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					                        Business Card Ordering Information
Per an email from Lou Urban on 3/10/10

Office Services is currently accepting business card orders reflecting the change in
phone numbers.

To order cards, please go to:
Fill in the appropriate information and submit.

For the phone replacement, only orders for 250 cards will be allowed. They must also
follow this format:
1st Line: Name
2nd Line: Title
3rd Line: Sub-Title
4th line will be a space between the 1st three lines and the next 5 lines
5th line: Office or Division
6th line through 9th line is a drop down address selection
10th line: another space between the 1st nine lines and the remainder
11th line: phone and cell phone (if cell is listed)
12 line: fax number
13th line: email
14th line: web address (if listed)

All orders must be received by the end of business on March 24th.

Larry will be reviewing your order. If there are issues, he will contact you. Ordering
sooner will allow Larry time to review so please do not wait until the deadline to order.

Cards will arrive and be distributed the week of April 12th.

If you have any questions about filling out the form or need assistance, please contact
Larry Anderson. Any other questions can be directed to me. Thanks! Lou

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