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                          Planned Giving Website Proposed Additions

At the Development Home Page, there is a link to a Planned Giving Home Page.

On the PG Home Page I suggest several additions:
   1. Add a page for describing various planned gifts (NOTE: I have sent you several
       examples of descriptions suitable for publishing on a web page.) Actually as I look at the
       page, you already have something like this (the link “other forms”). I suggest you add
       material to these “other forms” in line with the examples I’ve already sent.
   2. Add a page that connects directly with a planned gift calculator. This calculator’s cost
       varies depending on how customized you want it.
           a. See this URL for details:
           b. An alternative (with lots more than a calculator) is offered by Crescendo Software
               (the other planned giving software). See this URL for details:
           c. Stelter Company offers another opportunity for you to provide more planned
               giving information. See for more details.
   3. Add a page for Fons Vitae including
           a. case for joining
           b. membership listing
           c. how to qualify (linking to descriptions of gifts and calculator)
           d. benefits of membership
   4. Add a page for showing issues of the various newsletters as you publish them

As an alternative to 1. or an addition of another page you could add a page just for charitable gift

In either case, you could add a link to the calculator after a description of each planned gift.

If you were to choose the Crescendo or Stelter options, you would not have to create any copy –
they do everything and provide quite extensive information. Crescendo even offers lots of
marketing assistance and eNewsletters, etc. Your choices here will be driven in large part by
budget and how active you want to be driving people to your planned giving site. If you want to
evaluate these choices (and there are others) I’d be happy to help you do that.

These suggestions would give you a very valuable addition to the planned gift marketing. You
could publish the URL in EVERYTHING you publish and thus drive people to the web site for
more information.

The calculator makes it interactive and adding the newsletters periodically would give you the
changing content that is so important to get people to come back to the web site. You could even
feature content of the web site in ads with explicit references.

Draft 1/8/05

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