How to Enter Elementary Grades for Report Cards

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					How to Enter Elementary Grades for
  Report Cards In PowerTeacher
             Open PowerTeacher
• Go to the website
• Enter your username and password, username is first letter of
   your first name followed by your last name
The Main PowerTeacher Screen
Click on the Backpack Icon in
   The Student Information Page
• Click the student name you want to enter
  grades for on the left side
          To Enter Standards Scores
• Choose Final Grade Entry from the pull down on the right as shown, then
  choose the 1-4 score from the pull down next to each standard
         How To Print Report Cards
• Back at the home screen pictured below, click the printer icon on
  the right next to any of your classes. Since you have the same
  students in all it doesn’t matter which you click
Choose the correct grade level report card from
 the Which report would you like to print drop
            down and click submit
                      Report Queue
• Click the link that says refresh until the status of the report says
  completed. Once completed click the link that says completed to
  open your class report cards.
               Tips and Info
• If you are missing report card elements please
  let me know as soon as possible so I can add
• Don’t forget to hit submit at the bottom after
  entering your scores.

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