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44 ECR Asia Meeting Summary v2



Welcome, Apologies & Minutes of Last Meeting – Alex von Behr

Alex von Behr, co-Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and in particular new retailers Yasuo
Masuda (AEON), Bruno Monteyne (TESCO) and Anthony Rose (Wal-Mart). He highlighted that
this will be an important meeting in ECR AP’s development, with a good representation of
retailers and manufacturers. He mentioned that Nestle and Danone are absent but will be
encouraged to be active members of ECR AP Council. Carrefour will also be nominating and
sending a representative in future.

Apologies received from Chris Cave Jones (IBM), JM Saubade (The Consumer Goods Forum),
Nigel Branch (CHEP), Sato-san (KAO)

Review of ECR AP role, expectations and future – Alex von Behr

Refer to attached slides – “ECR Asia Pacific Way Forward - June 2011”

For voting purposes, each Retailer member, Manufacturer member and ECR Country Board has
one vote. If there is a tie, chairman has the final vote. At ECR AP Council meetings, if ECR
Country Board chairman is unable to attend, they may nominate a member to vote on their
country board’s behalf e.g. ECR Country Board secretariat.

Action Points

       1. Council needs 2 co-chairs, one manufacturer and one retailer. Retailers are
          encouraged to approach Alex to volunteer failing which Alex will approach them.
          Action: Retailers/ Alex
       2. Send out result of the retailer survey done 1 year ago to ECR AP Council for review.
          Action: Alex
       3. Check with AEON (Mr. Masuda) if AEON will join ECR AP. Action: Alex waiting conf
          from AEON
       4. Obtain confirmation of Carrefour representative from Jean-Marc Saubade.
          Action: Alex
       5. Check if NTUC will become Council member of ECRAP. Action: Mr. Tng Ah Yam

Issues & Opportunities to Discuss (see “ECR AP Way Forward” deck, attached)

   1) Demand vs Supply Project Selection

TJS – ECR AP should include mobile commerce as a project.
AK – there is a need to take into account what the retailers want and there is a need to have
collaborative planning with ECR EU.

AR – retailers will be keen on the details on the plans of ECR AP moving forward and decide how
to participate.

BM – certain programmes, e.g. CRM programme, will not work for retailers. Why would a
retailer share how to use loyalty with other retailers? No benefit. Not industry wide.

FGB – Retailers and Manufacturers on ECR AP should collaborate ultimately to bring benefit to
shoppers. For that to happen, we need to know what the value is to shoppers and decide how to
add that value.

Action Point

          When proposing and choosing future projects balance demand and supply-side, while
           recognizing where collaboration will truly benefit. Action: All

  2) Increase learning from ECR Europe and CGF Projects

Action Point

Subcommittee led by Apolonia Kersh will lead the investigation into possible projects for ECR AP
to pick up from ECR Europe and CGF. Use Maximillius(ECR RU) to find out more about ECR EU
structure and projects. Recommend at least additional project from this source for
consideration at next ECR AP telcon. Action: Apolonia, Jamil, Mark Jones (of Nestle tbc), Leslie

      3) Two tier Boards

Agreed get Asia Presidents/ CEO’s of ECR AP-represented companies to attend a strategically
planned meeting once a year as this allows the CEO’s to be engaged in this region. Meeting
would reinforce the need for collaboration where appropriate and review progress of projects.

FGB suggested the meeting should be at the ECRAP conference so as get the CEOs to be
speakers. There was a suggestion having it coincide with The Global CGF Summit.

Action Points

Develop proposal for review at next meeting linked to ECR AP 2012 Conference progress.
Action: Alex

      4)    Executive staffing

Agreed to appoint a full-time executive to drive the ECR AP agenda and projects, with one-year
contract, renewable.

AR - Wal-mart may propose someone in to do the job if a clear roadmap is given.

James Layard will forward the CV of a potential to AvB

JST – offered services of Singapore GS1 to support, for a fee.
Action Point

Consider options/ Interview possible candidates. Action: Alex

    5) Membership

ECRAP will actively encourage wider membership, representing the developed and less
developed ECR Country Boards.

AK and PC suggested focusing on the less developed ECR Boards, eg Vietnam and India, as well
as strong local ones, eg Australia and China

TAY - ECR Country boards should reach a collaborative decision on which 4 ECR Country boards
will be represented at the ECRAP meeting instead of all 10 boards.

Action Points
     Re-contact ECR Country Boards not participating in ECR AP to encourage participation.
        Action: Alex
     Develop a framework to accommodate both a wider membership of ECR AP but max 20
        people at each Council meeting, in addition to local ECR Board presence. Action: Alex
     Continue to invite ECR Country board members to ECRAP meetings when meeting takes
        place in their country. Action: Leslie
     Retailers to feedback to Alex agreement, or otherwise, to pay ECR AP annual dues of
        Sing$8,500 plus GSD for 2011. Action: Jamil, Bruno, Anthony, Mr Masuda, Mr Tng

OSA project update – Alfons Van-Woerkom, Unilever

Refer to attached slides - 1 - ECR OSA Project-JUNE update v2

Action Points

       Metro/ NTUC clarify on legal points before NDA is signed by end June. Action: Jamil/ Mr
       Give Alfons the ECRAP Executive Council list to see which other companies may be keen
        to participate. Action: Alex
       Circulate e-mail to Council members as guide to who should complete the OSA survey.
        Action: Alfons
       Report should be ready by end August. Action: Alfons

Vendor Portal project update – Indra Torpi, P&G

Refer to attached slides - Watsons Vendor Portal update Jun 11

Confirmed objective is to take the learnings and approach and make it scalable across other
retailers – Clarification by next meeting. Action: Indra

Pallet Standardisation – Potential project by CHEP and Metro – Jamil Khan

Refer to attached slides - ECR Asia Pacific CHEP & METRO - 13 June11 ppt FINAL

Questions raised;
    -   Will there be an IP issue with CHEP for their pallets?
    -   Important to know that the recommended standard in Asia, clarified in earlier Singapore
        study, is 1.2m x 1m

Action Points

    -   Check on project completed previously if it was
           o Pallets
           o Shelf ready pallets. Action: Leslie
    -   Send out pallets project brochure completed by ECRAP. Action: Tan Jin Soon

The ECR AP Council agreed in principal agreement to adopt this project, and take forward for
progress review at next ECR AP Council telcon. Action: Nigel & Jamil

2012 Conference Planning – Wong Tack Wai

        Draft programme sent out with the intention to trigger ideas.

        AvB – need to know what is interesting to Singapore/Asia/and beyond

        WTW and Nancy will be the conference secretariat with immediate effect

        Council agreed to target 300 participants with option to go up to 400.

        AK - Use awards to drive best practices

Action Point

        ECR AP Sub-committee to act as steercom for 2012 ECR AP Conference, include
        determining budget, profit sharing and target attendees. Action: Apolonia, Wong Tak
        Wai, Francois, Anthony

        Supply feedback from last conference to Conference Steercom team. Action CF Goh

Last meeting outstanding actions – Alex von Behr

Action Point
    - Leslie to check with ECR HK if they are keen to still be involved in the OSA project –
        Action: Leslie
    - Chris Cave Jones on scorecard benchmark update – Action: Chris Cave Jones
    - Country boards to provide more ECR updates to Leslie to update
        website content. – Action: Leslie

Financial report - Leslie

S$315,087.10 was transferred from The Consumer Goods Forum account into ECR Asia Pacific
Limited account. Current balance is S$305,785.10

Action Point

    -   ECR AP Co-Chair Alex von Behr’s name to be added as second signatory to Leslie’s for
        ECR AP Ltd account and cheque book. Action: Leslie
    -   ECR AP 2012 Conference Sub-committee will send the suggested amount required for
        seedfunding to the ECR AP Conference. Action: Wong Tak Wai

Any Other Business

AvB thanked everyone for participating and especially thanked the retailers for their active

Propose that the next meeting will be via a con-call in 3 months. A “Face to face” meeting in Jan
2012. Proposed dates to be circulated. Action: Alex

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