in the morning).                            employees at Aleut Corporate and
                                            external volunteers donate their time to
                                            put on this event for our local
                                            community and military.
                                            The proceeds from the event are
                                            awarded to local military spouses and/
                                            or children as an educational
                                            scholarship. Two scholarships were
                                            awarded this year in the amount of
                                            $5,000 each.

The Parade is funded entirely through
entry fees, advertising dollars and
donated labor. Aleut coordinates the
parade and charges businesses to
participate in this western heritage
event. All military groups participate at
no charge. Additional funds come from
advertisers in the parade program. The                                                                          Page 6
    Healthy Solutions                                           written by: Brenda Carender

In January 2008, thirty-six corporate        nonfatal, but debilitating health           As a group we are reducing our risk of
employees, family and friends began a        problems associated with obesity            high blood pressure, out of range
life long commitment to change their         include respiratory difficulties, chronic   cholesterol, triglycerides, type 2
eating and exercising habits. In just        musculoskeletal problems, skin              diabetes, and certain types of cancers!
over 30 weeks the group has lost a total     problems and infertility. The more life-
                                                                                         Congratulations to each participant in
of 756 pounds through the Weight             threatening problems are insulin
                                                                                         your lifetime commitment to be healthy.
Watchers at Work Program! That's             resistance such as type 2 diabetes;
right....756 pounds and still losing!        certain types of cancers, especially the
                                             hormonally related and large-bowel
Each meeting is a discussion guided
                                             cancers; and gallbladder disease.
session by a Weight Watchers
instructor, with a new topic every week.
One week, the topic might be strategies
for curbing stress eating, and the next
week might center on favorite foods and
recipes. Each week the participants
gather insights from each other on what
has worked and not worked for them.
Each participant has a confidential
weigh-in just before the meeting. The
weigh-in is a way to help the participants
keep track of their progress and stay
accountable. All participants receive
materials weekly developed by experts
at Weight Watchers. The weekly
materials focus on a topic, like making
healthy food choices, eating out, and
Did you know that obesity can lead to
adverse metabolic effects on blood
pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and
insulin resistance? Also that the

    Did You Know?
                                             Did you know that Aleut has a corporate rate at Marriott Colorado Springs and
                                             Hyatt Summerfield Suites located near corporate? Corporate employees and
                                             their families are eligible to use these rates. Just mention "Aleut Rate" when you
                                             book your reservation. Marriott reservation phone number is (719) 260-1800,
                                             Hyatt reservation number is (719) 268-9990.

                                             Did you know that we have 3 licenced notaries at corporate that can notarize
                                             documents for you? Currently licensed notaries are Brenda Carender, Minerva
                                             Alcaraz and Laura Bandeko.

                                             Did you know....that Aleut has a new process on allocating your PCard purchases?
                                             All allocations MUST be made by the 5th of the following month. Any questions,
                                             see your immediate supervisor, purchasing or Rod Harris.

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    Aleut Website                                   written by: Brenda Carender
Our website has a new look. Check it      will be to compile information
out at www.aleutmgt.com. A big thanks     from the viewer/user to help
goes to the website team, IT and the      us present our company
executive team that worked together       information in a clear and
to give our website a very professional   concise manner and present our
look. Take a few moments to review        company information in the most user
the changes.                              friendly format as possible. I will keep
                                          you informed of the results of this
In the coming weeks a survey about
our website will go out to our Project
Managers, LLC Presidents and
Customers. The purpose of the survey

   Aleut Stars
Aleut Stars of the Month

January 2008    -   Susan Wigen, Receptionist
February 2008   -   Jay Carender, Systems Analyst
March 2008      -   Marlene Haptonstall, Accounts Payable Team Lead
April 2008      -   Nathan Mason, ERP System Analyst
May 2008        -   Dennis Garcia, Compliance Specialist
June 2008       -   Tim Sobik, Communications Manager
July 2008       -   None

Aleut Stars of the Quarter
                    January/February/March 2008
Marlene Haptonstall, Accounts Payable Team Lead

                                                      April/May/June 2008
                                                      Tim Sobik, Communications Manager

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