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					                        News International Corporate Card - Terms of Use
1. It is mandatory to use the card for business expenses incurred in line with News International’s expenses policy.
    Personal cash and credit/debit cards can only be used where the company corporate card is not accepted by the
2. The card cannot and should not be used for cash advances at banks, ATM’s or foreign exchange providers.
3. You are not permitted to use the card to purchase products or services already supplied to News International
    through other payment channels or mechanisms (e.g. PO, invoice).
4. No personal expense is allowed on the card. If the card is used for personal expense you may face disciplinary
    sanctions based on the amount of expense and associated circumstances. No personal expense on the card can be
    claimed through the expenses system and it is your responsibility to settle those personal expenses directly with the
    card provider.
5. You are responsible for settling the card balance in full each month. It is imperative that you submit business
    expenses paid for using the card as soon as possible using the Newspeople expenses system in order that your
    approver and the expenses department have sufficient time to process and approve your claim and that payment is
    made to the card provider by NI. You have 28 days to settle the balance on the card before the card provider
    declares you are late with payment.
6. If you have not settled the balance on the card after 28 days from the statement date then late payment fees will be
    incurred. These are 2% of outstanding charges on the card plus a separate £15 administration fee.
7. Where late payment fees have been incurred then you will be personally responsible for settling those costs unless
    you can clearly demonstrate that late payment fees were incurred through no fault of your own in which case you
    will need to agree with your cost centre owner or the card provider that the late payment fees will be charged to the
    cost centre or waived by the card provider respectively.
8. Your personal credit rating will be affected in the event that the card provider cancels the card because you have not
    settled the outstanding balance on your card 90 days after the statement was produced.
9. If you have not settled outstanding debt with the card provider after 180 days then News International will inform
    you that the outstanding balance will be deducted directly from your payroll before taking the amount and pay the
    card provider directly. In the event that you have left the company then legal action will be taken to recover
    outstanding debt.
10. You are responsible for cancelling the card and settling the final statement with the card provider in the event that
    you either leave the employment of News International or your department decide you no longer require a
    corporate card. You are advised to cancel the card as soon as possible and settle the final statement using the
    Newspeople expenses system rather than manually claim expenses after you have left.
11. You should take all reasonable precautions against (and inform the card provider immediately in the event of) loss,
    theft, fraud and any other issues.
12. You are responsible for informing the card provider of any changes to your personal details including: name, billing
    address, telephone number(s), email address and cost centre.
13. If you wish to benefit from the card provider’s Rewards Programme you will have to pay an annual fee of £35 to the
    card provider. News International will pay for the costs of claimed rewards points. All reward points must be utilised
    within 30 days of cancelling the card otherwise points will be cancelled.
14. Persistent breach of these terms of use and the News International Corporate Card Policy and Procedures is a
    disciplinary offence which will result in cancellation of the employee’s card account and appropriate disciplinary
    action from News International.
15. News International reserves the right to cancel employee’s corporate card at any time.
16. These terms are in addition to, and do not replace or alter, the card provider’s terms and conditions as stated on the
    card application form.

I have read and understand the above terms of use regarding the News International corporate card and agree to abide
by these terms…

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