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					                                Reminders for Living in Crown Oaks

The community of Crown Oaks is a Homeowner’s Association governed by a Board of Directors. There are
guidelines and rules developed from its legal documents and you are bound by these by choosing to make Crown
Oaks your home. Below is a list of the most often seen issues and complaints. Please be aware that the HOA is
obliged to issue fines in order to enforce them if needed.
                    Are you doing your part to be a responsible neighbor?
Cars – must be tagged, inspected, in good working order, and free of leaks, etc. No auto repairs or maintenance are
        allowed to be performed in the parking lots.

Parking – No trailers, boats, or commercial vehicles are allowed in parking lots. No driving or parking
        on any grass, curbs or sidewalks for any reason!!! Make sure guests park in visitor spaces.

Parking lots and Sidewalks –Are NOT playgrounds. Complaints are coming in frequently about kids
        playing in the parking lots and riding bikes, scooters, etc. on sidewalks and around cars. This should not
        be allowed. There should not be any congregating or loitering in the parking lots.

Your homes appearance – Neutral color blinds, drapes, etc. in good condition (no broken mini-blinds)
         should be visible from the outside. Screens must be attached, not torn. No unapproved plantings / pots /
        yard ornaments, etc. are permitted in the front yards. The rear of your home and deck should be free of
        trash and debris. Written approval is required for any exterior changes including satellite dishes.

Trash / Recycle Bins - Cans go out on Tuesday night and should be returned to the REAR of your building on
        Wednesday night. The city will NOT pick up items outside the green cart unless you schedule a special
        pick up. Be considerate of your neighbor’s parking spots and walking paths when you put out your
        receptacles. No dumping on curbs, make arrangements for pick up the same day or haul it off yourself.

Litter – Please just don’t do it and take time to pick some up. Parents, check behind your kids!!

Pets - Be a responsible pet owner. Pets must always be on a leash and owners must always scoop
        poop immediately. Animals may not be tied or penned outside or on decks. Please walk your pet in out
        lying natural areas and don’t allow them to relieve themselves on flowers and shrubs. Repeated deposits
        kill grass and plants!! Cats are included in these rules; please don’t feed stray cats or kittens.
        Homeowner’s, you can also report these infractions to the city animal control at 831-6311.

Kids – They bring life and laughter to the community but they must have limitations when playing outside and
        waiting at the bus stops. They should always be supervised and not be allowed to play in the parking lots,
        flower beds, or around other people’s homes or cars. Bike riding on Crown Oaks private streets should
        have parental supervision. There are a few open green spaces in Crown Oaks for supervised play and three
        to four city parks within a short distance for a more expansive play space.

                                         Homeowners and Residents
Please help maintain and protect your community. Kindly remind your neighbors of rules and / or
phone or email your observations to management.
You are the most aware of your immediate surroundings.
         Call the Raleigh police for any suspected criminal activity. Call 911 or dial 831-6311.

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