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									 Department of Electrical Engineering,
                                  Teaching Plan,Session 2011-12
                                Subject: Computer Programming
                                     B.E.(Electrical) Sem-IV
  Lecture            Unit No.                                  Topic/Topic Description
 Lecture 1                             Introduction to C
 Lecture 2                             Keyward-Data type ,variable,prototype
 Lecture 3                             Introduction to storage class
 Lecture 4                             Introduction to operators
 Lecture 5                             Expressions
 Lecture 6                             Programming concept and programs
 Lecture 7              I              Programming concept and programs
 Lecture 8                             Introduction to control statements
 Lecture 9                             Program control statements
 Lecture 10                            TAE I (activity based learning)
 Lecture 11                            Creation of function in C
 Lecture 12             II             Program on functions
 Lecture 13                            Study of recursion function
 Lecture 14                            Introduction to console i/p o/p
 Lecture 15                            Study about Files
 Lecture 16                            Program on file handling
 Lecture 17                            Introduction to array
 Lecture 18                            Linear search and binary search
 Lecture 19                            Programs
 Lecture 20                            TAE II(technical presentation)
 Lecture 21            III             Bubble and selection sort
 Lecture 22                            Program ,program through file handling
 Lecture 23                            Study of pointers
 Lecture 24                            Study of structures
 Lecture 25            IV              Link list operations’
 Lecture 26                            Types of link list
 Lecture 27
 Lecture 28                            Introduction to MATLAB programming language
 Lecture 29                            MATLAB environment
 Lecture 30                            Operations with variables
 Lecture 31             V              Arrays, Columns and rows: creation and indexing
 Lecture 32                            Writing script files
 Lecture 33                            Logical variables and operators
 Lecture 34                            Flow     control
 Lecture 35                            Loop operators.
 Lecture 36                            TAE III (poster presentation)
 Lecture 37                            Writing functions in MATLAB
 Lecture 38                            Function visibility
 Lecture 39                            2D plots, Figures and subplots
                                       Basics of data types & file I/O.
Lecture 40             VI

 Mr.A.P.Wadhe                 Miss.D.Theng                              Dr. S.B.Bodkhe
 [Subject Teacher]           [Subject teacher]                          [H.O.D.]
Department of Electrical Engineering,
GHRCE, Nagpur

                                          Teaching Plan, Session 2011-12
                     Subject: Engineering Economics And Industrial Management ( EEIM )
                                             B.E. (Electrical) Sem-IV
Lecture No.        Unit             Topic
Lecture no.1                        Definition, Nature and Scope of Management
Lecture no.2          Unit IV       Definition, Nature and Scope of Management
Lecture no.3                        Functions of Management – Planning, Organizing
Lecture no.4                        Functions of Management – Directing, Controlling
Lecture no.5                        Communicating
Lecture no.6                        Meaning of Marketing Management
Lecture no.7                        Concept of Marketing
Lecture no.8                        Marketing Mix
                      Unit V
Lecture no.9                        Administrating and Cost Plus pricing
Lecture no.10                       Channels of Distribution
Lecture no.11                       Advertising and Sales Promotion
Lecture no.12                       Meaning, Nature and Scope of Financial Management
Lecture no.13                       Brief outline of Profit and Loss account
Lecture no.14                       Balance Sheet
Lecture no.15         Unit VI       Balance sheet
Lecture no.16                       Budget and their importance
Lecture no.17                       Ratio analysis
Lecture no.18                       Principles of Costing
Lecture no.19                       Demand Utility and Indifference curves
Lecture no.20                       Demand Utility and Indifference curves
Lecture no.21                       Approach to Analysis of Demand
Lecture no.22          Unit I       Elasticity of Demand
Lecture no.23                       Measure of Demand elasticity
Lecture no.24                       Factors of Production
Lecture no.25                       Advertising Elasticity, Marginalism, Laws of Return and Costs
Lecture no.26                       TAE 1 - ABL
Lecture no.27                       Price and output determination under perfect competition
Lecture no.28                       Monopoly, Monopolistic, Competition
                      Unit II
Lecture no.29                       Oligopoly, Depreciation and Methods of its Determination
Lecture no.30                       Functions of Central and Commercial Banks
Lecture no.31                       Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation
Lecture no.32                       Direct and Indirect Taxes, Monetary and cycles
Lecture no.33         Unit III      New Economic Policy, Liberalization, Globalization
Lecture no.34                       Privatization, Market friendly state
Lecture no.35                       Fiscal policy of the Government
Lecture no.36                       Meaning and phases of Business
Lecture no.37                       Revision and review session
Lecture no.38                       Revision and review session
Lecture no.39                       TAE 2 - TP
Lecture no.40                       TAE 3 - PP

Prof. M. Singh                                                                     Dr. S. B. Bodkhe
Subject Teacher                                                                         HoD EE
Department of Electrical Engineering,
GHRCE, Nagpur

                                             Teaching Plan, Session 2011-12
                                        Subject: ANALOG SYSTEM DESIGN
                                                 B.E. (Electrical) Sem-IV

Lecture      Unit       Topics
             1.         UNIT 1: DIFFERENTIAL AMPLIFIERS
1                       Differential Amplifier,
2                       Cascaded Differential Amplifier Stages
3                       Level Translator, and AC and DC Analysis of Cascade Amplifier,
4                       Design of two stage direct-coupled amplifier
5                       Operational Amplifier, Basic Op-Amp Configuration
6                       an Op-Amp with Negative Feedback
7                       Voltage Series and Voltage Shunt Configurations Difference amplifiers
8                       Instrumentation Amplifier
9                       Specification of an Op-Amp, Offset Voltages and Currents
10                      CMRR, Slew Rate
             3.          UNIT 3: GENERAL LINEAR APPLICATIONS
11                      Constant Current Source and Voltage Source
12                      Summing, Scaling and Averaging Amplifiers
13                      Voltage To Current Converter with Floating And Grounded Load
14                      Current To Voltage Converter,
15                      Integrator and Differentiator
16                      TAE:-Technical Presentation
17                      TAE:-Technical Presentation
             4.         UNIT 4: ACTIVE FILTERS AND OSCILLATORS
18                      Classification of Filters
19                      Active Filters, First to Sixth –Order Butterworth filter
20                      Multiple–Feedback Filters (Band Pass And Band Reject Filters)
21                      IGMF configuration, All Pass Filter
22                      TAE:-Poster Presentation
23                      Cascade Design Of Filters, Classification of Oscillators
24                      Design of Opamp based Phase Shift And Wein Bridge Oscillators
25                      Square, Triangular And Saw Tooth Wave Generators
26                      TAE:-Activity Based Learning
             5.         UNIT 5: NON-LINEAR CIRCUITS
27                      Schmitt Trigger , Voltage Comparator Voltage Limiters And
28                      Window Detector
29                      Clippers And Clampers
30                      Peak Detector
31                      Precision Rectifiers, Analog Switches
             6.         UNIT 6: SPECIAL ICs APPLICATIONS
32                      The 555 Timer
33                       Phase Locked Loops IC565
34                      ICL8038 & XR2206 Function Generator
35                      Voltage Controlled Oscillator Basic Operation
36                      IC based Voltage Regulator Circuits
37                      Dual Track Voltage Regulator
38                      Three - Terminal Regulator(Fixed Regulator)
39                      Voltage Adjustment And Current Boosting Of Fixed Regulator
40                      Merits And Drawbacks Of Linear Regulators

 Subject Teacher
Jyoti Rahangdale                                                                            HOD
Prof. Pankaj Chandankhede                                                              Electrical Dept
Department of Electrical Engineering,
GHRCE, Nagpur

                                            Teaching Plan, Session 2011-12
                                        Subject: ELECTRICAL MACHINES –I
                                                B.E. (Electrical) Sem-IV

Lecture     Unit                                                Topic
  No.       No.
  1.         1      Transformer operation and principle
  2.                OC & SC tests on 3-ph. transformer
  3.                Determination of equivalent circuit parameters
  4.                Regulation, efficiency, polarity test
  5.                Magnetizing current and Harmonics
  6.                Various connections with vector groups
  7.                All day efficiency, Autotransformers
  8.          2     Three phase to two phase conversion
  9.                TAE-1-Poster Presentation
  10.               Parallel operation of three-phase transformers
  11.               Temperature rise test
  12.               Insulation of transformer, maintenance of transformer
  13.               Methods of cooling
  14.         3     Basic principle and operation of DC machine
  15.               TAE-2-Activity Based Learning
  16.               Armature reaction and commutation
  17.               Compensating windings and interpoles
  18.               Types of excitation and related equations
  19.               Characteristics of shunt, series and compound motor and generator
  20.               Speed control of DC shunt and DC series motor
  21.               Constant horsepower and constant torque DC drives
  22.         4     Types of 3-phase induction motor and production of torque
  23.               Torque-slip characteristics
  24.               No-load and blocked-rotor tests and determination of equivalent circuit parameters
  25.               Losses, efficiency and operating characteristics of IM
  26.               Influence of machine parameters on performance of IM and Double cage IM
  27.               Circle diagram
  28.               Operation of induction machine as generator
  29.         5     Starting of 3phase IM and its methods
  30.               TAE-3-Technical Presentation
   31.              Speed control of 3-phase IM by pole changing
   32.              Speed control of 3-phase IM by varying the input frequency
   33.              Speed control of 3-phase IM by rotor resistance control method
   34.              Plugging, dynamic braking
   35.              regenerative braking
   36.              Crawling, Cogging
   37.        6     Double revolving field theory and cross field theory
   38.              Split phase type, shaded pole type IM
   39.              Torque-slip characteristics, Equivalent circuit
   40.              Revision

Dr.S.B.Bodkhe                                   Prof.N.N.Anand                                   Dr.S.B.Bodkhe
IV Semester Section:-A                          IV Semester Section:-B                           HoD.EE
Department of Electrical Engineering,
                                        Teaching Plan,Session 2011-12
                                     Subject: Microprossesor Applications
                                           B.E.(Electrical) Sem-IV
Lect No.   Unit No.                                                   Topic to be covered
   1                    Introduction to microprocessor, VSLI circuits Concept
   2                    Approach to integrated system design using microprocessor,
   3           I        Bus concept, Address, Data and control
   4                    TAE-II (ABL)
   5                    Memory Organization of computer with MPU
   6                    Bits/ Bytes/ Words /long Words – their ranges, accuracy and precision,
   7                    Memory Organization using Linear / Absolute decoding .
   8                    Introduction to Intel 8085 Architecture
   9                    Description of software instruction
   10                   Description of software instruction
   11                   Addressing modes, Advantages,
   12                   Timing diagrams
   13                   Timing diagrams
   14                   Assemblers and Dissemblers( By hand Coding).
   15                   Flag structure, concept of PSW
   16                   Stacks and subroutine simple and nested PUSH, POP instruction,
   17                   Stacks and subroutine simple and nested PUSH, POP instruction,
   18         III       CALL / RETURN instructions, Stack manipulations,
   19                   Simple programs.
   20                   TAE-I      (TP)
   21                   Interrupts – concepts and structure in 8085
   22                   Interrupts – concepts and structure in 8085
   23                   Interrupt service routines,
   24                   Advanced instructions and programming of 8085A.
   25                   Advanced instructions and programming of 8085A.
   26                   Basic concept of microcontroller and Application.
   27                   Method of data transfer- Serial, Parallel, Synchronous, Asynchronous.
   28                   TAE-III (PP)
   29         V         IN/OUT instructions ,Timing Diagrams

   30                   Simple hardware interface to 8085 of standard Latches/Buffers/Keys/Display devices as I/O ports,

   31                   Simple hardware interface to 8085 of standard Latches/Buffers/Keys/Display devices as I/O ports,

   32                   Handshaking concept, Architecture of 8255
   33                   Architecture of 8253
   34                   Interfacing of 8255 and 8253 to 8085

   35                   Interfacing of 8255 and 8253 to 8085
   36                   UNIT 6: Hardware Considerations- Bus contention,
   37                   Slow memory interfacing complete signal description of 8085
   38                   Multiplexed key board/ Display interface and assembler directives,
   39                   General awareness about micro computer system related products, Introduction to microcontrollers
   40                   Revision

   Prof D.P.Choudhari                          Prof.Y. V. Waghmare                               Dr.S.B.Bodkhe
IV Semester Section:-B                       IV Semester Section:-A                                  HoD

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