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					          Eurasia Africa
            Fact Sheet
Noncombatant Evacuations                                                   Quick Facts 
                                                                              If planning on being
If you are an active duty family member enrolled in the TRICARE
                                                                               CONUS for more than
Overseas Program (TOP) Prime or Prime Remote program and are
                                                                               60 days transfer
temporarily relocated from an overseas location to the continental U.S.
                                                                               enrollment as soon as
because of a Noncombatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) you have
                                                                               possible after arriving in
different healthcare options depending on where you reside and how
                                                                               a CONUS Prime Service
long you stay.
                                                                               Area (PSA).
Relocating to CONUS Prime Location                                            If staying in a CONUS
If you return to a Prime Service Area (PSA) in the continental U.S.            non-PSA, TOP
(CONUS), you do NOT have to transfer your enrollment if you will be            Prime/Prime Remote
CONUS for less than 60 days. If you will be CONUS for more than 60             enrollment may continue
days you should transfer your enrollment to the CONUS Prime                    up to 210 days.
program. On the 61st day, your TOP Prime enrollment will revert to
TRICARE Standard if no transfer action is taken. Contact the CONUS            If permanent evacuation
regional TRICARE contractor as soon as possible for assistance with            order is issued, you may
determining if you are within a PSA.                                           stay enrolled to TOP
                                                                               Prime/Prime Remote for
Relocating to CONUS Remote Location                                            30 days. You need to
If you relocate to a non-PSA, you may stay enrolled in TOP Prime or            transfer Prime
Prime Remote for up to 210 days under the following conditions:                enrollment to CONUS
    1. Once the U.S. State Department declares that it is safe for U.S.        or disenroll to Standard
         citizens to return to a particular location, you and your family      as appropriate.
         members will have 30 days from this notification date to return
         to your overseas home in order to remain enrolled in Prime. You may not remain enrolled in TOP
         Prime or Prime Remote if you choose to remain in CONUS for a period exceeding this 30-day
         time period.
    2. If a permanent order to evacuate is issued, you may remain in TOP Prime or Prime Remote up to
         30 days from the date of this notification. On the 31st day after this notification, you and your
         family members will revert to CONUS TRICARE Standard.

Dental Coverage
If you are enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program, you will be able to continue using the program
while in CONUS. In CONUS, there are co-pays for all services except annual routine check-ups and
cleanings. You may enroll in the TDP at any time. You can learn more about applicable co-pays and the
TRICARE Dental Program at

Where to get help
       TRICARE Overseas Call Center/International SOS Alarm Center:
           o Available 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week           +44-20-8762-8384
           o Country specific toll free numbers:
       TRICARE North:                                   1-877-TRICARE
       TRICARE South:                                   1-800-444-5445
       TRICARE West:                                    1-888-TRIWEST

TAO-EA FS18                                                         2010

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